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Golden rules to use in Opt-in email marketing Opt-in email is the term use when someone is given the option to receive "bulk" e-mail'. It means that someone has given his or her permission to add his or her email address to a bulk email list. Opt in email marketing is the process you collect those emails and marketing your products or services to that email owners through bulk email campaigns. Opt in marketing has become increasingly popular over the business field and many realize the importance of building their opt-in email list and the relationship with subscribers on that list. Follow these golden tips and you'll have your own satisfied, responsive email list. The most important thing is the building of trust among your email subscribers. Fist you must build value before ask about something return. Therefore you must give free contents to your subscribers that feel value for them. You should maintain a proper ratio of free content email and sales emails. The better ratio is 3:1. That means you can send one sales email after sending 3 free content emails. Many marketers shy to ask for a sale. But don’t be shy to ask for this one. Always include a call to action in your sales email. Also give to your subscribers the option of unsubscribe. You want to weed out the people who aren't likely to buy anything off you anyway. But if your unsubscribing rate is high, remember to recheck your email marketing process. And another important thing is the training to click. Always train your list to click. Always add links in your email and do not always add your product and service links there. Add different destinations such as YouTube video, random website or any other link that the receiver feels that your links are worth enough to click. Testing is absolutely critical for email marketing. Always test the effectiveness of your campaign by adding different headlines, link text, body text etc. Opt in marketing is an art and you'll only get better by testing and learning what works and what doesn't. Author Bio: Vetta Marketing offers targeted email lists to make your email campaign more profitable. Click here to get more information.

Golden rules to use in Opt-in email marketing