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Friday 27th, Dhul Hijjah, 1434 (H.Q.); 1st Nubuwwat, 1392, (H.Sh); 1st November, 2013 (C.E.); Vol. 1 No 7


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The executive Governor of the “State of Omoluwabi”, State of living Spring,(Osun State), Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, met some members of Nasratul Ahmadiyya at the Ibadan Airport on his way from Abuja, and the amiable governor took time off, breaking all official protocols, to extend fatherly felicitation and affection to the Ahmadi Muslim Lasses, as can be seen in these photographs.




hank God, THE T R U T H Newspaper in NOT a business venture belonging to any worldly individual investor or corporate business outfit. Were it so, it most probably would have died long ago. But today, by the special grace and mercy of Almighty Allah, the publication still remains, despite all seemingly insurmountable challenges and obstacles, and it still proudly maintains its unrivalled status of being the FIRST a n d L O N G E S T SURVIVING MUSLIM WEEKLY Newspaper in

Nigeria since 1951! To Allah the Omni-present be the glory! Yes, we were in “Coma” for more than two months now due to a “production accident” in which we were involved in the process of producing a SPECIAL EDITION of the paper, which was excruciatingly devastating to the production team, and eventually sent us into a sudden “coma”. However, despite the unfortunate incident, we were not totally unconscious of the happenings around us. Hence, now that we are fully resuscitated, in fact, better, healthier, stronger and more refreshing, by the grace of

Allah the Almighty, we wish to use this our refreshed outing to briefly recapitulate some of the important events that passed-by during the period, probably either unnoticed or un-reported by others, so that we can set the memory of you our loving teeming readers back on track. While we were in “coma”, a high-powered delegation comprising about twenty-five delegates, led by the Amir N i g e r i a , A l h a j i ( D r, ) M a s h h u d Adenrele Fashola, raised the Nigerian flag high at the 2013 Jalsa Salana of the United Kingdom Jama'at. Contd. On pg 6

The Comrade Governor of Edo State, “the Heartbeat of the nation”, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole, received and played host to national executive members of Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, during their 39th Annual National Ijtema, held in the ancient city of Benin, the Edo State Capital late September. This visit, the Comrade Governor granted within a very short notice of less than seventy-two hours! These photographs say it all!



he Ansaruddeen Society of Nigeria, a forthnight ago, mourned one of its longserving Presidents ALHAJI B I S I R I Y U O L AT U N J I ONISAROTU, who passed onto the great beyond on 18th October, 2013, at the age of eighty-four years, after a brief illness, and was buried the same day, in his home town, Epe, Lagos State, according to Islamic rites. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaehi raji'oon. As part of the mourning programmes, a fidau prayer was organized in honour of the deceased President at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, on 24th October, 2013. Speaking to THE TRUTH Reporter at the National Stadium venue of the fidau prayer, a front-line chieftain of

the Ansaruddeen Society, a f o r m e r F e d e r a l Commissioner of Works u n d e r G o w o n Administration, Alhaji Lateef Olufemi Okunnu, eulogised the late former President for his selfless services to the Ansaruddeen Society and

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27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)

FRIDAY SERMON-By: Hazrat Khalifatul Maskh V.

PRIME ATTRIBUTES OF TRUE SERVANTS OF ALLAH Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. 18th October 2013 NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon 'And say to My servants that they should speak that which is best. Surely, Satan stirs up discord among them. Surely, Satan is an open enemy to man.' (17:54)

October, 18th 2013


n this verse, first and foremost, God's message to people is to say what is best, and the best speech is that which pleases God. This is why the term 'My servants' has been used here signifying that those who are God's servants or seek to be God's servants do not have any wish/preference of their own because they prefer and wish for what pleases God. This has been further elaborated in Surah Al Baqarah: 'And when My servants ask thee about Me, say: 'I am near. I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he prays to Me. So they should hearken to Me and believe in Me, that they may follow the right way.' (2:187) The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has explained the word Ebaadi (My servants) as: 'Those people who believe in Allah the Exalted and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).’ These are the people who are Ebaadi and are thus close to God and those who do not believe are distant from God. God states that in order to become His true servant His commandment should be obeyed. This would bring good and prayers would be accepted. When God states that His servants should say what pleases God, it definitely demands enhancement of faith and requires one to bring one's word and deed in congruity. One cannot practice contrary to what God commands but advise others to follow God and His Messenger. God has called discrepancy in word and deed a sin and states: 'O ye who believe! why do you say what you do not do? Most hateful it is in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do.' (61: 3 4) Therefore discrepancy in word and deed is greatly disliked by God, in fact it is a sin. Claim to have faith and duplicity cannot go together. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: 'Pay heed to what I say and remember it well that if the word of a person is not sincere and has no feasibility, it will not be effective,' An ehsan (good) word is that which is ehsan as defined by God; something that spreads goodness and forbids evil. Individuals cannot define themselves as believers merely based on the fact that there is no discrepancy between their word and deed.

For example, the practice of a person who consumes alcohol cannot be emulated simply based on the fact that his words and deeds are consistent. In this society much indecency goes on in the name of freedom and is openly publicised on TV and the internet. Revealing clothes are exhibited in the name of fashion shows. Although there is consistency in word and deed in these instances but the practices are abominable in the sight of God. Some people and youngsters are influenced and say that so and so is straightforward with no duplicity. It should be remembered that absence of duplicity [in this instance] is not a virtue; rather it is promotion of indecency and distance from God. Men and women should avoid such environments and should pray for: 'Guide us in the right path.' (1:6) and should pray for remoteness from Satan and should seek what God has commanded. Search for those ehsan things through which God teaches ways of His nearness. God's commandments should be sought so that the reality of what is ehsan and what is not ehsan is understood and one is included among those whom God has called, 'My servants' and has given the glad-tiding of acceptance. A great responsibility lies on Ahmadis in this age for we have accepted the Imam of the age and have pledged that we will make our word and deed consistent and will try and do what is ehsan in the sight of God, we will have consistency in our word and deed and we will refer to the Holy Qur'an for ehsan things as it distinguishes between what is ehsan and what is not and tells us what will gain God's nearness and what will incur His displeasure. Highlighting some of the matters elucidated the Holy Qur'an, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said God states to the Muslims in the Qur'an: 'You are the best

people raised for the good of mankind; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah‌' (3:111) God has called His servants or those with the status of Ebaadur Rahman (servants of the Gracious God) as the best of all people because they maintain what is ehsan with consistency in their word and deed according to the commandment of God. They instruct virtues and rather than selfish desires, they teach what has been commanded by God. They are called the best people because they avoid all evil themselves and also advise others to do so in order to avoid God's displeasure. They are also called best people because their faith is strong and they uphold the belief that God watches over everything. They uphold the belief that worldly lords [powerful people] cannot meet our needs, rather the Lord of all the worlds is the One Who listens to prayers. The world should also be told that permanence is in paying heed to and abiding by what God commands. Giving further details of ehsan things, God states: 'And those who bear not false witness, and when they pass by anything vain, they pass on with dignity;' (25:73) Here two things have been forbidden; falsehood and vain matters. Bearing false witness is forbidden no matter what the situation. Elsewhere in the Holy Qur'an it is stated that one should give true testimony even if it goes against oneself or one's parents or dear ones. This is the standard set for honesty which will be considered as ehsan and which brings one close to God, which enhances piety and includes on among the true servants of God. God states: 'O ye who believe! fear Allah, and say the right word.' (33:71) That is, say what is unambiguous and straightforward. This is the standard of truthfulness which is

ehsan and which is enjoined by God. However, if we reflect we do not see this level of honesty. Selfish desires waylay at every step. How many of us would give testimony against ourselves, our parents and our dear ones? And are free from all sorts of ambiguous speech! Somewhere or the other personal interest or the interest of one's dear ones or one's ego intervenes and one is not prepared to accept one's mistake. To uphold qawl e sadid (the right word) is one of the commandments for ehsan things and God deems it ehsan that honesty is without any ambiguity. If this practice is followed all domestic and societal conflicts would disappear and there would be no need of courts of law and the standard of honesty in the next generation would be excellent. It is enjoined to promptly leave gatherings where there is no honesty and where crude and vain talk takes place. Sometimes, in family gatherings or our own gatherings unconsciously things are said which are vain and crude, things are said against the Nizam (administrative system). Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that he has mentioned it many times that things said against the office holders should be reported to him, if [the required] reformation is not taking place on lower level. When these matters are mentioned in gatherings they become vain and idle because mentioning them does not make them better or reform them, on the contrary, in this way conflicts and disputes increase. Then there are wrong kind of films and songs on the internet and TV. Some Indian film songs depict seeking from gods and goddesses or they are being extolled which negates the power of One Powerful God, or these idols are professed as the source of nearness to God. This is Shirk (associating partners with God). Then foul and immoral things are said on FaceBook, Twitter or chat rooms when conflicts arise. Some young people send the details to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih even if they are also involved. Such language is used that no decent person can listen to it. Girls and boys of very good families are involved in these and expose their vulnerability. It is very important for Ahmadis to avoid these matters. Ahmadis need to seek out what is ehsan and excel in piety. God has taught many ehsan things. Showing ways of piety is ehsan as is forbidding evil. God states: 'And every one has a goal which dominates him; vie, then, with one another in good works.' (2:149) When effort is made to develop piety,

word and deed both will be ehsan. If effort is made to develop piety, most certainly effort will also be made to fend off Satan's attacks. The verse recited at the start of the sermon stated: '‌Surely, Satan is an open enemy to man..'. The word Satan has many meanings: Satan is who speaks against the commandments of the Gracious God, who instils arrogance, rebellion and brings harm and inclines one to these ways. He burns in the fire of jealousy and creates suspicion in hearts. In short, Satan is against everything that is ehsan and which is commanded by God so that dues of God and dues of mankind are paid. As God states, Satan is an open enemy to man. If people do not become God's servants and do all the ehsan things, they would exit devotion of the Gracious God and fall in Satan's lap. He would instil falsehood, arrogance, rebellion in them and will them incline towards harming others, will create suspicions in hearts and will cause them to burn in fire of jealousy. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said to recite the last two Surahs of the Qur'an, Surah Al Falq and Saurah Al Nas three times before going to sleep and blow on oneself to avoid satanic thoughts and evil, with the prayer to remain safe from them. Guidance should be sought from God with prayers and His commandments should be looked for and efforts should be made to avoid Satan. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: 'Satan is always on the lookout to lead man astray and to corrupt his actions. So much so that he also wishes to lead man astray in virtuous tasks and schemes to instigate some kind of disorder or the other. He also wishes to embroil one who does Imamat in this evil. One should never be unafraid of his attack because his attacks on the wicked and sinners are open, they are indeed fair game for him, but he does not also miss attacking the devout. Some way or the other, he finds the opportunity to attack them. People who are under the grace of Allah the Exalted and are aware of the minute ways of satanic mischief pray to Allah the Exalted to avoid him, however, those who are still inexperienced and weak sometimes get embroiled. There is a sect, who in order to avoid hypocrisy and arrogance, irreproachably hides its virtues and reveals its badness. They think they can avoid satanic attacks in this manner. However, in my view they are also not right and they too have the other in their hearts. If they did not have the other in their hearts, they would never Continued on page 3



