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Obasanjo, Governors, extol Ahmadiyya Ahmadiyya Kick Starts University Project on Peace, Development At Ikirun

By: Taoheed Oladele

By: Nurudeen Akinreti


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The Promised Messiah (as) has advised women that if their husbands wish to marry again for a genuine reason, they should not protest. However women are allowed to pray that Allah the Almighty never caused them to face such a difficulty in the first place. Men also have been advised that they should not marry again merely out of a lustful desire, but purely based on Taqwah.


aving been convinced of the h u g e contributions of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community towards ensuring peaceful co-existence and development of people and society, the former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo and Niger, Osun and Ogun State Governors have eulogized the formidable Organization for its selfless services on national development. Speaking at the 64th Jalsa Salana (Annual Conference) held between 16th and 18th December, 2016 at Jami'a Ahmadiyya, Ilaro, Ogun State, Obasanjo affirmed the huge contributions of Ahmadiyya

to Islam and national development in Nigeria, saying that the Organization was the trailblazer in education and health. His words: “Whether people like it or not, the contributions of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at to Islam in particular and national development in Nigeria at large cannot be overe m p h a s i z e d . Wi t h o u t equivocation, it was this great organization that blazed the trail for Muslim education in Nigeria and laid a foundation for the emergence of highly respected Muslim intellectuals and professionals who have made, and are still making, Nigeria proud with their

enormous contributions to nation-building and national development.” He added that the Muslims in Nigeria owed a debt of gratitude to Ahmadiyya, which came at a time when Christianity was on a triumphant march riding on the waves of the colonial success, for first bridging the gap between Islam and western education which was initially conceived as an interloper by the old order religious scholars. D e s p i t e t h e marginalization and discrimination in various ways and sometimes violently oppressed particularly in Pakistan, Obasanjo said, Ahmadiyya 2


t was another landmark achievement for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria as the Amir, Dr. Mashhud Adenrele Fashola performed the ground breaking ceremony to commence the University project of the Jama'at at Ikirun, Osun state. The project, which has received the approval and blessings of His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba) was named Minaret International University, Ikirun. The university is expected to produce disciplined, righteous, skilful and creative graduates. While addressing hundreds of elated attendees, mostly indigenes of ikirun, the Amir said MIU would be a unique, standard and decent higher institution of learning that would be devoid of cultism, indecency and immoral acts. He said the products of the institution need not look for jobs after graduation as they would be groomed into becoming productive and self-employed graduates with professional science and technical know-how. Dr. Fashola said that MIU would start with Agricultural enterprises immediately in line with the directive of

Hazrat Khilifatul Masih V (atba). The enterprise is also expected to provide additional source of income to facilitate the University project. He further stated that admission into the University would be on merit o n l y, i r r e s p e c t i v e o f religious, language and ethnic differences. He said the objective of the Ahmadiyya community is to reform the world. The Amir requested for prayers from all and sundry for a successful university project, as the jamaát also welcomed constructive criticisms. His Royal Majesty, Oba Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji II, the Akirun of Ikirunland , lauded the kind gesture of Ahmadiyya community to establish MIU at Ikirun and vouched for the moral support of all ikirun indigenes for a successful project. Oba Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji II, who was full of happiness, said MIU tuition fee would be afforded even to the poor while the institution would provide jobs for ikirun people and the graduates would be 6

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Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and Canada hold joint convocation -as 25 graduates receive their Shahid degrees

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is pleased to announce that on 16 January 2016, the 4th Convocation ceremony for Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and the 6th Convocation ceremony for Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada took place in a combined event at the UK college premises in Haslemere, Surrey. The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad presided

over the ceremony and delivered the keynote address. During the ceremony, 17 graduates from Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and 8 graduates from Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada were presented with their 'Shahid Degree' certificates by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad and were thus enrolled as official Missionaries and Imams of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Following the presentation, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad

delivered a faith-inspiring address, in which he said that the young missionaries were now entering a new chapter in their lives as they moved on from being students to being representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said: “Always remember that your objectives are to guide mankind towards establishing a connection with God Almighty and to f u l f i l l t h e i r responsibilities towards one another. If our

Missionaries reflect upon the magnitude of their responsibilities, it will undoubtedly shake them to their very core as they realise the burden of their duties.” His Holiness cited the ex amp le o f P ro p h et Abraham (peace be upon him), whose complete faith and devotion to God Almighty is mentioned in the Holy Quran. His

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said that the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community had taught that true faith in God required a form of 'death'. His Holiness explained this meant that a person should be ready to forgo all worldly pleasures, personal desires and be ready to endure all trials and tribulations for the

demise of his personal ego. Certainly, every Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community must seek to attain such standards and be willing to sacrifice their own honour for the sake of their faith. They must be willing to bear all forms of hardship because only then will they be in a position to guide and reform others. Only then

Holiness said that Ahmadi Missionaries must follow this example and remain forever faithful to God Almighty.

sake of God Almighty. will they be ready to call According to the Khalifa; others towards the truth.” “True faith and true His Holiness said that devotion requires a person to willingly invoke the Continued on Page 4

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continued to wax stronger and stronger in its selfless service in educational, missionary and community efforts worldwide. Commenting on the motto of the organization “Love for all, hatred for none”, the former president advised that if Nigerians can internalize the message therein, they would be living a more abundant and rewarding life, devoid of the strife and tension that characterize our s0ciopolitical experience. In his opening address on the theme of the Conference, the Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, Nigeria, DrMashhud Adenrele Fashola corrected the impression that Islam is a religion of violence and

Prophet was sent as a mercy for all mankind, hence, has no correlation with negative impressions painted in the media against the Muslims. Citing the reason for the above, Amir said the conducts of Muslims among the people in recent times contributed to negative name-callings given to Islam. Muslims, according to him, must desist from acting contrary to the pristine teachings of Islam as contained in the Qur'an and the Sunnah to regain the lost treasure of the religion. In addition, he condemned the fight over religious differences among the followers, saying that God is not interested in the sect one belongs, rather in one's moral development that will be judged accordingly. Equally, Amir challenged the participants to always exhibit the true Islamic

especially with their Christian counterparts. The Governor of Niger State, Dr. Abubakar Bello, represented by the Special Adviser on Religious Affairs, Hon. Tanko-Baba Ahmad, said Ahmadiyya is a unique organization in that its members have successfully imbibed the spirit of obedience in their relationships with other Muslims and non-Muslims alike. While acknowledging the fact that the Ahmadiyya is a violent-free and troublefree group with no record of terrorist acts, the Governor challenged it to save the last generation of this world from destruction because many are on the wrong path of their existence. The Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Abdur Rauf Aregbesola talked on divine obligations of Muslims as

responsibilities placed on them by God Almighty. He urged the Muslims to be exemplars of what is good and rejectors of what is bad. According to him, Muslims should ensure their words and deeds are not contradicting. Furthermore, traditional rulers present from within and outside the country, namely HRH Olu of Ilaro; Olu of Afon Land; Adokun of Igando Yewa, Oba Mikail Salako Adokun; Olu of Epe, Oba Sefiu Adeyewa; Obateru of Egbin, Oba Abdul Hakeem Adeoriyomi and Tatabong Alexandra of Cameroon, differently in their goodwill messages, lauded the achievements of Ahmadiyya in health and education sectors. They said Ahmadiyya has shown them love and the spirit of brotherliness at their various Kingdoms for which reason

with the religious organization. The highlights of the event included paper presentations by erudite lecturers, among which were: Dr Saheed Timehin who delivered a paper on the theme of the Conference “Redefining Moral Revolution for Sustainable Peace and Development: Post-Hundred Years of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria; Barr. (Muallim) Rabiu Uthman on “Islamic Vision of Global Peace: Lessons from the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad; Barr. (Muallim) Badr Bashir on “Martyrs of Ahmadiyya” a n d M u a l l i m Yu n u s Omotayo on “Evolving New Tabligh Strategies”, among others. B es id es , mas s solemnization of Nikah among couples and giving of Academic Merit Awards

students within 2015/2016 with PhD, Masters, Bsc, A'Level and execellent O'Level qualifications. Other dignitaries who attended the event include: the Chief Imam of Yewa Land, represented by Alhaji Sharafadeen; Emir of Nassarawa; the Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, represented by the President of Muslim Community; Speaker, Ogun State House of Assembly, represented by Alhaji Abdul Gaffar Babalola; Alhaji Adeleke Adenuga, erstwhile President, Muslim Professionals in Ogun State; General Manager, Murhi Interrnational television, Alhaji Tunde Okunola; Naib Amir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Kenya, Maulvi Habeeb Muhammad Shafi. The total population of attendees was 61, 221; with 31, 185 males and 30, 026




The Friday Sermon A summary of the Sermons of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

Matrimonial Alliances and Issues


uzur (atba) delivered his sermon on matrimonial problems that are a growing concern, and issues that emerge in the search for suitable matches and he gave advice on resolving these problems.

best for both parties and seeking the blessings of Allah the Almighty. However, certain people from Pakistan and India are still under the influence of their cultural practices and give priority to caste and family when selecting partners for marriage whereas Allah the Almighty states that precedence should be given to one's faith. Indeed, one should take into consideration the proposals from within one's family but even then it is not compulsory. The Promised Messiah (as) was also once asked in regards to the proposals from one's own family and the Promised Messiah (as) said that it is better to settle the marriage within one's family if a suitable match is available but it is not compulsory to do so.

Huzur said that the family ties between boys and girls and the domestic issues that arise between a husband and wife are such that they can cause anxiety and apprehension in the atmosphere at home. This can become a cause of concern for not only the couple, but it can also be a source of anxiety for both sets of parents.

At times, women are reproached and given taunts for not bringing enough dowry. Such people need to look at the blessed model of the Holy Prophet (saw) in this regard and how he married off his daughters by adopting simplicity when gifting the dowry. Similarly, the family of the bride should not place undue burden upon themselves and only gift what they can easily afford.

Huzur (atba) stated that he receives letters on a daily basis in which it is written that certain parents fail to marry off their daughter citing the reason that she is currently studying, even though she is of marital age. Then, when she eventually marries a suitor, they are unable to form any sort of understanding due to their mature age and eventually the marriage ends in divorce.

Another issue that is faced by girls is that their friends, or on occasions the girl's parents instill into the girl that in these countries (Europe and America) women have a lot of rights, therefore the girl should make the husband accept her demands. Huzur (atba) states that it is unfortunate that on seeing the freedoms and luxuries of these countries, even girls who come from Pakistan start making unreasonable demands.

