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ZAFCO Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2 Decades of Battles and Victories. 20 Years of Milestones and Downfalls. 240 Months of Defining and Redefining. 1993, the ZAFCO Journey Began. June 16th was a historic day for the ZAFCO family as the company came together to celebrate 20 years of groundbreaking achievements. Taking place at the Jebel Ali headquarters in the Muhammed Hussain Auditorium, ZAFCO’s 20th anniversary celebrations were a tremendous success, attended by commercial partners, family members, employees, directors, and the chairman, Mr. Azim Yusufzai. Following a group lunch and cake-cutting ceremony, the celebrations included the presentation of awards, ranging from long-service awards to thank the tenure of employees who have been with the family for more than 10 years, to a Z-Life awards segment which kept the laughs rolling and the moods festive. The directors were also presented with a set of awards, with Mr. Amir Abbas given a sailor’s cap as a symbol of his leadership, Mr. Zafar Hussain a lampstand signifying his ‘light’ valued by everyone at ZAFCO, and Mr. Azim a special trophy. The event was a beautiful recollection of ZAFCO’s incredible journey, chronicled through a documentary video that traced the company’s growth since its inception in 1993, and captured the voices of its people through short interviews. Perhaps the most symbolic moment of the event was the unveiling of ZAFCO’s newly redesigned logo, as each member of the ZAFCO family went up on stage with pieces of a puzzle, joining them together to reveal the new logo. The collective process highlights the fundamental role that every employee in ZAFCO has played over the past two decades. Every employee was also given a plaque in the form of a puzzle piece as a reminder of their contribution towards creating the ZAFCO advantage. From the days of its humble beginnings in a tiny Deira showroom, where one employee was the sales team, the logistics team, the finance team, and everything in between, ZAFCO has come a long way. Through small steps, the company made enormous leaps and bounds, embracing each struggle with poise. Today, ZAFCO is the leading exporter of automotive tires, batteries and lubricants to over 800 customers in 85 countries. The ZAFCO 20th Anniversary celebrations honored the one, essential ingredient that has driven ZAFCO’s excellence: its people.

Capturing 20 Years Of Existence In One Logo ‘Designing commemorative logo was no easy task’ Mr. Ahmed El Beheri, working with ZAFCO marketing team, designed the new ZAFCO logo to commemorate the company’s 20th year of existence. Conceptualizing the logo was no walk in the park as Mr. Beheri and the marketing team tried to make sure the commemorative emblem was in sync with ZAFCO’s unique and exquisite logo. Several options were developed, improved upon and considered but only one stood out with all the necessary ingredients ZAFCO was looking for the commemorative symbol. The winning design has 20 lines, with each line signifying every year in ZAFCO’s life journey since its inception in 1993. ZAFCO believes that while ups and downs are an invariable part of life, the company and all its stakeholders – internal and external – can still move forwards and upwards with one heart and one goal in mind, which is to grow together.

Give & Gain Day: Volunteering For A Noble Cause Dubai Chamber-led initiative focused on promoting the youth

ZAFCO this year took part in the Give & Gain Day event on May 16, joining several other leading UAE firms in Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiative whose theme this year was focused on promoting the youth. The initiative was organized in cooperation with Business in the Community (BITC) UK. ZAFCO chief operating officer Mr. Sebastian Thomas said that ZAFCO’s quest has always been to support local communities by providing time and resources, sharing expertise and extending financial support. “The company has also committed itself to several social responsibility initiatives and would like to go the extra mile to offer a positive benefit to the community and to feel a sense of belonging for its associates, families, communities and society in general,” Mr. Sebastian said. Mr. Muhammad Rizwan, the General Manager for Sales in the UAE, presented the segment on ZAFCO and Tire Safety measures which was later followed by a tour of the ZAFCO warehouse. Mr. Tamer and Mr. Wael also presented the ZDEGREE and E-commerce segments respectively.