27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)

FRIDAY SERMON-By: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V. practice this. Man perfects in knowledge of the Divine and treatment of others when his heart is free from any kind of the other and this is how Prophets of God (peace be on them) are or it is a perfect group from whose hearts existence of the other is completely extinct.' It should not be inferred from this that only Prophets of God can attain this station. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) has himself said that high standards should be attained and one should become a wali (friend of God) rather than be a devotee of a wali. We have been given the blessed model of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) to follow. Full effort is important to avoid satanic attacks and ehsan speech is important in this regard as is keeping God's commandment in view in every matter. God has also taught us the ways to say the last two Surahs as a means to avoid satanic attacks. It is stated in the Holy Qur'an: 'And if an evil suggestion from Satan incite thee, then seek refuge in Allah…' (7:201) We should say the prayer, 'I seek refuge with Allah against Satan the accursed', we should say the prayer, 'La Hawla wala quwwata illabilla' (There is no power to avoid sin or do good except through Allah). God gives us hope that if prayer is made with sincerity of intent, God certainly listens. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said he wanted to make it clear here that the fire of jealousy of Satan is very dangerous, He himself burned in it and was expelled for rejecting to obey Adam and then pledged to burn mankind in this fire. It is the fire of jealousy that creates restlessness in society. Every Ahmadi greatly needs to avoid this and in this regard should implore God most passionately. Satanic attacks are of two kinds; one is designed to break ties with God and the other to break ties of man with man. On the contrary ehsan speech leads one to love God and also leads one to love mankind for the sake of God. Our motto 'Love for all, hatred for none' which impresses outsiders and they always mention in when attending our events, will be of no use if there is no mutual accord among us. God commands Muslims to be '…tender among themselves…'(48:30). Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said he has repeatedly mentioned that this is the sign of a true believer. No matter how much we excel in making speeches about this motto of ours and profess that unity of our Community is exemplary, its real effect will be felt when we are kind to each other in families and in the general Jama'at environment. God states: '…overlook and forgive and pardon…' (64:15). In short there are numerous

commandments of God which take us closer to Him but we face Satan at every step in the world. He creates inconsistency between word and deed and takes us away from God's commandments. It should be remembered that Satan is going to carry on doing his work. He had asked for respite at the birth of Adam (on whom be peace) to incite mankind. He had said that there will be fewer servants of the Gracious God and more satanic people. These days, as cited earlier, many things lead to displeasure of God. Correct use of these things is not bad, but their incorrect use is a means to spread foulness and sin. However, the same thing can also be a means of piety. Television can be a source of spreading piety as well as indecency. In the current times Ahmadiyya Jama'at is making the best use of television. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said he had drawn attention to watch MTA during [Australian] Jalsa. People are now expressing regret to him for not watching MTA before and say that even viewing it for just a week to ten days has improved their knowledge. Huzoor said he wished to once again remind in this regard that great attention should be paid in families to utilise this source that God has given us to enhance knowledge and spirituality and to associate with M TA . T h e r e a r e L i v e programmes other than Friday sermons which enhance religious knowledge and spirituality. The Jama'at spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on this facility. If one does not avail of it, it is their personal loss. Outsiders are availing of MTA and are realising the truthfulness of Islam and are gaining its correct insight. Ahmadis in Australia and the rest of the world should derive full benefit of MTA. One of its blessings is that it is a great means to connect the Jama'at to the blessings of Khilafat. God granted man wisdom and man used his wisdom to facilitate means of conveniences for himself. God states: 'Verily, We have made all that is on the earth as an ornament for it, that We may try them as to which of them is best in conduct.' (18:8) Significance of everything is explained and it is made clear that this significance is only of real use if its use is ehsan and in accordance with pleasure of God. Absence of ehsan use makes the very thing a trial. As examples given earlier, in the name of freedom many families are being broken due to chatting on the internet and children are being affected due to wrong use of something provided by God. There are numerous commandments of the Holy Qur'an and detail of each commandment cannot be given here.

However, one matter to which Hazrat Khalifatul Masih wished to draw attention to and which he also alluded to earlier and which is much liked by God is thus stated: 'And who is better in speech than he who invites men to Allah and does good works and says, 'I am surely of those who submit?' (41:34) The first verse recited in the sermon stated to say what is best and the best is indeed what has been commanded by God. In this verse all good things are amalgamated and it summarises them. The most ehsan word is inviting someone to God. However, this means that one should also keep an eye on what one is doing, to what extent one is practicing what one is preaching. As explained earlier, one should not say to others what one does not do himself. It is a sin and as explained earlier those who invite others to God must make their word and deed congruous and must make everything of theirs in accordance to the pleasure of God. It is the most excellent example of the teaching of Islam to invite someone to God for there is not a greater ehsan word. For this, one's own deeds should be good, that is, in accordance to the pleasure of God and a source of reformation of others. Although not directly connected, an example of good works will be, as explained earlier, forgiveness as a virtue. God states that forgiveness should be adopted. However, forgiving a habitual thief or murderer will not be a 'good work'. In order to safeguard society such a person should be punished. God states there is nothing better than inviting people to God. One who invites others to God needs to remember that mere inviting is not enough, their each act should be good. It should not be so that they think taking the message to others is their obligation but do not pay the dues of their wife and children, or a woman does not pays the dues of her children. When someone accepts Islam through a person who has no care about the sanctity of the modest dress that Islam enjoins women but does fervent Tabligh and having accepted Islam reads the Holy Qur'an, they would find that although the person did Tabligh to them, they did not follow what the Qur'an commands. Similarly there are many other ills, like falsehood, backbiting etc. These will not be pardoned just because someone is very good at Tabligh. God states that one who speaks ehsan words should also do good works and should profess to 'hear and obey'. With this reference Hazrat Khalifatul Masih drew attention of the Australian Jama'at to remember that God greatly likes inviting people to Him. However, this task requires one to adapt one's practices

according to God's commandments, perfect loyalty and obedience. Australia's population is a p p r o x i m a te l y 2 3 m i l l i o n although its land mass is huge, it is in fact a continent. However, in terms of population it is not so large and the population is limited to a few cities which are also situated at great distances from each other. However, as mentioned at the Jalsa, full attention of Australian Lajna, Khuddam, Ansar and the Jama'at should be focussed on Tabligh. Our task is only to take the message. Results are in the hands of God. InshaAllah results will be forthcoming when prayers are made in conjunction with hard work. Lest someone says that they do not know Ahmadiyya Community. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih happened to watch Eid programme on MTA produced in Australia in which Australian naib Ameer Sahib Khalid Saifullah related that in 1989 Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) had led Friday Prayers and Eid Prayers from this mosque and the mosque appeared huge as there were no more than 250 people present at the time. According to his estimate now there were approximately 2,500 people present. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said his immediate reaction to this was also of gratefulness to God to have increased our numbers. H o w e v e r, w h e n h e l a t e r reflected over the matter, he became concerned that in almost 24 years the increase in numbers was mostly due to immigrants from Pakistan and Fiji. In the last 24 years perhaps two or four people were brought into the fold of Ahmadiyyat via Tabligh and even they could not be taken care of. In 24 years even 24 Australian people were not made Ahmadis via Tabligh efforts and the increase in numbers here is due to people leaving Pakistan and Fiji, not through the efforts of the Jama'at there. Facts should be faced and kept in view because it is a cause for concern. Huzoor said at least for him it is a great cause for concern. In addition to the early settlers in the country who now call themselves Australians, as well as the native people, its inhabitants are also Arab people and other races to whom Tabligh need to be done. Proper planning should be undertaken to start Tabligh. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said he has observed that Australian people are good listeners and promote discussion. If connections are made and then the message taken, some pious-natured souls will definitely be those who will accept the true faith. It is important to take the peaceable, fraternal message of Islam to every strata of society. People Huzoor met in Melbourne knew Ahmadis but most were unaware of the true message of

Islam. They consider their acquaintance Ahmadis as part of a community with good morals but do not know the basic message of Islam. A sincere friend was awarded a prize at Jalsa for distributing 20,000 flyers of our peaceable message in spite of his disability. It is said that there are about 4000 Ahmadis in Australia although Huzoor thinks there are more. Even if half of estimated 5000 had distributed flyers they would have distributed them to 10 million people, that is, half of Australian population would have received the peaceable message of Islam in one year. This could have been followed by a second flyer. In fact, even if as little as one tenth of people had taken up this task the media would have been interested and they would have taken up the message. This has happened in other countries, even a country like USA. Doubtless, contacts with the media are good in Australia, however, these should be used to spread the true message of Islam. Many people here, and in other countries, of retirement age have free time on their hand. They should dedicate this time to distribute flyers and take our literature to others for Tabligh. Huzoor said the facts and figures he quoted are only to generate insight into the matter; otherwise Huzoor is aware that the Australian Jama'at may not be currently able to meet the printing costs etc. If flyers are printed in bulk at a cost of 5 to 10 cents each, at least 500,000 Australian dollars will be required for 10 million copies. If the printing is done in hundreds of thousands, and it can be done, it is not a great problem, a lot of work can be done. Networking with the press comes in useful. It is understood that the Australian Jama'at does blood donation schemes. These should be associated with Islam which will open further avenues. More than anything else, as mentioned earlier, God states you should do good works, you should enhance in piety, have perfect faith and be drawn to prayer. May God include us among those who do good works and excel in piety and obedience and who act according to the pleasure of God. May God also generate good results and the increase in our numbers may come about due to the local people. Next Hazrat Khalifatul Masih announced that he would lead funeral Prayer in absentia after Friday Prayers of Sahibzadi Amatul Mateen Sahiba. She was a daughter of Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased him) and wife of Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib. She passed away around midnight on 14 October in Rabwah. Inna lillahe wa inna Contd. On pg 8



27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)