Before seeking the Istikhara prayer, the couple should see one another. The Holy Prophet once instructed one of his companions to look at his brideto-be before agreeing to the marriage. Therefore, there is no harm if the boy along with his family visits the house of the girl and meets her. However, certain families from the boys' display extreme arrogance when visiting the girl's house and make unpleasant remarks. They also linger over the proposal and if in the meanwhile they find a better proposal then they opt for that. This is a completely wrong practice. If one truly understands the purpose of marriage then women will never be emotionally tormented and nor would the boys display such arrogance. The Promised Messiah (sa) states that the purpose of marriage is to safeguard one's chastity, maintaining one's physical well-being and acquiring righteous offspring. Promised Messiah (as). One of those teachings is to give precedence to faith over all worldly pursuits. When it comes to the matter of marriage, even those who are serving the faith forget this key principle, whereas the Holy Prophet (saw) specifically instructed that when dealing with matters of marriage one must always give precedence to faith over all worldly matters. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) stated that the first step Islam has mentioned in regards to a Nikah [Islamic marriage] is that the purpose of the Nikah should be to strengthen ones faith instead of searching for beauty, wealth and status. Similarly before one enters into a marriage they should perform Istikharah [Prayer to seek the best outcome of any matter].

Huzur (atba) stated that some boys who have special friendships and are interested in another person but are too afraid to mention this fact to their parents end up marrying one of their cousins or family friends in Pakistan. Then after some time they begin to torment the innocent girl and commit injustices towards her. Huzur states that in cases such as these ultimately it is the children who suffer the most and are affected The verses of the Holy Quran which are recited mentally and psychologically. during the Nikah ceremony draw our attention The Khalifa stated that the key to resolve all of these towards prayers. Moreover, at the time of the Nikah, issues can be found if one turns towards faith. We are the Holy Prophet (saw) used to recite a prayer fortunate to have accepted Islam and have the seeking blessings for the newlywed couple. Thus, blessings of the teachings given to us by the marriages should be settled by praying for what is

At times, the cause of discord in marriage is because the husband does not have his own house and is living with his parents. Sometimes this is because the husband may be experiencing financial difficulties or is still studying and therefore it is not possible for him to buy his own house. In such an instance, the wife should support him and live with her in-laws until he acquires the means to purchase his own house. In certain cases, the women and her parents end the marriage and so such practices are completely wrong. If the girl cannot live with the in-laws then she should have voiced her reservation from the outset. However, there are certain men who are living at home with their parents because of their irresponsible actions and simply cite the excuse that they want to support their elderly parents. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) stated that people, especially living in the (Indian) Subcontinent, complain about the dispute between the daughter-inlaw and mother-in-law in the home. However, if people properly adhered to the Quranic teachings





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Ahmadi Missionaries should set an example in humility and selfsacrifice. He cited the example of an old Ahmadi Muslim Missionary who had served in Africa and who would eat stale bread dipped in water without complaint. His only aim was to fulfill his duties as a Missionary. The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community counseled the graduates to study the

Holy Quran daily and to reflect upon its meaning. He said that it would act as a “guidebook” in all aspects of their lives and would enable them to fulfill their duties. He also stressed the importance of studying the books of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him), as they were both a means of increasing a person's knowledge of true Islam and their love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His Holiness stated that dozens of graduates from

Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada were now serving the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in various capacities and were working well. “With the Grace of Allah, those young Missionaries who have graduated from Jamia Ahmadiyya UK and Canada in the past few years have been a source of comfort for me and are acting as my helpers. It is a cause of happiness for me to see them serving in this way and I hope and pray

that the graduating class and all subsequent classes continue to raise the standards of their predecessors.” The Huzur particularly emphasised the importance of Missionaries involving the youth in the activities and programs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He said it was the responsibility of the Missionaries to develop strong bonds with Ahmadi Muslim youths, to educate them and to show them that they were

a very important part of the community. His Holiness said that wherever a Missionary is stationed, he is a representative of Khilafat (Caliphate) and so each Missionary should understand the gravity of this responsibility. He said that the challenges each class would face would be greater than those faced by previous classes as the world was moving further away from God Almighty. Concluding, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“I pray that you never do anything that reflects badly or defames the name of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the Promised Messiah (peace be on him). Rather, may you all further enlighten the name of our Community through your deeds and pious conduct. May Allah enable you to be successful in all your good endeavours and to grow ever closer to God Almighty.”

Be Grateful to Allah for being Ahmadi Muslims - Naib Amir


he Naib Amir S o u t h We s t , Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye has urged both new and old members of the Jama'at to be grateful to Allah for being members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at. Alhaji Alatoye gave the advice at the second Nau Mubai'at (new converts) conference (ijtema) organized by the Lajna Imaillah, an auxiliary women organization. At the one–day event held on February 11, 2017 at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Headquarters in Ojokoro, Lagos, the Naib Amir described the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at as a divine sect, where activities conform with the words of Allah and the practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw). Alhaji Alatoye, who represented the Amir Dr. Mashhud Fashola, advised everyone to follow the example of the best of mankind – Muhammed (saw) – in everything they do, since Allah Himself described

the Holy Prophet as a role model for all. He emphasized that the Promised Messiah & Mahdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) has simply reawakened mankind to the true teachings of Islam preached by the Holy Prophet and therefore, we should always keep the teachings of the Imam Mahdi in view in whatever we do, not allowing the misrepresentations of Islam being perpetuated by some so-called Muslims to mislead us. The Naib Amir further advised that every individual should be steadfast and be always ready to sacrifice our wealth, knowledge, time and life in the way of Allah, so that Allah may bestow His mercy on us. Earlier in her welcome address, the National President (Sadr) of Lajna Imaillah Ahmadiyya Nigeria, Dr. Bashirat Dikko spoke extensively on dedication to Islam. She enjoined the new converts to improve on their moral behaviors so that they may be emulated by others and thus raise

the declining moral standard of women in the society at large. Dr. Dikko noted that the task of preaching the advent of the Promised Messiah in Nigeria is still

to familiarize themselves with the writings of the Imam Mahdi and follow the constant guidance of the Khalifa to enable them derive maximum spiritual blessing from their

fabrication. He noted that the eclipse of the moon on the 21st of March and the 3rd of April 1894 respectively which was one of the supportive

far from being completed, as less than one million Nigerians, out of a population of about 170 million, belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at. The Sadr advised the new converts not to rely only on the attitudes of some old members of the Jama'at to judge the entire teachings of the Promised Messiah. She urged them

membership of the Jama'at. In a lecture titled Blessings of Accepting the Imam of the Age, Muallim Abdul – Qahhar Olowonmi explained some of the signs that proved the truthfulness of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's (as) claims to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi. He said the signs were beyond human

signs of the appearance of the Promised Messiah given by the Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw) could not have been manipulated by anyone in his favour. Muallim Olowonmi said some Muslims criticized the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at for taking Bai'at from new members, including those who were already Muslims. He

called the attention of such critics to the early history of Islam when, on the passing away of the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Abubakar (ra) took over and the Muslims of the time took bai'at from him. The same practice was repeated w h e n H a z r a t U m a r, Hazrat Uthman and Hazrat Ali became Khalifas. T h e M u a l l i m enumerated some of the blessings of being an Ahmadi Muslim to include: becoming an obedient servant of Allah and His Messenger; an opportunity to serve Allah as He should be served; deliverance from ignorance and bondage of misguided so-called Islamic scholars; being granted the secrets of the acceptance of payers; and being under a world spiritual leader- the Khalifa – for constant guidance and blessings. The conference also featured an interactive session, anchored by Sister Rofiat Abdussalam, titled Challenges Continued On Page 6




WorldNews Why has this Nobel winner been ignored for 30 years? In 1980, soon after Pakistani professor Abdus Salam was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contribution to developing the theory of electroweak unification in particle physics, he was invited to a ceremony at the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad. Few at the time expected the decision would backfire. But it did, and the reason was because of sectarian hatred unleashed by a 1974 law that declared t h e A h m a d i community - to which Dr Salam belonged - as non-Muslim. "The ceremony was organised to honour Dr Salam, and was to be held at QAU's Department of Physics, which was founded by one of his former students, Dr Riazuddin," says Pervez Hoodbhoy, a well-known Pakistani physicist, academic and security analyst who was among the organisers. Dr Salam arrived in Islamabad to attend the ceremony, but couldn't enter the QAU premises due to fierce agitation started by student members of the powerful political and religious wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

"The situation grew extremely tense; I clearly remember, they were threatening that they would break Dr Salam's legs if he

physics at overseas universities. M a n y h a v e welcomed the decision. Dawn n e w s p a p e r, i n a n

yardstick by which he was judged," Dawn noted. Religious extremism Abdus Salam was born to a family of

dared enter the university campus; we had to call off the programme," Mr Hoodbhoy recalls. Move on some 37 years later and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently surprised many by approving a plan to rename that same department of the QAU as the Dr Abdus Salam Centre for Physics. He also approved five annual scholarships for Pakistani students competing for doctoral programmes in

editorial comment expressed hope that "a historic wrong is finally on course to being set right". "That it has taken nearly four decades for this country to honour a globally renowned scientist who was one of its own, is a sad reflection of the priorities that hold sway here... For Dr Salam was an Ahmadi, a persecuted minority in Pakistan, and his faith rather than his t o w e r i n g achievements was the

modest means in the Jhang region of central Punjab in 1926. He studied maths at Government College Lahore and earned a scholarship to the University of Cambridge where he completed his doctorate in 1951. Between 1960 and 1974 he worked as an advisor to the Pakistani president on scientific matters, and is widely credited with laying the foundations of both the country's space and nuclear

programmes. He left the country in 1974 in protest over the enactment of a constitutional amendment that declared Ahmadis as n o n Muslims, but in doing so did not sever links with the scientific community in Pakistan. During this period, a rising tide of religious extremism backed by powerful quarters in the military establishment led to the creation of a furiously anti-Ahmadi s o c i a l narrative which has still not run out of steam. As such, he is not an inspirational story in Pakistan, and there is no mention of him in textbooks. Until recently, any public mention of Dr Salam as a hero invariably provoked a backlash from what many call the "guardians of faith". So why did Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif take the gamble of honouring him now so long after his death

in Oxford in 1996 at the age of 70? It appears that the immediate trigger came through a rare TV programme commemorating the 20th anniversary of Dr Salam's death on 29 N o v e m b e r, 2 0 1 6 which the prime minister happened to be watching, according to a credible source. Soon after the programme, he rang up one of the participants in the programme to recommend naming the National Centre of Physics after Dr Salam. B u t m o r e significantly, the prime minister's decision came in the wake of a similar controversy which followed news thatt one of the four candidates for the head of Pakistan's army, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, was married to a woman who had Ahmadi relatives. Gen Bajwa's selection by the prime minister despite this campaign, and the fact that the army did not object to it, appears to have silenced the antiAhmadi groups for the moment.





Be Grateful to Allah for being Ahmadi Muslims - Naib Amir Continued from Page 4

after taking Bai'at and

solutions. Some of the challenges identified and addressed were; temptations to tread the old part, pressure from family members, negative comments and

insults from old associates, children or spouse's refusal to join the Jama'at, financial difficulties to spend in the way of Allah, inability to read Arabic, and regular observance of Salat. Some of the new converts shared

their experiences and gave testimonies of how they have scaled through thus far. The Ta'leem (Education) Secretary of the Lajna Imaillah, Sister Naimat Babalola, a l s o o rg a n i z e d a n assessment test for the

new converts. Prizes were given to those who answered correctly. An exhibition of Ahmadiyya literature was also staged. The Ta b l i g h S e c r e t a r y, Sister Jameelat Adeoye, conducted participants round the exhibition

stand, giving explanations on some of the publications. The Secretary Nau Mubai'at, Alhaja Fausat Titilayo Uthman, in her comments, thanked all participants for their physical, financial, moral and spiritual

supports to ensure the success of the Ijtema.