New ZEETEX Patterns Top Europe Score Sheet Takes first and second place in two qualifying rounds to build up solid lead

ZAFCO expanded the ZEETEX winter tire range with the launch of two new patterns, the Winter Passenger Car Radial Pattern (Z-ICE1000) and the Winter Light Truck Commercial Pattern (Z-ICE2000C). Both products attained very high EU label ratings. The new patterns, which were launched at Italy’s AUTOPROMOTEC, one of Europe’s most awaited tire exhibitions, are guaranteed to put the competition in the shade. Z-ICE1000 will be made available in sizes ranging from 14 to 17 inches and is a new generation of stud-less winter tires poised to replace the S-100 line in the next few years. It has an ultra-modern asymmetrical tread pattern designed to deliver good ride comfort and safety and delivers unmatched road grip on wet, snowy and dry surfaces. It also prevents slush and aqua planning, thereby ensuring the stability of the vehicle at high speeds and is made of an improved rubber compound that results in reduced rolling resistance and increased fuel savings.

Z-ICE2000C is a winter commercial tire with zigzag sipes on tread blocks that offer remarkable handling and enhanced stability on slush and snow surfaces. The Z-ICE2000C is available in sizes ranging from 15 to 16 inches, with high-end load ranges. Its unique placement of tread blocks gives improved traction and enhanced stability on slush and snow offices. It is made of a special abrasion-resistant compound, which allows it to deliver greater mileage and ensure reduced operating expenses in commercial operations.

Alex Golovnya Shines Bright Like A Diamond In Ukraine Drifting Championship Takes first and second place in two qualifying rounds to build up solid lead ZEETEX driver Alex Golovnya shone bright like a diamond in the Ukraine Drift Championship 2013, where he built up a solid lead following two qualifying rounds held in May and June. Alex took second place in Round One qualifier held in Kiev, on May 19, to collect 21 qualification points. The second round, which was held in Odessa on June 23, saw his determination and drive for success rise to the fore, as he stormed to first place ahead of Denis Lisichonok to collect the maximum 25 points. The Ukrainian Drift Championship is one of the largest events of Ukrainian motorsport that draws the best drifters from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Baltic states. The third round will take place at Vinnitsa on July 20 while the fourth round is scheduled for September 15 in Kiev.

ZEETEX Drifts Up A Storm In Thailand

The latest tire brand to enter the drifting competition in Thailand ZEETEX in action proved itself to be a team to reckon with at the M-Storm Drift Competition held at the DI Grand Prix (DGIP) in Bangkok, Thailand at the end of June. The team, running on ZEETEX HP102 and HP103 tires, was up against other major brands designed specifically for the motorsport. The event drew a slew of drivers from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Kuwait, in addition to the local Thai drifters. Racing against 83 competitors, the team put up an impressive show during the first race on June 29 to collect 95.5 points after qualifying for the last 32. However, the competition in the battle round was intense and the team did not qualify for the last 16. Overall, it was a good show by ZEETEX, the latest tire brand to enter the drifting competition in Thailand. Word-of-mouth reviews by the ZEETEX In Action team has seen other drivers and teams cotton onto the brand, using the tires for practice sessions and in a few cases, during the competition.

ZEETEX and FORCEUM Brands Make Splash In Philippines Roadshows facilitate rush of orders from sub-dealers SunMaster Company held its two roadshows for ZEETEX and FORCEUM series in the Philippines to show the company’s appreciation for ZAFCO’s support for the brands. The first roadshow was held on May 17 and targeted fleet accounts in the Manila city area. The majority of participants were taxi and bus account holders, with 12 account owners in attendance. The second roadshow was held a day later for sub-dealer account holders, some who were already buying ZEETEX and FORCEUM brands. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to ZEETEX and FORCEUM clients among the sub-dealers. Over 25 account holders attended the roadshow. The two roadshows were bona fide success stories, with a FORCEUM order made two days after the events and several ZEETEX TBR and PCR orders in the pipeline. The roadshows involved viewings of the brands on offer and a presentation video on ZAFCO. Sub-dealer account holders were also taken in by ZEETEX and FORCEUM brand presentations and the special roadshow offers.