Nigeria And The Transformation Agenda: The Islamic Way Forward Text of Lecture Delivered by Saheed Olurotimi Timehin {PhD}at the Annual Ramadan Lecture of the Muslim Association of Nigeria held on Sunday 21st July 2013 at the MAN Headquarters, Lagos. INTRODUCTION hat Nigeria is plagued by lethal socio-political maladies that threaten its wellbeing is a fact too glaring to be contested, and the fact that leadership is the greatest challenge to her corporate existence is too obvious to be reiterated. On attaining independence in 1960, the nation was looked upon as the "Giant of Africa" and a refreshingly promising experiment in parliamentary democracy. When on 15th January, 1966 a military coup struck only to be followed by another one in July of the same year, the whole world asked: "What is wrong with Nigeria?" It is however disheartening to note that 47 years after those coups, we have not stopped asking: "What exactly is wrong with us?" Any attempt to answer this question must first take into consideration the ideological framework within which the Nigerian political psyche was formed. This is because what the nation experiences today has its roots in the ideals and idiosyncrasies of all the ethnic nationalities that populate it and how these ideals have received, interpreted, and adjusted to the inherited socio-political ideology of the colonial administrators. To most political thinkers, liberal democracy still enjoys the goodwill of being the best political ideology. Francis Fukuyama for instance declared in an article in the Wall Street Journal on October 5, 2001, that his end of history thesis remains valid twelve years after he first presented it in 1989. His main argument in the article is that after the demise of Communism and National Socialism, there can be no serious ideological competitor to Western-style liberal democracy. Therefore, in political philosophy, liberal democracy is the end of the evolutionary process. 2 Other thinkers are however more cautious in their pronouncements. They realize that the various merits of democracy do not in any way preclude its inherent imperfections. Authorities like Schumpeter, Dahl, Sartori and Popper, despite their apparent appreciation of democratic ideals, have done their best to induce disenchantment and demystification. They all embrace the irony of Churchill


when he defined democracy as the 'worst of political systems except for all the others'3, a definition that has invoked a guarded attitude on the part of the more enlightened political analysts in marked contrast to the somewhat brash and imperious assumptions of some of our Nigerian politicians, who, having been educated within the binary limits of western information-fed academism, do not see the difference between the 'most applauded' system and the 'most appropriate' one. There is no doubt that democracy is the most applauded system in the modern world, and so-called democracies are seen as models for all nations. It is however pertinent to note that despite the wide acclaim, it is increasingly becoming more vulnerable as a system of governance. Recent history has shown that the system, in both the well-established democracies as well as the neodemocracies, favours those already in power. In these nations, there is veiled leaning toward authoritarianism. The phenomenon of marginalization of masses and concentration of professional politicians naturally precede consummation of authoritarianism, which increases as a democratic system moves towards maturity. The people in whose name democracy is formed are often side-lined in favour of professional political merchants. The decreasing voter turnout from US to New Zealand is a testimony to this fact.4 Leading political figures are therefore beginning to revisit their mythical views about democracy and its exponents. A leading politician in the US, Jerry Fresia, observes: 'Far from being a government of 'the people', ours is a government which rests on the assumption that 'the people', especially when they become politically excited, interested, and alive are thought of as subversive. Any serious student of political surveillance and repression in this country knows this to be true. But we seem to prefer to protect our moral highmindedness by permitting elites, virtually at every chance they get, to persist in the lie that it is 'we the people', and not 'we the largest property owners', who govern this country. In so doing, we risk weakening our understanding of the ways, which systematically subordinate our lives to the interests of the rich and

Dr. S. O. Timahin

politically powerful. And in so doing, we invite our own destruction.'5 Similarly, Ralph Epperson also declares: 'It is generally conceded that even a monarchy or a dictatorship is an oligarchy, or a government run by a small, ruling minority. Such is also the case with a democracy, for this form of government is traditionally controlled at the top by a small ruling oligarchy. The people in a democracy are conditioned to believe that they are indeed the decision-making power of government, but in truth there is almost always a small circle at the top making the decision for the entirety'6. Like other Nations of the

have experienced industrial revolution and have evolved industrial systems with the capacity for self-sustaining growth. Most of these countries operate variants of the freeenterprise capitalism while a significant minority among them used to be members of the defunct communist clan. On the other hand, there is the majority bloc of countries that do not have developed industrial economies that have the capacity for autonomous growth. Most of the countries in the first bloc are rich while most in the second bloc are poor. In the second group are a relatively small group of extremely rich but industrially under-developed nations made up principally of the oil exporting nations. Vaguely located in the second group also is the richly endowed oil exporting nation called Nigeria. The founding fathers of this nation had a clear picture of the kind of country they wanted to build though it was not sure that they all understood how they were going to do it. Nevertheless, their dream was to have a: -United, strong and self-reliant nation. -Great and dynamic economy -Just and egalitarian society -Land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens, and -Free and democratic society. During the struggle for independence when these great men were fighting for self-rule, it probably didn't occur to them that it was necessary to hold a national conference to decide and agree upon how the nation

“The various National Development drives of successive governments have been characterized by lack of continuity, consistency and commitment (3Cs) to agreed policies,� world, Nigerians too see democracy as the best option yet their tales of woe under so called "democratic dispensations" compete with their lamentations under the military. It is thus in the light of the complexity of this problem and the cosmopolitan manysidedness of the challenge that it poses that I most humbly thank the organizers of this programme for creating such an opportunity as this to reflect together on the Nigerian Transformation Agenda. Nigeria: In Search of Identity Nigeria: In Search of Identity Economically speaking, the world can be loosely divided into two main groups. On the one hand, we have the minority bloc of countries that

was to be governed and the sacrifices and adjustments the populace had to make. We therefore set out with no agreed upon national values to nurture our souls and direct our affairs. It is however worthy of mention that the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo stands out as the only leader who had a clear picture of the kind of nation he wanted. He was the only one who truly reflected on what was to be done with independence once attained. His two books: THE PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT and STRATEGY AND TACTICS OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA are instructive in this regard. In these books, he examined the socio-cultural diversity of Nigeria and its ethnic nationalities and proposed development initiatives for each

region. Most of the policy thrusts of Nigerian administrations have borrowed from these books though they have never been implemented. Transformation Agenda and Development Efforts Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and the 11th in the world. There is perhaps not up to five nations that are as endowed as she is in human and natural resources. It is however unfortunate to note that more than fifty years after her independence, her performance in the spheres of social engineering, economic growth and political stability does not in any way represent her potentials, or project the true yearnings of her citizens, her vast natural endowments notwithstanding. The various National Development drives of successive governments have been characterized by lack of continuity, consistency and commitment (3Cs) to agreed policies, programmes and projects. The total absence of long time focus is another problem. Politicians and policy makers seem to think that their programmes and policies should not outlive their tenure. This has resulted in monolithic growth and development which does not impact on the overall welfare of Nigerian citizens. Disregard to these 3Cs has resulted in rising unemployment, inequality and poverty. The Goodluck Jonathan Administration claims that its transformation agenda covering the period 2011-2015 was formulated in realization of the need for a holistic transformation of the Nigerian State by employing a strategy that gives cognizance to these 3Cs. It is observed that this Transformation Agenda which draws its inspiration from the New Vision 20:2020 and the 1st National Implementation Plan (NIP). It is expected to remedy the ills of the past and provide a sense of direction for the current administration. The agenda is based on a set of priority policies and programmes which, when implemented, are expected to transform the Nigerian Economy to meet the needs of the Nigerian people. The policies, programmes and projects contained in the agenda were reviewed by a Presidential Committee set up by Mr. President. It was assisted by technical experts drawn from the public and private sectors. Though this exercise does not cover all projects in the 1st NIP and the 2011 budget, it rationalizes them on the basis of certain criteria to produce a more compact set of programmes on which the government will deliver in the next four years.



27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)


Nigeria And The Transformation Agenda Contd. From page 4 The mandate of the President Committee (PC) was defined as follows: Identify the key policies, programmes and projects to be delivered within the next four to five years. Phase the projects and programmes to ensure that they inform the Administration's future budget proposals during 2012 2015. Propose a suitable monitoring mechanism for the identified projects and programmes including regular presentations by Ministers to the FEC on their relevant areas of activity. The committee was formally inaugurated on Thursday, February 17, 2011 and is composed as follows; Hon. Minister/Deputy Chairman, NPC Chairman Hon. Minister of Finance Member Hon. Minister of Transport Member Hon. Minister of Agriculture Member Hon. Minister of Niger Delta Region - Member Hon. Minister of Works - Member Hon. Minister of Aviation Member Hon. Minister of FCT - Member Chief Economic Adviser to the President - Member Senior Special Assistant to the President on Infrastructure Member Special Assistant to the President (Economic Matters) Secretary The transformation agenda report covers issues such as macroeconomic framework and economic direction, governance, sector priority policies, programmes and projects in the following key thematic areas. (i) Real sector, (ii) Infrastructure, (iii) Human Capital, (iv) Enablers (which include private investment, finance mobilization, external economic relations and d i p l o m a c y, e t c . ) a n d ( v ) Monitoring and Evaluation. Two years into the programme, the populace is yet to feel any positive impact of the transformation agenda. The only visible transformation is the increase in poverty level and an unprecedented growth in feelings of insecurity. Indeed, the agenda is different from similar well packaged, but poorly implemented programmes of past Nigerian leaders. In fact what is needed is not another programme but a global attitudinal change in the Nigerian polity. The vision20:2020 should be revisited with a moral conscience and the fear of God if there must be any positive transformation. Nigeria under the Islamic Magnifying Glass The position of Islam on governance is very clear. Islam

anchors national socioeconomic wellbeing on social justice. The society can only survive if the welfare of the people in it is taken care of. Islam insists that it is a primordial right of man to have access to food, c l o t h i n g a n d s h e l t e r. Governments are therefore expected to actualize this. If this is not achieved, such a government should not be seen as a good government. The Holy Prophet Muhammad{saw} is reported to have given a very beautiful analogical presentation of the interplay of government and society. He said: A group of people travelled in a boat which had a lower and upper deck and cast lot among themselves. Some won the upper deck and some won the lower deck. Those who are at the lower deck had to ask those at the top for water anytime they needed it. The Prophet added.,' if those at the top do not send down the water as at when due or if the quantity sent is not sufficient for those at the lower deck, they may be tempted to say,' why are we disturbing those at the top when we are closer to the water? Why don't we make a hole in this boat and fetch the water for ourselves? The Prophet said: if they do so, the entire boat will sink and all of them will perish.’ In other words, if the government does not make livelihood easy for the populace, the populace may be pushed into such actions that can destroy the nation. The youth in particular are volatile specie. The physical and intellectual endowments of the youth make him a very special case. If he is left idle without anything worthwhile to occupy his itching hands, he may portend a great danger for the society. If he is gainfully employed however, he will be able to able to rechannel his youthful energy towards developing the nation. Islam gives a special position to the youth and maintains that no programme designed for youth can ever be effective if the issue of affordable quality education is not addressed. Without education, a nation is not better than a pack of wolves ravaging a community. The priority given to education in Nigeria is abysmal. Islam advocates functional skill-based education for youth and insists on the development of the agricultural sector. It advocates for a society where the individual has hope and does not need to revert to sub-human level of conduct before surviving. Since it is social injustice that brings out the worst in us, Islam maintains that it is only social justice and the fear of Allah that can take any society to promised land.