A total of 182 members of the Lajna Imaillah attended the event, 119 of who are new converts.

Sadr Mkan Visits Osun, Seeks For Supports On National Ijtema 2017


he new Sadr of M a j l i s Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Nigeria (MKAN), Engr. Saeed Aina, has concluded a two-day official working visit to Osun state. The aim of the visit was to meet some of the stakeholders in the state in preparation for the MKAN's National Annual Ijtema (Convention) 2017; to be hosted by the state. While in the state, some of the leaders of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at visited included: Alh. Orabiyi, Muallim AbdulHakeem Obaditan, Mrs. Mustapha who are the Circuit President, Circuit Missionary and Lajna President of Ife Circuit respectively; Alh. Yakub Oni and Pa. A b d u l - Wa h e e d Adenusi, Circuit President and Nazeem

Ansarullah of Ede Circuit respectively; Lajna President of Osogbo Circuit and; President of Osogbo Jamaat. In addition the Sadr MKAN also visited the Akirun of Ikirun, Alh. Hussein Sunmonu, Pa. Ali Akeju, Dr. Bonne Kukoyi, and a former Chairperson of Ede S o u t h L o c a l Governments. He also used the opportunity provided by the visit to do a facility tour of the proposed venue of the Ijtema, Federal Government College, and a site visit to the proposed Ahmadiyya International University of t e c h n o l o g y, b o t h located in Ikirun town. He also addressed members of MKAN in Osun state during their monthly meeting.

we will not let you down this time around,” A l h . Ya k u b O n i remarked.

Akirun of Ikirun (L), Sadr MKAN (M) and Immediate Past Osun Ilaqa Qaid

While responding to his presentations, all his hosts promised to offer the necessary supports toward making the whole event a huge success. The Akirun of Ikirun remarked that: “I am very happy for another opportunity that Ahmadiyya Muslim community is

bringing to my town. We are known to be very hospitable to our visitors. God willing, we will be ready to offer all necessary supports in order to ensure that you achieve a hitch-free event.” In his reaction, Alh. Orabiyi noted that, “Youths are the future of any serious community or nation.

As a result, we will not stop in responding to your clarion calls whenever the need arise. For this one you are doing, we are also doing it together.” “I am aware this is not the first time that MKAN will hold her national Ijtema in Osun State. If we had associated with you in the past,

The National Ijtema is a yearly event of MKAN. It is a platform that affords male youths of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, from d i ff e r e n t p a r t s o f Nigeria, an opportunity to brainstorm on matters of religion, national and global affairs. Some of the highlights of this year's event, which holds from April 13 - 16, 2017, include academic competitions, sport competitions, free medical services, c o m m u n i t y development services, a symposium, public lecture, peace trek and a host of others.

Ahmadiyya Kick Starts University Project At Ikirun Continued from Page 1

exceptional in all ramifications. He said these were in line with the prior discussions he

had with the leadership of the jama'at. A University don, Prof. Ayo Omotayo of the University of Lagos, opined that MIU will be one of the best

Universities in a short time. He therefore requested for the supports of all and sundry for the success of the project. Congratulating the

people of Ikirun for being the host c o m m u n i t y, P r o f . Omotayo stated that University is a change agent in any society which usually provides

e m p l o y m e n t university site. opportunities for the indigenes. He urges the indigenes to be more QUESTIONS??? k i n d a n d For all your questions on Islam, pease call the toll free number 0800AHMADIYYA (i.e. a c c o m m o d a t i v e t o 0800246234992) workers on the




HolyVerses The Holy Qur’an In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful And of the people there are some who say, ‘we believe in Allah and the Last Day;’ while they are not believer at all. They would deceive Allah and those who believe, and they deceive none but themselves; only they perceive it not. (Q2 vs 9-10)



fter describing the condition of believers (vv. 4-6) and that of disbelievers {vv. 7-8). The Quran proceeds to describe the condition of a third group, the hypocrites. These were mixed up with the believers and posed as such. They were divided into two classes: (I) disbelievers at heart but united with the believers for the sake of some material or communal advantages; (2) believers at heart but lacking the strength of conviction necessary for thorough conversion and complete obedience. The reference here is to the first class of hypocrites, those who mixed with the believers but did not at heart believe in the truth of Islam. It may be noted that only God and the Last Day are mentioned here, other Islamic beliefs being left out. This has led some to think that Islam requires belief only in God and the Last Day. The truth, however, is that 'God' and the' Last Day' are respectively the first and the last items in the Islamic formula of faith and a profession of them ipso facto implies profession of the other items. Elsewhere the Quran clearly states how belief in the Last Day implies belief in angels as well as in the divine Books (6: 93). The omission may also be explained in another way. The hypocrites wanted to deceive the believers, so possibly they expressed themselves purposely in these words, omitting

Hadith Sayings of the Holy Prophet (saw)

Real Time to Show Patience is When Tragedy Strikes


adrat Ibn-e-'Abbasra has related that: I was once riding with the Holy Prophet (saw). He said, 'My dear child, I am going to teach you a few things: Keep Allah in mind, He will safeguard You; keep Allah in mind, you will find Him nearby. When in need, ask only of Allah; if you need help, ask Him alone for help. Remember, if the whole world joins together to benefit you, it


all reference to the Prophet and the Quran. By mentioning God and the Last Day they would induce believers to think that they subscribed fully to the Islamic faith, but in their hearts they made a reservation as regards belief in the Quran and the Prophet. This interpretation finds support hi the following verse which says that the hypocrites wished to deceive the believers. The expression, they are not a believer at all, has been used to intensify the repudiation of the claim of the hypocrites to be believers. If a mere negation of their claim had been intended, it would have been expressed by some such expression as "they are hypocrites". Strong denunciation of hypocrites is characteristic Of the Quran (3 : 168; 5: 42 & 5: 62). According to the Quran, hypocrites are only disbelievers. This view of the Quran furnishes a strong refutation of the criticism that Islam permits the use of force in religious matters. Conversion by force can never be sincere, while the Quran insists upon sincerity in believers. A religion which makes sincerity a necessary quality of belief cannot tolerate, much less encourage, the use of force in religion.

can do nothing to benefit you, except if Allah wishes and decrees it for you. And if they all join to hurt you, they can do nothing to hurt you, except if Allah decrees the harm for you. The pens have been stored away and the ink has dried.” (Sunan-utTirmadhi, Abwabu Sifatil Qiyamah)


Sayings of the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (as)

Those Who Belong to the Promised Messiahas Cannot be Separated From Him

e who does not wish to follow me can depart from me. I do not know how many terrible and thorny forests I may have to cross. Why do those who are tenderfooted put themselves to trouble with me? Those who are mine will not depart from me, neither on account of misfortune, nor in consequence of the vilification of people, nor through heavenly trials and tribulations. Those who are not mine, vain are their affirmations of friendship, for they will soon be separated from me and their last state will be worse than their first. Shall we be afraid of earthquakes; shall we become frightened by trials in the cause of Allah? Can we be separated by any trial that comes

from our Beloved Allah? Certainly not, but only through His grace and mercy. Those who wish to depart may do so; we bid them farewell. But they should remember that after thinking ill and cutting asunder, if they should again incline towards me, such inclination would not receive the honour from God as is bestowed upon the faithful, for the stain of ill thinking and treachery is a big stain. (Anwar-ul-Islam, Ruhani Khaza'in, vol. 9, pp. 23–24)




If Rulers Could Learn From Ancient Past By: R.S.A BANJO


ave they not travelled in the earth and seen what was the end of those before them?. They were mightier than these in power and in the marks they left in the earth. But Allah seized them for their sins and they had no protector against Allah – Q 40:22. Judging by the wise sayings of people of yore on the relevance of history in human life and development, it is apt to peep into the ancient past to seek wisdom and guidance to the many problems besetting Africa in general and Nigeria (the giant of Africa) in particular. Today JBF wishes to look at the state of Nigeria, her rules and people vis-a-vis the people of the ancient times. Goethe viewed the relevance of history in this light. He said: “ The best thing which we derive from history is the enthusiasm that it raises in us.” Whereas Cicero looked at the matter of history like this: “ Not to know what has been transmitted in former times is to be always a child. If no use is made of the labour of the past ages, the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge.” (Gouts from 8,500 Gems). Testifying the veracity of these great men, the Holy Quran declared that mighty people had adorned the earth and left indelible marks on it as quoted above. And with growing concern and anxiety in all spheres of life, maybe we should look at some great men of history and particularly the Elects of God to see what they were able to do and how they charted a path of honour and prosperity for their peoples. Before we come to that, let us remand our readers that both the Bible and the Quran agree that man was the last creation among created things by Allah. The Bible states that after everything has been made man was last and given the honour to lord it over every other creations. See Genesis 1:26 – 31. On the other hand, the Quran in chapter 18 verse 52 puts the matter simply thus; ''I did not make them witness the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor their own creation, nor could I take as helpers from those who lead people astray''. Meaning that man came last in the list of creations. And after this man was given a kingly treatment by Allah, placing him in a garden where he had all that he required to live comfortably well. Somehow, he was ejected from his place of abode but with an earlier promise. Allah says; ''It is provided for thee that thou wilt not Hunger therein, nor will thou be NAKED. And that thou wilt not THIRST therein, nor will thou be EXPOSED to the sun''.-Quran chapter 20 verses 119 and 120. To give meaning to Allah's promise, that responsibility becomes that of the government. And this is the practice all over the world, except government that fails its citizenry. Hence the world is classed under 2 categories –the government that fulfils its responsibility to its people and the one which fails in its obligations. Hence, they (nations) are given the nomenclature of developed and the underdeveloped nations. Because the ones on government to harness the resources of the land for the betterment of its people as well as ensure equitable distribution of same. Our first port of call will take us to an event of about 5,000 years ago. The story concerns Prophet Yusuf also known and called Joseph (as) in the Bible. This reference becomes necessary because it is we of today that can learn from them to model our life whereas the people of yonder years have nothing to learn from the present. We all know the travails and tribulations of Prophet Yusuf (as) beginning with the plot by his brethren and how he was rescued and began a pleasant life different from the one back home. We remember the problem he had with the wife of his master who tried to seduce him but suffered because of his uncooperative stance. While in prison, the king had a dream which troubled him and made him

