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annual report 2007

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table of contents Message from the Director The Freedom Theatre Organisational Background Life in Jenin Refugee Camp Our Mission Activities in 2007 Performances and Cinema Screenings Training and Workshops Other Activities and Events Facilities Capacity Building Resource Development Fundraising Activities Networking Special Thanks Outreach Evaluation Strengths Challenges and Solutions Looking to the Future Organisational Structure Staff and Volunteers Board of Directors Financial Statement

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message from the director Dear Friends, There is nothing more important and urgent to open this message than expressing our deep gratitude towards all those people who have trusted and supported us and made us able to develop and sustain The Freedom Theatre dream. Having been seen as strangers, foreigners and a threat in the local community, we are now waking up to the new reality of becoming an integral part of daily life in Jenin Camp and City. A small community is rising up around us, for whom theatre and cinema are becoming an essential part of life. Hundreds of children knock on the door to ask if there is a show. Fathers and mothers, no longer fearing theatre and arts as a distraction from learning and studying, are becoming our main supporters and praising their children’s improved performance at school. Nevertheless, we have a long way to go. The Freedom Theatre still functions in improvised and unprofessional facilities. We continue our struggle to build up a professional theatre society, setting up a theatre school, and raising the level of artistic expression to world standards. This requires setting up a professional stage and workshop spaces, recruiting skilful teachers and continuing our efforts to secure financial support. The obstacles on our path however are numerous. We cannot escape the fact that we are working among a population living under siege, military oppression, and deprived of their most basic human rights. In this society which has been torn apart and fragmented, cultural expression is pushed aside as the population instead resorts to increasingly traditional values in an attempt to retain a sense of stability. This means it is particularly hard to recruit girls to take part in theatre and cultural activities, and The Freedom Theatre is therefore making every effort to empower young girls and women, delivering a message of equality and freedom, first of all within our own society. We hope that by the end of 2008 we will be able to say that we are well on the way in making such a reality come true. Juliano Mer Khamis The Freedom Theatre


the freedom theatre Organisational Background

Inspired by the legacy of Arna Mer Khamis and the Care and Learning project she set up in the camp during the First Intifada, The Freedom Theatre is building a unique programme of workshops and activities in theatre, arts and multimedia. Through its work, the theatre hopes to enrich cultural life in the region, address the cultural isolation that limits access to the wider community and world, and to empower and give voice to the children and youth of Jenin Refugee Camp.


cultural isolation...

The Freedom Theatre (a community-based theatre and cultural centre based in Jenin Refugee Camp in the West Bank) today provides the only professional venue for theatre and arts in northern Occupied Palestine. The organisation was officially registered as a Swedish Foundation on April 5, 2006, and as a non-governmental organisation under the Palestinian Authority on 5 November 2007.

Life and Culture in Jenin Refugee Camp The young generation of refugees in Jenin Camp continue to grow up amidst a seemingly endless cycle of violence and aggression. Set up in 1953, the camp today has a population of more than 16,000, almost half of which are estimated to be under 18 years of age. In almost complete isolation from the world, the population of the camp struggles with economic hardship, a sense of hopelessness for the future and deepening trauma caused by the ongoing military occupation. In this context of a gradually disintegrating social fabric, culture and arts are largely neglected. However, cultural development plays a crucial role in connecting art and culture to social change, and allowing space for contradiction, contestation and multiple meanings. By encouraging the arts as a source of creativity in the wider society, the Freedom Theatre therefore seeks to address a critical, but little recognised aspect of poverty – that of giving voice to the voiceless and enriching the human spirit.

Our Mission The Freedom Theatre aims to demonstrate a model of artistic excellence in theatre in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and, using the creative process as a model for social change, provide opportunities for the children and youth of Jenin Refugee Camp to develop the skills, self-knowledge and confidence which would empower them to challenge present realities and to take control of their future. Through its activities, The Freedom Theatre aims to: • Provide children and youth in Jenin Refugee Camp with a space in which boys and girls can equally and safely express themselves, dare to experiment, take risks, imagine other realities and challenge existing social and cultural barriers. • Empower the young generation to find new ways of solving problems and to develop the confidence needed to face the hardships of their everyday reality. • Address the cultural isolation that limits access to the wider Palestinian and global communities. • Reinstate the confidence in the potential of social and collective work.

enriching the human spirit...