TIMETOATTACK Racing Wows Malaysia Over 100 competitors battle it out for top honors in first and second rounds each The first and second rounds of the TIMETOATTACK, which were held to commemorate Zerotohundred.com’s 10th anniversary, were a resounding success that saw the participation over 100 elite participants in each round showcasing high-performance Japanese and European cars. Gerald Tan, of Team LTM/9tro, which was sponsored by ZEETEX, was in top form, taking first place in the Subaru WRX.STI class during the first round races held on May 19. Earlier, he had taken fifth place in the Nissan GT-R35 class. It was the spectacular second round that took place in Sepang from May 24-26 that lived up to the hype. Super cars and modified vehicles from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore battled it out for top honors in different categories. Gerald came second in the Mitsubishi Evolution X class and had the fifth fastest timing of the day. Four cars, led by a Singapore racing team, flew the ZEETEX flag high and proud at the event. They are the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the Subaru WRX.STI, the Nissan GT-R35 and the Honda Integra DC5.TypeR.

ZEETEX Launches New Offerings At Italian Exhibition Winter range patterns to put competition on the back foot ZAFCO, the leading exporter of automotive tires, took the show to Europe in May, with ZEETEX showcasing its impressive range of products at one of the most awaited tire exhibitions on the continent – Italy’s AUTOPROMOTEC. The three-day event, which ran from May 22 -26, saw ZEETEX expand its winter range as it launched two new patterns : Z-ICE1000 and Z-ICE2000C. “This enhances our presence in winter range to a wide spectrum of product range making the winter range a viable solution for the needs of our distributors,” Rashmi Bhola, ZEETEX’s Senior Vice-President of Sales for Europe, said. She added that new products stand out in their own right, and would put more pressure on competitors to come up with products that match ZAFCO’s superior products if they are to stay in the game. Daisy Tires, ZEETEX’s Italian distributor, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony in Bologna, where all European distributors were present.

DOUBLECOIN Buzz At Moscow Tire Exhibition Interest shown by many new markets including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan In line with its vision of becoming the leading global distributor of tires, batteries and lubricants, ZAFCO this year participated in the Tires and Rubber Exhibition in Moscow for the first time and showcased the DOUBLECOIN brand. The three-day event took place during the last week of April and saw many customers from across the world showing real interest in the company’s products. Having participated in the last four to five editions of Automechanika Moscow powered by MIMS and held every August, ZAFCO officials found that the Tires and Rubber Exhibition is a very useful affair in terms of the company’s long-term objectives. In addition to the cost of participation in the event being lower than that of the MIMS event, ZAFCO saw enquiries from potential customers from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, leading to management believing future editions of the exhibition will yield much better results.

CARS TAXI Develops Deeper Appreciation For NITTO Tires Technical seminar raises awareness of ZAFCO brand, as well as support services offered The month of May saw ZAFCO organize a technical seminar at the premises of one of its customers, CARS TAXI, to raise awareness of the company’s products, as well as provide support and training services. The two-hour seminar, which aimed at boosting markets’ knowledge about tires, included a segment that focused on getting to know the NITTO product better, in which the key benefits and features of the unique offering were highlighted. In attendance were experts from across all departments, including technicians, mechanics, office support and management personnel. Organizing the event on behalf of ZAFCO were Mr. Raghu, the head of the Technical Department; Mr. Arun and Mr. Sandeep, both from Technical Department; Mr. Muhammad Rizwan, the General Manager for Sales (UAE); and Ms. Summaya Amad from Marketing. With a Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session bringing proceedings to a close, the management of CARS TAXI expressed their satisfaction with the seminar and were provided with goody bags from NITTO as well as banners, tire stands, NITTO note pads and pens. ZAFCO’s commitment to quality and reliability is something that its clients and customers have come to expect and depend on.