restless. The interpreters in the kingdom viewed the king's vision as confusing. The monarch had dreamt that he saw 7 fat kin devoured by 7 leans kin, and another dream portending similar phenomenon. However Prophet Yusuf (as) explained the vision that there was going to be 7 years of plenty to be followed by another 7 years of scarcity and severe famine. Chapter 12 of the Holy Quran is devoted to the life and times of Prophet Yusuf (as). The question may be asked what is the relevance of this story to the Nigerian state? Verse 56 of chapter 12 is the focus. Prophet Yusuf was appointed to manage the treasury of the land and he proved himself to the task. But the Nigerian case is not so. Since independence Nigeria has not been fortunate to have the right person as the leader of government. The position is either foisted on them or they forced themselves in office by circumstances of accident of history. They were not knowledgeable in states-craftship nor were they dreamers of dreams. If one of our past leaders had been the Pharaoh who dreamt that dream, he would probably have thought that he had a pint of beer more than the normal before he went to bed and would not have given a damn to it but dismissed the phenomenon with a wave of hand. They would not have been troubled in the least as was troubled and agitated by the plight of his people and domain as the Egyptian monarch 5000 years ago. Nigeria has had periods of oil booms before now when oil was selling like hot cakes in the world market. What did our rulers make of it? Knowing not what to do with the petro – dollar from the oil booms. They allowed the gains to fritter away, shared, or stolen among themselves, or wasted on unproductive, white-elephants project which had no direct impact on the citizens. They did not realize that 'sweet music' does not last for long; thinking that the world would never come to an end. Until Allah came upon them by His words that”.....if all your water were to disappear in the earth who then will bring you clear flowing water? Ours is not ordinary water but oil! – Q 67 verse 31. Now that the merriment and the music are over, the citizens are in fruitless hurry and frenzy wanting the incumbent to do magic as was done by prophet Moses [as] dividing the red sea into two and making his rod become snake. So that diversification of economy can happen overnight; make the states that had lived a life of luxury pay owed salaries to their workers. In fact Nigerians want an Eldorado state where milk and honey is flowing in abundance in a jiffy. Weren't there a Yusuf in the previous governments that witnessed the various oil booms and who could cause the excesses from oil to be channeled to productive areas of the economy and/or preserve the excess against unpredictable future? In the event of a dream our pharaoh would not have consulted or worried over the affair as the monarch did. Now that the die is cast, and the general cry is to turn to farming - back to the land, it becomes mandatory for ministers, commissioners in the ministry of agriculture, rural development, lands and the agric officers to sit less in air conditioned rooms but go out to supervise the various projects if we must get out of the mood we are in. The signs are there, and manifest, that famine is knocking at our doors. A stitch in time saves nine. Let draw our next lesson from Prophet Solomon [as]. He was not only a prophet but a King, and had a vast kingdom, the like of which cannot be found anywhere again. Stories about him can be found in suratul Naml, Saba and Sad chapters 27,34 and 38 of the holy scripture. Our need here is that King Solomon had Jinns and men working for him. They made and produce things for him according to his directives. History told us Solomon had an Academy

where giants, all sorts of builders and drivers and others abound (Q 38:37-40). They made for him what he desired. Palaces and statues, and basins like reservoirs and large cooking vessels fixed in their places (Q34:14) above all whenever he desired a thing, King Solomon would consult the relevant team to source and fetch solution. A vivid example is the case of the throne of the queen of Saba which King Solomon (as) wanted to be brought to his palace before the queen came calling. There, two experts tried to exhibit their prowess and capacity. But all that the King wanted was the Queen's chair brought to his domain and this was done (Q27:40-43). The relevance of this scenario in our life is even without building additional academies like prophet/King Sulaimon (as), the universities and colleges of technology in the country will suffice our needs. All that is required of our rulers is to make use of them and task them over our varied and myriad of problems affecting the country. Nigeria is blessed with a cream and armies of high class world scientists, technologists, researchers, engineers and what have you in all fields of human scholarship. What is our government at the various levels making of them?. We have enough jinns (eggheads), not invisible element, but highly rated scholars like in the time of Solomon but our government will not and will never consult them over intricate issues. Rather, they will prefer to put the cart before the horse or round pegs in square holds out of ignorance, and the result from such attitude is as good and clear as your guess. In other climes and nations, development is tied to contributions by their tertiary institutions and this is still the practice till today; and they never fail to make use of the intellectual acumen of professionals in their ivory towers. Pride will not make our ruler do that because in their myopic view the honour of such achievement will after all be credited to other individuals and not them. And by that, such move will be mean them and they might be adjudged as incompetent and not capable to rule. Forgetting that nobody knows everything in and about the world Often times we are reminded by government officials and functionaries about how the Japanese stole the technology of the west to become world leading country in electronic gadgets. It is the Chinese that are being praised to the high heavens by our rulers as leading the world in its economy. What is our government doing to effect the desired change other than being fed with rhetorics and stories. If the egg- heads in our higher institution are made use of and tasked and consulted, some of the intractable economic and social problems besieging the nation would have been addressed. This is another lesson from the ancient past! Let the nation's rulers, governors, ministers, commissioners, swallow their pride and work hand in hand and cooperation with experts in the tertiary institutions and think less that if money is given to them for research works they will eat it. A case of kettle calling the pot black! Another interesting narrative from the Muslim scripture is about the people of the cave. Chapter 18 of the holy book tells the story. It relates to some young men who ran for dear life in the face of persecution over their faith and sought refuge in a cave. The young men had lived in the sheltered abode for donkey years and did not know how long they have been there by Allah's mercy. Eventually they felt like going to the town to make some purchases and provisions. Their errand they warned to be cautious so that no trace was left behind for people who could come after them. To their 13




Op-Ed The


Ahmadiyya's Contribution to Education in Nigeria


he history of educational development in Nigeria, especially for children from Muslim families, would not be complete without a consideration of the contributions of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Nigeria.The Jamaat was established in Nigeria in 1916. By 1923, it had established the first Muslim school, and thus pioneered the establishment by Islamic organisations of educational institutions in the country. A little perspective to this.Before 1923, only Christian Mission schools were available. Despite the high numbers of indigenous Muslim populations, there was no school that guaranteed that Muslim children could attain to Western education while they remained Muslims. Many were coerced to change from their Muslim names to Christian names. It wasn't uncommon for a child named Jamiu to be renamed James in school. The establishment of Taleemul Islam Primary School in Elegbata Lagos therefore came at the right time to ensure that Muslim children could have the best of both worlds. Fast forward to one hundred years later, the number of schools, both elementary and secondary, now established by the Jama'at or its affiliates and members are too numerous to count.


And these schools dotted the length and breadth of Nigeria, in its cities, towns, and hamlets. The ground-breaking ceremony to commence the Minaret International University in Ikirun, State of Osun, South-west Nigeria is therefore a cap in the feather of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria and a step in the right direction. True is it that many may ask: why does it take a hundred years between the first primary school of the Jama'at and its university? The actions taken by the Ahmadiyya Jama'at worldwide are done to seek the pleasure of Allah and make His words prevail over all others. Through its foray into the educational industry, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has helped many people to continue to remain in the fold of Islam; it has won converts for Islam, and therefore contributed to the goal of propagation of Islam. Unlike many religious organisations who established educational institutions for the sole

purpose of engaging in the business of education, the Ahmadiyya philosophy is guided by the need to promote the Word of God and establish the practice of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) on earth. Therefore, this is the time when the University will insha'Allah greatly serve this purpose. It is expected that the Minaret International University will insha'Allah with the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and Fifth Successor to the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad continue to remain true to its founding principles.

AHMADIYYA MUSLIM JAMA’AT NIGERIA “ Dost thou not see how Allah set forth the smilitude of a good word? it is like a good tree whose root is firm and whose branches reach into heaven. It brings forth its fruit at all times by the command of its Lord. And Allah set forth smilitudes for men that they may reflect.” - Q chp 14:25-26


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Within a period of 100 years, this community has developed from a few individuals in 1916 to an organization that has been described as the pioneer of Muslim education in Nigeria

It continues to devote its energies to promote positive human values, and contribute generously to the society at large The AHMADIYYA COMMUNITY today in NIGERIA IS currently in: 36 states, 53 circuits and 493 Branches Spread across the country




Naib Amir Northern Region, Dr.Y.A. Habeeb with officials from the Headquarters Lagos and all Northern circuit presidents in a group photograph during the Northern Region Financial seminar at Ahmadiyya central Mosque Garki,Abuja.

L-R: Sadr, Engr. Abdul Waheed Adeoye; Naib Amir, South West, Barrister Abdul Azeez Alatoye, Naib Amir, Northern Region, Dr. Yeqeen Habeeb and Naib Amir, Eastern Region, Dr Abdul Ghaniyu Enahoro during the 2017 annual Ansarullah workshop held in February at the Headquarters Lagos.

Naib Amir Northern Region,Dr.Y.A.Habeeb(center)stressing a point during the Northern Financial seminar at Ahmadiyya central Mosque,Abuja with him are Abuja circuit president,Dr.Abdullateef Busari(L)and Kano circuit president,Alhaji R.A.Salami.

The Amir Dr. Moshhud Fashola with the Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Abdul Rauf Aregbesola at the Centenary Jalsa celebration held in Ilaro Ogun State.

Sadr Lajna Imaillah Nigeria Dr. Basira Dikko and her officials during the 2nd Ijtima for new converts held in Lagos.

.Immediate pass Nazim Ansarullah Abuja Dil'a,Bro.Abdulhamid Ajao(r)presenting a document to the new Nazim Abuja Dil’a,Bro.Ismail Yusuf during the handing over ceremony at Dutse Baupma,Abuja.

Bro. Ahmed Owusu Konadu (4th L,seated) Co-ordinator MTA Africa in a group photograph with MTA Nigeria crew during an official visit to Nigeria in February 2017.

L-R: Former President Olusegun Obasanjo; former Military Governor Ogun State, General Seidu Balogun (rtd); Chairman, Jalsa Planning Committee, Alhaji Mufaddilu Bankole; Naib Amir, Northern Region Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Nigeria, Dr Yeqeen Habeeb and Naib Amir, South West, Barrister Abdul Azeez Alatoye, during the centenary Jalsa Salana in IIaro Ogun State.

L-R: Alh. M.M. Orabiyi, President Ife Circuit, Muallim Obaditan the Circuit Missionary, Alh. Abdus-Sami Abdul Hamid, The new Chief Imam of Ifeland and Alh. S.D. Ahmad, at the turbaning ceremony of the chief Imam on 3rd Sept. 2016. The Jama'at presented the Chief Imam a set of the 9 Volume At-Tafsirul-Kabir Commentary of the Holy Quran at the Occasion.