social change


deepening trauma caused by the ongoing military occupation

Activities in 2007 Performances and Cinema Screenings Throughout the year The Freedom Theatre continued to provide a venue for performers and artists from around Occupied Palestine and throughout the world. The local residents saw many diverse performances, ranging from theatre, dance and music, to film and circus shows, which contributed towards creating an entertaining and thought-provoking alternative to the existing reality of life in the camp. As the only theatre and cinema in the Jenin area, The Freedom Theatre plays an important role in helping to combat the feeling of isolation residents feel, being cut off from both local and international cultural activities and developments. In addition, the hosted performances exposed those who participated in acting and psychodrama workshops to new experiences and possibilities which they used to further their own acting in theatre pieces for the community. Total performances: 79 Unique performances: 48 Total attendance: 14,310 Children: 8,925 Youth: 2,590 Adults: 2,795


Training and Workshops During 2007, The Freedom Theatre continued developing its programme of theatre and arts related workshops for children and youth in Jenin Camp, with activities ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the preparation and presentation of high-quality artistic products.

Acting and Theatre Production These workshops aimed to introduce children and youth to the idea of theatre, by giving the participants a space in which to work in-depth on the creation, development and presentation of ideas, fantasies, joys, fears, hopes and dreams. The workshops helped participants concentrate on developing their skills in acting, while also learning commitment by taking part in the exciting process of preparing their own plays and presentations. Plays prepared included To Be or Not To Be, The Journey, as well as While Walking I Saw…, a co-production of The Freedom Theatre and the French theatre group “La Grave et Burlesque Equipée du Cycliste”. Many of the youth who attended these workshops are now permanent members of the theatre. Extremely excited and full of creative energy, these actors, writers, and producers have experienced the idea of theatre and want to further their own skills through continued training and by making more plays. Total participants: 97 Girls: 35 Boys: 62

ideas, fantasies, joys, fears, hopes and dreams...


the healing effect of laughter...

Through Psychodrama workshops, children and youth engaged in acting out their emotions and interpersonal interactions in order to address and explore their inner conflicts and traumas. Through this largely therapeutic methodology, the participants were encouraged to find new solutions to their problems and found themselves able to act more spontaneously and independently. Ultimately, by increasing their understanding of themselves and their surroundings and developing a greater sense of self worth, these workshops helped foster the ability of the children to rise up to the challenges of their particular circumstances. Total participants: 70 Girls: 45 Boys: 25

Circus This project, which began in early 2007, introduced young boys and girls to the world of circus and clownery. Based on a belief in the healing effect of laughter, the circus workshops allowed young boys and girls to practice a range of new skills in circus and clowning and to strengthen their physical as well as mental health, while learning to work together to create entertaining and accessible circus acts. The Circus Workshops were carried out in partnership with Assirk Assaghir, Jenin Street Circus and the Palestinian Circus School. Total participants: 42 Girls: 18 Boys: 24

Dance and Movement A range of short-term workshops were organised throughout the year in the field of Dance and Movement, aiming to encourage the young boys and girls at The Freedom Theatre to explore new and previously unfamiliar forms of creative self-expression. These included courses in contemporary dance, dabkeh, movement for actors and capoeira. Total participants: 65 Girls: 34 Boys: 31


empower and give voice to children and youth

Multimedia Activities Several pilot multimedia projects were carried out during the year, in preparation for a more extensive multimedia programme in 2008. The Freedom Theatre sees great potential in the use of multimedia technologies as a means for breaking the isolation of the camp and presenting the stories of youth in Jenin to the world. The pilot projects included a creative writing and photography project which was carried out during the first half of the year and resulted in a unique publication called Refuge. This project laid the foundation for the production of a bi-monthly youth magazine, which youth began working on towards the end of 2007. In addition, young boys and girls took part in a pilot filmmaking project, carried out by the organisation Voices Beyond Walls from Canada. During this project, the youth learned basic skills in camera usage, documentation and film editing, which they used to create unique media about their circumstances to be shown to a wide audience. Total participants: 96 Girls: 48 Boys: 48

Schools Online During this project participants made use of information technology and the internet for project-based learning. Through the establishment of partnerships with organisations from all over the world, the youth learned about the power and potential of the internet, while learning new computer skills and carrying out projects related to their community. They also practised their English in a fun way by presenting their projects and communicating in international online forums. Total participants: 42 Girls: 26 Boys: 16


presenting the stories of youth in Jenin to the world...

