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IMKAN AL KIDHB Introduction: Imkan al Kidhb is one of the disputed problems which appeared inOrthodox Sunni circles in sub continent south Asia near the end of Mughal Empire. This broblem is a theological problem and had been discussed earlier. Even Mu'tazilah disputed among them selves. Nizam denounced it anf Abu Huzail advocated it. Nature of the Problem; G-d i.e Divine E xistent /Divine Essence is Omnipotent,But Muhal Bidh Dhat (SELF ABSURD/aBSURD iN iTsELF/aBSURD IN eSSENCE) is out of the Omnipotence (Absolute Power) of the Omnipotent (Absolute Powerful) G-d Since by defination Power Self Exclude Self A bsurd and Wajib Bidh Dhat (Self Necsssory/Necessort inExtself/Necessory in Essence) AACCORDING TO Common Sunni Belief '' '' ANY DEFECT/IMPERFECTION//ERROR UPONN THE DIVINE ESSENCE IS SELF ABSURD'' '' Whether it is an ACT or an ATTRIBUTE. EG:EATING,DRINKING,SEXTUAL ACTIVITIES,SLEEPING,POWERLESSNESS BLINDNESS ETC. How ever in the case of Kidhb i.e Falsehood there is a dispute that whether it is Self Absurd or Mumkin Bidh Dhat (SELF pOSSIBLE,Self Contigent,Possible In IT self<Contigent in itself, {Possible/Contigent in essence}) If it is Self Possible then it is in the Power of Omnipotent. Imam Ahlussunnah Shah Ismail Shaheed believed that it is Self Possible hence in the Power of Omnipotent, while the founder of Khairabadi cult Fadl al Haqq khairabadi it is Self Absurd hence Out of the Divine Power of Omnipotent. Latter investigations: Lattter investigations into this theological dispute proved that it is a VERBAL DISPUTE. Histrey of appearence of this dispute in SouthAsian subcontinent.: Imam Ismail Shaheed [RH] in his WORLD FAMOUS BOOK OF TAUHID OF GOD NOUNLY TAQVIATUL IMAN wrote: '' ''The Glory of THAT [DIVINE] EMPOROR Is That That He Can Make/Create Thousands of Prophets and Angels Like Muhammad (S.A.AWS) AND Jibriil (AS) in a single Instent /Moment by A singleImpperative (word) BE ''(LET IT BE/LET THERE BE). Fadl Haqq Khairabadi the Founder of Khairabadi cult of Sunnisin in His Attempt ot refute Imam Shahiid stated thatB even a single Person like Holy Prophet is Self Absurd (not to mension thousands) CosequentlyG-D DO NOT HAVE POWER EVET TO CREAT A SINGLE PERSON LIKE MUHAMMAD. This dispute is known as IMKAN AN NAZIIR AND IMTINA' AN NAZIIR dispute. One of the major Argument was on the self absurdity of kidhb/falsehood. He Argued that If G-d has Power to Creat a Single Person Like Holy Prophet this must Imply that G-D HAS Power OVER FALEhOOD.,That is G-D HAS POWER TO SPEAK A FALSE STATEMENT. But as ALL Defects are self aburd upon ythe divine essece and falsehood is a defect thre is noexception fot it. Thus falsehood is SelfAbsurd upon G-D.Cosequently G-D Has No Power t Make a Niziir of the Holy Prophet (SAAWS) sINE ANY THING THAT IMPLIES A SELF ABSURD IS ITSELF SELF ABSURD. As soon as Shah Shahiid Found THE REFUTARTION HE WROTE THE rEFUTATION OF THE REFUTATION IN FEW HOURS IN A MASJID, This Elgent work is Known as YAKROZAH OR YAKROZI (A SINGLE DAY WORK) Shah Shahid Could respoce by finding a place b/w the horns of the Argument by declairing that IT IS SELF ABSUD FOR A SELF POSIBLE TO SELF IMPLY A SELF ABURD, BUT IT IS NOT SELF ABURD TO IMPLY A SELF ASBURD WITH A NOT -SELF IMPLICATION. He prefered to break the horn of the Argument by stating that the Falsehood is Not SELF ABSURD BUT SELF POSSIBLE. Hence it is in the Power of OMNIPOTENT. Then all is Apponents United and declaired this belief is out of the bound of Ahlussunnah and declaired Hin AS Kafir or a Heritic Muslim ,depending upon the degree of rivaliy against SHAH

