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The Tripoli Dental Association and the management exhibition committee is honored to invite all dental professionals and industry experts worldwide to attend and participate in The Libyan Annual International Dental Exhibition & Conference (LAIDEC), which will be held in the city of Tripoli from the 20th to the 22nd of April 2013. This event is sponsored by Tripoli Council and Tripoli Health Affairs Management and it is under the direct organization and supervision of Tripoli Dental Association. This is an important gathering event for all dentists, technicians, teachers, students of the faculty of dentistry, researchers, local and global experts and owners of companies related to this Field. This conference is an opportunity to present scientific research papers, to exchange opinions, to transfer expertise and to discuss the latest scientific developments in the dentistry field.

The objectives of the conference are as follows: 1. To strengthen the cooperation and the exchange of experience among dentists from various ----territories in various specialties of dentistry.


2. To encourage dentists to focus on the conduct of scientific research and to assist in the- development of the field of dentistry. 3. To establish strong connections between local dentists and other dentists abroad. 4. To follow up with the technical and scientific developments in the dentistry field. 5. To follow up with the latest developments and research conducted by the companies in this field ---and encourage competition.

Participation and registration requirements: Scientific papers and abstracts are to be sent via e-mail at or submitted directly to our headquarters. The duration of the lecture must be 45-90 minutes including the period for discussion. After the notification acceptance by the scientific committee for the conference, the participant must present a full electronic copy of the lecture. The timetable to accept summaries: •The deadline for submission of all documents is 20/03/2013. •The convening of the conference is: 20-22/04/2013.

Registration includes : •Certification of participation in the Conference. •Conference portfolio. •Publicity of a research paper in dental magazine in the next issue. •Archeological trip to Leptis Magna.

Venue: The conference will be held at the Halls of Rixos Hotel (Al Naser forest) in Tripoli, Libya.

The exhibition accompanying the conference: On the sidelines of the conference, national and international companies serving the dentistry sector will exhibit their products and services.

The objectives of the Exhibition: • Keep up with everything new in the world of dental technology • Open horizons of competition between local companies • Access to the products well-known international companies for dentistry dental market to support Dentistry in Libya and ensure access for the latest equipment and techniques •To provide the finest raw materials for the consumer

Item bookings for companies at the exhibition: Price per square meter for local companies is 270 Libyan Dinars. Price per square meter for international companies is 300 US Dollars. For booking details please contact us at: Tel: +218 91 782 2760 +218 92 502 5364 E-mails: our website:

Subscription fees for visitors: 60 Libyan Dinars for doctors and 30 Libyan Dinars for students (a certified identification is required) Including: • Certificate of attendance at the conference. • Conference portfolio. • Archeological trip to Leptis Magna.