Computer and IT Skills The Freedom Theatre’s regular computer workshops for children continued throughout 2007. Participants were introduced to basic and more advanced digital literacy skills, as well as web development and photo editing. Total participants: 190 Girls: 95 Boys: 95

English and Arabic Language Classes Throughout the year, volunteers from the Arab American University in Jenin have offered regular English and Arabic classes for children and youth participating in The Freedom Theatre’s activities, as well as the centre’s staff. Total participants: 38 Girls: 14 Boys: 24


Art Exhibition: Do Not Forget – Lebanon, July 2006

The opening of this international arts exhibition took place at The Freedom Theatre in January 2006. The event was attended by some 250 guests, from Jenin Camp and its surroundings as well as other parts of the Palestinian Territories and abroad.

Ashtar’s Theatre Festival: Theatre for the Oppressed

During the months of April, May and June The Freedom Theatre had the pleasure of hosting several performances as part of Ashtar’s Theatre Festival: Theatre for the Oppressed. The shows hosted included Stories of Seeh and The Story of Mona.

Summer Camp

During June 2007, The Freedom Theatre organised a summer camp for children in Jenin Camp, in cooperation with Kay La Nansa cultural centre. 60 children took part in activities, ranging from culture and theatre to sports and games. A small theatre performance was staged at The Freedom Theatre by some of the children at the end of the camp.

Opening of Arts and Media Library

The Arts and Media Library, which The Freedom Theatre set up and developed during 2007, was officially opened in August.

Circus Festival

During the month of September, a Circus Festival took place at The Freedom Theatre. This included regular performances as well as daily circus workshops for children and youth. The festival was carried out in partnership with Pedal Powered Clowns, Assirk Assaghir and Jenin Street Circus.

Field Trips

Throughout the year several groups of children and youth participated in field trips as part of their activities at The Freedom Theatre. These field trips included visits to Al Kasaba Theatre and art galleries in Ramallah, as well as a Birthright Re-plugged trip to Jerusalem, Haifa and surrounding villages which their families were expelled from in 1948.


theatre for the oppressed...

Other Activities and Events

Facilities Current and New Theatre

To fulfil its objectives, The Freedom Theatre continues to develop high-quality, sustainable infrastructure for theatre and performing arts in Jenin Refugee Camp. The theatre currently consists of a semi-professional space, seating around 250 people, which will continue being developed and upgraded in 2008. In addition, plans are underway for building a new, professional theatre, which can better serve the growing demand in the area.

Computer Centre

The Ahmad El-Khatib Computer Centre at The Freedom Theatre is equipped with 15 computers and offers classes in basic digital literacy skills for children, youth and adults, as well as more advanced creative computer skills and web development workshops. In addition, the centre serves as a vital resource for The Freedom Theatre’s multimedia programme.

Film and Photography Studio

This space was opened in October 2007 and contains one large meeting/workshop room and two small film-editing rooms. The studio holds digital still cameras, video cameras as well as computers with filmediting software. This space will continue being developed during 2008 as the organisation’s multimedia projects become more and more established.

Arts and Media Library

The Freedom Theatre Arts and Media Library make available a wealth of resources, covering topics of theatre, music, and other arts, as well as Palestinian and Arab cultural heritage. This space is used by children, staff and instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge of a particular art form in a quiet and comfortable place. The library presently consists of about 1,000 books and about 100 DVD’s, as well as an extensive collection of music as well as audio and visual equipment for viewing or listening to library materials.

Office and Guest Accommodation

As the organisation and its activities expand, the office space continues to be upgraded to allow for enhanced meeting space, improved communication facilities and more efficient work. During 2007, The Freedom Theatre also set up a guesthouse which housed hundreds of visitors, volunteers and short-term trainers during the year.


Capacity Building As an independent, community-based organisation, The Freedom Theatre sees the importance of allocating part of its resources to training and courses for staff and volunteers so as to can build a sustainable and efficient organisation for the future. Capacity-building activities focussed on three main areas: • Building the artistic, pedagogical and professional skills needed to work in accordance with The Freedom Theatre’s aims and objectives. • Developing the skills needed to fully utilise the resources available in modern information technology. • Enhancing the ability to communicate effectively with the international community.

