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ZAFCO Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2 Decades of Battles and Victories. 20 Years of Milestones and Downfalls. 240 Months of Defining and Redefining. 1993, the ZAFCO Journey Began. June 16th was a historic day for the ZAFCO family as the company came together to celebrate 20 years of groundbreaking achievements. Taking place at the Jebel Ali headquarters in the Muhammed Hussain Auditorium, ZAFCO’s 20th anniversary celebrations were a tremendous success, attended by commercial partners, family members, employees, directors, and the chairman, Mr. Azim Yusufzai. Following a group lunch and cake-cutting ceremony, the celebrations included the presentation of awards, ranging from long-service awards to thank the tenure of employees who have been with the family for more than 10 years, to a Z-Life awards segment which kept the laughs rolling and the moods festive. The directors were also presented with a set of awards, with Mr. Amir Abbas given a sailor’s cap as a symbol of his leadership, Mr. Zafar Hussain a lampstand signifying his ‘light’ valued by everyone at ZAFCO, and Mr. Azim a special trophy. The event was a beautiful recollection of ZAFCO’s incredible journey, chronicled through a documentary video that traced the company’s growth since its inception in 1993, and captured the voices of its people through short interviews. Perhaps the most symbolic moment of the event was the unveiling of ZAFCO’s newly redesigned logo, as each member of the ZAFCO family went up on stage with pieces of a puzzle, joining them together to reveal the new logo. The collective process highlights the fundamental role that every employee in ZAFCO has played over the past two decades. Every employee was also given a plaque in the form of a puzzle piece as a reminder of their contribution towards creating the ZAFCO advantage. From the days of its humble beginnings in a tiny Deira showroom, where one employee was the sales team, the logistics team, the finance team, and everything in between, ZAFCO has come a long way. Through small steps, the company made enormous leaps and bounds, embracing each struggle with poise. Today, ZAFCO is the leading exporter of automotive tires, batteries and lubricants to over 800 customers in 85 countries. The ZAFCO 20th Anniversary celebrations honored the one, essential ingredient that has driven ZAFCO’s excellence: its people.