It is sad to note that the story of Nigeria is one sorry episode of failure of leadership. Despite the abundant resources, there is no effective coordination of each sector of the economy at the centre. Government agencies do not operate as if there is an agreed direction towards which all policies and governmental activities must head. Obviously disenchanted by the National Development Plans of the seventies and the unfulfilled Millennium goals, the Nigerian government, in November 1996, set up a committee of 248 members including 25 foreign based Nigerians to develop Vision 2010. The committee structured its assignment under 53 subcommittees covering 13 critical success factors, 17 economic issues, 17 special issues and 6 general issues. After several deliberations, debates and research, the committee concluded that by 2010. Nigeria would have transformed into a country which is: ' A united, industrious, caring and God-fearing democratic society committed to making the basic needs of life affordable for everyone, and creating Africa's leading economy'. The committee reported its

later settled for Vision 2020, the mission statement of which states that: 'By 2020, Nigeria will be one of the 20 largest economies in the world able to consolidate its leadership role in Africa and establish itself as a significant player in the global economic and political arena'. This is indeed an ambitious vision which is however not unattainable if we have the discipline and sense of sacrifice to work for it. Poland which is the 20th on the global economic list is an economy of about 900 billion dollars while Nigeria is an economy of about 200billion dollars. This means that to take Poland's position, Nigeria needs a yearly growth rate of 100billion dollars for the next 10 years. One only hopes that as we approach 2020, our government would not adjust it to Vision 2050! The current situation though marked by poor or total absence of economic planning, together with conceptual and implementation inadequacies is not irreversible. The result of this is the sick, decadent and monocultural economy which we are plagued with. Our value system also seems to have sunk in the quicksand of

“The current situation though marked by poor or total absence of economic planning, together with conceptual and implementation inadequacies is not irreversible.” findings under the following areas on which it proposed that the country should focus to attain this vision: - Value System - Political culture - Economy - Education - Health - Industry - Petroleum and Solid Minerals - Agriculture - Rural and urban development - Unemployment - Infrastructure - Poverty alleviation - Small and Medium scale Enterprises - Public and Private Sector partnership - Stable environmental policy - Law and Order - Anti-corruption drive - Good governance - External Image - Capital Mobilizations. As laudable as this plan was, poor management as well immoral corporate practices combined to kill the vision. C h a r a c t e r i s t i c a l l y, t h e government on realizing the futility of attaining Vision 2010, first toyed with Vision 2015, but

these socio-economic maladies and neither the government nor the populace appears to know the way out. Several patriotic citizens have spoken out against this downhill rush on the ladder of morality but their good counsel has always fallen on deaf ears. The average political office holder seems to have taken it as his primary vocation to exploit the resources of this nation for selfish purposes. He floats companies for the specific purposes of securing mobilization fees for jobs that will never be done. Legislators see executive lobby of the state or National Assembly as an opportunity to be “settled” by the executive. By securing constituency allowances for constituency offices or projects that were never established nor implemented, these legislators milk the nation with impunity and the citizenry groans as a result. Apart from overt corrupt practices, fiscal indiscipline by the nation's leadership is another major ill. The cost of running the Nigerian public service is one of the highest in the world if not the highest! In the Federal Government's Expenditure Review

Committee's report, it is stated that more than 80% of the Nigerian financial resources go into recurrent expenditure, and that without oil, only a mere 15% of the nation's expenditure would be covered. The report also points out that while US with an economy of $13trillion has less than 20 ministers, Nigeria whose economy is $0.3 trillion has 30 ministers and 14 federal agencies with executive directors! The document submitted by the Theophilus Danjuma-Led Presidential Advisory Committee on the “Detailed Breakdown of Allocation to States, Federal and Local Governments from June 1999 to May 2007” which was released by the Federal Ministry of Finance on June 25, 2007, also showed that N5.2 trillion {out of N16.44 trillion disbursed from the Federation Account within the eight years of Obasanjo's administration} was spent on 17,474 functionaries and lawmakers. Of this number, 941 {comprising 472 government agents and 469 lawmakers were, and are still on the payroll of the Federal Government. On a yearly basis, N200 billion is spent on the salaries and allowances of these 941 public officials. Surely in such a reckless structure, the boat of any nation would sink. From a recent revelation by Folorunso Alatoye, the CEO of Ascension Consulting Services that has handled several projects for the Nigerian Governments at various levels, we have every reason to be angry with the Nigerian leaders He writes that: Over 70% of Nigerians live in abject poverty, meaning that about 119million people out of 170 million live with less than US1.00 (N155) per day! Less than 1% of the Nigerian population control over 80% of the National resources. Over 80% of Nigerians lack quality education. I believe the 20% are the people in Diaspora because no University in Nigeria is within the first 500 best Universities in the world. The Universities, polytechnics and all institutions whether private or public are grossly underfunded to the abysmal level of only 8% of the national budget instead of the UN recommendation of about 26%. A nation that lacks knowledge lacks everything. The developed countries invest heavily on education to get all other things right. Only about 2.5% live in befitting accommodation meaning that 97.5 or 165million out of the 170 million live in make shift houses or slum. Governments demolish people's houses with impunity without the provision of alternatives. Over 75% have no access to good food or water. Contd. on page11


27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)


WHILE WE WERE IN COMA! Contd. From front page

Government College, Ikorodu their main venue for the well-attended national Convention and it was very historical. Our Students' bodies, Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association(AMSAboth male and female wings) also lent their voices to the Peace Campaign being championed by Hazrat K h a l i f a t u l M a s i h ( Ay y a d a h o l l a h )

in his full Khuddam uniform) and, of course, a long-standing friend of the Jama'at, His Royal Majesty, t h e E j e h o f Ankpa(Igalaland) in Kogi State, Alhaji Ahmadu Yakubu, among other dignitaries. During this period, Majlis Ansarullah Sil Sila 'Aliya Ahmadiyya Nigeria took its 39th Annual National Ijtema to Benin City, Capital of Edo State and set the ancient City AGLOW! With different activities. Which included courtesy visits to the Executive Governor of the State, Comrade Aliyu Adams Oshiomole and His Royal M ajes ty, O mo N ' O b a Erediuawa Ikuapolopolor, the Oba of Benin Kingdom. The delegation was led on these visits by the Amir, A l h a j i ( D r. ) M a s h h u d Adenrele Fashola and

across the world presently. While the AMSA male wing held their AHIC at the federal polytechnic ilaro, where the general secretary Alhaji. Abbas Olawale Iromini stood in for the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria, the female wing had theirs in the Gateway State capital city of Abeokuta, where the Ogun State Chairman of the Jamaat, Alhaji (Engr.) M.A

forth, as parts of their own efforts not only to develop themselves physically, morally and spiritually, but also to promote, spread and practicalise the true teachings of Islam as propounded by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (as) among their own contemporaries. D u r i n g t h e interregnum,the Fadl-iOmar Schools family also had a new baby(branch) at Iju-Ota, Ogun State; personally commissioned by the Chairman, Ahmadiyya National Education Commission (ANEC), Alhaji (Eder) Abdul Waheed Adekunle Alamu Aina (Americana); witnessed by the pioneer Circuit President of Ota Circuit, Alhaji Comrade Muddathir A.Dada and many notable personalities from the “baby Circuit”. Interestingly, this new Fadl-i-Omar baby school is under the able management of the FRESHEST RETIREE from Federal Government service (NIPOST), after thirty-five meritorious, but eventful years of service, Comrade Abdul Wahhab Matepo and his strong willed spouse, Magistrate (Mrs) Salamot Kikelomo Matepo (nee Motajo). We hope that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat across Nigeria are

supported by the Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Alhaji Mikail Babatunde Odukoya. Members of Lajna Imaillah Sil Sila 'Aliya Ahmadiyya Nigeria were also in Lagos State for their th 37 Annual National Ijtema and painted the “Centre of Excellence” red with arrays of activities; making the

Ali represented the Amir. The Jamaat lads and lasses (Atfal and Nasirat) were not left out of the shows as they also gathered at different centres across the country for different programmes such as: Islamic Vacation Course (IVC), Ijtema, Camping, Workshops, Excursion and so on and so

not unaware that the Circuits into which the Jamaat is divided for ease of administration and coordination, has now increased from thirtysix(that it was until July, 2013) to forty-six. By the special grace of

This delegation also included the Missionary Incharge, Maulvi Abdul Khalique Nayyar; Naib Amir Eastern Region, Dr. Abdul Ghaniy Enahoro; Naib Amir Northern Region, Dr. Yekeen Abdul Habeeb; the Lagos State Qaid MKAN, Comrade A b d u l G h a n i y Omopariola(who was there

Allah, THE TRUTH will start a Column soonest, to xray the operations and general activities of each of these Circuits(old and new) with a bid to monitoring their progress and ascertaining their individual contributions to the overall development of the Jama'at in Nigeria. Please, be on the look-out. NOW THE BIG EVENT! JALSA SALANA! By the special grace and mercy of Allah the Almighty, our ERRAND BOYS/GIRLS(no, sorry,

very high spirit of commitment and sacrifices of the Nigeria Ahmadiyya, coupled with our everincreasing population. We, at THE TRUTH, make bold to say that it is just A PEANUT, by the grace of Allah. It is just a matter of T W E N T Y- F I V E THOUSAND(or a little more) members contributing A MINIMUM amount of JUST ONE THOUSAND NAIRA each, and, before we know it, we are at the Eldorado! It is as simple as ABC! We are sure we are not giving any task to the Jalsa

MEN and WOMEN) in the J a l s a P l a n n i n g Committee(JPC), being led by their indefatigable and workaholic Chairman, Alhaji Mufadhil Bankole, are now working round the clock to DO OUR BIDDING(i.e. to organize a befitting 62nd Jalsa Salana for us) which has been fixed th th th for 27 , 28 and 29 December, 2013, in-sha

Planning Committee that is seemingly beyond their capacity to accomplish, hence, there is no any plausible reason for them to fail, except, and only except if we their bosses(members) fail to fulfil our own side of the bargain(providing the means FUNDS--), God forbid bad thing. Because it is always said that: IF Y O U WA N T SOMEBODY TO FAIL, JUST GIVE HIM/HER A

Allah, bi-Qudrat-i-llah. To accomplish this task OF OURS by the JPC has been estimated to cost JUST a little above TWENTYFIVE MILLION NAIRA ONLY! What is twenty-five or even thirty million naira afterall? Considering the

T A S K T H AT Y O U YOURSELF KNOW IS BEYOND HIS/HER CAPACITY. Sure, we are not going to do any of such things to our own JPC. The way-out is very simple. Let every member just make his/her financial contributions TODAY, in fact, NOW and then leave


27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)




he Lagos State branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria, last weekend, concluded the series of Comprehensive Seminar arranged for all members of the Majalis Aamila of all the seven Circuits, as well as :President of all the fifty-four local branches of the Jama'at in the State. The Seminars, which were put together and coordinated by the State M i s s i o n a r y, M u k a r r a m Muhammad Qasim Oyekola, supported by all the Missionaries in the State, were held at three different Centres across the State over three weekends i.e.