• • • • • • • •

The General Director took part in a 2-week workshop in Theatre School Management at Wolkvang Theatre College in Germany, aimed to increase the organisation’s capacity to manage the Theatre School programme, due to start in September 2008. The Freedom Theatre’s Local Manager took part in an intensive 2-day Light and Sound Technique course, by invitation from Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah, thus enabling him to better manage the theatre technical work at The Freedom Theatre. Two of The Freedom Theatre’s administrative staff took part in a 2-month course in Microsoft Office, with the aim of increasing the organisation’s administrative capacity The trainers and instructors took part in a one-day intensive workshop in creative learning for increased understanding of alternative education models, The financial department took part in a one-day Financial Management workshop conducted by the Financial Manager of British Shalom-Salaam Trust, aiming to upgrade the organisation’s financial systems. The organisation’s Accountant participated in an ongoing accounting software training course throughout the year. A basic workshop in Logical Framework Approach was held for the administrative and managerial staff at The Freedom Theatre by a trainer from Sweden, aiming to introduce the concept of structured and focused project planning. Throughout the year, the administrative staff of The Freedom Theatre took part in English language training to develop their capacity to communicate with foreign guests and trainers.


theatre school programme

The Freedom Theatre staff took part in the following courses:


a sustainable and efficient organisation

resource development Fundraising Activities During 2007, the main focus of The Freedom Theatre’s Resource Development department was to build up sustainable and long-term relationships with foundations and other donors. In addition, a large part of funds raised during the year derived from private donations, from the sales and screenings of “Arna’s Children”, as well as the hard work of friends and supporters in Europe and the United States. Events organised during the year included the following: • Series of Events organised by the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre (May and September 2007), New York, Los Angeles and Boston, United States • Fundraising Concert organised by the Friends of The Freedom Theatre (May 2007), Malmoe, Sweden • Youth Awareness Campaign organised by the Friends of The Freedom Theatre (November, 2007), Malmoe and Lund, Sweden • Fundraising Event organised by Les Amis du Théâtre de la Liberté de Jénine at Studio l’Ermitage, (December 2007), Paris, France • Theatre Marathon in Theatres in Stockholm organised by the Friends of The Freedom Theatre (February and May 2007), Stockholm, Sweden These events raised approximately $50.000.


In 2007, The Freedom Theatre continued its efforts to build up and sustain a strong network of friends, supporters and partners. In the international arena, two new official friends associations were established, one in Malmoe, Sweden and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Together with previously established friends associations as well as other support groups these have helped The Freedom Theatre in its fundraising efforts and organised events in their respective communities to build awareness of The Freedom Theatre and the situation in Occupied Palestine. Partnerships were also built up with many theatres and organisations, both in Occupied Palestine and worldwide, that are interested in performing at the theatre or sharing their expertise. In addition to international networking, The Freedom Theatre has taken an active role in building up strong networks and partnership with other Palestinian organisations and theatres. The Freedom Theatre’s friends associations and partners include the following:

Friends Associations The Friends of The Jenin Freedom Theatre, United States Les Amis du Théâtre de la Liberté de Jénine, France Frihetsteaterns Vänförening i Malmö, Malmö, Sweden Frihetsteaterns Vänförening i Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden Amigos Teatro de la Libertad de Jenin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other Networks of Support British Shalom Salaam Trust, BSST, United Kingdom Jews for Justice for Palestine, JFJFP, United Kingdom Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace, FFIPP, Belgium


build up and sustain a strong network...


friends, supporters and partners

Partners Dramatiska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) The National Academy of Theatre and Mime, Stockholm, Sweden United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, (UNRWA) Arab American University, Jenin, Occupied Palestine Al Kasaba Theatre, Ramallah, Occupied Palestine University of Song and Music, Gothenburg, Sweden El-Hakawati Theatre Company, Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah, Occupied Palestine Boomchucka Circus, United Kingdom Al-Rowwad Theatre, Al-Ayda Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine Kay La Nansa, Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine Clowns Without Borders, Sweden Pedal Powered Clowns, United Kingdom Al-Muntada, Jenin, Occupied Palestine The Local Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine The Palestinian Circus School, Ramallah, Occupied Palestine Relief International Schools Online


Special Thanks We would like to express our gratitude to all those whose donations and hard work have helped us carry out our activities at The Freedom Theatre during the past year. Special thanks to the following funders: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Karim Rida Said Foundation United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Grassroots International The British Consulate General in Jerusalem Sparkplug Foundation Unity Theatre Trust AustCare Jean Stein A.M. Qattan Foundation Hoping Foundation Pnina Feiler Lef Foundation Palaestina-Friedenstiftung Rachel And all other individual donors

As well as to those who have contributed their valuable time towards assisting The Freedom Theatre in developing and carrying out its activities: • • • • • •

Wendy Lear Ashish Ghadiali Voice Design Michael Kustow Jan Tiselius and Britt Louise Tillbom Voices Beyond Walls


special thanks from the freedom theatre!

