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DID THE FIRST GENERATION OF ASHARAITES AND MATURIDITES DISBELIEVE IN TWO SPEACHES NAMELY KALAM AL LAFZI AND KALAAM AN NAFSI AS ALLEGED BY DENOUNCERS OF SELF POSSIBILITY OF FALSEHOOD IN DIVINE STATMENTS. It is A FALSE Accsation that the Second Generation Of Ashararites And Matiridites that they deviated from their Principle D ogma Of Etenity Of AlQuraan when they began to believe in the Creativity Of Kalaam Al L-fz:ii. .Since if this ACCUSATION IS tRUE THEN IT MEANS THAT THE NEXT GENERATION OF ASHARITES AND MATURIDITES became Heritic,Heterodox,UnOrthodox,Apostase, as according to their First Generation. This means that the Second Generation of Asharites and Maturidites became not only heritic but went out of the folds of Ahlussunnah wal jamaah. The DENOUNCERS OF SELF ABSURDITY OF FALSE HOOD have correcty pointed at the deleberate Fallacy of the Denouncers of Self Possibility of False hood in the Satetements of Kalaam Al Lafz:ii Ogf G-D. 1ST:These denouncers of Self Possiblityof Falsehood either deleberately or undeleberately supposed that The second Generation incorrectly divided the Uncreated AlQuraan as according to the first Generation into Created Al Qur'aan[Kalaam al lafz:ii] and Uncreated AlQur'aan [Kalaam an Nafsii]. This as incorrect.It is a CORRIGENDUM.The 1st Generation had to combat with Mu'tazilites, Jahmites,Mu'attalites etc.who believed that AlQur'aan is not a Divine Essential Attribute. The Second Generation had to explain a number of their confusing Expressions and sentences and to refute the other extremism of minotities of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah. So they use more logical and Theological Terms which were rerely used by the earlier Generations of Ahussunnah Wal Jamaah. EXPLANATION What the First Generation called as [Uncreated] Al QUR'AAN is the Speach Of SELF [KALAAM AN NAFSII] OF G-D. WITH REFERENCE TO TO Kalaam Al Lafzii. Mutazilites believed only in Kalaam AlLafzi.and denouncd the Divine ATTRIBUTE OF Speach Of G-D. Thus the subject of the term AlqURAAN WAS DISPUTED B/W Mutazilites and Sunnis. They how eve could express their dispute as follow. Al Qur'aan is a common word Lafz ; Al Musht-k b/w Kalaam Al Lafzi od G-D and Kalaam An Nafsii of G-D. But Mu'tazilites believe that the Word Al Quraan is only Used for Kalaam Al Lafzi. But this dispute was interpreted as or expressed as'' Mutazilites believed in the Creativity of Qur'aan and Sunniis believes in in the NON-CREATIVITY of Al Quraan. It is certainly not the case that the 1st Generation of Asharites And Maturidites disbelieved in the Kalaam An Nafsii. It is Certainly not the case that the Second Generation incorrectly divided the UnCreated Al Qur'aan of the first Generation into Created Kalaam Al Lafzi AND Uncrated Kalaam An Nafsi. If this is true then the 2nd Generation of Asharites and Maturidites becomes disloyal to their first Generation. Denouncers af the Self Possibility are incorrect in ascribing this type of Hericy and Heterodoxy ,to the latter Generations Of Asharaites and Maturidites. It must be noted that the next Generation did a wonderful Job by moving and removing the confusions and the errors based on the confusions. The Generation of Sunnis which first faced the Mu'tazili sect had to refute the Mu'tazilite heritical believes.They used expressions which did not used the word creativity/Temporality FOR AL QUR'AAN.Soon problems began to appear and latter Generations began to fuse and began to confuse confused b/t the AL QUR'AN THAT IS IMSEPERABLE ATRRIBUTE OF G-D,and the AL QUR'AAN FOUND SEPERATE FROM G-D eg.Copies OF AL QUR'AAN, RECITATION OF AL QUR'AAN BY HUMAN BEINGS AND ANGELIC BEINGS and began to refuse any distinction b/w them. The Extremists of hanabalites USED TO DECLAIR Quran in any one of Its Form As

