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First Quarter 2011

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Inside this issue: Special Report: IBDC - Rwanda 1 Message from the President


ICCC Americas Regional Report


ICCC Eastern European Regional Report


Appreciation of Former ICCC Leaders


Introduction of New ICCC Leaders


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Entrepreneurs Graduate from the IBDC ICCC Business Development Centre –Rwanda I am happy to announce that 34 entrepreneurs graduated from the pilot program at our ICCC Business Development Centre in Rwanda on December 9, 2010. All 34 have viable business plans. Some are already operating their businesses. Others plan to launch soon. We wish that everyone could have witnessed the 34 business plan presentations (15 minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A), which served as the ―final exam‖ of the course. It was incredibly

rewarding to see how much these aspiring entrepreneurs developed in 16 weeks. The entrepreneurs are passionate about helping their nation by providing lifeimproving products and services, providing fulfilling jobs to their countrymen, and sitting high ethical standards. Several businesses aim to improve healthcare. A software developer wants to create 100 high-paying programming jobs. (Special Report continued on page 4)


2011 Upcoming Events March 11-13 ICCC UK National Conference & AGM

Important Prayer Focus 

Let us thank God for bringing us into 2011 and for all His plans for us. Let us agree in prayer for the necessary transition into more fullness in our walk with Him.

Let us also receive understanding to walk in complete OBEDIENCE as we are tested so that we can progressively MATURE as sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

Let us pray for Israel and Jerusalem using Psalm 122. most particularly in light of the recent development in Indonesia and Egypt.

Please ask the Lord for His presence and wisdom to accomplish much, for the advancement of our corporate mandate.

Ask the Lord for fresh release of the grace of prayer that grows from intimacy with the Lord so that we can become more effective in the Nations.

Pray for Joakim, Janice, a nd Am y a s th e y continue to serve us at the International Offices in Sweden and the US respectively.

April 6-10 ICCC Norway National Conference & ICCC International Board Meeting June 20-23 Innovation’s Edge-Israel 22-23 Presidential Conference 23-25 ICCC Leadership Conference October 13-18 Feast of Tabernacles November ICCC Asian Regional Conference For a complete listing of events, visit of events

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Message from the President By Dale W. Neill The following thoughts have been offered by one of our trusted former ICCC International Leaders. Therefore, I have written this article to present to you as our Members. Please allow me to encourage you to take time to reflect on these thoughts.


hat is an ―original‖ and what is a copy or a fake? In today‘s society it is difficult to distinguish between the original product and a copy or a pirated version. In certain circumstances it

is actually not possible to distinguish the copy from the original. Recently, it was possible to buy a pirated copy of a product before the original product (the IPad) was launched in the market. Unfortunately, this travesty has now reached humanity itself! Now it seems even humans are facing the same process. After an evolving process of redefining the ―family concept‖, under the label of social innovation, the word ―family‖ now has a very

diverse meaning as w e consider the legality of same sex marriage in a number of societies. The possibility of creating synthetic life, cloning, etc., also puts new focus on this issue. What actually constitutes a unique individual? In an age of individualization, trusting relationships founded in God‘s love is becoming extremely rare, yet they are all the more important. (Message from the President Continued on page 7)

ICCC Americas Regional Report Another year has come to an end. 2010 has gone so quickly. It‘s hard to believe we are into a new year already. It seems as though the older one gets – the faster time flies. Today‘s world is so ‗busy‘. There appears to be so much we need to accomplish but have so little time to fulfill our tasks and reach our targets. The twenty first century person must be very skilled in time management in order to complete the ‗things to do‘ in any given day. To be effective in a voluntary organization like ICCC, one has to take one‘s individual time management to another level. Those persons who are able to do so will be the ones who accomplish God‘s purpose for their life. Already, in the region, 2011 has begun to pose challenges. The USA economy continues to be sluggish in its recovery efforts while the jobless rate remains high. In Central America, the government of Mexico continues

its fight against the drug cartels resulting in so many deaths. Further south, unusually heavy rains have caused flooding and landslides in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil resulting in many deaths, leaving many homeless. For us, we do not remain untouched by such events but we know the One who will take us through them. Looking ahead, it is important that those nations where ICCC Chambers are established become more effectively functional. If the ICCC vision and mission is to become a reality within the lives of everyday marketplace people in this region, existing Chambers must become increasingly more relevant. We give God thanks for our nations from our region that were represented at the ICCC IGM and Conference in Alicante last year. Canada, USA and Brasil were well represented also present were members from Uruguay, Costa Rica and Jamaica. Our goal is that qualitative as well as quantitative growth of ICCC takes another step forward in this region. It is my prayer that the

Chambers in the Caribbean, namely Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago take hold of the mandate they have received from the Lord to impact their respective islands. We pray that the signs of progress in Uruguay and Costa Rica continue towards the establishment of effective Chambers in those nations. May the vision and mission of ICCC be ignited in the hearts of those God has predestined to carry this message to those nations of the region where ICCC is not present. Above all, it is my prayer we begin to bear the fruit God has willed for us to bear. “Every branch in me that bears no fruit He takes away; and every branch that does bear fruit He prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful.” – John 15:2 Respectfully Submitted, Floyd Brown ICCC Regional Leader of the Americas