Outreach Tours

During the past year representatives of The Freedom Theatre took part in several fundraising and networking tours. Two tours were organised in different parts of the United States, one in May and one in September and three tours were organised in Sweden.

Short Films

During 2007, The Freedom Theatre produced two new short films about its activities, each around ten minutes long. These have been screened during networking tours and can also been seen on the organisation’s website (

Website (

Since The Freedom Theatre was established, our website has constituted the main mode of communication with the world. It continues to be updated regularly with organisational and project information, news, pictures and video clips. In addition to The Freedom Theatre’s official website, the youth who take part in computer activities also recently launched their own website (


During 2007 The Freedom Theatre produced two newsletters, which were distributed to a wide audience through the internet. In addition, several news updates on the organisation’s activities and developments were sent out.


The Freedom Theatre has been extremely successful in raising its media profile both regionally and internationally. A wide range of print, radio, and television media have reported on The Freedom Theatre’s events and activities in the past year. These include Al Jazeera, Christian Science Monitor (USA), The Arab American News (USA), The Mainichi Newspapers (JAPAN), Le Monde (France), Politis (France), This Magazine (Canada), German National Radio, Arbetaren (Sweden), Slup (Sweden), Mana (Sweden), as well as Liberacion (Sweden).


The Freedom Theatre also attracted a large number of visitors, ranging from representatives of NGOs, governmental agencies and funding organisations, to scholars, researchers, artists and other prominent individuals in the cultural community.



During its second year of activity, The Freedom Theatre continued its rapid development towards a firmly established and dynamic community organisation. The following factors have been crucial in contributing to the fast growth and significant achievements of The Freedom Theatre: • A group of enthusiastic, committed and professional staff and volunteers • The legacy of Arna Mer Khamis, which has enabled The Freedom Theatre to establish itself firmly in the local community • The apolitical and areligious nature of the organisation • A broad base of support, in the local community and beyond • A commitment to a work ethic that favours transparency, accountability and the willingness to cooperate closely with other groups and organisations • A collective belief that art and culture can provide hope for a better future.


hope for a better future...


Challenges and Solutions

• The conservatism of the local community has required frequent evaluation of activities and policies to ensure that The Freedom Theatre does not lose the support of the community as it develops. The Freedom Theatre respects the separation of boys from girls in planning all of its activities and has had to be sensitive to introducing international staff and partners. • The Freedom Theatre did not come into the camp fully developed, but has faced the financial challenges of an organisation that was built on the ground, through the hard work of founders and staff. Much effort has therefore gone into fundraising, developing extensive networks of support in Europe and the United States and building support in the local community. • As a result of the policies of the Israeli Occupation, The Freedom Theatre faces challenges of access and security on a daily basis. To facilitate the movement of staff visitors and volunteers have had to find alternative roads, entry points to Jenin Camp and strategies to circumvent the restrictions on movement caused by the Separation Wall, frequent checkpoints and closures. • As a young organisation The Freedom Theatre has also been challenged by a certain lack of experience in the field. However, through frequent professional support from experts in the field, capacitybuilding courses, and work experience gained over the years, the organisation’s staff are developing significant new knowledge, confidence and expertise.

separation wall...

frequent checkpoints and closures...

As a relatively young organisation, The Freedom Theatre has faced a number of challenges since the start of activities in Jenin Camp.

restrictions on movement!

Looking to the Future The Freedom Theatre’s process of strategic planning, begun towards the end of 2006, was carried on into 2007, allowing the organisation and its staff to plan and carry out their work in a more focussed and professional manner. In the coming year, The Freedom Theatre aims to: • Continue hosting regular performances and cinema screenings for children and adults in the theatre • Establish a new Theatre School programme for young adults, as well as a programme of training for theatre technicians • Carry on with the programme of regular workshops in theatre, drama therapy and circus for children and youth • Prepare for and set up regular in-house theatre productions • Develop a regular programme of multimedia activities, including photography, journalism, filmmaking and web development • Finalise architectural plans and begin fundraising for the new theatre building • Work closely with our support networks and partners while intensifying outreach efforts • Further strengthen communication and cooperation with the local community by reaching out to schools and families • Recruiting new staff and volunteers for project and administrative tasks • Continue developing human resources through a variety of capacity-building initiatives • Upgrading administrative systems to allow efficient statistical analysis, facilitating project planning and development, as well as recruitment • Put together a press file and other promotional materials to improve public relations and advocacy work • Design improved strategies for evaluating the organisation and its activities in terms of impact


organisational structure Staff and Volunteers The Freedom Theatre is fortunate in the interest and commitment of its staff, volunteers and Board of Directors.

