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ENGINEERING INDUSTRY ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES Thursday, May 9, 2013, 10:00 a.m. – 12 Noon, Williman Room, Benson Center Meeting Opened at: 10:15 a.m. I.

Welcome/Introductions: John Maydonovitch, IAB Chair  Welcome New Members o John introduced Ross Dakin, newest board member. Round table introductions were made by the entire board. Ross had graduated from Santa Clara University approximately 5 years ago, and then went to work at Maynard Webb’s company Liveops for several years, then onto Vorstack Corporation, and now he is working at Upstart Network Investments. Ross also assisted the School with its visioning sessions for the proposed new School of Engineering facilities. o John Giddings will be providing an update later in the meeting on the Montgomery Movie o Christine Nichols, Development Officer, gave a farewell message to the Board expressing her fondness for working with the Engineering School, and the Advisory Board, and stated that she will be embarking on a new journey down in Southern California working at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. 


Agenda o Both John and Godfrey went over several items on the agenda

Dean’s Update: Godfrey Mungal 

Solar Decathlon 2013: o The S.D. event has been moved from Washington, D.C., to Orange County at the former El Toro Naval Air Station for this year’s event. o Building guidelines state that the house should stay under $250K for maximum points; however SCU may go over this amount with its house. o Godfrey covered the specifics of building this new house, such as Bosch donating appliances, pv and tools. Sunplanter donating the roof beam and pv mounting system. Messana providing discounted radiant heating/cooling system. Hallmark covering tolls, connection to trades, and pm, and Pascha covering all transportation etc. o CalTech, Stanford, USC, and SCU are the 4 California Universities competing in this year’s event. o Still need donors for this house, so please see Godfrey if you can recommend a donor, or contribute to this house either financially or in-kind. o A lot of bamboo will be used to construct this house, and the bamboo panels are designed by our own Civil Engineering dept. o The teams are not allowed to use technology that is not commercially available, but they can use technology that the university or students have developed.

School of Engineering Building Vision Statement: o The SoE consultant Stantec has met with the School of Engineering constituents 3 times now. At the third meeting we started to draft our visioning statements for the plan, concepts, and design/construction for the new school of engineering building(s). o Godfrey read the visioning statement in its entirety to the board. o Godfrey asked Board members to submit comments and feedback to Godfrey on what you would like changed or added to the visioning statement. o Feedback:  Leverage location in Silicon Valley  Feels like we are trying to be everything to everybody  Perhaps we should indicate what we are not, what we stand for does not stand out  Social impact should be more prominent in the statement  Element might be missing; just, humane and sustainable world  I would like to see something that speaks more to the future, not to the past  We did not include the “Head, Heart & Hands” phrase, but will look at perhaps including this phrase  Recommendation to look forward… Star Trek type phrase futuristic  Add “Commitment” what we are expecting from the students o State of School: (excerpts from the presentation, as all slides were not covered) o Maker Lab is going like gangbusters, also innovation and entrepreneurship. o Laser cutters, rapid proto-typing, 3-d printing and scanning systems are being used in lab o Now have 150 students who are certified to use the equipment and also have a Maker’s Club for this lab. o Bio-engineering has been growing really fast. Working with Alstem to grown stem cells o Civil engineering structural test lab, newly completed last summer, and does all the testing for the bamboo structures for the solar decathlon house o Maria Pantoja, SCU computer eng. lecturer has been named to the NVidia Cuda/Teaching center. The CUDA Teaching Center Program is designed to support and encourage teaching establishments to include GPU Computing using CUDA C/C++ as part of their course offerings. o Undergraduate Enrollment; deposits for students at present is at 207, expected around 211-220 students for freshman class. Mechanical engineering has the largest amount of students declaring their major this year, but Computer engineering is a close 2nd, and BioEngineering is growing fast. o Graduate M.S. program enrollment, largest is Engineering Management, then Computer engineering o Covered student achievements, and noted the accomplishments of certain students such as Computer engineering UG student John Judnich who received an honorable mention in the Computing Research Association Undergraduate Research Award and Katie Le, Computer engineering UG student who is ranked #26 in the nation by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association


Coffee Break at 11:01 a.m.


Update: Frugal Innovation Lab (FIL): Radha Basu, Director of Frugal Innovation  Introduced Radha Basu, who also introduced Elizabeth Sweeny, the Frugal Innovation Laboratory Manager.  The FIL mission is to develop accessible, affordable, adaptable, and appropriate technologies, products, and solutions to address human needs in emerging markets.  3 focus areas are: mobile devices, cloud platforms, and 3d-printing.