SHAHIID. All the SUPPORTERS of Shah Shahiid United and declaired that His believes are strictly accortding to the Orthodix Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah. The Shiesm was Complkete. Dozens of works were written from either side in support of there Respective sides. The proves presented by Apponents: Two basic types of attemted proofs were presented by the denouncers of The Self Possiblity Of Falsehood. A)Quotations from Great Sunni Theologians And Dialectists. B)Some ALLEGED RARIONAL/INTELECTUAL ARGUMENTS. Quotations: More than Thirty Quotations are presented by the denouncers to shew that Great Sunni Theollogians have declaired Falsehoo as Absurd Upon G-D. And THEN THY ARGUED FROM THEM SELVES THAT ANY THING Absurd is SELF ABSURD. Answers of the Supporets of Self Possiblity:There are a number of possible answers to this argumentation.One of them is as follow According to the Supporters of Shah Shahiid NONE OF THE QUOTATIONS PRESENTED BY THE OPPONENTS PROVE THEIR CLAIM OF SELF ABSURDITY OF FALSEHOOD. Since At most they prove SELF ABSURDITY OF FALSEHOOD UPON THE DIVINE ESSNCE, UPON THE SELF NECESSORY EXISTENT {WAAJIB AL WUJUUD LI DHATIHI} . Shah Shahiid Did NOT Claim the Self Possiblity Of Falsehood Upon THE DIVINE ESSENCE. But self PossiblityOf Falsehood in the Divine STATEMENTS With ""ABSURDITY WITH THE SEPERATE/ALIEN/ AQUIRED ADSUDITY. (MUHAAL BIL GHAIR) In other word in Kalaam Al Lafzi (Verbal Speach or Speach of Words) and Not in Kalaam An Nafsi or Selfic Speach of Speach of the Self. Furthe Shah Shahiid accepted The Stated Above Possiblity InReveilation with ABSURDITY WITH SEPERATE. The Vebal Statements Of G-D are Neither the Divine Essence Nor Divine Essential Attributes,and are OTHAR THAN THE Divine Essence,and Divine Essential Atrributes,THESE STATEMENTS are STRICTLTY AND INFINITELY DISTINCT,SEPERATE AND DISTINGUISHED AND DIFFERENT FROM THE DIVINE ESSENCE (THAT IS G-D HIMSELF) AND DIVINE ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES. After pointing this the Whole Dispute reduced to Verbal dispute.Since Maul Fadl Al Haqq SAHIB did not denied the Self Possiblity Upon the Staements ,which are not G-D.Maulvi Sahib Only Misunderstood Imam Ah lussnnah Shah Shahiid. The dispute was almost settled when Some stunch Opponents of Shah Shahiid declaired that Each and Every Statement is also eternal claiming the eternity of both Kalaam Al Lafzi and Kalaam Annafsi as Eternal. Founder of Barailvi Cult even declaird that Truth (SIDQ) is not a Active ATTRIBITE (RELATIVE ATTRIBUTE) But as Essential as Takwiin. See Subhaan Assubuh. This is What Salafite sect of Ahlunnah believe that there is ni essential difference b/w Divine Essenntial Attributes and Active Attribues of the Divine Essence. Alleged Rational Argument: It is often asked that '' G-D has Power Over a Falsehood the He Must Have Power Over a number of Defective ACT AND ATTRIBUTES EG: G-D MUST MAVE POWER TO: 1]EAT,2]DRINK.3] DO SEXTUAL ACTIVITIES OF EITHER SEX,4]DO HOMOSEXUALITY,5]COMMIT SUCIDE,6]DANCE] 7]BECOME POWERLESS,8]BECOME MAD,9]CONCEPT LIKE A FEMAIL HUMAN BEING,10]CONTRACT (like a rubber) 11)EXPAND,12)BECOME TIRED,blind etc,etc,etc,etc. In fact SUBHAAN AS SUBUUH CROSSED THE LIMIT Moral language in this regard.That was why it was not concidered worhty to be refuted: An example is as follow:

