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Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) Seal of Review and Recognition Program The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE), is pleased to unveil a comprehensive review and formalized recognition process aimed at assisting healthcare professionals in selecting training and in-service programs promoting quality, safety and the most favorable outcomes within environmental services and its related disciplines. These disciplines may include, but are not limited to, cleaning and surface disinfection; laundry, linen and textile care and handling; waste stream management; patient transport; pest ™ management; and safety and security. The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program (Program) ensures that training and in-service curricula presented in seminars, publications, web-based programs, and other electronic media formats is sound, reliable and adheres to best practices of the environmental services discipline, based on the AHE Practice Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning and other AHE Recommended Practice documents. The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition (Seal) provides a visual symbol and confirmation of a quality curriculum that meets Program standards. All training programs submitted for review to the Program will be compared and vetted against aforementioned AHE recommended practice documents. These documents are typically based on determined best practices, regulatory compliance guidelines and guidance from entities such as the Center for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration and others. The Program reviews the content associated with training and in-service programs. This review does not, and will not, be considered an endorsement, certification, or sponsorship, implied or otherwise, for commercial products and services.

Definitions AHE Practice Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning and other AHE Recommended Practices guidelines: AHE guidance documents for professional practice within the discipline of environmental services representing AHE recommendations on environmental cleaning and surface disinfection; pest management; waste stream management; laundry, linen and textile processing; worker occupational health and safety; staff competency statements; emergency readiness as it relates to environmental services; and selection of equipment and tools and powered equipment.

Applicant(s): Organizations, institutions, facilities, individuals, etc., that submit training and/or in-service material through the Program for use of the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition. Training: Training refers to a single training program or title and is not defined as a representation of a series or grouping of training or learning activities or titles. Multiple but differing formats of the training may be submitted without incurring additional fees provided that the content has not be altered from the content of the original submission.


Training or in-service materials submitted for review specific to a company product or service do not meet the criteria for continuing education.

Value of the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition For providers of healthcare training and in-service programs, the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a respected symbol, providing acknowledgment that a training or education program is a recognized resource for environmental services and multi-disciplinary professionals. AHE is the leading authority in the healthcare environmental services profession as it relates to sound professional and evidence-based practice, and guiding principles in support of environmental services operations. The Seal will communicate to over 5,000 healthcare professionals that a program is committed to excellence in professional practice.

Submission Guidelines The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program is limited to training and inservice activity content that meet the following criteria: n



Advances the practice and operations of maintaining the healthcare environment Establishes and promotes the safe use of equipment and/or products within non-clinical healthcare staff responsibilities Conforms to the AHE Practice Guidance for Healthcare Environmental Cleaning (most recent edition), other published or posted AHE publications, or Recommended Practice documents

Suitable examples for the Program include, but are not limited to: • Training and in-service manuals intended for patients, consumers, and/or professionals • Electronic media (DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc.) • Operations manuals, policies and procedures, or equipment user guides • Training and in-service seminars and conferences • Journal articles, textbooks, monographs, and independent study modules • Training and in-service web programs, webinars, and online activities

Application To apply for the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program, applicants must complete the process as noted below. Applications deviating from the process will not be considered. 1. Download and complete the application online. Follow the instructions and guidelines carefully. The application can be accessed via the AHE website at 2. Provide a final draft of the entire training or in-service package(s) in editable Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint format. Also, provide an identical PDF file that will be an example of the finished program. 3. Submit the online application and program for review in the formats listed above. If the contents of the program to be submitted are larger than 5 MB of data, the files can be submitted via a ZIP file or CD. Providing an online link to the complete training or in-service program(s) for web download and review will also be considered, provided the materials represent the entire program to be reviewed. 4. The program submitted for review must be correct in spelling and structure, follow rules of formal grammar, and be formatted properly (i.e. MLA, APA formats). 2

5. Materials should be in compliance with regulatory agency guidelines, including but not limited to, Joint Commission, EPA, CDC, OSHA, FDA, and other industry accepted guidelines through AHE. 6. Technical terms and definitions used should be reviewed for accuracy prior to submission. 7. All supporting source material (print, non-print, and online) should be clearly cited within submitted program Program Committee for documents by parenthetical citations, endnotes, the AHE Seal of Review bibliography, or a works cited section. and Recognition 8. In all instances where the program document includes Every application is previously copyrighted material beyond fair use, reviewed by healthcare permission from the copyright holder must be provided professionals, each holding in writing, and signed and dated by the copyright a Bachelor of Science holder. degree or higher, certified 9. All sections of the submitted program (i.e. table of by the AHA Certification contents, chapters, addendums, references, etc.) must Center or other be clearly labeled within the document. professional certification 10. AHE requires that ALL documents and supporting entities, and are leading materials for review be submitted at the same time in authorities in the practice order to facilitate a timely and expeditious review of of environmental services the materials in their entirety. Review of materials will and its related disciplines. not begin until all documents and supporting materials are received. The key contact listed on the application will be notified within 48 hours of application receipt by AHE. Allow 8 weeks processing for review and determination of acceptance, and award of the Seal, or recommended changes to the application. If changes are recommended by the Program Committee, the applicant may agree to make the changes and resubmit for a second (and final) review or withdraw the application. No refunds will be given to applications that are withdrawn. Please allow 2 additional weeks for review and confirmation of changes requested. Applicants that do not meet the program requirements, application submission guidelines, or are not amenable to recommended changes will not be issued a refund. There will be no exceptions. Applicants must coordinate the release of materials with these deadlines in mind. A final PDF draft of the promotional and training materials, if approved, should feature the Seal of Review and Recognition as noted on page 5.

