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A PROOF FOR THE EXISTENCE OF DEITY:= Maulana Qasim Nanautavi was one of the greatest theologians in the world. For more great then his rivals and contemporaries.He has written may works. People are inspired from his works. But he did not write in a systematic manner. He has provided some proofs of Deity. There is a proof of Deity which may be derived from His Works. Proof of Deity is as follow. Claim:= Deity Existeth Proof: Either Deity Existeth [1] or Deity Existeth Not. [2] Since Middle is Self Excluded [‘Irtifa:” ‘An Aqi:d:ain] Let Deity Existeth Not.[2.1] If Deity Existeth Not then Either Deity Is Possible to Exist [2.1] or Deity Is not Possible to Exist[2.2]. Since Middle is Excluded. If not Possible to Exist then it is Impossible to Exist[2.21] Since One that is Not Possible to Exist is Impossible To Exist. [2.22] Result : If Deity Existeth Not then It is Impossible that Deity Existeth. [3] If Deity Exiteth then Either It is Possible For the Deity To Exist [1.1] or It is Not Possible For the Deity i Not To Exist. or Not Possible[1.2] Since Middle is Excluded. If it is Not Possible For Deity Not To Exist then It is Impossible For Deity Not To Exist.[1.21] Since One that is not Possible Not to Exist is Impossible Not to Exist. Result:= If Deity Existeth then it is impossible For the Deity Not to Exist.[4]

If Deity Existeth and it is Impossible For Deity Not to Exist then It is Necessary for Deity to Exist.[4.1] If it is Necessary for the Deity If Deity Existeth not then It is Impossible that Deity Existeth.

Since it is impossible that Deity Existeth if Deity Existeth Not. By the very Defination of Deity Deity is Necessary Existent if Deity Existeth Not yet Possible To Exist then it implieth that Deity is Not A Necessary Existent. If Deity Existeth then it is Impossible that To Annihilate Deity. So there are only two Logically Possible cases left. Deity Existeth and It is Impossible for Deity Not To Exist. Deity Existeth Not and it is Impossile for Deity to Exist. But if Deity Existeth Not and is Impossible to Exist then it requireth the proof. There are the following cases of IMPOSSIBILITIES. 1] CONTRADICTION 2] SELF CONTRADICTION 3] EXCLUSION OF MIDDLE 4] IMPLICATION OF ITS OWN NEGATION 5]IMPLICATION OF NEGATION TO AFFIRMATION 6] PARADOX [ BOTH 3 AND 4 SIMULTANIOUSLY]

A proof for the Existence of Deity