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Capturing 20 Years Of Existence In One Logo ‘Designing commemorative logo was no easy task’ Mr. Ahmed El Beheri, working with ZAFCO marketing team, designed the new ZAFCO logo to commemorate the company’s 20th year of existence. Conceptualizing the logo was no walk in the park as Mr. Beheri and the marketing team tried to make sure the commemorative emblem was in sync with ZAFCO’s unique and exquisite logo. Several options were developed, improved upon and considered but only one stood out with all the necessary ingredients ZAFCO was looking for the commemorative symbol. The winning design has 20 lines, with each line signifying every year in ZAFCO’s life journey since its inception in 1993. ZAFCO believes that while ups and downs are an invariable part of life, the company and all its stakeholders – internal and external – can still move forwards and upwards with one heart and one goal in mind, which is to grow together.

Give & Gain Day: Volunteering For A Noble Cause Dubai Chamber-led initiative focused on promoting the youth

ZAFCO this year took part in the Give & Gain Day event on May 16, joining several other leading UAE firms in Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiative whose theme this year was focused on promoting the youth. The initiative was organized in cooperation with Business in the Community (BITC) UK. ZAFCO chief operating officer Mr. Sebastian Thomas said that ZAFCO’s quest has always been to support local communities by providing time and resources, sharing expertise and extending financial support. “The company has also committed itself to several social responsibility initiatives and would like to go the extra mile to offer a positive benefit to the community and to feel a sense of belonging for its associates, families, communities and society in general,” Mr. Sebastian said. Mr. Muhammad Rizwan, the General Manager for Sales in the UAE, presented the segment on ZAFCO and Tire Safety measures which was later followed by a tour of the ZAFCO warehouse. Mr. Tamer and Mr. Wael also presented the ZDEGREE and E-commerce segments respectively.