NITTO Tires Prove To Be The X-factor At Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2013 Team Fury comes 22nd out of 52 international teams, buggy driver pays homage to Mud Grappler tires Team Fury, running on NITTO tires, flew the flag high and proud at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2013, coming in at 22nd out of 52 international teams that participated in the demanding cross-country event that ran from April 6-11. The challenge is one of the toughest and most demanding cross-country in the world and has been a traditional fixture on the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s calendar since 1991. The race is a crucial part of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship. Mr. Emil Khneisser, the driver of the Team Fury buggy, thanked ZAFCO, ZDEGREE and NITTO for sponsoring the team. “NITTO tires, our official sponsor, deserves the most merit with the most capable tires I ever raced, the Mud Grapplers,” Mr. Khneisser said. “We drove at 10 psi pressure around 1000km of soft sand and gravel tracks. But the most astounding fact is that one day I had to reduce pressure to 6 psi for the rear two tires in area of very soft sand drove for 180km at speeds reaching 170 km on gravel tracks with no problem at all. Thanks NITTO for your valuable sponsorship and amazing tires.” This was Team Fury’s second consecutive participation in the race that took place in LIWA desert. Mr. Khneisser also thanked his Team Fury members – co-pilot Mr. Manie Krus, Mr. Vikram Dhar, Mr. Michel Fadel and Mr. Craig Tyson – and the team’s fans.

Connecting With Central African Markets Four-day seminar sees participants learn more about TOYO, OTANI, ZEETEX and ROADSTONE brands ZAFCO held a four-day technical seminar to connect with its Central African markets during the month of April. The Central African participants, who arrived in Dubai on the 16th and 17th of April, kicked off proceedings with a two-day program that focused on the TOYO and OTANI brands. The two-day product knowledge seminar was followed by another technical program on ZEETEX, ZAFCO’s own brand. Headquartered in the UAE, ZAFCO is strategically positioned to cater to Europe, Asia and Africa markets. ZAFCO owns a state-of-the-art distribution center in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone and also boasts of the largest tire distribution center in the Middle East. During the four-day technical seminar, guests were taken on a tour of the company’s headquarters and office premises and left thoroughly impressed. ZAFCO has one of the world’s biggest warehousing networks, with a combined average inventory of more than one million tires.

ZAFCO Dealers Get Tire Stands And Roll-up Standalone Banners Exercise an attempt to boost brand visibility and ensure trust in company’s brands ZAFCO distributed branded single-tire stands and roll-up standalone banners to its commercial partners and customers in Sharjah and Dubai during the month of March. The exercise, led by Mr. Muhammad Rizwan, the General Manager for Sales (UAE), was an attempt to create and boost visibility of ZAFCO brands, thank dealers by aiding them with the equipment to hold the tire as well as ensure customer satisfaction and trust in ZAFCO brands. ZAFCO is a firm believer in the principles behind distributing such materials as they support the company’s marketing goals and objectives. Mr. Rizwan and his sales team visited dealers in Sharjah and Dubai, handed over the stands and made sure the company’s brand tires were placed on the stands.

ZDEGREE Joins The UAE’S Fast And Furious Drifters

ZDEGREE Powers Team Fury To Solo Race Championship Glory

Showcases company’s services at professional challenge

Team registered strong performances in buggy category

ZDEGREE participated in the Drift UAE Challenge, a professional drifting challenge, during the first quarter of the year as it showcased the company’s services.

Team Fury won the Solo Race Championship in the buggy category, an event that takes place every year at the Umm Al Quwain Motorplex, after registering a series of strong performances in earlier rounds of the championship.

The event was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Marwan Bin Rashid Al Mualla, Chairman of the Emirates Motor Sport Federation, UAE Motorsport Federation, Emirates Motorplex and Motorsport Solutions.

Supported by ZDEGREE and its mobile van service, Team Fury kicked off proceedings on December 14 with a preliminary race, where all participants checked the setup of their vehicles and tested the race grounds.

The Drift UAE Challenge was launched in 2011 as the buildup to SSK Drift, an initiative launched a year earlier which adapted the original form of Japanese drifting but customized it to suit local tastes. The action-filled challenge, consisting of seven rounds, provided a fun, safe and competitive platform for drifting enthusiasts to showcase their skills. Drift UAE aims to grow amateur racing and direct youth from the streets and onto the tracks where they can better their skills and grow professionally as they gain more exposure to the art.