A woman is powerful to do fornication.Then according to the openion of thy Leader and Teacher ,it is Necessory that Thy G-D too must be capable of committing fornication,other wise the prostitutes of brothel of Deoband wll laugh at Him and say How do thy claimth for G-DHEAD. THOU Art nOT CAPABLE OF DOINGWHICH EVEN WE cAN DO. tHIS IMPLES THY G-D MUST POSSESS FEMAIL SEXTUAL ORGAN ,OTHER WISE WHERE WILL HE MAKE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE . With the language like this it is reasonable to think why Scholors NEGLECTED this book and DID NOT RESPONCED TO IT. An answer to this problenm is that : IT IS AN AGREED UPON ARTICLE OF FAITH THAT ALL THE ACTS AND ATTRIBUTES WHICH ARE DEFECT AND IMPERFECTIONS ARE SELF ABSURD UPON THE DIVEN ESSENCE THAT IS SELF NECESSORUY IN EXISTENCE (SELF NECESSORY EXISTENT) As for as Falsehood is considered It is Self Absurd Upon Divine ESSENCE,,But it is self possible upon divine statements since they are Neither tThe Divine Essence Nor the DIVINE ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES. ACCORDING TO Deobandi Sunni Sufis Essential Attributes Are Identical to the Divine Essence.AND According to Deobandi Fuqhaas They are Neither Identical Not Seperate what one say in Arabic LA 'AIN WAM LA GHAIR. It may be noted that Any Thing in the DIVINE ESSENCE IS THE ESSENCE ITSELF AND ACCORDING TO THE LATTER OPION ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES ARE NOIT NOT INCLUDED IN THE DIVINE ESSENCE BUT ARE ASSOCIATED TO THAT ESSENCE ADDITIONALLY WTH THE SELF ABSURDITY OF SEPERATION. The STATEMENTS OF G-D ARE NEITHER THE DIVINE ESSENCE NOR THE ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES OF THE DIVINE ESSENCE BUT ARE DISTINCT ,DIFFERENT,DISTINGUISHED AND SEPERARE FROM THE DIVINE ESSENCE AND THE DIVINE ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES. Thus Falsehood Upon Divine Essence is a different thing and Falsehood upon a statement is another thing.self Possibility OF FALSE HOOD IN DVINE STATEMENT DOES NOT CONTRADICTS THE SELF ABSURDITY OF DEFECT LIKE EATING,SLEEPING BLINDNESS, SEXTUALITY CONCEPTION etc UPON THE DIVINE ESSENCE. IN brief Statements are Neither the Divine Suppositum Nor the Divine Qualities. How ever Falsehood in Divine Statements are ABSURD WITH THE SEPERATE THAT IS MUHAAL BIL GHAIR AN ALLEGATIOPN ON MAULANA RASHIID GUNGUHI: It is alleged that Maulana SAHIB believed that G-D NOT ONLY HAVE POWER OVER A FALSE STATEMENT BUT ALSO OFTEN EXERCISE THIS POWER ,DENOUNCING THAT FALSE HOOD IS MUHAAL BILGHAIR. This is a false allegation based on a false Fatwa/verdict falsly ascribed to him,by HIS OPPONENTS HIS AUTHENTIC fATWA IN HIS AUTHENTIC BOOK OF Fatwas contradict this fake Fatwa.

imkan al kidhb  

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