General Staff (Palestinian, unless otherwise stated) Juliano Mer Khamis, General Director Jonatan Stanczak, (Sweden), Operations Manager Jenny Nyman, (Finland), Resource Development Coordinator Adnan Naghnaghiye, Local Manager Rania Wasfi, Administrative Assistant Samy Matar, Webmaster Mustafa Steti, Accountant Hana Sweti, General Assistant Qosay Hassan, Translator


Project Staff (Palestinian, unless otherwise stated) Juliano Mer Khamis, Acting Instructor Nabeel Al-Raei, Acting Instructor Petra Barghouthi, Drama Therapy Instructor Mohammed Hajj Ahmad, Acting Instructor Mohammed Moawia, Multimedia Coordinator Ahmed Al-Araj, Computer Instructor Tareq Al-Khaldi, IT-instructor and Translator Mustafa Steti, Photography and Film Assistant Fadi Zmorrod, Circus Instructor

Volunteers (Palestinian, unless otherwise stated) Louise Delbois, (France), Psychodrama Instructor Laurence Saade, (France), Costume Designer Ashish Ghadiali, (United Kingdom), Creative Writing Instructor Rami Ratem, Creative Writing Instructor Amani Smara, Creative Writing Instructor Mac Lojowsky, (United States), Journalism and Script Writing Instructor Wendy Lear, (Australia) Photography Instructor Majdi Hadid, Photography Instructor Jonatan Lurie, (United States), Web Design Instructor Wesam Kana’an, Circus Instructor Zina Za’rour, Circus Instructor Ahmad Musa, Arabic Teacher Nasser Al-Khaldi, English Teacher and Translator Asim Rizki, (United Kingdom), English Teacher Salam Abu Iseifan, (Sweden), Translator and General Assistant These, and many more local and international volunteers contributed more than 10,000 working hours during 2007.

enthusiastic, committed and professional staff...

Palestinian Organisation Dr. Mervat Ayiash (Chair Person), Professor of the Arab American University Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian National Poet Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLC Member and Founder of MIFTAH Wafaa Habb-AlReeh, President of the Palestinian Women’s Union George Ibrahim, Director of Al Kasaba Theatre Bassima Abu Nami, Director of Al Muntada in Jenin Said Murad, General Manager of Sabreen Association for Art Production Jamal Tubasi, Merchant Sumaia Hajj Ibrahim, Primary School Teacher Bilal Assaadi, Merchant

Swedish Foundation Nazmi Lebadi, Chairperson (Jenin Camp/ Occupied Palestine), Director of Jenin Camp Noam Chomsky (United States), Professor in Linguistics Mahmoud Darwish (Occupied Palestine), Poet Judith Butler (United States), Professor in Philosophy Louisa Morgantini (Italy), Politician and EU Parliament Member Etienne Balibar (France), Professor in Political Science Howard Brenton (United Kingdom), Playwright Elias Khoury (Lebanon), Author Avraham Oz (Israel), Professor of Theatre Michel Khleifi (Occupied Palestine), Film Director Mohammad Bakri (Occupied Palestine), Actor and Director Salim Daw (Occupied Palestine), Actor and Film Director Salwa Nakkara (Occupied Palestine), Actress Henry Ascher (Sweden), Paediatrician Dror Feiler (Sweden), Musician and Composer Suzanne Osten (Sweden), Professor in Directing San’a Badawi (Occupied Palestine), Public Relations Manager, Jenin Governorate Abeer Kopty (Occupied Palestine), Human Rights Activist Khulood Badawi (Occupied Palestine), Human Rights Activist



Board of Directors

financial statement Income and expenditure account for the year ended 31 December 2007: Income

Amount (USD)

Donations from Organisations Donations from Individuals Sales and Fees

180,998 61,319 3,607

Revenue from Previous Years Total

90,459 336,384


Amount (USD)



Printing and Materials Cost Location "Headquarters" Professional Fees

8,349 19,746 2,275



Activity Expenses


Fees and Commissions Total

7,446 240,159

Balance Sheet

Amount (USD)

Cash and Bank Accounts


Fixed Assets


Land Property for the New Theatre




Auditing Fees





transparency, accountability and the willingness to cooperate...

the freedom theatre

The Freedom Theatre School Street, Jenin Refugee Camp West Bank, Occupied Palestine Tel/Fax: +972 (0)42503345 Email: Website: Our Youth Website:

The Freedom Theatre Annual Report 2007  

Impact of Activities