Uncreated,Whether it be Seperate or Imseperable. A relatively moderate cult of Extremists of Hanab-lites declaired Kalaam Al Lafzii as Uncreated. They actually agree with Mutazilah in the Subject of the RELIGIOUS TERM AL QUR'AAN, BUT DISPUTE OVER THE Prredicate.While they predicate Uncreavity,Mu't-z-lites predicated Creavity. But Kalaam Al Lafzi can not be Uncreated since it has indisputable Attributes of Temporality. Second GenerationOF ASHARAITED AND MATURIDITES claerly proved that the Eternal Attribute of Speach Is Al Qur'aan AN NAFSII. In Shr-h Aqaaid , one may find the refutation of the mostr powerful argument of Mu'tazilites. ''You are in agree ment that the(word) AlQuraan is a noun of thatg that is conveyed to us (and recieved by us/Textus Receptus) b/w the coversof copies (M-S-H-F) CONSECUTIVELY. It is indespensibly implied (lazim) that it is written in copies ,read by tongues,percieved by ears. These are all evidences(symbols) of temporality of Al Qur'aan Non of Sunnis ever dremt to answer as none pof these are Qur'aan Sine '' One Who said that that is written in Copies Of {AlQur'aan} IS Text (-B-R-H) OF SPEACH OF G-D,Or talk [H-K-Y-H] of Speach Of G-D.,(BUT NOT SPEACH OF G-D) opposes THE DIVINE BOOK, TRADITION {OF PROPHET } LEADERS ON ELDERS.'' The second Generation of ASHARITES AND MATURIDITES correctly distinguished b/w Al Qur'aan that is Self Associatewd with the (ESSENCE OF) G-D ,and ALQUR'AAN in the COPIES,BREASTS (MINDS) on Toungues (abd on Lips) etc. It MUST BE NOTED THAT EACH AND EVERY FORM OF AL QUR'AAN IS AL QUR'AAN. One can not deney that some forms of the Al Qur'aan are not qur'aan. However some denouncers of the Self Possibility of Falsehood in the Statments of Kalaam Al Lafzii,have denounced that they Text of Qur''ann are figures and shapes of Letters and not Quraan, Pronunciation of the TEXT OF QUR'AAN IS NIT QUR'AAN etc. This is the extreme limit which can be achieved in the zeal to refute the Self Possibility of Falsehood in the Divine Statements .The next Generation replied that Al Qur'aan is ofn two types. A) SPEACH OF THE SELF [KALAAM AN NAFSII] B)SPEACH OF THE WORDS ( KALAAM AL LAFZ:II]. The former stated Speach is ETERNAL .IMSEPERABLE,AND SELF ASSOCIATED TO DIVINES ESSENCE I.E AN ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTE OF G-D. It is beyond FORMS.The latter stated Speach HAS plurality of FORMS VARYING FROM COPIES TO PRONUNCIATIONS. How ever It may be noted that the Elders of the 1st Generation did not like to use the words of Creativity,Creation.Creatute, etc. to the pronunciation ,copies etc as well.But this certainly DOES NOT IMPLY That these are nit Creations. NOT TO USE AN EXPRESSION IS ONE THING AND TO BELIEVE IN THE OPPOSITE OF THE EXPRESSION IS AN OTHER WITH NO LOGICLA IMPLICATION B/W THE TWO. SO PERFECT IS THE DISTINCTION EXPLAINED BY THE 2ND GERNRATION THAT IMAM IBN TIMIAH (RH) who belong to minority Sunni sect Salfites and a Critic of Majory SUNNI SECTS ASHARITES AND MATURIDITES wrote: It is not correct to assume that the Divine Speach by ISSUEING [EMANATING] FRM DIVINE ESSENCE DEPARTED OUT OF THE ESSENCE OF G-D AND RESIDED AND DWELT IN OTHERS [SAY COPY OF AL QUR'AAN] CONCLUSION:. The First Generation Did Believed in bot Kalaam Al Lafz:ii, and Kalaam An Nafsii ,but to represent what they really mean The Next Generation Usrd the Terms Kalaam Al Lafz ;ii and Kalaam An Nafsii. They Only used these terns or at mosts one may say invented the new terms to represent the old Meanongs more clearly, they did not invented ant new meaning in this regard. 2ND Some of the arguments given by the denouncers of Self Possibility: They quote some expressionsas follow: Abdullah Bin Mubarak [RH]said: One who says Al Qur'aan is created is a Apostase. S-FY-N THWRII [RH] said: One who saith AL QUR'AAN IS A CREATION IS AN INFIDEL.