Features Economic Recession: a Bane or Blessing? By: Muslimah Adebisi


igeria economy can be likened to a classical scenario where an elephant is tied to a stake and Nigerians are blindfolded to touch and interpret what they feel. Many and given different interpretations based on which part and position of the animal they feed. An economist and a management consultant once said that the economy of Nigeria is suffering from a combination of a resource curse. In other words, a country with an abundance of resource having a lower economic growth and more unemployment than countries with fewer natural resources At the moment, Nigerian economy is under going a very difficult downturn, generally known as recession. Economic experts say “Recession is a decline in gross domestic product (GDP) and national output for two or more consecutive quarters. GDP is the natural value of all goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time. The national bureau of economic research (NBER) define recession a significant decline in economic activities spread across the country lasting more than a few months, normally visible in a real income, employment, industrial production and whole sale-retail sales. The international monetary fund (IMF) and the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) putting together all the indications evident in the Nigerian economy have agreed that this God woven country Nigeria, have plunged into recession. These two bodies also came to a conclusion that Nigerian economic recession may last until late 2017. Early in March this year the minster of budget and national planning Udoma Udo Udoma also reassured Nigerians that recession will end in 2017. Numerous and cancerous factors have being listed by experts that account for the downturn in the economy of Nigeria. Argument and counter debate dominate the print and electronic media shedding light to the emergence of recession. Expert however agreed that there are immediate and remote causes. The immediate cause have being blamed on the discovery of oil and complete reliance of the Nigeria government on the Boom. The government has completely relied on oil as the main source of revenue for Nigeria neglecting all other sectors of the economy. Over the years, government have paid lip service to the development of non-oil sector, hence the downward turn of the international price of oil led to fall in the income of the federal government. As if this was not enough harm to the economy, the Niger Delta militants destroyed oil production facilities worth billions of naira, reducing the quantity of oil the country could produce from 2.1 million barrels per day, to 1.0 million barrels per day or even less. Significant indications of the remote causes are accumulations of foreign debt by the government. High interest rate which has invariably discouraged investors, high inflation leading to low purchasing power of the people Nonetheless, as Nigerian groan under the intense unfavorable economic weather, the opinion of some experts is that the recession has come to Nigeria as a blessing in disguise if the government promptly makes the right decisions. A renowned economist, professor Pat Utomi even described recession as a golden opportunity and not a problem at all. Opportunity, he said, to quickly and finally get the Nigerian economy on the right track. He claimed that Nigeria is rich but have to go through incidences like this to realize its potentials. It is said that in every cloud there is a silver lining to it. Although recession has come with its suffering and difficulties for the people of Nigeria but it also came with intensive positive creativity and the zeal to survive. For instance, both the young and old have being able to learn new skills online, initiated by the youths themselves; seminars and workshops are being organized to teach people so many profitable skills at low costs

or even sometimes free. With these acquired skills, Nigerian now produce and make use of locally made creams, liquid soaps, air-freshners, disinfectants, and so on. Furthermore drastic situations also call for a drastic solution. Recession has prompted the government, even the citizens, to make tough decision about our situation. Government policies are now geared towards eradicating unproductive policies to progressive policies. Recession aided the thinning out of unworthy competition, small manufacturing enterprises living room for strong young entrepreneur to strive. The drastic economic situation has made people realize that nothing should be taken for granted. Nigeria has concentrated so much on oil/petroleum to the detriment of other sectors of the economy. In other words, Nigeria is now making strong and concrete move towards diversification. Recession has brought Nigeria back to the basics i.e agriculture, Nigeria now crave the return of the groundnut pyramids of the 1960's. Presently, the countries spend over 40 billion naira a year on importation of agric produce. Government now debate and discuss more about agriculture and issues surrounding food production in Nigeria. So many states are already declaring hectares of land for agricultural purpose. States like Lagos and Kebbi have come together to produce lake rice at a low cost for the people of Lagos and Kebbi states. This is a bold step that is worthy of note. From views and reports in the media lately, others states are following the footsteps. To accelerate changes and boost employment Nigeria needs the enthronement of a national full employment plan with special fund to executive it. Recently the African development Bank approved 56 billion dollars to scale up industrial development in Nigeria. Industrialization should be the catalyst to job creation category of Nigerian developmental effort. Thus the government must support with a favorable business environment, access to capital market and competitive entrepreneurship. A country can improve from recession with proper thinking and planning because the country may not be able to afford a reoccurrence but proper planning and implementations will accelerate changes and cause less wastage. Islamic experts on economy have proffered solutions to recession based on the injunction of the sha'riah. Islamic economic system disapprove of the given and taking of interest thus more Islamic non interest banking should be set up. This will address one or more of the remote causes of recession that discourage investors. Islamic principles also discourage wealth accumulation rather than wealth distribution through zakat. Muslims have being implored to try as much as possible to help the economy by restricting ourselves in our economic dealings that may involve interest, uncertainly, speculation and illicit (haram) investments. Most youths today wait for support and free doling of money. This attitude must change. Muslims must take pride in the dignity of labour. Muslims should embrace profit/loss sharing investments. Almighty Allah says “Allah would never change a favour that He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition, and know that Allah is all-hearing, all knowing Q8vs 54� Surely Allah changes not the condition of a people until they change that which is in their hearts Q13 vs 12.




Is it easier to get a job if you're Adam or Mohamed? A

By: Zack Adesina and Oana Marocico

job seeker with an Englishsounding name was offered three times the number of interviews than an applicant with a Muslim name, a BBC test found. Inside Out London sent CVs from two candidates, "Adam" and "Mohamed", who had identical skills and experience, in response to 100 job opportunities. Adam was offered 12 interviews, while Mohamed was offered four. Although the results were based on a small sample size, they tally with the findings of previous academic studies. These have found British Muslims are less proportionately represented in managerial and professional occupations than any other religious group. ' S i g n i f i c a n t discrimination' The fake candidates applied for 100 jobs as business managers in the competitive field of advertising sales in London. After two and a half months, Adam was offered three times more interviews than Mohamed. The two CVs were also uploaded to four job sites. Adam was contacted by four recruiters, but Mohamed only two. Prof Tariq Modood from the University of Bristol

analysed the BBC's findings. He said: "What we've identified very clearly is that the Muslimsounding person's CV is only likely to get an interview in one out of three cases. "I thought the response rate would be less than 50 per cent [for the Muslim-sounding name] so it's worse than I thought, especially in a city like

were discriminated against in favour of white applicants in 29% of cases. In 2015, a report by the charity Demos found British Muslims were less proportionately represented in managerial and professional occupations than any other religious group. Khalil Ur Rahman, an unemployed chartered

action over what he sees as discrimination. It is against the Equality Act 2010 to discriminate against anyone at work because of religion, belief or a lack of religion or belief. Barrister Nabila Mallick represents Muslims taking this kind of action against emp lo y er s . S h e s aid : "There's a perception of

dramatically in the past 15 years and is prone to fluctuation depending on world events. President Donald Trump's executive order barring migrants and refugees from several Muslim countries is the latest example, she said. Miss Mallick said: "I have no doubt there will be managers who will feel encouraged to discriminate

London. "It's so diverse, people coming in and out of the city, from different parts of the world, looking for work, a city very hungry for talent. Yes, it's worse than I thought." Previous studies have shown an employment bias. A field experiment for the Department for Work and Pensions in 2009 found ethnic minority applicants

surveyor, said: "I'm in between jobs at the moment. It's quite clear that it's not my qualifications or skill set that is the issue. It is my religion. "I have seen many people who are less skilled than me but have risen up into more senior management positions, much faster and much quicker because their face fits." He has taken legal

Muslim employees being considered disloyal, considered to be political, their appearances sometimes are read as them being fundamentalist. "And it's leading to a significant number of Muslim employees being discriminated against." She believes prejudice against Muslims in the job market has escalated

in the recruitment of Muslims and to either continue with a policy or implement policies that discriminate against employees' right to pray in the workplace." In 2015, then prime minister David Cameron announced that Ucas, the UK's university admissions service, would use "nameblind" applications from

2017, meaning applicants' names would be removed. He said the same would apply for graduate, apprentice-level and some other applications for organisations including the civil service, BBC, NHS, local government, KPMG and HSBC. While in November 2015 the civil service introduced name-blind applications for all roles below senior civil service level, Ucas has not yet introduced them. But some trials will take place as part of this year's enrolment. Jonny Gifford from the Chartered Institute of P e r s o n n e l a n d Development said nameblind recruitment was a "really obvious thing for all employers to be doing where possible". He added: "It's clear it makes a difference to the numbers of people from minority groups, in particular for ethnic minorities, who get a chance of getting an interview. "It's also a really easy thing to implement. There's no real reason to not be doing this."

If Rulers Could Learn From Ancient Past continues from page 8

chagrin and dismay they found that the money in their possession was no longer in use. They are not a legal tender anymore because it has been changed over and over. So their money possession was worthless. The lesson for us here in Nigeria is that we are daily bombarded with news of millions of naira stolen from the wealth of the nation. Such stolen money are either kept in the homes of the stealers or concealed in some locations and farm lands. Such workers could no longer carry the money to the banks under different names and guises in light of bank verification number palava. Because they know such money cannot be taken to conventional banks, the stealers have thus resolved to dig holes in their farm lands or keep it in their houses. Even though the people of the cave did not steal the money in their hands while running for safety, without targeting them or anybody, time had expired on the money in their possession. Let our government do like the government of the time of the young men of the cave. This has been done before in this country. Let our government do so again perhaps government or those in power will not do this because most of them are involved in stocking Nigerian currency in their homes and elsewhere. To do this

will expose them as birds of the same feather-looters of government treasury. Let's wrap up this essay with the story of a rich man asking Jesus on the need to pay tax. The questions was posed, in the first instance to rope Jesus as plotting against the state if he should say no to it, and on the other hand, it is a demonstration of the characteristic of the rich and the wealthy in society not to pay tax. Christ's response was give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is His: The lesson behind this encounter as the case of Nigeria is that it is the commoners, the civil servants the artisans and the craftsmen that are targeted to pay tax. The rich, the big men, Politician are sacred cows and the untouchables in taxation matters. I remember as a junior civil servant, we were the culprits targeted by tax and rates collectors. But for those in their pleasure cars none could dare accost them for questioning. Surprisingly when I became mobile by status, I (we) joined the ranks of the untouchables even though government would have taken its toll on us by PAYE system. But for other rates and dues like electricity, waters, radio/TV licenses, we joined the ranks of the Lords of the manor. Thus, with petrol-dollar wind-fall no arms of government even bothered to look in the direction of rates collection for revenue generation nowadays.

The trust of this posture is that government should wake up and make all the big men in the society pay their taxes and rates and make them know it is a civil obligation which should not be trifled with. The practice as of now is when the rich in the society are going into politics, they hurriedly rush to pay a token to make them pursue their vision. In developed countries, evasion of taxation is a criminal offence of the highest order and culprits will end up in gaol. But in Nigeria, it is a mark of bigmanism because tax men will not approach you. Because it is the weak, the commoners that pay taxes. Moreso, they say the Bible teaches that from the poor shall be taken to give to the rich! If this is not so, at least our law makers should have made laws that see evaders of taxes as enemies of the state and by that a capital offence. But this, our legislators will not do because, first they are not used of paying tax and rates and secondly, if such laws exist, they become culpable when they leave politics or are no longer legislators. Let the president, governors, minister, senators, commissioners and lawmakers of whatever category pay taxes/rates as long as they draw their salaries and allowance from government coffers as done by civil servants. Any offender should be brought to book to face a criminal offence of sabotage against the state.