The championship officially kicked off on February 22 with the first race, followed by the second race on March 8 and the third and final race on May 10. ZDEGREE is the service support provider for Team Fury and participated in the event courtesy of its mobile van service, with ZDEGREE technicians attending to Team Fury’s technical needs in between laps. Team Fury, which participated in three buggy races, has been in outstanding form throughout the races. The team’s drivers – Mr. Emil Khneisser, who is also the team owner, and Mr. Vikram Dhar – won first and second place respectively.

DOUBLECOIN Rocks in AUTOMECHANIKA – Dubai It takes muscles to stay on the game

DOUBLECOIN is a brand that holds the top of the line quality of its category, the Truck and OFF-the Road tires and at the same time gives you the value for your money. The goal of DOUBLECOIN is “deliver more tires for less money, and we’ll earn a customer for life”. Just like the previous exhibitions of AUTOMECHANIKA Dubai, DOUBLECOIN has once again rocked the crowd. This time the impact has increased tremendously. Displaying their humongous tires showing off their beautiful patterns has captured a lot of attention. It remarkably attracted quite a number of potential customers and the ZAFCO team for U.A.E. are on the move in making them an actual customer. Mr. Muhammed Rizwan said “This was a great opportunity to show that DOUBLECOIN is one of the brands which ZAFCO represents, there was one customer who was fascinated to know that ZAFCO is the main distributor of DOUBLECOIN in U.A.E.”

ZAFCO Brands Steal The Show At AUTOMECHANIKA - Dubai

Company sees massive interest from prospective clients after showcasing ZEETEX and OTANI series Dubai’s world renowned automotive aftermarket show saw ZAFCO join 1,300 other exhibitors from 56 countries as it showcased three of its brands – ZEETEX and OTANI. AUTOMECHANIKA, which was held at the Dubai International Convention Centre, gave ZAFCO the opportunity to connect with a network of prospective suppliers, distributors and buyers while nurturing the company’s relationship with existing clients. The prominent spot ZAFCO was allocated to exhibit from, right at the entrance of the exhibition hall, ensured that the company had maximum brand visibility throughout the event. ZAFCO’s Café Zee concept turned out to be a phenomenal hit with visitors during the show. The concept rode on the company’s core values of ‘care and togetherness’. The company showcased the ZEETEX passenger and truck series, as well as a wide range of OTANI and DOUBLECOIN truck and bus radials and off-road patterns to more than 20,000 visitors during the three-day event. The annual show, which took place in June, is the cornerstone of all automotive trade fairs in the Middle East. It showcases the latest in automotive innovation, technology and design from across the world.

TOYO Treats Dealers To Far East Jaunt

ROADSTONE Empowering U.A.E.

Convention trip to Japan sees dealers get an added appreciation for the brand

Brand Visibility is one of the key

ZAFCO organized a convention trip for TOYO dealers to the Japanese capital of Tokyo where they took part in five days of programs that enhanced their knowledge of the brand. The dealers came from Angola, Armenia, Nigeria and South Sudan. A group of 25 potential clients also came together in Tokyo. ZAFCO sponsored all expenses related to the delegates’ trip, including airfares and accommodation, with TOYO arranging the pick and drop services for dealers. The main highlights of the trip were the tours of TOYO’s research and development centers such as Itami Technical Centre and Kuwana Plant, along with a day spent in downtown Tokyo.

ROADSTONE is on the roll, be it in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Sharjah; ZAFCO has made sure that all their ROADSTONE dealers are properly pampered when it comes to brand visibility and even support them in their business. A huge billboard along the BMW Round about in Sharjah and putting up shop boards on the dealers shop were just one of the items on the “to do” lists. A full size magazine ad is also part of the list. The ad was published on “Tires and Parts Magazine”, “Wheels” and “Top Performance”. But it doesn’t end there… ROADSTONE Branding materials like tire stand, roll up standees were also supplied to the dealers shop as well. For the major dealers like Abu Fadi Wheel Balancing in Abu Dhabi, ZAFCO has fully decorated the shop plus repaired and improved the look of their office.

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