Epe, Ojokoro and Somolu By: Taoheed Ola Shoboyede Secretary of Ahmadiyya Centres. Muslim Jama'at Nigeria, Alhaji scholars of different callings Major features of the unified within the Jama'at. programme of the Seminars The Seminars, at all the included lectures on the centres , were presided over following areas: by the national General a. S Y S T E M O F ADMINISTRATION IN AHMADIYYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY B. HUMAN RESOURCES: BLESSINGS AND THEIR MANAGEMENT c. RUDIMENTS OF BOOKK E E P I N G A N D ACCOUNTING: THE AHMADIYYA MUSLIM SYSTEM D. MY OFFICE, MY ROLES A N D M Y RESPONSIBILITIES These lectures were scholarly handled by erudite



? Y O U R S SINCERELY is on the rampage, in exposing our youths (and elders alike) to all the good sides of life and Contd. From front page shielding them away from By: Atikullah Akewugberu on 19th March, 1930. He such aspects of life as can Islam, and prayed that Allah lead them to ruin. ? Y O R U B A accepts all his services as the national Missioner of had all his education both C O L U M N I S T S h a v e acts of 'iba'dah, and reward Ansaruddeem Society, Sheikh in Epe and Lagos before NOW THAT WE ARE resolved never to allow their him with Aljannah. Ahmad, among many other he joined the Federal Civil voices (or/and maybe their BACK! Dignitaries at the fidau notable personalities from Service in 1953. He joined As earlier asserted, we pens) be dimmed from the the Ansaruddeen Society are now resuscitated and scene. ? H A U S A prayer included: the Speaker different walks of life. n o w o n o u r f e e t ; COLUMNISTS are also in 1955 at the young age of The late Alhaji Bisiriyu H E A L T H I E R , n o w h u s t l i n g t o b e of the Lagos State House of STRONGER and MORE recognized and featured Assembly, Hon. Ikuforiji, Olatunji Onisarotu was born to twenty-six years and later rose to become its DOWN-TO-EARTH, by regularly, rather than being the Onisarotu Chieftaincy marginalised. Chief Imam Gbajabiamila, the grace of Allah. President. ? NOSING AROUND Family of Epe in Lagos State, So, as we are now back, now goes about with a much never to go into swoon bigger and more sensitive again by the special grace NOSE, to sniff events, and mercy of Allah, listed especially happening out of below are some of what your sight. ? The old THE will be coming your way TRUTH CHILDREN'S f o r y o u r r e a d i n g CLUB (TCC) is now set for e n j o y m e n t i n t h e a bigger re-bouncing back publication on a fairly on stage, in-sha Allah. regular basis: Yet, we do not want to ? Definitely, you overlook any event going on cannot afford to miss the in your areas without Friday Sermons and other b r i n g i n g t h e m t o t h e programmes of Hazrat attention of the world, K h a l i f a t u l M a s i h especially your goods and (Ayyadahollah) which are services. be with us regularly the major source of our a Just nd place your deeper understanding and advertisements us for practical application of g l o b a l c o v e with rage and true Islamic values in our patronage, as well as lives. spiritual empowerment. the successful accomplishment of the Jalsa to Allah, the REAL PLANNER, and the Jalsa Planning Committee. May Allah the Almighty help us all. Amin, Allahummo Amin.


Muslim Youths And Modern Challenges


y all reasonable indices, a youth falls between the age zero and thirtynine years. A forty-year old man who still parades himself as youth is either mentally retarded or simply suffers from imbecility, in which case his intellect is inversely proportional to his age. By Muslim Youth, therefore, our target is those Muslims in the 0-39 age bracket. Muslim Youths are caught in the throes of modern challenges which are fast sweeping them away like the dry leaves in the wild harmartan winds. Many of them who have not been totally swept off have ended up being an ass between the two loads of hay, not knowing exactly which choice to make; should they stick to Islamic moral values or “panel-beat” their faith to accommodate certain dictates of civilization, thereby instituting a secret marriage between Islamic virtues and contemporary demands? They are, indeed, in a great dilemma. The challenges of the M u s l i m Yo u t h s a r e multifarious, the greatest of them being stack ignorance of their faith. The ignorance now forms the bedrock of the other challenges highlighted below: First, Muslim Youths want to ape the degeneracy of the modern youths to whom they feel rather inferior. Muslim boys want to “sag” and wear grotesque hair-do, the girls tend to envy their depraved counterparts who go about exhibiting their nudity. Those among the Muslim girls, especially on campuses, who still have streaks of scruple in them, have devised a kind of mini-hijab hardly big enough to cover their heads; a lookalike of the covering of the Catholic Sisters. Muslim Youths want to embrace the street dancers, entertain themselves with their musics and grace night parties. Most of them hunger for celebrating events such as birthdays and marriages in an extravagant way, typical of the unguided youths in society. Some even want to go for beauty contests where they can display sensitive parts of their bodies. Muslim Youths who are unmarried want to enjoy and experience what the married couples are enjoying and experiencing. Promiscuity, to then, is no longer a mark of immorality but a sign of civilization. Chastity, in their crude perversion, now portends primitivity and the virgins among them tend to


27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)

look down upon themselves, castigating themselves as belonging to the ages. Our Muslim Youths want to copy others to exploit the negative side of the internet which exposes them to obscenity and corruption. Not a few of them are in a haste to get rich and want to engage themselves in fraudulent 'yahoo exploration'. They believe it is old fashioned to be poor and continue waiting for the so-called 'God's time'. Muslim Youths find no time to study the Holy Quran and Islamic literature as they spend most of their time browsing or watching sports and other movies. Those among them who still have a little affinity for books prefer reading novels other than Islamic literature. These negative trends are inexhaustible . The truth, however, which needs to be pointedly stated here is that Islamic moral values and the contemporary challenges are two strange bed-fellows whose marriage is absolutely inconceivable. If there can be no marriage of either convenience or inconvenience between vice and virtues, then we cannot imagine a relationship of any sort between light and darkness. Rather than making any attempt to merge two incompatible entities whose union shall, at best, result in abysmal failure. I implore the M u s l i m Yo u t h s t o b e conversant with the demands of their faith. There is either Belief or Disbelief, there is no room for BARZAKH between them.(apology to Nosing Around). The Muslim Youths will escape being swept away by the angry wave of the contemporary challenges if only they can create time to seek more knowledge about Islam and then practise the religion with all sincerity. They will always keep their heads afloat in the turbulent wave of modern challenges IF: i. They have the convincing knowledge of Allah Whom they claim to serve as having absolute power over all things, and that He is Omnipresent and takes records of human deeds and will not fail in His promise to reward every soul according to his deeds. ii. They remember that being Muslims, they owe the humanity a duty of being role models. In this regard, they should uphold Islamic virtue, practise and teach them to others in society. The Holy Quran 3:111 states: “You are

best people raised for the good of mankind, you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah….”. This verse confers on every Muslim, old and young, the fundamental responsibility which, unfortunately, most Muslims do not know. So, being a Muslim entails being a model for mankind, irrespective of one's age. iii. They remember that at every Salat, they repeat the DECLARATION: “I have turned my face toward Him Who created the heavens and the earth, BEING EVER I N C L I N E D T O GOD…”(Q.6:80). I want to draw attention to the phrase: “being ever inclined to God”, which is repeated during every Salat. This is a pledge we make at every point of prayer. If our actions are not in tandem with this pledge, then, we should beware of Allah's retributions. iv. They determine to shut their eyes and minds at all the flashy and sensual things of life as they are all vanity. The Holy Quran chapter 57 verse 21 states: “know that the life of this world is only a sport and a pasture, and adornment… it is like the rain, the vegetation produced whereby rejoices the tiller. Then it dries up and thou seest it turn yellow; then it becomes worthless stubble… And the life of this world is nothing but temporary enjoyment of delusisve things.” It is worthy of mention here the saying of the Holy Prophet


Sincerely Ghazal Jide Lawal

Muhammad(saw) that: “Seeking knowledge is compulsory for both male and female Muslims”. The Prophet was probably aware that, in the latter days, lack of knowledge of the Holy Quran and Sunnah would make many Muslims sink and perish in the abyss of modern challenges. Islamic virtues remain as constant as ever and they constitute a civilization on their own. These virtues are never affected by age or time and that is why Islamic civilization is not and will never be a victim of obsolescence. For anybody to appreciate these virtues, he needs to possess the working knowledge of Islamic faith. One thing which is pointedly pathetic and disturbing now is the fact that what would readily pass for an abomination in the past is now paraded as fashionable in which our youths indulge with enthusiasm. This is their definition of civilization. There is no civilization that can outshine Islamic civilization which is rooted in Islamic

virtues. Islam, for instance, condemns nepotism or favouritism(Q.5:9) which modern civilization employs to pervert cause of justice. Lies which are now necessary ingredients of modernity are outrightly prohibited in Islam. The Holy Prophet(saw) said: “Tell the truth even if it is against you”. The Holy Quran 23:6 and 17:33 ordered us to guard our chastity and shun adultery and fornication and these form the river in which modern civilization swims. So, another name for the modern civilization is evil. All these should not pose a challenge to a Muslim Youth who is Islamically knowledgeable and follows the teachings of Islam strictly. Darkness, by its very nature, cannot and must not rule over Light. Those who bear the torch-light should not be afraid of the vanguard of darkness for when the truth is firmly established, falsehood disappears.(Q.17:82).

FRIDAY SERMON-By: Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V.