Post-Approval Process If the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is awarded, an agreement/contract will be sent to the key contact on the application. This agreement states, but is not limited to, the following: 1. AHE will have final approval at all times of all statements attributed to use of the AHE name and logo. 2. AHE and the American Hospital Association (of which AHE is a wholly owned entity) will be satisfactorily assured of protection against liability. 3. The contract will be in effect for one year from the time the agreement is processed and signed. Failure to sign the contract/agreement within 10 days of receipt and in the absence of a request for extension shall nullify the acceptance of the application and award of the Seal. Under no circumstances will a refund be provided. 4. Applicants agree to adhere to the timeframe and associated deadlines for the renewal process. 5. Applicants agree to a licensing agreement outlining the correct use of the Seal logo which will be provided. 3

6. Applicants agree to adhere to the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition logo licensing agreement and requirements for advertising, marketing and promotion of approved programs. 7. The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition is a trademark of AHE and must be properly recognized in writing when ever and where ever used.

Length of Licensing Use Time Period When a program is awarded the Seal, permission will be granted to use the Seal logo in such a manner that it conforms to the requirements previously outlined. The Seal is valid for one year beginning on the date of the fully executed agreement and logo licensing agreement. Reapplication is required to continue using the Seal, and all expired program materials in use without renewal authorization displaying the Seal must be discontinued and destroyed. Failure to do so will result in legal action. The applicant is required to discontinue use and remove the Seal from every application, document, promotional piece, training materials etc., associated with the approved training/education program on the date the one-year period has lapsed. We encourage program participants to begin the renewal process at least 90 days prior to program expiration should they wish to continue use of the Seal without interruption. Note: The 90-day grace period is active ONLY if the applicant has notified of the intent to begin the process for renewal. If the applicant chooses to have the training renewed after the one-year time period and the subsequent 90 days has expired, the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition shall not be used in the interim while the training is being reviewed.

Fees Fees as outlined below must be received by AHE before the technical review period begins for each program submitted. Fees are due at the time of submission and are non-refundable.



Application Fee: The basic fee for application processing and determination of eligibility. If the application meets the criteria, the $200 will be applied to the $8,000 due for the technical review process.

$200 (per program)

AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program: Fee includes technical review and recommendations and a second (and final) review, if applicable. Any revisions based on recommendations following the second review will require additional payment at the hourly rate of $125/hour x the number of reviewers seated on the review panel. Recipients of the Seal will receive: • Electronic file of the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition logo • One-year license agreement to display the logo (per the terms outlined in the license agreement). • A one-year listing in the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Online Directory (90-day grace period is provided only if the renewal process has begun) • Renewal application(s) and instructions Licensing Renewal Fees: Licensing Renewal Application Licensing Renewal fee ($200 will be applied to the $1,500 renewal fee)


$8,000 (per program)


$200 $1,500 annually

Licensing/Seal Use

Requirements for publishing, reproducing, printing, and any other use of the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition include, but are not limited to: 1. Applicants must have written acknowledgement from AHE that their program has been reviewed and awarded the Seal. 2. The licensing agreement must be signed and executed and all fees paid in full, before the Seal logo is provided. 3. No program may carry the Seal without prior submission of an application and approval through the Seal review process. 4. Recipients of the Seal award must ensure that it is used only on the training and promotional material that was reviewed with the application submitted.

5. The Seal cannot be applied to a series of training programs that have not been applied for, submitted and reviewed through the AHE Seal of Review and Recognition process.

6. Where ever the Seal is used, it must accompany the title of the training that was accepted and the following disclaimer. Additional requirements or changes will be provided at the time of approval. Disclaimer The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition has been awarded to <Title of Training or In-Service Program> and does not imply that AHE or the AHA approves or endorses any product or service mentioned in any presentation, format or content. The AHE Seal of Review and Recognition Program Committee will not award Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to approved programs.

7. Applicants may not apply or display the Seal in any manner that implies endorsement, certification, or sponsorship of a company, their operations, services, or products by AHE or AHA as noted in the licensing agreement and usage guidelines. Usage guidelines will be provided at the time of Seal approval and presentation.

8. Awarding the Seal does not imply a partnership, collaboration, strategic alliance, or any relationship theory, between AHE and the applicant.

9. Applicants may not use the Seal to denigrate the AHE name, brand, products, or services, in a manner which would diminish or otherwise damage AHEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goodwill in providing the Seal for use. 10. Applicants may not alter the Seal in any manner. It must be applied in all cases without modification as it was provided by AHE. 11. The Seal must appear consistent with stated guidelines and within reasonable spacing and sizing between each side of the Seal and other graphic or textual elements. Spacing around the Seal must appear independent of any other trademark, seal, indicia, corporate logo, statements, quotes, or any other branded element or mark. Display specifications and guidelines will be provided upon approval. 12. Applicants acknowledge that all rights to the Seal are the exclusive property of AHE and all goodwill generated through the use of the Seal are intended specifically for the training that is represented by the Seal. 13. AHE reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify these guidelines at any time and to take appropriate action without permission, including revoking or suspending the usage of the Seal logo, against any use that does not conform to prescribed guidelines. 14. As previously noted, the Seal is a trademark of AHE and must be properly recognized.


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Seal of Review and Recognition Program  

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) is pleased to announce their Seal of Review and Recognition Program. The AHE Seal of Re...

Seal of Review and Recognition Program  

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) is pleased to announce their Seal of Review and Recognition Program. The AHE Seal of Re...