Features Hundred Years Of Ahmadiyya In Nigeria – A Brief Appraisal by Taoheed Ola. Shoboyede

WHAT WE SHOULD R E F L E C T O N If we reflect a little deeply, we would, without doubt, agree that most of the “Pioneers” who left the Jama'at early (within 1920 – 1924) or thereabout, were not patient enough to study what the Jama'at was actually about. It was clear, by their hasty retreat that they were not actually searching for TRUE ISLAM by the time they came across Ahmadiyyat, but rather, they only saw Ahmadiyya as an EXTERNAL FORCE, SUPPORT, INFLUENCE or/and PATNER on their side against the then ravaging Christians' onslaught/domination on Muslims. Hence, they left on flimsy/crippled excuses, based on mere UNVERIFIED HERESAYS; to go and form their own different groups, in which they became LIFE LEADERS with the little knowledge they tasted from Ahmadiyya. Those of them who remained a little while thereafter, may be up to between 1937 to 1940, also did not go into conscious study of the brand of Islam which Ahmadiyyat represented and taught. The brand of Islam that Ahmadiyya was teaching them was the one which promotes and perpetuates UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD of all human beings without any form of discrimination, High standard Humility and OBEDIENCE to constituted authority. (Q. 49 : 12-14 and 4 : 59-60) But they were then only developing and promoting what was already in their mind, which was why they allowed the “Nationalist Activism”, especially the agitation against “White Domination” that was in vogue by some elite Nigerians then (after the First World War) to take control of them, as against the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD of Islam, which Ahmadiyya was rejuvenating then. So, the first group acquired FAINT (Half-baked) knowledge, while the second group acquired wrong/fake knowledge altogether. They then became SIX and HALF A DOZEN respectfully, we all know the “difference” between the two of them. Hence, they saw the Khalifah or his representative (Amir F. R. Hakeem in this case) as ONE AMONG EQUALS, who should bow down under their own selfconcocted Constitution, rather than the Khalifah guiding and directing them in their affairs. And that was their real UNDOING! For, once somebody takes ONE wrong step and does not realize it for him to retrace his steps back on track, even if he takes a thousand steps afterwards, they would still all be wrong all the same. Their initial indignation was against the representative of the Khalifah (the Amir), but as their arguments progressed, they revolted against the Khalifah himself, which eventually led to their losing touch with the Promised Messiah/Imam Mahdi (a.s.) himself; founding themselves outside his HOUSEHOLD; not minding the promise vouchsafed by Allah to the Promised Messiah(a.s.) about his Household in a r e v e l a t i o n , t h a t : “I shall myself protect all those in this house.” To further assist them to realize their inordinate ambition then, the Khalifah of the time (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II) directed that the possession of ALL the properties of the Jama'at should be conceded to them, assuring that Allah would provide better and more long-lasting properties to the Jama'at in future. That Continued from the last edition

“future” is now here with us. In spite of their taking possession of all the properties then, over which they even fought within themselves, rather than increasing in Eaman, only God can now determine what has now become of their relationship with the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and even Allah Himself. Because as we speak now, majority of those Splinter Groups (either here in Nigeria or even abroad) are no better than Socio-Political Movements, rather than being Islamic groups; and that is even where they are still existing at all. Hence, it is always for them, from one internal rift to the other. Afterall, they also created rifts in the Jama'at which resulted in their evental secession from the Jama'at and they also laid the foundation of their groups on rifts; MURDERING SLEEP of a sort! These are, definitely, great points of deep reflection for us, if we also hope for any positive development for our own future. For those in the third group, as it were, that is: those who picked up the “Crumbs” from the SECCESSION (from 1941) and weathered through the storm, we have a great deal to learn from them also. This time, apart from Pa Onibudo, who constituted a BRIDGE between the first, second and third "pioneering groups", we can now talk of many other big names, such as: S.O. Bakare, Abdul Qadri(Ebutemeta/Somolu), Kuku, Abaniwonda, Johnson, Folawiyo, Olokodana, B. B. Balogun, H. O. Sanyaolu, Yusuf(Agidingbi), Agbaje(Epe), Aina(Ota), Oluwa(Ife), and as many of them as we can remember. While they were struggling to find their feet; moving from one temporary Headquarters/Mission House to the other(mostly rented), the second world war struck and slowed down their pace of progress a bit. To take ourselves a little down memory lane on the Jama'at movements which started from 62, Bamgbose Street; through 35/37, Aroloya Street; 255, Igbosere Road; 39, Daddy Alaja Street; 10, Egerton Road, OkoAwo, all on Lagos Island. And, later, 45, Idumagbo Avenue, Lagos (owned by the Jama'at) and finally the AHMADIYYA SETTLEMENT; Km. 27, LagosAbeokuta Express Way, Ojokoro, via Agege, into which Amir Fazlillahi Anweri moved in 1985, and has been in use by the subsequent Umarah since then up-to-date. Yet, they were resolute and determined not to fall in the same pit which ditched their predecessors (i.e. revolting against the Institution of Khilafat). They therefore became “ONE-WAY” to whatever decision the Khalifah of the time took, or whatever was reported to them to have come from the Khakifah without any reservation or question. "ZOMBIES" of a sort, we may want to call them. But it paid off for them tremendously a f t e r a l l . We must remember, at this juncture, that NONE of these personalities we are talking about ever met ANY Khalifah. Even only an infinitesimal few of them had the "luxury of personal communication" with the K h i l a f a h , b e c a u s e i t w a s n o t e a s y. Their major interaction with the Khalifah was through telegrams/cablegrams, through the Amir/Secretariat, which were always brief and written in coded words in order to save cost. So, we need to reflect on and learn from whatever must have inspired their commitment to t h e K h i l a f a h a t t h a t t i m e ! It never crossed their minds to think of what they would benefit from the jama'at. Rather, they were always ready to make great sacrifices to benefit the jama'at.

We may recall how the building of the FIRST Mission House (45, Idumagbo Avenue) constructed between 1945 and 1946 and completed within a short period (and the Ojogiwa Street Mosque) with their personal contributions without expecting anything in return. (Do we still remember the episode of their submitting their complete one month Pay-Packet without opening it and what they all benefitted by that singular action. However, they had a lot of factors to their disadvantages, which we need to reflect on and learn from, for our own future development:While they were spending their days and nights in the course of the jama'at, they did not feel the need to give special attention to the moral and spiritual trainings of their household members. Unfortunately still, there were not, at that time, different schemes/programmes and organizations as we have today, to take care of the trainings of their wives and children. (Like Ansarullah, Lajna Imaillah, Khuddam, Nasirat Atfat, differrent W a q f e e n , e t c . ) There were very few (formally-trained) Missionaries to fill this vacuum also, (except few volunteers/Auxilliary Missionaries of a sort), there were no Jama'at schools (apart from the Primary School at Elegbata) in which they could register their children, Mosques were farbetween for Quranic Classes, etc., all the opportunities which we have and enjoy today. But only God knows how many of us today are taking advantage of these facilities for our all-round development As earlier asserted, they had no regular contacts with the Khalifah as we have today on daily basis, including physical meetings, apart from through MTA. So, what this third generation "pioneer" Ahmadis concentrated on was how to give their children "the best" of secular education, whatever it cost, so that these children could be distinguished personalities in the larger society, and then come back to assist the Jama'at grow, which most of them accomplished. But to what effect? Because most of these children eventually left the Jama'at out of ego, as they never saw their worldly successes as the results of their parents' great sacrifices in the course of Islam through the Jama'at. So, if we are talking of NOT SEEING THEIR LATER GENERATIONS/CHILDREN in the Jama'at, we can now understand why? But are we really learning anything from all these for our own future d e v e l o p m e n t ? One thing which we should specially reflect on and work seriously on is the fact that; whatever opportunity we have today to better our lots, either physically, morally, spiritually, and even materially, is as a result of the Institution of Khilafat to which we owe allegiance, especially if we recall that this is what was responsible for the fall of past people, either intrinsically or e x t r i n s i c a l l y . DEVELOPMENT OF THE JAMA'AT FROM 1940 After all the debilitating crisis of the 1930's, which reached its frightening climax and glorious denouement in 1940, it then became crystal clear, who the real loyal, sincere and committed members of the Jama'at were, especially with the revalidation of their bai'at, as directed by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (r.a.) then. With the re-incoporation of the Jama'at in 1941 and rejuvenation of its membership, the Jama'at was then established on a sound and promising footing, still under the Imarat (leadership) of Maulana F. R. Hakeem. To be concluded




Yours Sincerely The Man's Arch Enemy


ho is the arch enemy of man? If we ask people to pick one from multiple answers to this question, not quite a few people will rush to pick Satan and they will be grossly wrong. Satan is truly an open enemy to man, and a mighty enemy at that, but the arch enemy of man is mightier than Satan in that his own turpitude begins at the point where that of Satan, ends. Before we disclose the identity of this dreadful enemy of man, let us have an overview of his nefarious activities; first, he has no good intentions about us, he hates our progress: he hinders our efforts at making spiritual and even, physical progress and prevents our prayers from being answered; he aims at terminating our lives at the least opportunity. As an arch enemy, he perpetrates all the opposites of what a good friend does in our lives. Who then is this lethal and brutal enemy of man? One other thing about this enemy is this bitter irony in his person: he is so guileful that he presents himself to man as his friend and man spends a lot of money to feed and take care of this disguised friend of his. How is this enemy a greater destroyer than Satan? Satan, for instance, can only incite but does not force anybody to obey his incitement. If a satanic incitement is ignored, Satan has neither police to arrest a person nor a court to prosecute the person for disobeying his instruction. The incitement only remains at that level and, with time, fades away. However, there is one Mr. SELF who carries out the satanic incitement to the letter. If Satan incites to fornication for instance, Mr. SELF provides the necessary equipment (the manhood and the cleavage) to execute the incitement to the last specification. If Satan incites to falsehood, Mr. SELF provides the legs (mobility) and the hand to either falsify figures or cast away someone else's property. So the dastardly actions of Mr. SELF commence exactly where that of Satan terminate. Therefore, man's greatest enemy whom he should beware of is HIMSELF. The Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw) and the Muslims came back from an expedition which they had won at a great cost, it was indeed a pyrrhic victory. Many Muslims died in the war: several others were maimed and mutilated. The Prophet (saw) greeted all the survivors in the words of encouragement

