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Studied Architecture at GUC (German University in Cairo)

Graduate student who studied architecture at GUC (German University in Cairo). Art and Maths have always been my favorite classes. I like traveling and experiencing new cultures and cities. Camera, Ink Pen and my sketchbook are my everyday friends. Sketching and photographing makes me look for the details and look at things from different perspective. I’ve always been looking for the beauty behind everything around me, which made architecture my favorite major.

Ahmed Abdelwahab G R A D U AT E

Birth-date: 16/02/1994 Egypt: 27 st.9 Maadi (11728) Egypt: +20-111-10-20-333

Architectural Design I, II, III, V, IV Urban Design and Planning Building Construction Historic Preservation

High School: IGCSE Graduate. 2013 Courses included: AL-Maths IT English Physics


























Survey of Structural Analysis and Design Architectural Engineering Theories Modern Concepts of Architecture



English Fluent


Microsoft Office


KOLIWADA WELLS Reside Mumbai Climatic issues around the world have caused water to be a life-long antagonist. Its destructive power yet much needed presence is a stark reminder of our need to co-exist with it in equilibrium. The Koliwada Wells are mutli-scalar wells that centre different housing units. The wells serve as rain catchment through multiple collection systems, reusing the water for both houses, vegetation, fish farms, and even microclimatic enhancement. Water here is a living organism that exists with the people, it enriches their worldly and spiritual lives and in return they offer it a place to reside. Water lives alongside us.

2018 Groups of: 4 Location: Mumbai, India

V E R T I C A L- L A C E Vertical Vacancies Brief Background: A site full of hight-rise vacant buildings, Some of the reasons are because of its expensive prices with no real facilities to serve the community, others because it’s only one typology that limited the variation of different classes to live there. Building 08, a vacant high-rise tower with spectacular views to the nile and the pyramid, but acts as a boundary to the surrounding towers leading to block of views to the other buildings. Proposal: Although the site has empty plots that are not a bad potentials for public facilities, but having a ground floor public spaces for a futuristic high-rise building is not the best solution. My proposal is instead of having individual high-rise towers, they are all connected through sets of public facilities that are distributed along them; by this we benefit from the unique views, and use the empty plots for other residential projects. Also to re-design the floor plans, instead of having one typology, there are various types of apartments to attract different classes and users.

Assoc. Prof. Cornelia Redeker 10th Semester Individual Location: Bahr Al-Azam’s Vacant Towers, Cairo, Egypt

Vacant Apartments

Public Spaces Potientials

Proposed Public Facilities

The Chosen Example

Residential+Public Function Halted Construction Building

Ground Floor

Taking Out Walls

Further Pentration of indirect sunlight

Taking out Walls from the middle

North Elevation

Cross-ventilation along the building

Public Facilities Along the Building

Residential+Public Function

Residential/ 2 Apart.

Residential/ Luxury

Residential/ 4 Apart.

A Vertical-Lace of Public Facilities

South Elevation



Ground Floor

North Elevation


T W I TC H E R ( B I R D W ATC H I N G ) Dahab Island in Contextv

Brief Background: One of the main three islands in Cairo, A green island that its people work as farmers. Located in the middle of the Nile River between Cairo and Giza. Although it has very unique facilities and views, this island is rarely noticed by Cairo’s Citizen or even tourists. Unlike the other 2 islands that play a big role in tourism and nightlife of Cairo, and they are considered to be one of the most Pollution sources for Cairo.

While civilization invaded the 2 other islands in Cairo, Dahab was still sticked to its nature as a green island with farmers and fishermen, and while the two other islands played as a Must-visit islands in Cairo because of its Modernization and nightlife, Dahab was still un-noticed. Dahab island has many facilities to attract people to it; its wildlife, Unique views to the mainlands and much more. What we wanted to do is to attract people to this island without changing its nature, on the contrary to enhance it. Wildlife of Dahab is very unique and noticeable, it has many different species of birds between migrated birds and its inhabitant. Attracting these birds by providing specific habitat and food will provide a new activity that will attract people to this place and enhance its nature. Bird watching is considered to be one of the main activities in many cities, and Dahab has more than 24 different species. We chose a spot that combines three different birds habitation (water birds, Tree birds and Ground Birds) and added 3 different interventions to observe the three kinds of birds without being noticed.

