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Juniper JN0-355

Junos Pulse Secure Access, Specialist (JNCIS-SA) Version: Demo 4.0

Juniper JN0-355 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 Which action must you perform to use CRLs to validate user certificates? A. Configure an OCSP responder. B. Validate a trusted server CA. C. Import as a trusted client the root certificate of the CA issuing the CRL. D. Configure a CA chain. Answer: C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 2 In the Admin UI, you want to configure Web caching settings within a Web Access resource policy. Which statement is correct? A. The file types (e.g., GIF, JPG, PNG, MOV, MP3) that you want cached are configurable. B. The threshold in kilobytes of image files that should be cached by a client is configurable. C. The upper time limit for holding a page in cache is a configuration option. D. The cacheable content of a URL is configurable. Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 3 A Web site is available to all users but it does not display correctly when using basic Web access. You want to provide an alternate method for accessing the Web site through the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service while continuing to provide all other Web content using basic Web access. In the Admin UI, which two actions must be performed for users to access the Web site? (Choose two.) A. Create a Web Proxy policy. B. Create a Do Not Rewrite Selective Rewrite policy. C. Configure Junos Pulse to provision Layer 3 access. D. Configure a proxy connection on your browser.

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Juniper JN0-355 Exam Answer: B,C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 4 You must plan the deployment of Junos Pulse to hundreds of end users on various client platforms including Windows laptops, smartphones running Google Android, and iPad users. What are three delivery methods that you would use to complete this task? (Choose three.) A. Users can connect to the Secure Access Gateway Web portal and install Junos Pulse from the start page. B. You can distribute a default installer to endpoints, install it, and let users create their own connections. C. You can configure a Host Checker policy to detect if Junos Pulse is installed and deliver the installation to the endpoint during pre-authentication. D. Smartphone users can download the Junos Pulse installer from the mobile application section of the Web portal start page. E. You can create an .msi installer that contains connection settings and services along with the Junos Pulse installer and deliver this to endpoints using a software distribution process. Answer: A,B,E Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 5 What are two operational functions of the VPN Tunneling client? (Choose two.) A. It provides the ability to select applications that use a tunneling service. B. It supports dual transport modes, ESP or SSL C. It supports Windows domain single sign-on. D. It requires Web browser-based user authentication. Answer: B,C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 6 You are currently the administrator of a network which provisions secure remote access using the "Excellent Results in Minimum Time" -


Juniper JN0-355 Exam Junos Pulse Secure Access Service in an active/passive cluster. You want to upgrade both units in the cluster to Software Release 7.2. You want to ensure that secure remote access is maintained during the upgrade. Which feature addresses this concern? A. Central Manager B. CL license C. IP address takeover (IPAT) D. virtual IP (VIP) Answer: A Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 7 You are implementing several Host Checker policies on your users, however, you must block access to a specific Web server when users fail one specific Host Checker policy. Which Host Checker implementation allows you to satisfy this requirement? A. Implement your Host Checker policy as an initial policy (pre sign-in). B. Implement your Host Checker policy at the authentication realm to evaluate only. C. Implement Host Checker policies at the user role where the users with different Web access requirements belong to different roles with different Host Checker policies defined. D. Implement a Web access resource policy that contains a detailed rule with conditions on specific Host Checker policies as conditions for access. Answer: D Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 8 You are deploying a VPN tunneling client and are asked to configure a restrictive set of tunneling policies. In the Admin UI, which two VPN Tunneling role settings apply? (Choose two.) A. Split Tunneling "Excellent Results in Minimum Time" -


Juniper JN0-355 Exam B. VPN Tunneling Access Control C. Route Monitor D. Connection Settings Answer: A,C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 9 Which two access transport protocols are used with Junos Pulse for an Apple OS X computer? (Choose two.) A. ESP B. SSH C. SSL D. IKEv2 Answer: A,C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 10 A Junos Pulse Secure Access Service has a device certificate issued for sa.pulse.local. Users accessing sales.pulse.local and finance.pulse.local receive a certificate warning any time they access the Junos Pulse Secure Access Service. As an administrator, which two actions would resolve the issue? (Choose two.) A. Install a wildcard certificate for *.pulse.local. B. Remove the sa.pulse.local device certificate. C. Install certificates for sales.pulse.local and finance.pulse.local on the same interface. D. Load multiple server certificates (one for each hostname), and create a virtual port to associate the specific URL. Answer: A,D Explanation:

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