and then told them that they had just ended a lesser Jihad and the greater Jihad was ahead to be fought. The Muslim exchanged looks in great astonishment, wondering if there could be any fiercer and bloodier war than one they just fought. The Prophet (saw) concluded his address by telling the Muslim warriors that the new Jihad they should prepare for is that against SELF, which, according to the Prophet “is the greatest jihad”. Fighting a Jihad against SELF connotes selling of oneself to Allah. The Holy Quran chapter 2 verse 208 reads: And of men, there is he who would sell himself to seek the pleasure of Allah…” Man must sell his whole self to Allah in order to guard against falling victim to the scourge to MR SELF. The eyes that are not sold to Allah are susceptible to looking at immoral scenes; the tongue that is not sold to Allah will always take pleasure in obscene utterances and falsehood: besides, such a tongue can hardly tell the taste of Halal from the taste of Haram and then freely mixes the two and luxuriates in both. The legs that are not sold to Allah will always tread the paths of destruction. The organs that are not sold to Allah will constitute a ready tool to execute satanic incitement. In “Mowaisu Baligh”, Allah says: “O children of Adam! You will not enter my paradise until you extol my greatness and grandeur, spend your day with my remembrance and shun all pleasures for my sake”. That is to say, man must steel himself against temptations that are induced by MY SELF in order to gain paradise. It has, therefore, been established that the greatest enemy of man is himself. How then does man deal with this sworn enemy of his? The answer is MORTICATION. That is bringing the body, the flesh and the passion into subjection and humiliation. This method was first prescribed by Hazrat Musa (as) for the Israelites when he met them worshipping the calf. The Holy Quran 2:55 narrates: “. ..And when Moses said to his people, o my people, you have indeed wronged yourselves by taking the calf for worship; then turn ye to your Maker and kill yourselves…” “kill yourselves” here means” kill your evil desires” The Promised Messiah (as) in “Our Teaching” pg 4, said: “God decrees your entire life, your whole being should undergo a deep


and thorough revolution. Indeed, He demands from you that you accept DEATH after which He will give you another life” Death is being employed metaphorically here which translates in the killing of MR SELF, the total subjugation and humiliation of the flesh in order to attain Salvation. The Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw) who was not unmindful of the havoc MR SELF can wreak, taught the believers to pray thus: Our Lord, I seek your mercy, so let not this self of mine get hold of me even for the twinkling of an eye and set right all my affairs. There is no God but thee” In another instance, the holy Prophet taught us to pray thus: Our Lord, wash my heart clean of hypocrisy, distance my work from obtrusiveness, distance my tongue from false hood and my eyes from dishonest look for thou, knowest the deceit of the eye or whatever is concealed in the dept of the heart” Reciting these prayers will prevent the believers from being subservient to MR SELF, his arch enemy. In essence, the greatest enemy of man whom he should declare war against is himself rather than those enemies in his phantasm whom he does not see or kwon. When man conquers himself and he becomes righteous,, Allah takes absolute care of him against any external aggressions.



aqfeen nau youths are required in the following departments, to serve at the MTA studios, Ghana. Applicants are advised to drop their applications, with relevant proof of qualification, to the MTA studios, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Headquarters, Ojokoro, Lagos. I.T SKILLS REQUIRED: Networking –Good Level of experience Network Security- Good Level of experience Cisco experience- Fair level of experience Pc/Server installation and hardware knowledge-Good level of experience Basic development




Announcements Announcement DRIVERS WANTED

P R AY E R R E Q U E S T Darling father f o r m e r President of

Are you a good driver with not less than 3-4 years' experience? Are you intelligent, reliable and trustworthy?

Ahmadiyya M u s l i m J a m a ' a t Nigeria. still

It is like

yesterday, your Quarter in developing

Do you have current driver's license? If you are between 25 and 35 years old and possess all the above qualities and wish to work as a driver; kindly send your application and C.V. to: The General Secretary

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a l m o s t remembered.


We pray that


join the Abiola families in , A l h a j a R o k i b a t prayer for their late father A J I J O L A ( N e e who died on 12th of

Abiola) want the January, 1987 at the Age of

A h m a d i y y a M u s l i m 79 years. It is exactly 30 Jama'at over the world to years that we miss our

Allah will forgive all your short


comings and let all your children who are outside the Jama'at return back to

Application closes on 30th April, 2017

the fold, In-Sha-Allah.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun


he family of Alhaji Suleiman Izuagbe of Iviukhua Jama'at Agenebode Zone Edo State with a heavy heart announce the death of M A D A M R A B I OSOMOTHE IMONAYA ILUOBE OSIMOKHA

SULEIMAN IZUAGBE on 1st October, 2016. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. She was laid to rest on 2nd October, 2016. The Janaza prayer, which was lead by the Circuit Missionary Muallim Tirmizee Adeniran was attended by members of the Jama'at across Etsako

Circuit and other well wishers. Aged 90 years, Madam Rabi was survived by 7 children (Alhaji Idris Sule Izuagbe, Hajia Marietu Diko, Hajia Unela Othemoboh, Alhji Ayuba Sule Izuagbe, Pastor Audu Sule Izuagbe, Alhaji Ibrahim Sule Izuagbe, and Mrs. Rekiya Suleiman Chinyere), 49 Grand Children, 71 Great Grand Children and 24 Great, Great Grand Children. May Allah forgive all her he Iviukhua sins; may her soul rest in Ahmadiyya perfect peace and may Allah Muslim Jama'at grant her Al-Jannah Firdaus Agenebode Zone, Auchi (Amen) (Alh. Idris Sule Circuit, Edo state, hereby Izuagbe) For the Family announce the death of Alhaji Yakubu Ogedegbe on 26th December 2016. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi


rajiun. Alhaji Yakubu Ogedegbe was, until his death, the General Secretary of the Iviukhua Jama'at. He was also the Naib Imam of Iviukhua Jama'at. He served the Jama'at till his last breath. He led the Magrib Prayer in the Mosque on the night he took

ill and died. The Janaza Prayer was led by the Circuit Missionary Muallim Tirmizee Adeniran and was attended by members from Auchi and Agbede Circuits including the Circuit President Brother Yunus Gimba. He is survived by three wives, twenty one children, twenty grand children and one great-grand child. May Allah reward him for his services to Allah and humanity and may Allah forgive him his shortcomings and grant him Al-Jannah Firdaus (Ameen) (Alhaji Idris Sule Izuagbe, Secretary Isha'at, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, Iviukhua)




Children’s Corner Introduction to Ahadith Hadith is an Arabic Arabic word (its plural is Ahadith). The word Hadith means 'a new statement, or a statement that is put in a new way'. Since the speech of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) always contained new and wonderful truths and valuable ideas, it has been termed Hadith. Thus Hadith means (i) the words actually spoken by the Holy Prophet (saw), or (ii) words that describe an observed incident related to the Holy Prophet's life The Ahadith were narrated by the companions of the Holy Prophet (saw) and Muslim narrators. Their compilation started about 100 years after Hijrah and it continued during a period of about 200 years, i.e., up to about 300 Hijrah. IMPORTANCE OF AHADITH If a Hadith does not conflict with a verse of the Holy Quran, or with a more reliable Hadith, it is the duty of every Muslim to accept it as true and act upon it throughout one's life. This is so because the Holy Quran (3 : 133) commands us: ' Obey Allah and the Prophet'. Unfortunately, some Muslim sects do not give it the importance it deserves. EXPLANATORY POSITION OF SUNNAH AND SUPPORTIVE POSITION OF HADITH The Promised Messiah (as) writes, in his famous book 'Kashtie Nooh': '...After the Holy Qur'an, the greatest blessing the Muslims have received is the Sunnah.' No doubt, the Holy Qur'an is the revealed word of God and contains broad principles of guidance for mankind. The Sunnah, on the other hand, is the practical example of the Holy Prophet (saw) that demonstrates the Qur'anic principles. Hence the Holy Prophet (saw) transformed into action the word of Allah by his Sunnah and thus it provides a simple solution of complex problems. The Hadith is the spoken word of the Holy Prophet (saw) and serves as a supporting witness for Sunnah. The Hadith,

however, is important as it is a great historical, literary and spiritual treasure. In conclusion, the Holy Quran is the revealed word of Allah, while the Sunnah is the practical example of the Holy Prophet (saw) and the Hadith a supporting witness for the Sunnah.


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The Friday Sermon A summary of the Sermons of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V

Matrimonial Alliances and Issues Continued from page 3

then such problems will never arise because the Holy Quran clearly states that each should be living in their own house.

allowed to pray that Allah the Almighty never caused them to face such a difficulty in the first place. Men also have been advised that they should not marry again merely out of a lustful desire, but purely based on Taqwah.

Huzur added that the girls' side of the family often ask before the marriage whether the boys has a house of his own and if not then they do not pursue with the proposal. This is also wrong because eventually one is able acquire a house of their own but marriages should be settled by giving precedence to Taqwa [righteousness] and not by worldly standards. Similarly, certain families do not give their daughters in marriage to missionaries because they are lifedevotees.

The Promised Messiah (as) further explains that women often see the concept of plurality of marriages in Islam in negative light and not have faith in this concept. However they are unaware that Islam provides solutions to all circumstances and problems. For example if a wife was to go insane, or is inflicted with an illness that renders her idle, and the husband cannot remain patient in celibacy, it would be unjust upon a man's faculties to not allow him to marry again.

Then, Allah the Almighty has instructed men in the Holy Quran to not quickly react if their wives say something and nor treat them unkindly. Allah the Almighty states:

While God has kept His avenue open for men based on certain circumstances, God has also kept an avenue open from women that in compelling circumstances she can seek Khullah through the relevant authority [divorce initiated by the wife] if for example the husband is rendered idle.

''‌And consort them in kindness, and if you dislike them, it may be that you dislike a thing wherein Allah has placed much good''. (4:20)

Explaining this verse, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) states that Allah the Almighty has advised men through numerous ways to treat their wives kindly and men should always keep this in mind.

The Law of God is like a medical store that provides treatment for all ailments. If the Law of God did not have this provision of second marriages to solve certain situations, it would not be an effective store.

Another factor which is a cause of creating issues is when men decide to marry a second wife. However, although Islam has permitted marrying more than once but there are certain conditions and circumstances. It is certainly not to fulfill one's carnal passions.

Regarding this the Promised Messiah (as) states that the law of God Almighty should not be used contrary to its purpose, nor should it be invoked to serve as a shield for self-indulgence. To do so would be a great sin. God Almighty has repeatedly admonished against yielding to carnal passions. Righteousness alone should be your motive for everything.

Although God the Almighty has made permissible for us many worldly pursuits, that does not infer that we spend our entire lives indulging in them excessively. We should not for example, give absolutely all our time, energy and attention to only spending time with our wives. For that would mean our marriage would be setting up partners with God as equals, since the Quran says a quality of the servants of Allah is that they "spend the night before their Lord, prostrate and standing." In short we need to avoid putting all our energies into fulfilling merely worldly desires at the expense of developing a closer bond with Allah. Although the Holy Prophet (saw) had many wives he would spend his entire nights in worship.

The Promised Messiah (as) then said:

"Remember it well that the actual Will of God is that you should not be entirely overcome by lustfulness and that to perfect your Taqwah (righteousness), if a genuine need arises, marry again (the real basis for marrying a second time is Taqwah). Thus to marry again is permissible. However all those who wish to marry a second time need to assess whether they are

The Promised Messiah (as) then said: "Remember it well that the actual Will of God is that you should not be entirely overcome by lustfulness and that to perfect your Taqwah (righteousness), if a genuine need arises, marry again (the real basis for marrying a second time is Taqwah). Thus to marry again is permissible. However all those who wish to marry a second time need to assess whether they are doing so based on Taqwah or merely out of their lustful desires?"