Assoc. Prof. Cornilia Redeker 9th Semester Groups of 2 Location: Dahab Island, Cairo, Egypt


Birds Diagram

Trees Diagram

Proposed Spots

Layer Model

Sunken Path

Watching Tower

Bambo Foundation Tower Structure

Rammed Earth Elevation Material


Tudents Ouq

New-Luxor School Hybrid

New Luxor is an imagined new urban development located 10 km South of Luxor city and Luxor airport, it should provide home for approximately 800,000 residents. Located on the Eastern side of the Nile River, bounded by Luxor Road from Western side, and Qena-Desert Road from Southern Side. New Luxor School Hybrids project is developing new building typologies for education in New Luxor that see school as a decisive urban resource and location factor. This project investigates spatial options of double use by a Hybrid typology In this regards, this project aims to combine improved school design for changing educational requirements with added values through spatial economics. Hybrid School Location: New Luxor is under development, so there is no specific urban context. And we had the opportunity to collaborate with another bachelor studio who work on urban development of New Luxor, so the context provided is just an imaginary one. Concept overview: Integrating such a project in a new city like Luxor where its people are so coherent to their traditions and heritage in my perspective must be very relative to their culture, this how such cities feel secure; to not feel that another tradition is invading their city.

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Loeffler and Urs Walter 8th Semester (Bachelor Project) Individual Location: Luxor, Egypt

CONCEPT After analyzing Luxor, I found that the Souq (Market) plays a huge important role in the city, it is where the nightlife of Luxor is, where most of the locals work and sell their products(Sculpture, Handi-Craft, etc...) Therefor, integrating a Souq idea inside a school, won’t only benefit the Locals of New-Luxor, but will also make the school no more a restricted area, it won’t act as a boundary for the locals, quite the contrary it will act as a transition area between different neightborhoods that will increase neighborhood coherent and connects different sides of the city.

Luxor Temple (Open Space)

Agriculture Field

SPACE PROGRAM The Souq location in Luxor acts as a transition space between The residential area and the Historical one. These layers affected the choice of the context of the school in New-Luxor, to make the school very effective and strengthen the neighborhood. I distributed the public and shared functions between the school and the neighborhood in the ground floor

School Context Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings

So as in fig.1 the Hybrid-School is located between the residential area and an open space that has an overview to New-Luxor city. In fig.2 I separated the school into two halves to have this busy corridor which would be the main spin of the school. In fig.3 I separated the public functions away from each other creating allies that is connected to the neighborhood and gives the same approach of the Souq In fig.4 the public function (Souq) being in the ground floor and the school function on the top floor enabled both functions to work in parallel without disturbing each other and gave the school its privacy.

MATERIALITY When we are talking about the Souq the first thing comes to our mind is a colorful place, so I wanted to give the feeling of the Souq and at the same time using a very reliable shading method that is compatible with Luxor’s hot weather. So the facade is colorful louvers that surrounds the school from the outside, and from the inside are colorful panels to give a colorful pleasant pathway.





Colorful underwears in the souq

Colorful Scarfs in the Souq

Colorful Louvers used in the Elevation

EXTENSION in THE VOID Imagining Matrouh Project

Brief Background: Mersa-Matrouh is Located at the northern coast of Egypt, and it is considered to be one of the most preferable destination to a lot of tourists. but unfortunately it is only known for its coastal part, yet there is a lot more in this city than anyone could every know

After analyzing the situation in Matrouh, We figured out that around the sea there are a lot of places that represents the culture and heritage of this city, but the sea water acts as a VOID between them leading to unawareness and mis-usage of these places and lack of good transportation of the existing ones. We wanted to give people and tourists a different idea about Matrouh So,we found it a great potential to integrate projects in these places that raises awareness to these unknown places, attract different kind of tourists and make them easily accessible. Not only this, but also projects that benefit the locals on the first-hand. We started by doing SWOT analysis around these places so we could understand what kind of project will be integrated in these spots,. We began the project by extending Piers at every Place of these spots. Every pier has a lot of different activities Depending on the functionality of the place itself. and water taxi stop, that helps tourists to transport between any place at anytime in just a couple of minutes.