IMAM ABU HANIIFAH [RH] SAID: ONE WHO SAID SPEACH OF G-D ['-LL-H] is CREATED so he did infedility against G-D THE GREAT. YAQUUB BIN TAL-L SAID: One Who Alleges That AL QUR'AAN Is Created ,So He Is An Infedel. Denouncers of self possibility argue as follows ; Mutazilites did not belives In Kalaam An Nafsi,so they neither believed it to be Created Nor Believed It to Be NOT CREATED. .The dispute b/w Mutazilites and Latter Sunnite was over ITS Existence and Non existence and not over its Creavity and NON CREAVITY. So the only possibility remans that they disputed over the creativity and non creavcity of Kalaam AL LAFZ :II. This is the argument presented by both sects of the denouncers of SELF POSSIBILITY :a)Those who believe that either of the speach is Eternal and both are mutually distinct from each other. b)Thos who believe in a single SPEACH and deney their distinction. RESPONCE: This is an OVER SIMPLIFICATION of a very complex situation of the PAST. All ahlussunnah believe that: a]Every thing that Exist is Created EXCEPT G-D and Divine Attributes. b]A DIVINE ATTRIBUTE IS IMSEPERABLE FROM G-D. c]Speach Of G-D is a DIVINE ATTRIBUTE [not mere a relation] AL QUR'AAN IS tHAT Attribute Of G-D.But a number of Forms of AL QUR'AAN ARE FOUND SEPERATE FROM G-D.As each Form of Qr'aan is Qur'aan, these are Seperate From G-D.. EG:COPIES OFN QUR'AAN,QUR'AAN CONSERVED IN BREASTS AND MINDS OF HUMAN AND ANGELIC BEINGS. These are the only forms which were believed as Qu'aan by Mutaz-lites. Ahlussunnah might have confused a NORMAL SUNNI BY ASKING THAT''IF QUR''AAN IS AN ATTRIBUTE OF G-D AND THESE ARE NOT ATTRIBUTE SO THEY ARE NOT QUR'AAN. TO THEY PROHABITTED TO USE THE WORD CREATION WITH THE WORD QUR'AAN. They only allowed to use the word UNCREATION WITH THE WORD ALQUR'AAN. But a very negative reaction occured when a number of Sunni begain to confuse and to fuse the Created and Uncreated. SO THE LATTER SUNNI ASHARITES AND MATURIDITES BEGAN TO EXPRESS EXPLICITLY THE DIFFERENCE B/W Kalaam Al Lafzii and Kalaam An Nafsii. According to M-lla -LI Qari ''the majoruty of Latter Hanafites believe that Qur'aan is a UNIQUE MEANING, ABD THE PLURALITY,MULTIPLICITY,ANALYSYS,SOMENESS ARE ACHEVED IN INDICATORS[DAAL]'' This Daal is Kalaam Al Lafzii. We confess that Speach of -ALLAH UNCREATED[KALAAM AN NAFSI]HIS INSPIRATION AND REVIELATION,NEITHER IDENTICAL TO HIM NOR SEPERATE FROM HIM,BUYT HIS REAL ATRRIBUTE WRITTEN IN COPIES RECITED BY TONGUES,CONSERVED OIN BREASTS. BUT WHAT SO EVER IS WRITTEN AND IS NOT IMSEPERABE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH DIVINE ESSENCE,BUT ASSOCIATED WITH COPIES CONVEYED TO US CONSECUTIVELY [N-Q-L M=T=W=T=R] OR RECITED AS QURAN IS KALAAM AL LAFZI.Thes are not the onlyu forms of Kalaam Al Lafzii. n.b few believe that Kalaam An Nafsii Is Identical to Divine Essence.

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