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AR320 7th  Homework   Frank  Lloyd  wright  and  Broadacre  city  :    

Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect, interior designer and writer, born in June 8, 1867, he founded the principle of Organic architecture, he completed 500 works.

Frank Lloyd Wright


In 1928, Frank Lloyd Wright had an idea that was to become an obsession. He was sixty-one-years old. After divorce with his second wife, he finally married Olga Ivanovna, He was ready to start anew. He wanted to craft his legacy. Frank Lloyd  Wright  had  the  vision  of  broadacre  city   with  every  man  and  his  family  having  1  whole  acre  of   space  for  living,  by 1935, Frank Lloyd Wright had free labor to assist in building a large model of Broadacre City.  

Braodacre city  model        

Among some of the features of the Broadacre City, schools, cinemas, gas stations, general merchandising

and markets, little factories and so on, no more traffic problems and no landlords or tenants.

Another image  of  the  broadacre  city  model.        

Broadacre city  model  plan.    

A  sketch  for  a  vision  of  Broadacre  city.  

Maison Du  Peuple  :     Designed  by  the  Belgian  Architect  Victor  Horta  who  was   born  in  January  6  1861.  

Image of  Maison  Du  peuple        

Maison Du  Peuple,  an  amazing  building  designed  by   Victor  Horta,  it  was  built  in  1899  on  a  slope  and  along   a  circular  square,  Horta  was  able  to  succeed  with  his   design  by  drawing  no  less  than  8,500  square  meters   of  plans,  the  building  was  built  using  brick,  steel  and   glass  and  was  considered  a  building  of  modern   architecture,  unfortunately  the  building  was  replaced   by  a  generic  building  in  1966.    

Maison Du  Peuple’s  Plan.  

Maison Du  Peuple’s  Section.  

Interior View.  

Remains of  Maison  Du  Peuple  after  it  was  removed.    

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