THE MARKET CALLING, PAGE 4 (Special report continued from page 1)

One of the graduates is a church growth pastor who has founded an organization to provide church members with entrepreneurial training so they will develop their gifts and talents to serve others. Another graduate will devote his studio to production programming for churches and non-profits. Many are experienced in the industries they are entering– e.g., a nurse is opening a medical consumable supplies distribution business; a pharmacist will distribute rapid diagnostic test kits, selling through the network of contacts he has built; the manager of Bourbon Coffee (Rwanda‘s Starbucks) will open his own bakery-café; a consultant/trainer will expand her business to serve S M E‘ s; a c he mi s t wi l l o pe n a distribution company. They have assembled the key resources required for a successful launch—e.g., a medical clinic entrepreneur has signed up four well-known doctors with large client bases; a funeral home business has acquired land, capital, and hired the nation‘s top mortician; an SMS media company has built a team with database and programming expertise and has gotten commitments from the largest cell phone company and ISP to work with them; the bakery-café entrepreneur has assembled a team that developed its food & beverage expertise in Rwanda‘s premier hotels and restaurants. All are starting at the level appropriate to their experience and resources-- e.g., a young woman who eventually wants to open a fitness center, has started with a business that requires fewer resources (she has already started Afribag– a line of designer handbags); a young man with no savings is starting an egg distribution business which involves purchasing eggs from neighboring villages, transporting them by bus to Kigali, and selling them in central markets; the owner of an 18 room guest house plans to expand to 40 rooms; several experienced business people are

opening businesses that require more than $250,000 start-up capital.

The judges considered four factors in deciding the first and second place winners:

Business Plan Competition As the instructor who listened to all 34 presentations, John Mulford had the difficult task of choosing finalists for the Business Plan Competition. The original plan was to have five finalists, but there were just too many good plans to cut off at five. Mulford chose seven finalists; however, one had to drop out because her investor (who committed $300,000) didn‘t want the plan publicized until the official launch.

1. Idea Quality: Entrepreneur has convinced you there is a market for the product or service, has identified a profitable market niche, and has developed a viable business model to pursue that niche.

“…Several experienced business people are opening businesses that require more than $250,000 start up capital...”

3. Operating Plan: The start-up and growth plan fit the business model, team capabilities, and market conditions. Revenue and expense projections are well-supported and plausible.

The six who competed in the finals are (left to right): Dona Kalinda (comprehensive medical clinic); Carine Sebera (Christian K-12 school); Henry Kisembo Clark (media company that will place and monitor advertisements from companies to mobile phone users using SMS messages); Michaelle Kubwimana (Coffee vending machines); Ntare Karitanyi (software development); and Fabrice Shema (rapid diagnostic test kits for 26 diseases).

Michaelle Kubwinmanas ―Kinunu Coffee Company‖ won first prize. Ntare Karitanyi‘s Hobuka Ltd won second prize. The judges agreed that, although only one could win, all six were among the top businesses starting in Rwanda.

A panel of five distinguished business leaders judged the competition. The panel was chaired by Tim Woodward, ICCC member who is a financial advisor from the UK. The Panel included the founder of Karisimbi Partners (strategic consultants), a visiting venture capitalist from Virginia in the USA, the Rector of Rwanda‘s School of Finance and Banking, and the President of Urwego Opportunity Bank Rwanda‘s l ar gest mi cr of inance institution.

2. Team competence: Entrepreneur has assembled a team (or, in your judgment, can assemble a team) with compelling expertise and experience in the key areas required for a successful deployment of the business model.

4. Presentations persuasiveness: Presenter ―sells‖ the idea, team, and operating plan so well that the audience is persuaded to support the entrepreneur in the way he/she requests.

Michaelle impressed the judges with her business model– better coffee, better selection, and lower prices– and in her initiative she had tentative commitments from business for 14 machines. She is t a r ge t i n g b u s i n e s s e s w i t h 3 0 + employees, who pay for their employee‘s coffee breaks. She will install machines form Italy and supply them with high-grade Rwandan coffee from her family‘s coffee plantation. Ntare has already started Hobuka Ltd, bootstrapping it while he keeps his fulltime job. He and two programmers are developing business process software for pharmacies and schools. (Special report continued on page 5)

THE MARKET CALLING, PAGE 5 (Special Report continued from page 4)

First Graduation Class ICCC Business Development Centre-Rwanda

He is exploring sources of funding that will enable him to devote full time to the business and expand faster. He has developed a network of about 20 free lancers, so he can grow rapidly without increasing his overhead. Both first and second place winners will receive six months of accounting services and legal