Assoc. Prof. Monique Juttner 7th Semester Groups of 2 Location: Mersa Matrouh, Egypt

Diagram shows benefits behind every project for Locals and tourists


Berlin for the last few years became a melting pot for young people from all over the world. Many of these young people stay for a certain period in Berlin: Study, Live, Work... The Project ‘Urban Community’ makes the attempt to think and design about new forms of living for young people in Berlin. and the aspect of ‘Living Together’ will be the main element in the design. This site is located in Prenzaluer Berg, which is an urban quarter formed by urban blocks from the wilhelminian style. It used to be a gas station during the world war II, and now it is about an old un-pleasent residential building. and it has a pavilion for the gas station acts a memorial thing.

Assoc. Prof. Bernd Bess 6th Semester Individual Location: Berlin, Germany

ACCESSIBILITY I started by pulling out two blocks one at the intersection point of Templiner and Schwedter streets. and the other at the back-courtyard. To create a pathway between in courts and the streets

VENTILATION The Building has a middle courtyard which is naturally ventilated, and it distributes light inside the corridors of the building.

SPACE The building consists of fully Public ground Floor, and 4 private residential floors. The ground floor is made public to attract all of the locals and to make this building a new land-mark to the neighborhood. The typical Floors consists of rooms with the basic needs. and outdoor public kitchen to increase the interaction between the residents. The building has 2 main circulation units, and one fire escape unit. Every floor has an outdoor terrace that gives it the chance to sit and enjoy the top view of the down garden.

MATERIALITY The Facade of the building is covered with concrete panels which is a modern material that gives contrast with the surroundings, and a floor-to-ceiling windows to allow maximize amount of light to enter the room The facade of the court is curtain wall, to make the whole building feels connected and to allow the entrance of light.

S U S H I R E S TA U R A N T Interior Design

Our concept was to have small touches of nautre of Japan and its culture inside a sushi restaurant in a modernized way. We started by dividing the restaurant with levels into two spaces; dynamic and private. The dynamic part has a bar and open plan with tables, the more private one is higher and consists of booths. Both of the spaces are separated with levels and a circulated corridor, this corridor is emphasised and lit with indirect light from above inspired in shape by the triangelated shapes of the origami. The walls of the interior are concrete with few touches of lit-wood to have contrast. concept Our concept is to have various options in our restaurant, to have a vibrant space as well as a calm one.Therefore having the sushi bar with it’s different seating elements and the boths for a restful expierence, both having a common ground which leads to them.

Assoc. Prof. Hussam Salama 9th Semester Groups of 2 Location: Mall of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

Bar Area Services Area Private Booths Area Common Pathway


Reflected Ceiling


Product Design

Lighting system inspired by the Japanese chopsticks Waiting area




Sushi Bar


Indirect LED light inspired by the tree branches.


Kitchen Toilet


Wall mounted light

Ceiling mounted light

Speaker In Wall


Smoke Detectors

Security Cameras Stereo Speaker Outlet

Ceiling lead light

HVAC Outlet

Indirect LED light inspired by Japanese Origami Shapes (Triangle)

MY PHOTOGRAPHY ACollection of photos taken by my own lens from many different place around the world. Photography is my number one everyday hobby, it always gives me the chance to get deep details about what i am experiencing. Nature and architecture is my favorite kind of photography, as nature is the first thing that man was ever inspired by, and architecture is how man accommodated this inspiration.

T h a n Tkh aYnok uY o u

Architecture Portfolio  

selected academic work

Architecture Portfolio  

selected academic work