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Connecting With Central African Markets Four-day seminar sees participants learn more about TOYO, OTANI, ZEETEX and ROADSTONE brands ZAFCO held a four-day technical seminar to connect with its Central African markets during the month of April. The Central African participants, who arrived in Dubai on the 16th and 17th of April, kicked off proceedings with a two-day program that focused on the TOYO and OTANI brands. The two-day product knowledge seminar was followed by another technical program on ZEETEX, ZAFCO’s own brand. Headquartered in the UAE, ZAFCO is strategically positioned to cater to Europe, Asia and Africa markets. ZAFCO owns a state-of-the-art distribution center in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone and also boasts of the largest tire distribution center in the Middle East. During the four-day technical seminar, guests were taken on a tour of the company’s headquarters and office premises and left thoroughly impressed. ZAFCO has one of the world’s biggest warehousing networks, with a combined average inventory of more than one million tires.

ZAFCO Dealers Get Tire Stands And Roll-up Standalone Banners Exercise an attempt to boost brand visibility and ensure trust in company’s brands ZAFCO distributed branded single-tire stands and roll-up standalone banners to its commercial partners and customers in Sharjah and Dubai during the month of March. The exercise, led by Mr. Muhammad Rizwan, the General Manager for Sales (UAE), was an attempt to create and boost visibility of ZAFCO brands, thank dealers by aiding them with the equipment to hold the tire as well as ensure customer satisfaction and trust in ZAFCO brands. ZAFCO is a firm believer in the principles behind distributing such materials as they support the company’s marketing goals and objectives. Mr. Rizwan and his sales team visited dealers in Sharjah and Dubai, handed over the stands and made sure the company’s brand tires were placed on the stands.