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Introduction ............................................................... 3 Welcome Message from all BSSS Welcome Message from Summer School Director BSSS Introduction Abstract Scientific Program .................................................... 6 Departments Topics Social Program ......................................................... 7 Main Program Optional program Fees & How To Apply ................................................ 8 Fees How To Apply ‌? Contact Details

Introduction Welcome Message from all BSSS

Dear all Medical Students All over The World Hot Greetings from Egypt, Benha On behalf of all BSSS Board and members, I would like to welcome you in our new Edition of Benha Summer School 2012-2013. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to spend your summer vacation here in Egypt having detailed Scientific program about some Endemic Diseases here plus getting fun by a variable Social programs. Really all of us are waiting for your arrival to share with you your most enjoyable memories here in Egypt “Land of Civilizations”. Be sure that you will be in your 2nd Home and you will enjoy all your period here in Egypt within our summer School Program. I would like to ensure safety and nice weather here in Egypt Summer, Just catch it.

Wish for you the Best Summer in Egypt. BSSS President

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Welcome Message from Summer School Director From a piece of Heaven Dear Medical Students, It is my pleasure and my honor to introduce the new edition of our BSSS Summer School program to you. This program is a mixture between scientific, culture and a lot of fun. If you interested to learn a lot of topics which you can’t find it in your country as endemic infectious diseases and tropical medicine etc.. , or if you want to know about the culture which found for more than 7000 years BC, You will find all of this in this program. Moreover, you will find a lot of fun and happiness in my country and you won’t regret. so you and all your friends are welcome here in my country and among my program. I’m waiting for you.

Ahmed H. Wahdan

Summer School Director

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About: BSSS is a non-political, non-religious association aiming to serve medical students. & whole people Benha Students’ Scientific Society” BSSS was established in 1982 and joined in 1988 as a Full member in The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations-Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt) Over 30 years of professional exchange & elective “research exchange” Benha students’ scientific society Have been working in collaboration with the international federation of medical students’ association under Supervision of the world health organization.

Mission: Our mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through our programming and opportunities, we develop culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities that shape the health of our planet.

Description: Benha students’ scientific society has been working in collaboration with the international federation of medical students’ associations IFMSA under supervision of the world health organization. Our Crew in BSSS is composed of: - President - Vice President & Treasurer - Secretary General -LEO/LORE: Local Exchange Officer - Summer School Director - LPO: Local Officer of Public Health - LORA: Local Officer of Reproductive health and AIDS - LOME: Local Officer of Medical Education - LORP: Local Officer of Human Rights & Peace - Publications Support Division Director - Trainings Support Division Director

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Benha Benha is located 48 km north of Cairo and about 20 km northeast of the Nile Dam. It has a population of approximately 115,701 residents and is the capital of the Qalyubiyah Governate. A rail junction and trade center, Benha has cotton-ginning, rug-weaving, and food-processing industries. It is known for its oranges and grapes and especially for its honey, which it has produced since the Middle Ages. The city was established prior to the Greeks arrived in Egypt. Nearby are the remains of Athribis which was once the capital of the 10th Nome. Athribis was associated with the worship of the black bull. During the Roman period the city was at its greatest importance. There are little remains of the ancient town except for traces of temples that date from the 18th to the 26th Dynasties. There is also an extensive Graeco-Roman cemetery. Some 26th to 30th Dynasty silver ingots and jewelry that were found at the Athribis site that are now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Benha is not typically frequented by foreign tourists.

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Benha Faculty Of Medicine: is one of Benha University colleges. established by Presidential Decree No. 1143 of 25/1/1976,Is the ninth in terms of the date of its establishment. The study began in undergraduate study fourth year and was started in the fourth year in 1977/1978. Start to accept transfers to the students of the faculties of medicine and the other that takes into consideration the acceptance of students from the province and neighboring provinces Qaliubiya. College began to accept the first division in the first year in 1981/1982 and the number of such students is 50 students . The transfer system to the bachelor’s acceptance of the troupe as well as the first to complete all stages in the 1984 / 1985. The number of students who accept the First Division in 2002 / 2003 (450 students).

Benha University Hospital: Established the hospital in 1981, the efforts and contributions that have been collected from the people of the province have been developed the current structure, adopted the agenda and functions of the President of the Central Agency for Organization and Management of resolution No. (351) for the year 1981 and the number of employees at that time (134) workers and staff and a nurse and a doctor

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Abstract 2nd Edition Of BSSS Summer School Program Endemic Infectious Diseases & Infection Control HELLO , from the land of peace ,nature, beauty and history we are introducing our 2nd edition of summer school this year when the study and fun are mixed up together they produce the best experiences ever,, so Benha students’ scientific society “BSSS” would like to announce the release of the fresh version of Summer School Which you can choose a certain clinical Department as General Surgery , Hepatology , Pediatric , Internal Medicine ,etc….. moreover you will take an additional lectures of the basics information about Endemic Infectious Diseases And Infection Control

Venue & Time: Venue : Benha faculty of medicine & it’s teaching hospital Time: .1st of (June , July , August ,September Or October) Period: 20 days Language: English Number of students: maximum 30 student for each summer school Deadline for filling the application: Two months before the summer school

Scientific Program Page | 8

Professional / Clinical Course : -Internal Medicine -General Surgery -Pediatric -Hepatology Topics : that will cover besides the certain Department that you will choose - Liver Cell Failure - Virus Hepatitis ( A,B,C ) - Hepato-splenomegaly - Bilharzias

Main Social Program :

Social Program

• 2 Trips to Cairo : - Pyramids & Sphinx - The Egyptian Museum - Khan el-Khalili Bazaar - El Azhar Park - The Cairo Citadel • 2 days trip to Alexandria - The Pompey Pilla - Qaytebay Castle - Greeko- Roman Museum - the Alexandria library • Country side trip With Traditional Food and Galbeya party

Optional Social Program :

( For Extra Fees )

Dahab ( Sharm El Shikh ) Luxor &Aswan

Fees for Main Program 1 Person ………….…… 280 € Group of 3 persons …. 275 € Group of 5 persons…..270 €

( per person ) ( per person )

P.S. All of these prices for early registration ( Transfer 25% of the fees before one month of arrival ) P.S. For Late or On Arrival registrations the Fees will be …. 300 € ( per person ) P.S. The fees will be refundable till one week earlier from arrival date (minus the transfer taxes) P.S. The fees Don’t include the entrance fees to the touristic places

The Fees include:

- Your accommodation during the whole course - Boarding 2 meals a day - Our social trips To :

- Egyptian SIM card

1.Cairo 2.Alexandria side

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For Applying : 1st : fill the online application of the summer school in BSSS which will be available soon on our website:

2nd: Send a CV, a digital photograph and a Copy of Passport/ I.D. at : or

3rd : Then after receiving the e-mail of acceptance you will recieve all details

about the bank account. Please transfer the application fees to this bank account and send a scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt to: Or

For More Information contact :

Ahmed Hany Wahdan

BSSS Summer School Director Cell phone: 002 0100 899 63 94

For more details & any updates visit us :

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Bsss- Benha Summer School Program 2013  

Benha Summer School

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