The Gospels only allow divorce for adultery but fails to recognise countless other conflicts that could arise between the husband and wife rendering a fatal blow to a relationship. However the Promised Messiah (as) reassures women and says do not worry because the Book you follow does not rely on interpolation, and it preserves the rights of women just as it does men.

The Promised Messiah (as) explains that a wife can obtain Khullah due to a man's celibacy. However instead of complaining to God when her husband intends to marry again, she should act piously and thus God would make her husband pious. The Shariah has allowed second marriages for husbands for certain genuine reasons, however if a wife cannot bear to follow this command of the Shariah, she should not complain to God, but rather should appeal to the Divine Decree with prayers as the Divine Decree is dominant over the Shariah. She should pray that the Divine Decree is averted and that all such thoughts are removed from her husband's mind of marrying again. The Promised Messiah (as) says if she prays this from the heart then perhaps the doing so based on Taqwah or merely out of their possibility of her husband marrying again will never even arise. lustful desires?" Huzur ended with a lengthy prayer the summary of Then the Promised Messiah (as) has said: which is that all members of the Jama'at men and "Remember that one who marries more wives purely women resolve their domestic issues based on the out of sensual and carnal desires is distant from the Divine commandments. Further that all problems are true essence of Islam. It is a sign of one's ruin if in removed from new matrimonial relationships as every day that rises and night that falls, he does not many problems are arising. And that may all face difficulties and suffering and is not ready to take understand the true purpose of marriage is not to any pain and just wants a rosy life and "weeps little or fulfill materialistic desires, but rather to give none and laughs more." precedence to the faith and to safeguard the future The Promised Messiah (as) has advised women that generations. if their husbands wish to marry again for a genuine reason, they should not protest. However women are




Islamic Perspective on Pyramid Schemes A by Hafiz Bello

pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits new entrants via a promise of payments or services for bringing others on board- through a network of friends, colleagues, family members, associates, co-worshipers into the schemerather than investing in productive activities, or sale of products or services. In Pyramid scheme, an organization compels new entrants to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit. Such organizations hardly engaged in sales of products or services with value. Examples include Ponzi schemes, Baba Ijebu, multi-level marketing, and some approaches adopted in recruiting new entrants in the trading of cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, etc The Holy Qur'an states: "Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest." (Quran 2:275) Thus, it is evidently clear that Islam supports trade relations. Business is good, and it helps the growth of the economy. In fact, one of Hadith, narrated by alDarimi and al-Tirmidhi, Abu Said related that the Prophet said: “The truthful and trustworthy businessman will be in the company of Prophets, saints and martyrs on the Day of Judgment.” Indeed, nations whose citizenry fail to engage in productive and lawful businesses would end up suffering from serious problems of high unemployment and related issues of crime, chaos, corruption, and other indecent activities. The efforts exerted by the entrepreneur and the gains or profits realized is not an end in itself, rather, it's a means to an end. The end being the need to seek the pleasure of Allah while striving for success in this world and hereafter. Furthermore, Islam provides four basic guidelines on business engagements: 1. It should exclude any form of “exploitation” of either party;

2. Involves risk-sharing with a symmetrical risk/return distribution amongst participants in a transaction; 3. Should be linked to a real economic transaction (i.e., it should involve “material-finality?); and 4. shun projects forbidden in the Sharî'ah- such as ribâ; gharar, maysir, etc. In the narrow definition, Riba means interest/usury; Maysir refers to gambling whilegharar refers toexcessive speculations, uncertainty and high risktaking Pyramid schemes and the guidelines Issues with the pyramid schemesbased on these four guidelines: 1. Exploitation: Pyramid schemes involvesharing the money taken from new entrants recruited rather that engaging in real productive activities or sale of products and services. It thus results in exploitation and a 'bubble burst' within in a short period. Subscription fees from new entrants are shared among existing members. The 'new entrants' would then have to recruit other persons for them to qualify for the 'largesse' which is usually bogus, excessive and unrealistic returns on investments; sometimes going as high as 1000%. It is no doubt a good attraction to the greedy and lazy persons. Thus, it contradicts the position of Islam 2. Risk Sharing The second area of contradiction is risk sharing. Pyramid scheme is operated in a way that existing members receive automatic credit as soon as new entrants pay the required fees. It does not involve sharing of risks as only the new entrants or down-liners are exposed to risk of loss of income. 3. Real economic activities Islam indicates that businesses must be linked to real economic activities either by way of products of services. Pyramid schemes clearly contradicts this provisions as such organisationshardly engage in sales of products or services with value. 4. The case of Riba The most fundamental issue with Pyramid scheme is

its exposure to interests components. Participants in the scheme are usually enrolled with bogus promises of huge returns without engaging in any productive activities. On Riba, the Holy Quran states: "O ye who believe! fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand for riba, if ye are indeed believers. If you do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums. Deal not unjustly and you shall not be dealt with unjustly." (Quran 2: 278-279) It is clear from the verse that those who fail to adhere to Islamic provisions and avoid Riba are advised to be prepared for war. In Islamic interpretations such wars could be personal or family crises aside several other forms of interpretations. 5. Maysir and Gharar Gambling and excessive speculations are clearly forbidden in Islam. The Quran states: 'They ask you about wine and gambling. Say: 'In them both lies grave sin, though some benefit, to mankind. But their sin is graver than their benefit.' —?Qur'an, 2:219 (al-Baqara) Gambling and excessive speculations are the hallmarks of pyramid schemes. The participants often know they are gambling with their investments as the organisationshardly engaged in sales of products or services that could lead to any form of income distributions. Based on the foregoing, it is clear that pyramid schemes and whatever interpretations or modifications made to it are forbidden in Islam. Hence, we should be on our guard as instructed in various verses of the Holy Quran. More importantly, everyone should be conscious of what it pushes forward for tomorrow as each person will earn full rewards of what is done or left undone. The author, Hafis Bello, holds an MBA degree, and a Postgraduate degree In Islamic Banking and Insurance, IIBI, London


FG reappoints Busari as NSDC CEO T

he Federal Government has approved the reappointment of Latif Demola Busari as the executive secretary of the National Sugar Development Council (NSDC). According to a statement issued by Ahmed Waziri, spokesman of the council, a letter of appointment signed by Babachir Lawal, secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), said the appointment took effect from 8th March 2017 and that it was for a period of four years. “Dr Busari hails from Ilorin, Kwara state and holds a PhD in Agronomy from the University of Ibadan. He spent decades on research of sugarcane as a crop and policy formulation of the sugar sector,” the statement read. “A onetime chief research officer and head, Sugarcane Research Programme of NCRI, Badegi, former assistant director, Agriculture and Natural Sciences of the federal ministry of science and technology and former director, policy, planning research and statistics

of the National Sugar Development Council.” “He is a member/fellow of several professional bodies in agriculture and management. He is widely travelled and has authored several technical reports and publications including his definitive book on the sugar industry in Nigeria titled; The Nigerian Sugar Industry: Bitter-Sweet Lessons.” Busari was first appointed as executive secretary of the NSDC in 2012.

The Truth “And say, Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away; falsehood does indeed vanish away fast.

“Every morning should be a witness for you that you spent the night with righteousness, and every evening should testify for you that you went through the day with the fear of Allah in your heart.” - The Promised Messiah

Holy Qur’an 17:82

Former Amir Nigeria, Anwari Passes Away


azal Ilahi Anwari c o u r s e t o Sahib, was the missionaries]. son of Master

t r a i n served there until 1986,

after which he was assigned

In 1956 he was sent as a as a teacher in Jamia

Imam Ali Sahib. He passed missionary to Ghana where Ahmadiyya Rabwah until away in Germany on 4th he served until 1960. 1988. He eventually retired

March 2017 at the age of Between 1960 to 1964 he in 1988 and moved to 90. Inna Lillah wa inna served as a teacher in Jamia Germany. During the

ilahi rajiun. He was born in Ahmadiyya Rabwah. From disturbances of 1974 he Bhera on 16th April 1927. 1964 to 1967 he served as assisted the Jamaat greatly

In 1946 he passed his FSc the missionary for West b y a r r a n g i n g t h e examination from Ta'leem- Germany and in 1968 he immigration for many

ul-Islam College in Qadian. was sent to Nigeria, where Ahmadis. May Allah the In 1947 he devoted his life he stayed until 1972. In Almighty elevate the status

and after that he obtained 1972 he returned again to of the deceased and enable his BSc from Government Germany and remained his progeny to continue his College Lahore in 1950. In there until 1977. In 1982 he virtuous deeds. 1951 he gained admission was sent as a missionary to J a m i a t - u l - the Gambia. In 1983 he was Mubashireen [a five year transferred to Nigeria and into

Tribute To Fasasi Sanusi


e members of N e w Yo r k Ahmadiyya community express our deep sorrow at the sudden demise of our vice president Fasasi Sunusi sahib. Ina-Lillahi wa Ina Ilayhi Rajiun (Surely to Allah we belong and to him shall we return) We offer our heart felt condolence to his family and relatives at this time of grief. May Allah grant them strength to bear this loss with patience. We were not fully recovered from the grief of the demise of our president the late NazirAyaz sahib that we have to suffer another loss of dear brother Fasasi Sunusi who passed away unexpectedly on March

11th, 2017. As one poet said: One more wave of grief has surmounted this day One more person d i s a p p e a re d o n t h i s grievous day Brother Sanusi fell sick in August 2016. Nobody thought that his illness was so serious that he would depart us so quickly. It happened so fast after his doctor diagnosed his illness as liver cancer. Doctors declared it incurable and sent him home disappointedly. Sanusi was Nigerian. He lived in New York over two decades after migrating from Nigeria. During this time he always participated in various Jamaat activities, with great zeal. He served as vice president of the Jamaat for ten years. He

w a s b u s y performing his duties in assisting the late Nazir Ayaz sahib president of Jamaat. Whatever task he was given he accomplished with full devotion. After the demise of Late Nazir Ayaz sahib he performed the duties of New York Jamaat as acting president. During his stay in New York he was very closely attached to the mosque. He left his deep impressions on the mosque and its environment, where he had spent precious moments of his life. Every member of New York Jamaat is a witness of his love and affectionate

behavior with everyone. A good aspect of his decent morality was his appreciation of all the works of Jamaat. If he used to find any flaw, he

counseled them. Members of New York Jamaat will always feel his absence among them; they will preserve his imprints on their hearts and never let them fade. Though brother Fasasi Sanusi has left us physically but spiritually his relationship with us is still alive. His spirit will always remind us of the saying of the poet that: My blood was also used to beautify this garden When springtime will come at the garden Please do remember me May Allah the almighty shower His blessing on his soul and elevate his ranks tried to correct it. If he i n P a r a d i s e . ( A m e e n ) used to find any deficiency [Abdul Gafoor New York in Khuddam, he brought Jamaát USA.] that to their attention. Especially if he found that in girls, he always

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First Edition 2017  

Edition Highlights: - Friday Sermon of His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor ahmad (atba) on Matrimonial Alliances and Issues - Obasanjo...

First Edition 2017  

Edition Highlights: - Friday Sermon of His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor ahmad (atba) on Matrimonial Alliances and Issues - Obasanjo...