Contd. From pg 3

illahe raji'oon. The burial took place on Eid day. She was born on 21 December 1936 in Qadian at Darul Masih. Hazrat Amaan Jan (may Allah be pleased with her) and Hazrat Musleh Mud (may Allah be pleased with him) had prayed a lot for her. She was the only daughter of Hazrat Syeda Maryam Sadeeqa Sahiba. Hazrat Dr Mir Muhammad Isamil Sahib (may Allah be pleased with him) was her maternal grandfather. Hazrat Musleh Mud (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote poems for his daughter which are printed in Kalam e Mahmood. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that he has observed that especially daughters of Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him), although all his children, were very close to God and offered Salat with great regularly and fervour. As her husband, Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib is a Waqfe Zindagi and has served as missionary in Spain and USA, she also had the opportunity to stay there and fulfil her obligations as wife of a missionary. When Masjid Basharat was constructed in Spain the family was there and worked extremely hard for the

inauguration ceremony. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) related that during those days if the family had the chance to retire at 3 am they would be happy to get some sleep. With God's grace the ceremony was very successful. Sahibzadi Amatul Mateen Sahiba had the food in general and that of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) prepared under her personal supervision as at the time there was no other arrangement in place. The family also stayed in California for a long time. At that time the resources of the Jama'at could not afford household amenities like washing machine etc. Sahibzadi Amatul Mateen Sahiba undertook all household chores herself and always declined any help offered in this regard. She also served in the central Lajna in various capacities and had a sincere connection with Khilafat. She was an aunt of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih but after his Khilafat her respect, love and reverence grew immensely and when she first met him after his Khilafat she told someone that she could not even talk openly to Huzoor anymore. She was not very well but did come to Jalsa

Salana UK this year and met with Huzoor. She leaves behind four sons and a daughter. Her two sons are Waqfe Zindagi. Dr Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh Sahib who did PhD in Computer Science from USA but is now working in the offices of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Rabwah and the other Waqfe Zindagi left his employment in USA and came to London and works with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, Muhammad Ahmad Sahib. He was with Huzoor at the Australian tour but left a few days ago for Rabwah to see his mother. Both the brothers work with great sincerity, may God continue to enable them. May God elevate the station of the deceased! She has one daughter who lives in Holland. One son is a doctor in Dubai and another is in USA. May God enable all of them to stay connected with the Jama'at and Khilafat! Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib is feeling quite alone, may God with His grace grant him tranquility and God's grace alone can make good his loss. Longstanding togetherness leaves such feelings. May God elevate the station of the deceased!


27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)

GOOD GOVERNANCE: GOD’S KINDOM “In the Name of Allah the Gracious, the Merciful. All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. The Gracious, the Merciful Master of the Day of Judgement-“(Quran chapter 1verses 1 4)


rom time past, there had been different forms of government. Be it among civilised, primitive, cultured or uncultured people, one form of government invarinbly holds sway in those regions. The world has witnessed different types of government nicknamed, among others: Chiefdom. Dominion, Dynasty, Empire, Kingdom, Sovereignty and Monarchial; including Commonwealth and lately, Democracy. Those are names given, not by Allah, but by humans in different regions, climes and nations of the world. Such contraptions are, in the main, set up for the governance of people. And at the head of the various arrangements, there is someone as the figure head who derives its name and title from the form of government. Nevertheless, under whatever nomenclature such arrangement operates, it is not per see the representative of Allah on earth. True representatives of Allah are the elects and the messengers. Even at that, the functions of government have been spelt out in the words of Allah (saw)Q20 verses 119-120. Here it states: “It is provided for thee that thou will not hunger therein, nor will thou be exposed to the sun…” The above is the promise of Allah to Adam and his children and the promise still subsists to this day. The Gracious God has made provisions on earth to meet these needs. Therefore on a large scale, this responsibility desolves on government to fulfil, as a dominant factor. Thus it can be referred that government is a system which provides a replica of the Kingdom of God on earth. That pledge by Allah the Almighty is fully and truly recognised in organised societies and countries which are not mindless and careless about the welfare of their people in the provisions of food clothing, water and shelter on the reverse, any society where either some or all of these are assent and not available, such contraption is not anything to be called a government but mercenaries who are wrong pegs in wrong holes. Government has no coloration other than for the establishment of law and order

justice and to cater for the welfare of its people. This is the essence of government being in place. As long as this is the case the kindom of God is, so to says established on earth. Any system of government which fails to fulfil these requirements is a pack of charlatans, cheats and rebels. It is not an act of good governance where some people by virtue of their election as representative of people are handed millions of pounds dollars or naira of people money under the sursedof constituency development project find, allowance or what have you. Such act is not short of a system of roguery and sealing of public money by the giver and the receiver. When in the first place such money received is not privy to the people represented or the existence of an agency checks and balances to audit the use to which such money put above all, it a form of making individual parallel government to an existing one, whether or not the money is judiciously spent. Such approach and similar practices will make unrealisable the kingdom of God on earth where fair play and equality is the norm. When you take a close look at the four verses of suratul fatiha, quoted above it can be seen that of government is structured on those 4 pillars of the surah. That is saying that the coring into being of any government is by the Grace and mercy of Allah because nothing can happen without this permission and express:” s a y, o A l l a h L o r d o f sovereignty, thon givest sovereignty to whomsoever thon pleases, and thou takes away sovereingnty from whomsoever thon pleases. Thou exaltest whomsoever thou pleases and thou abase whomsoever thou. In thy hand is all good thou surely lest power to do all things “Q: 27. The second verse relates to the status and magnanimity of any government a government that should be above sentiment, division partiality, discrimination, caste differences but one that affords equal opportunity to all its citizenry in all spheres of governance and in the provision of social amenities. By providing equal opportunity to its people to operate on a level playing ground, such government set up standards of reward of people for their contribution to development and excellences in any spheres of the nation's existence beside it is equal not unmindful or negligent in

Just Being

Frank giving right punishment for the recalcitrant as check on the excesses of some of its people. This for those who contravenes, trouble or disturb peace, orderliness and good governance, there are laws to impose due punishment because of such individuals, government sets up reformatory ontrap and prisons. Because Allah is the Lord of the worlds, He has made provisions for all His creatures in all the regions and climes. People are born into the world to meet these provisions without formally as king for them. Neither are they the reward of certain actions man has done in the first instance which attract the Gracious of Allah. By Allah whereas all humans are place on the same pedestal, nevertheless for these who strived are rewards for their excellence in terms of wealth positions honour decorations and exaltations among their kind and for those who strives in this way that is faith wise and obedience to him rewards equal await them such rewards in their case are double fold in this world, first and foremost and later in the next world. And for those who are unmindful of the meeting with their lord but negligent and allow the attractions and trapping of the world to be puile them and are blind to the reality of their creation for them are gnashing of the teeth, punishment, and hell will be their resort and custodian. Therefore government, or to be in government is not a chance to advance sectional interests and for that matter be parochial rather fairness should be the watchword of


those in government take for instance the fret and trouble kins go through to have the president governor minister or commissioner invited to their social and religions function the organiser are taking the trouble in the hope and nothing more than by his coming with a mind-set that the invite will bring fortune to them. What the organiser is scheming that the guest should divert public money to cushion their pure by virtue of his/her position. It is this attitude that is in the parlance of Nigeria politics as dividends of democracy. However for those who are mindful of their trust and cannot do such things they are derided by their people as disappointing sons and failures. Let me take you on a trip to show the non-admixture of government with social and religious affair let me give you the background to the event. The Ahmadiyya muslim community in Canada organise an inaugural c e r e m o n y f o r a building called tahir hall in peace Ahmadiyya village settlement on tarih while the construction was in progress the authority in the county in which the area. The Khalifatul Masih V, Hazrat Mirza Mosroor Ahmad(atba) has this to say in the course of his inauguration speech at the occasion indeed it is a great blessing for us that we have the honour of welcoming all of you our distinguished guests and have been given the opportunity to extend our hospitality to you. Upon observing how the members of our community

Taking A Step Forward: Apata Circuit Builds A Mission House (By : T. Oniyide)


pata Circuit of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria has taken a bold step by building a befitting, but moderate Mission House beside the Baitul Raheem Mosque A p a t a , I b a d a n , commissioned by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(Ayyadahollah) in 2008.

The Mission House still under construction is being supervised by the building/project Secretary of the Circuit Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Jayeola, while Alhaji Moshood Bayewu, the Apata Circuit President is also keeping watchful eyes on the

PAGE 9 have very quickly, given great personal sacrifices so that this building could be constructed, my scantiest of gratitude to God increase Allah the Almighty has said that if a person is grateful to Him, He shall bless that person the more. Thus the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat expresses its gratitude and makes sacrifices with this spirit and desire. I am also grateful to your Government as one of its department kindly offered to make a significant financial contribution toward this project, and indeed, initially it did assist in this way. However with a sense of deep appreciation for this kind gesture, we returned all of this money to the government and resolved that the members of our community would raise all funds and complete this project themselves indeed, this is how it transpired. By returning this money to the Government, it was our intention and hope that they could utilise these funds somewhere else where there was a greater need. The underlying reasons our decision were two fold. First of all, it has always been our way and belief that the members of the Jamaat should themselves raise the necessary funds require for the various projects of the community. However, alongside this, we truly and sincerely felt that we should not burden the State, but rather we should try and save its money so that it can be asked to help the nation progress in other project that can help the country. (Culled from the Review of Religion January 2013). That is a lesson from abroad on Government and peoples interactions and relationship this is exactly what is the expedient and this is in an area where government cares for its people and the welfare of people as of almost priority. It is of interest that the ceremony was graced by members of parliament and minister Julian Fantino MP, who brought the greetings from Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and a host of non-Muslims guests, this is all that matters; their presence, without any burden whatsoever. project, so also is the Circuit Missiionary, Muallim Dhul Nuraein Bello. According to Alhaji Abdul Rasheed Jayeola who said if things are put in proper shape, the completion of Mission House would be accomplished very soon. Artisans of different fields are busy doing all they could to make the completion a reality soonest.


