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AHLAN ART We exist to bring you Islamic Art that you love. The word Ahlan of Arabic origin means welcome. From East to West - we welcome artists, collectors and exhibitors to join us. Through selecting internationally renowned artists, with rich and diverse styles, we offer a variety of pieces so you can find the one that resonates within. We’ve handpicked 20 pieces from our collection, a combination of modern, contemporary and classical styles. Our artists include Samir Malik, George H Lewis, Salva Rasool, Siddiqa Juma, Richard MacLeod, Maaida Noor, Nadia Janjua and many more. As well as creating customised pieces for homes, offices and conferences, our artists have been featured in the UK National Collection, royal Samir Malik Al Zahir - The Manifest One Ink on paper | 2013

collections and universities around the world.

Lord Richard MacLeod Allah - God Ink on linen paper | 2013

George H Lewis Gamel Gameliat Photography | 2010

Siddiqa Juma Abstract Domes Mix Media on canvas | 2012

Samir Malik Light Upon Light Mix Media | 2013

Siddiqa Juma Connecting the Ummah Mix Media, Glass | 2013

Siddiqa Juma Ripple Acrylic on canvas | 2013

Nadia Janjua Flight by Letter Mix Media on canvas | 2012

Qashif Masud Hagia Sofia, Allah (SWT) panel Wood Carving | 2013

Salva Rasool Allah - God Mix Media on canvas | 2011

Lord Richard MacLeod Hubb - Love is Everywhere Watercolour | 2013

Qashif Masud Rest Your Heart Burr oak wood carving | 2013

George H Lewis Sara and Sara Photography | 2010

Nadia Janjua Reach Beyond; Rise Acrylic & Oil on canvas | 2012

Maaida Noor Distraction Watercolour | 2012

Samir Malik Muhammad Mix Media | 2013

Samir Malik Ya Rafi - The Exhalter Ink on paper | 2013

Lord Richard MacLeod Muhammad Acrylic on linen | 2013

Siddiqa Juma Golden Domes Acrylic on canvas | 2013

Maaida Noor Surah Ikhlas Watercolour | 2013

Samir Malik Light Over Light Mix Media on canvas | 2013

Salva Rasool Ayatul Kursi Mix Media on canvas | 2012

Lord Richard MacLeod Unity Watercolour | 2014

Senem Eminel The Red Tulip Marbling Art | 2012

Salva Rasool Asma ul Husna Mix Media on canvas | 2010 | | +44 7707 389 451

Ahlan Art Catalogue | 2014  
Ahlan Art Catalogue | 2014  

Ahlan Art is an extablished Islamic Art Gallery in London, featuring world renowned artists and bringing to surface the story, inspiration a...