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Cuento de Animales y Acciones

ยกYo corro muy rรกpido!

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Solo un poquito de espa単ol.

Barnes & Noble has a lag on Spanish literature for children.

Electronic books, such as the Kindle and the Nook, are becoming very popular Parents would like to be able to hand their E reader to their children so that they can develop Spanish reading skills..

As an author, you must create a Spanish book that can be downloaded onto an E-reader. If you prefer to create a hard copy you may discuss this with Profe.

Children enjoy books about animals. Think about your last trip to the zoo. Which animals are your favorite?


Your story must educate children about the animals within your story. Por ejemplo, La mariquita vive dos hasta tres a単os.

The book must present a problem that needs to be resolved. Such as the little bird finding his lost mother in the story above.

The book must include past and present tense verb usage. The lion chased the zebra, but did not catch it.

Remember this is a children’s book. Keep it simple; 1-3 sentences per page. Use words that you already know in Spanish!

¿Do dónde es una cebra? A. New Zealand B. Asia C. Africa D. Indiana ¿Qué come una cebra? A. pez B. lechuga C. carne D. césped Los estripes son __ para cada cebra. A. los mismos B. rojos C. diferentes D. bonitos

At the end of your educational animal story you will include a 3-5 question multiple choice quiz on the facts of the animals presented in your story.

Create an audio version of your book by recording yourself reading your story with emotion. Audio versions are great for children for that are challenged by reading or need to improve pronunciation skills.

In order to publish your story, you may use or the provided hard cover book. The completed written and th audio book are due September 28 .

Cuento de Animales y Acciones  

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