27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)



CHOOSING LIFE PARTNERS: ROLES OF PARENTS (Being a paper presented by Mrs. Kudirat Olanike Raji during the 2013 National Tarbiyya Program of Lajna Imaillah, Nigeria.) ''And marry not idolatrous women until they believe even a believing bond woman is better than an idolater although she may highly please you. And give not believing women in marriage to idolaters until they believe, even a believing slave is better than an idolater, although he may highly please you. These call to fire, but Allah calls to heaven and to forgiveness by His command. And He makes His sign clear to the people that they may remember”. (Suratul Baqarah verse 222). ''He to whom a son is born , then gives him a good name and trains him in the best way imbibes sound morals in him , but if he attains maturity, he should get him married, but if he attains maturity and is not made to marry whatever sin he commits, such will be on his father.'' (Baihagi). It is written in the Taorah: “He whose daughter attains the age of Twelve years but he does not marry her out, and she commits a sin [adultery] surely the sin of such lies on him'' (Baihagi) ''When he whose religion and behavior [moral] please you seeks to marry your daughter or ward, you should give him if you do it is not like that, there will be trial and turmoil in the land”. (AlTrimisy) “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strives for it, insist upon it and sometime travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessing and once you have achieved a state of happiness you must never be come lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it”. (Elizabeth Gilbent)


arriage, as a meaningful institution, is designed to ensure preservation of the human species and continuation of the human race. Moreover, marriage provides spiritual and legal foundation for the family. Through marriage the conjugal relationship between a man and woman becomes lawful for procreation. The provision of spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological companionship is ensured. The companionship generates kindness, compassion, mutual confidence, solace and succor. The children born of the matrimonial union become

legitimate and mutual rights of inheritance are established. Marriage is a religious requirement. On this, the Holy Prophet (SAW) declared: “When the servant of Allah marries, he has fulfilled half of faith, so let him be conscious of God with respect to the other half (Mishkat). Marriage has also been commended as the way of the Prophets. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “Marriage is my Sunnah; whoever disregards my Sunnah is not of me”. (Ibn. Majah). Allah specifically mentions the purpose of our creation in the Holy Qur'an: “And I have not created the jinn and Mankind for nothing but that they may worship Me” (Qur'an 51 verse 57) ‘“So set thy face to the service of religion as one devoted to God. And follow the nature made by Allah the nature in which He has created mankind. There is no altering the creation of Allah. That is the right religion. But most men know not”. (Qur'an 30 verse 31) If the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah and the means of continuous existence of human race is marriage, which is, of course, half of faith, then the institution should be taken with all seriousness so that the future generations would achieve the true worship of Almighty Allah. “Abraham and Ismail (AS) prayed: 'Our lord make us submissive to Thee and make o u r o ff s p r i n g a p e o p l e submissive to Thee. And show us our ways of worship and turn to us with mercy for Thou art Oft-returning with compassion and Merciful” (Qur'an 2 verse 129) The topic of the lecture is: “Choosing Life Partners Roles of Parents.” DEFINITION OF TERMS:According to the online dictionary. the word “Choosing” means (1)pick out or select as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives (2) decide on a course of action typically after rejecting alternatives. A life partner is a very close friend for life. ROLE means part or function of a character in a play (1). The characteristic and expected social behaviours of an individual. PA R E N T, a c c o r d i n g t o Wikipedia, means: “a caretaker of the offspring in their own species in humans”. It is also defined as “one who bequests, gives birth to or nurtures and raises a child; i.e. a father or mother”. Obedience to parents is one of the injunctions of Allah as

By: Mrs. K. O. Raji much as they do not ask their children to associate anything with Allah. Parental care remains as long as the relationship remains as parents and children. The first verse of the Qur'an quoted, emphasizes the obligation laid on the parents by Allah that they should not give their wards in marriage to nonbelievers and this is corroborated by Hadith that follows, which not only stresses the duty of the parents in arranging marriages for their children, but also emphasizes timeliness. In addition, the Hadith also stresses the consequence(s) of not performing the duty(ies). Islam is against forced marriage but however supports arranged marriage by the parents, guardians or trusted religious leaders. They act as arbiters or third party, securing wives for would-be husbands under some criteria specified by Islam. CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING A SPOUSE 1. RELIGION: - The Holy Prophet (saw) has recommended this in one of His Ahadith thus: “A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty and for her religion and character, so marry the one who is best in religion and character and be prosper”. (Bukhari and Muslim). Compatibility should first be based on religion as the Prophet gave no recognition to class distinction. Suitable matches should be religious faithful. 2. GOOD NATURE: - A badtempered person of all nature should not be considered for marriage for he / she cannot be patient in the difficulties that arise in married life. The commander of the faithful Ali (ra) strongly forbade marrying a foolish person. He said avoid marrying stupid woman since her company is a woe (distress and her children to get wasted). 3. DECENT FAMILY: - Family background should be considered when we intend to marry. The Holy Prophet (saw) said: “Marry in the lap of a decent family since the semen and the genes have effect”. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has advised the believers to look carefully and minutely as to where they are placing their children because the genes and hereditary qualities are transferred in a concealed and unintentionally have their effects. 4. PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: - These should also not be disregarded as Islam has

not ruled out the physical outlook of a prospective spouses. 5. RELATION: Forbidden women, as specified in the Holy Qur'an 4 verses 23-25 and those who are legally right to be married. These should be noted as Allah has specifically mentioned them. The reasons for giving these instructions are : (1) To make things clear (2) To guide human beings especially believers (3) For Allah's mercy (4) To lighten our burden. (Quran 4 verses 2729) 6. P R O P O S A L : - I t i s necessary for a man to propose to a woman for her hand in marriage. In Islam, this is natural and it is an act of responsibility and dignity for a woman. 7. PERMISSION OF THE BRIDE-TO-BE's FATHER: Consent is necessary and has to be taken by her representative directly. In case of a virgin the father or grandfather's permission is necessary. Having considered the above criteria, how then should parents perform their roles in selecting good spouses? In an article, a Muslim woman who was anxious to get her son married to a Muslimah, met a well-dressed lady and quickly rushed up to her. Having greeted her in Islamic way, she quickly expressed her intention by saying, “I would like you to marry my son”. This is a wrong approach. If you are to play effective roles, things should be done the correct manner. Parents should however not forget that we are so much engulfed with the western culture where “Right” and “Freedom” have misconceptions and hence, mis-interpreted by everybody, even those who call themselves Muslims. With these in mind, the following are suggested ways of how the roles can be played effectively. 1. NEVER BE PUSHY AS ISLAM DOES NOT AGREE TO FORCED MARRIAGES: - Talk to your children about the good injunctions and agree on what you both want, based on many things which can be resolved amicably. 2. U N D E R S TA N D Y O U R ROLE:- Parents should not be final arbiters of their children marriages, but you can: a) Suggest individuals as prospective spouses. b) Do thorough screening and call references. c) Act as the third party b e t w e e n t h e t w o candidates. 3. CLEARLY OUT-LINE THE RULES OF MEETING: Set out

boundaries as to how and when they will meet. Let them understand that dating is not allowed as things should be done according to Islamic rules. 4. I N V E S T I G A T E THOROUGHLY: - Deeper digging is necessary to avoid early divorce in not-too-far future. 5. BE HONEST:- With regards to their credentials, background and other pertinent details about their personalities. Dishonesty may cause harm. 6. EDUCATE ON MARRIAGE ISSUES:- It is important to be flexible with the youth and educate them on issues like divorce and the causes, motherhood and fatherhood and what they entail. Sensitize them on what goes on in the environment. Show them good examples of families around them. Give examples of a woman like Maryam (ra) and Ismail (as) for their obedience; tell them their stories and how they became God elects. 7. BE ROLE MODELS: - It is always easier said than done. Parents should be perfect examples for their children, as this will make the children to listen and obey. Charity, they say, begins at home and example is better than precept 8. ASK ALLAH FOR GUIDANCE: - The tool that is most useful for selection of spouses is prayer. The parents should involve themselves in Istikhara at every step before and after searching, for proper choices. ADVICE TO MUSLIM YOUTHS Marriage is an institution established by Allah, so it should not be fondled with unseriousness. Choice of a marriage partner is one of the most important decisions a person makes in his/her life, so it should not be taken lightly. It is a major decision in life which should be taken with prayer, careful investigation and family involvement. It is therefore necessary that:1. One should pray to Allah to help him/her find the right person. 2. The family should be allowed to enquire, discuss, suggest candidates from among the network of people that they know. They consult with each other to narrow down potential prospects. Usually the father or mother approaches the other family to suggest a meeting. 3. The couples should get to know each other amidst people; for the Prophet ( s a w ) said whenever a man is alone with a woman; Satan is the third among them, so avoid temptation towards wrong doing. 4. The couples may agree to Contd. On Pg 11



27th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 ( 1st November, 2013)

TRANSITION Pa. Mudasir Ajibola Goes To The World Beyound (Innalillahi, raji'oon)

wainna ilaehi


a. Mudasir Ajibola has answerd the final home call of Allah at his residence, in Monatan Iwo Road Ibadan a couple of weeks ago. Pa Mudasir Ajibola entered this divine fold in the late 60's and since he joined the Jama'at, he remmained very devoted to the Jama'at activities until he breathed his last. He would never compromise his belief in the Jama'at with any other faith. He was always on tabligh

activities, in fact, he used to be the first to volunteer himself for Tabligh expeditions. On many occasions, he would either be the only representative for Monatan Jama'at or supported by few other members sometimes. Pa Ajibola Mudasir had attended several conferences, Ijtemas, workshops of the Jama'at or auxiliary bodies during his life time. He could be regarded as the caretaker of the Monatan Jama'at Mosque. He used to be the first person to get to the Mosque for Fajr prayer to the extent that he was allocated a set of keys to the Mosque which was only

collected from him by the President when I'tikaf started in the recently concluded Ramadan. He was always the first to get to the Mosque for Maghrib and Ishai prayers and this always gave him the opportunities to spread the mats, put on the lights and call the Adhan, even during raining seasons, since the Mosque is still under construction. If the rain entered the Mosque, he would look for broom to sweep off the water and at times, looked for mopping foam to mop the water. Pa Ajibola was a motor vehicle spare parts seller at Agodi gate in Ibadan. On the 28th day of Ramadan, he fell sick at his place of work and while his colleagues were trying to take him to his house, he instructed that they should take him to his Monatan

Jama'at Mosque where he met the Mutakifeen and had his last Iftar with them before he was later taken to his house. He spent few days in a private hospital, from where he was discharged after few days. The Jama'at tried all possible efforts physically, morally and spiritually, but Pa Mudasir Ajibola had his last breath within a week of his sickness. His Janazah prayer was led by the Circuit Missionary in person of Alhaji A.G Daramola, which was well attended by hundreds of both members and Non-members of his Jama'at while Landlords Association members and Spare Parts Dealers were not left out. Baba left behind, wife, children and grand -children.