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Needs areas are: clean water, global public health, and renewable energy. Looking at what our distribution ways are, and who our business partners are. In the past we were too broad, now we have brought it in and focused on the 3 areas. Why Emerging Markets? … Young workforce… 26 years average, ubiquitous mobile, social media. Now business school students are trying to take the Frugal Innovation classes. Core competencies that are needed for developing technologies for emerging markets: local, affordable, green, lightweight, adaptable, last-mile distribution, mobile, rugged, human centric, simple. In the last year of operation, FIL has 13 exclusive courses, 8 core faculty, over 25 successful projects, partners with many Silicon Valley companies, impact: every engineering freshman student is now exposed to FIL, over 400+ engineering students, 10+ university relationships, 23 social enterprises. Design innovation process that all things in the lab follow: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. Currently in development: 3-D printing for developing world, environmental student dept. cocurriculum, Leavey Business senior capstone projects, law school IP work. 76% of the world’s 6 billion mobile devices are in the developing world. Working on “Lab in a Chip” device, rapid and affordable point-of-care water monitoring. The first sensor will be used for arsenic testing; android sensor will relay and collect data, testing first to be done in Bangladesh, India. In prototype form at present but will be marketed soon. Four female faculty are working on developing this device. Fair Trade Wages Calculator, Sr. design team working with “World of Good” to develop a mobile tool to help piece-rate workers calculate their wages. SalaUno Catra Project in Mexico, it affects approximately 2 million people and they need a screening tool to screen and detect cataracts, has to meet the frugal core competencies, and the students then started developing the CATRA screening device that is based on technology from MIT media labs. Corporate funding, some companies donating are NetHope, Cisco, Mit Media labs, and a good number of other enterprises.  Radha stated that she is very excited about our program, stated that they are working on a 3-year plan, this can be a lab that is distinctive, and this can be a real differentiator for the University. Show coming up on Stanford’s Design for Extreme Affordability, which they are now calling “frugal innovations”, which is copying SCU’s program. Is Santa Clara going to lead, or not? Now is the time to make our mark and take the lead, and be really distinctive. We have a chance now… with one course we have such great impact. We need public relations and press, and to go for the funding, go after what we want. We need to get 5 million at least for this program to take off. Board recommends shooting for more that 5 million! Our students can be in the forefront of this program. Please send Radha an e-mail or set up a meeting with her, to give her feedback on how to advance this program. Radha can be reached at or 408-554-2335.

The Montgomery Movie: John Gidding’s is making a feature length film on John J. Montgomery, an SCU alumnus who achieved flight before the Wright brothers with his glider. When John Montgomery died in 1911, his obituary covered the front page of the S.F. Chronicle. Mr. Montgomery patented the term “Airplane”, invented a lot of aerodynamic designs. Mr. Montgomery was really an amazing man. John Giddings is working with a local Bay Area company to write the script and produce the film. John and his colleague Veronica are working on the SCU campus. John wants to tell the Montgomery Story. A gentleman from Germany contacted John and stated that

he wants to build a smaller scale prototype of the Montgomery Glider. John told a story about Mark Twain, and the avatar flight. This summer they will be fundraising, and then the movie can be produced. V.

General Business: John Maydonovitch  Engineering Excellence Fund 2010 – 2011 -6 Donors 6/27 22% 2011 – 2012 19 gifts 11 Donors 11/27 40% 2012 – 2-13 29 gifts 19 Donors 19/27 70% o We have had a nice increase in the number of gifts and donors, and the School is very appreciative of the Boards support.  


Senior Design Conference o The Sr. Design Conference Agenda is in the board package. Next Meeting: October 10, 2013

Meeting Adjourned at: 12:07 p.m.

In attendance: Jack Ackermann Daniel Aguiar Marcy Alstott Jack Balletto Nikhil Balram Ivo Bolsens Chuck Cantoni Bill S. Carter Ross Dakin John Giddings Mike Wallace Waguih Ishak Brad Mattson John Maydonovitch Godfrey Mungal Renee Niemi Fr. James Reites, S.J. Paul Russell Alex Shubat Marc van den Berg Magdalena Yesil Scott Andrews (Staff) Christine Woodward (Staff) Arcadio Morales–Devel. Ofc. Aimee Oscamou– Devel. Ofc. Christine Nichols –Devel. Of Nicole Clawson – Devel. Ofc Radha Basu (Guest Presenter)

Not Able to Attend: Jack Jia Tom McCalmont Maynard Webb Carl Simpson (at BioE board Mtg) Bill Terry Edward Schwabecher James Losch Richard L. Reginato

IAB Meeting Minutes, May 9, 2013  
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