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ZEETEX and FORCEUM Brands Make Splash In Philippines Roadshows facilitate rush of orders from sub-dealers SunMaster Company held its two roadshows for ZEETEX and FORCEUM series in the Philippines to show the company’s appreciation for ZAFCO’s support for the brands. The first roadshow was held on May 17 and targeted fleet accounts in the Manila city area. The majority of participants were taxi and bus account holders, with 12 account owners in attendance. The second roadshow was held a day later for sub-dealer account holders, some who were already buying ZEETEX and FORCEUM brands. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to ZEETEX and FORCEUM clients among the sub-dealers. Over 25 account holders attended the roadshow. The two roadshows were bona fide success stories, with a FORCEUM order made two days after the events and several ZEETEX TBR and PCR orders in the pipeline. The roadshows involved viewings of the brands on offer and a presentation video on ZAFCO. Sub-dealer account holders were also taken in by ZEETEX and FORCEUM brand presentations and the special roadshow offers.

TIMETOATTACK Racing Wows Malaysia Over 100 competitors battle it out for top honors in first and second rounds each The first and second rounds of the TIMETOATTACK, which were held to commemorate’s 10th anniversary, were a resounding success that saw the participation over 100 elite participants in each round showcasing high-performance Japanese and European cars. Gerald Tan, of Team LTM/9tro, which was sponsored by ZEETEX, was in top form, taking first place in the Subaru WRX.STI class during the first round races held on May 19. Earlier, he had taken fifth place in the Nissan GT-R35 class. It was the spectacular second round that took place in Sepang from May 24-26 that lived up to the hype. Super cars and modified vehicles from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore battled it out for top honors in different categories. Gerald came second in the Mitsubishi Evolution X class and had the fifth fastest timing of the day. Four cars, led by a Singapore racing team, flew the ZEETEX flag high and proud at the event. They are the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the Subaru WRX.STI, the Nissan GT-R35 and the Honda Integra DC5.TypeR.