Choose Life Partners... Nigeria And The Transformation Agenda Contd. From Pg 10

pursue marriage or part ways as Islam has given freedom of choice but with no prejudice. 5. Family involvement in the choice of a marriage partner helps assure that the choice is based not on romantic notions but rather on a careful objective and evaluation of the compatibility of the couple. This makes the marriage to be successful in the long-term. 6. Dating and living a couple's life as it is common nowadays, should be avoided as much as possible as they are not Islamic and gives no assurance of good union. One Yoruba adage says: ''Ile ti a ba fi ito mo, Iri ni yi o wo;'' meaning: a house that is built with saliva will be destroyed by mist or fog. So build your house foundation on fear of Allah. (Taqwa). 7. Always ask yourselves the following questions: I. Why am I getting married? II. What should I look for in a spouse? III. What are my goals for this life? IV. Is marriage temporary or permanent? V. Is marriage a game of chance? VI. Is it necessary for someone to help? Try to answer these questions and be sincere to yourselves. 8. Allah enjoins us i. ''O you who believe:-follow not the footsteps of Satan' and who so follows the footstep of Satan should know that he surely enjoins immorality and manifest evil.” Qur'an 24 verse 22. Ii. ''Bad things are for bad men, and bad men are for bad things. And good things are for good men and good men are for good things'' Qur'an 24 verse 27. 9. If you are looking for a spouse, lower your gaze. (Qur'an 24verse 31&32). Falling in love is not a pre-condition for marriage in Islam, however for the purpose of selecting appropriate mate, the would-be spouses are

allowed to see and talk to each other under the supervision of their relatives. 10. Lastly:-Allah loves when one of you does something, that he/she does it in the most excellent manner [Hadith]. CONCLUSION One of the most important decisions we can make in our lifetime is the decision on whom we should marry. It should be made without haste. The choice should be with careful analyses of facts and with Allah's guidance from the Qur'an and Sunnah. It should be made while bearing in mind that the purpose of an Islamic marriage is to have a spouse who helps to attain paradise. This means that compatibility, commitment and most of all, consciousness of Allah must be qualities shared by both husbands and wives. The ideal mate for any person is one who will keep them mindful of Allah, keep the home and family life pleasant and comfortable and gladly keep observing all the injunctions of Islam in the home and in the community. The ideal mate should be mindful of the followings: ''And live with one another to attain to your sustainers forgiveness and to a paradise as fast as the heaven and the earth which awaits those who are conscious of Allah who spend in prosperity and adversity.” Qur'an3 verse 134135. Bearing these in mind, parents should note that ''Role Playing'' is their obligatory responsibility in all aspects of their lives. Having played the role of raising the children properly is not just enough until they are matched with suitable spouses so as to keep swimming upward into everlasting happiness and stay afloat on top of it. Let us all sensitize ourselves and go ''back to the basics''. Lastly I pray: - Robbana hablana min azwaajina, Wazurri yyaatina, Qurata-a'yun waj'alna lil muttaqeena

Contd. On pg 5

The report also contains an overview of the nation's wealth and resources. It says: 40billion barrels of crude oil reserves to last for about 35 years. 2.5million barrels daily production or US225m or NGN34billion daily or over NGN 10 trillion per annum. Nigeria has 300 trillion standard cubic feet (sfc) of proven gas reserves in custody lasting for over 110 years in estimate. Africa in all has 500 trillion standard cubic ft of natural gas against Europe & North America's Reserve of 450 trillion standard cubic ft. 65 trillion standard cubic feet of recoverable undiscovered reserves 3rd largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the world 12th largest major gas reserve country in world Abundant agricultural land, manufacturing potentials,

water resources and air spaces. Abundant natural and human resources to say the least;7 In the face of social injustice despite such wealth and resources, why would people not be angry? Why shouldn't everyone strive to hijack resources? Why shouldn't there be area boys forcing resources from innocent people? Why shouldn't there be Niger Delta Militants terrorizing the coastal areas? Why shouldn't the Jos Birom Indigenes & Hausa/Fulani Settlers fight over who becomes the executive overseer of resources? Why shouldn't there be Boko Haram creating nightmare for the nation's security forces? Why shouldn't there be regional and corporate pressure groups calling for sovereign national conference and constitutional review or redraft? There is a Yoruba adage that says “Aroni o wale, Onikoyi o sinmi ogun” meaning that “If

Aroni (that is the source of wealth) is not found, Onikoyi will not down war tools”. A wise man recently put it thus: “If people in Ajegunle ( a densely populated area of Lagos) are awake as a result of hunger, the people in Ikoyi (an elite settlement area of Lagos) will not sleep.” A Way Out In Nigeria therefore, It is obvious that we need a new social and economic ideology to meet the challenges facing our Nation. This ideology does not have to be entirely new in its contents. It may be a modification of the Western concept of democracy plus p i e t y, i n l i n e w i t h o u r worldview, vision of society, value-framework and moral ethos. What I am saying is that the most appropriate governance modelgovernance with piety and moral conscience must Contd. from on pg



ssalamu alaikum, warahmotullah.

Since the Holy Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) laid the foundation for seeking the blessed night of Lailatul Qadr during the last ten days/nights of ramadhan through I'tikaaf, the performance of I'tikaaf has grown over the years that it has now become a common practice among all Muslims, which Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at championed and is still championing. Many Muslims seemed not to have known much about

this programme until the arrival of the Ahmadiyya established by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi(a.s.) . After my joining the Jama'at in 1985, I have very lucky to be one of those who enjoy the blessings derivable from the divinely blessed annual exercise every year. I have had the opportunity of performing the I'tikaaf at Dopemu-Agege, Ojokoro many times and this year, for the first time, at Ahmadiyya Estate, Igbenren, Ota Circuit. My observation now is that many of the Mosques where people are performing I'tikaaf

are not standard enough. So, I am advising the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria to build giant Mosques at different centres in the country which will make I'tikaaf easy and enjoyable for those who are participating in it every year, and so that Ahmadiyya will continue to lay good examples for other Muslims in the world to follow. May Allah continue to help the Jama'at. AHMADIYYA! ZINDABAD!!

Muhammad Jamiu Salahudeen, Ahmadiyya Estate Jama'at, Ota Circuit.


A NEW JAMA’AT IS BORN UNDER OTA CIRCUIT (By: Ishaq Akintola) he first new Jama'at supported by the President of under the newly- Ota Jama'at, Bro. Abdul Kabir created Ota Circuit Aderibigbe. The occasion, which was (carved out of Owode Circuit) of the Ahmadiyya a t t e n d e d b y a r e c o r d worshippers of over forty, Muslim Jama'at Nigeria was males and females, took place inaugurated recently. at a Mosque donated by one of The new Jama'at -- the members, Bro. Abdul IYESI/IJABA-covering Rasheed Olowolagba, beside Iyesi, Ijaba, Mupin-Iyana his residence at Ifesowapo Iyesi, Osuke and Idimu)- Isalu area of Iyesi town. The Jama'at has started took-off formally with its first expanding the Mosque that it Juma'at Prayer, led by the Ota Circuit Missionary, m i g h t b e a b l e t o accommodate at least, a Muallim Muammad Solih hundred or more worshippers Okutimirin. at once. After this maiden Juma'at With the establishment of prayer, election of officers for Iyesi/Ijaba Jama'at now, the new Jama'at was branch Jama'at under the new conducted, presided over by (Ota) Circuit have increased to the Ota Circuit President eleven. Alhaji Mudathir A. Dada,



Travelling, they say, is part of Education. This timehonoured saying was the focus of the School when some of the pupils and staff travelled from their Owode-Yewa base to the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, for their 2013 Annual Excursion. Some of the pupils and the Headteacher of the School, Mrs H. M. Ademoye, posed for this photograph at the Airport.

The Eastern Regional branch of the world-wide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria paid a courtesy/solidarity visit to His Royal Majesty, the Obong of Calabar, in his palace recently, to congratulate him on his re-enthronement, after scaling through the protracted litigation on his earlier dethronement by a Court of law. The Jama'at delegation seized the golden opportunity, not only to pray for the monarch, but also to present him with some Islamic books for his guidance.

Nigeria And The Transformation Agenda Contd. from pg 11

replace the most applauded, but the least properly applied system popularly known as democracy because our quest for social and economic justice has not completed and our failure to achieve it has proved to be the most tragic theme of the contemporary Nigerian history. We are not alone in this. The quest for good governance is a global phenomenon. Authorities such as Wilfried Beckerman in his Crisis in Economy or Economics, Amitai Etzioni in his 'The Moral Dimension: Towards a New Economics, Cristovam Buarque in his, ' The End Of Economics: Ethics and the Disorder of progress, have all argued in favour of morality driven socioeconomic and political systems in the post-industrial societies. The link between moral values and socio-economic behavior

both at individual and governmental levels has been torn asunder during the ascendance of secular capitalistic systems. Political analysts, economists and social theorists are all trying today to re-discover the missing ethical link. May I quote a very perceptive submission by a leading economist, James Robertson in his monumental work, 'Future Wealth: A New Economics for the 21st Century. He writes: Unlike both the capitalist and socialist versions of conventional economics, the 21st century economy must be based on recognition that people are moral beings whose freedom as such should not be narrowly bound by impersonal parameters laid down by market and state. The 21st century economy must accept, as an aspect of self-reliance, that

people need space in which to exercise moral responsibility and choice in their economic lives. Measures designed to allow this free space to people as individuals, and also to groupings of people in local economies and national economies{especially in the Third World}, must be part of the new economic order… The new economics must thus transcend the materialist assumptions of a conventional economics: that economic life is reducible to production and consumption; that wealth is a kind of product that has to be created before it can be consumed; and that wealth production and wealth consumption are successive stages in a linear process which converts resources into waste. It must re-interpret the manipulative concern of conventional economics with To be continued...



hile Muslim f a i t h f u l s everywhere were at different praying grounds for this year's Eid-ul Adha prayer, preparing to go back to their various houses to

slaughter their sacrificial animals, it never occurred to anyone that the Angel of death was already lurking around to lead one of them on his own final earthly journey to the g r e a t b e y o n d ! But before they could

complete saying: “Bismillahi Allahu Akbar” to slaughter their rams/goats/cows, etc., the invisible but powerful hand of “Mr. Death” descended on BROTHER MUSLIM KOLAWOLE UTHMAN and took him away! And so, the

MAN(M. K.) DIED! Innalillahi wa inna ilaehi raji'oon. Late M. K. Uthman, a born and bred Lagosian, a Musi of long standing, Waqf teacher and Principal, Ahmadiyya College, Umaisha in Nassarawa State for two or

more decades. May Allah the Almighty grant his bereaved family the faith and fortitude to bear the great loss. Innalillahi wainna ilaehi raji'oon.

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Nigeria And The Transformation Agenda


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