ICCC Eastern Europe Regional Report Many members wishing to attend our ICCC Conference and International General Meeting in Spain had problems with visas and finances. Apologies were received from Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan who all intended to come but were denied. Members from parts of Russia and Armenia were granted Visas. As a result we set up a conference in Odessa for those unable to attend. This was held Dec 4/5. The weather conditions over Europe were challenging. The speakers were Jouni Suompaa from Finland, Brodie and Hilary McNeill and Grahame Scofield from UK and Anenome Ruger from Germany. All of us were delayed on the day first by snow and then by fog. Each of us were held up at a different city in

services from local sponsors as well as a small interest free loan. Graduation Graduates and their families celebrated successful completion of our 16 week training program which was conducted by us at the RIAM training facility in Kigali. Clare Akamanzi, Chief Operating Officer of the Rwanda Development Europe and could only arrive on the Saturday afternoon. Some of the participants had left, but for those who remained we had an excellent meeting and were able to make plans for the future. One of those attending was a business lady from Armenia who has good connections with the Government. We have a plan for a national conference in Armenia in the spring to coincide with the registration of the Chamber. In Bulgaria our contact person Dimitris Trangos has been having major problems with his clothing supply business. Registration of the chamber has been delayed as a result. We are praying for favour on his business. For Russia there is a plan for a conference in St Petersburg in late spring. Anenome has been asked to assist as an ICCC contact for Russia in place of Hermann Schneider who is on

Board (RDB), welcomed the attendees to the world of business and told them how much Rwanda needs their businesses. She encouraged them to strive for excellence and reiterated RDB‘s support for the program and for them as they start their businesses. (Special Report continued on page 6)

sabbatical. She has the capacity to do this, is committed and has Russian language skills. She comes from East Germany, so has empathy for the former Russian territories. Brodie and Hilary have visited Central Asia. They found the business clubs flourishing and using YCSAB in Russian as their textbook. There is political instability in Kyrgystan and the Christians need to keep a low profile. In Kazakhstan there are many young missionaries travelling the Silk Road and using their business activity to open doors. Please continue to pray for our members in this area as they face daily challenges to their faith and business affairs. Submitted by, Grahame Scofield ICCC Regional Leader

THE MARKET CALLING, PAGE 6 (Special report continued from page 5)

Ms. Akamanzi was both surprised and impressed by the experience of the graduates and the caliber of their business plans. She was not expecting such significant business. After speaking with several of the graduates at the reception following the ceremony, she asked for a complete list of businesses so she could help connect them to strategic partners and resources.

however, they emphasized that this ceremony was only a transition, not an ending, to the relationship between the students and the IBDC. We will continue to mentor, advise, and connect graduates to help them succeed. God is already providing divine appointments and contacts. When we mentioned the winning business to the special assistant to His Excellency the President of Rwanda, he said that he wanted to talk with her about putting coffee machines in government buildings. At the recent

results first, rather than talk about what we hoped to do. But Rwanda is a small country and word travels fast. Open forums and workshops by several of our Visiting Executives got the attention of business and government leaders. They were impressed with the quality of what we offered the community. But what really impressed Rwandan leaders is what we accomplished with very little promotion, our program‘s graduating a class of 34 entrepreneurs with virtually no attrition, and having all of them produce viable business plans. This has never been done before in Rwanda.

Dale W. Neill, International President, International Chri sti an Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), and founding partner of the ICCC Business Development Centre, Government leaders were so gave the charge to the impressed by our first results graduates. He told them that that they asked us to manage a they are among the skilled and network of 12 business trained in their nation. He also development centres through told them that, as entrepreneurs, out the nation. We agreed to they have the great privilege of train trainers for their centers transforming Rwanda through and create a flagship model in their businesses. He called the capital; however, we are them to lives of excellence, still in discussions. Our innovation, and integrity as they program continues with a pursue their life purpose. After second cohort entering the the graduation, Mr. Neill wrote training January 24, 2011. to ICCC members: ―The quality Left to right: Dr. John Mulford, Janvier Ndahimana (recipient of the Several of the people who of the graduating students as attended workshops in the fall service award), and Dale W. Neill well as their future business plans is far ICCC International Conference have applied. Several of the visiting beyond anything we could have hoped meeting in Spain, a large poultry farmer executives and entrepreneurs who are for when we first envisioned the ICCC from Zimbabwe volunteered to help an essential part of the success of the Business Development Centre.‖ with the IBDC in Rwanda, not knowing program found it so fulfilling in the Fall that we have two chicken businesses they plan to return in 2011. They will Dr. John Mulford, Managing Director starting. We have already connected work with the prospective businesses of of the IBDC, recognized outstanding our graduate‘s solar panel business with current students and with the existing graduates. Seven graduates received a Chinese supplier of solar powered businesses of graduates. certificates for perfect attendance, quite lights. We have also identified a U.S. an accomplishment given that they If you feel that God is calling you to supplier of medical equipment for the worked full time and attended class five share your entrepreneurial business health clinic. nights a week. In addition, certificates knowledge and skills with motivated, and academic medals were awarded for The night of December 10, as John was aspiring entrepreneurs in our ICCC outstanding performance and character. packing to leave Rwanda, the power Business Development Centre, please Ernest Muhire (received the certificate went out in our guest house. Another contact Bill Peters who is the director and medal for best class participation. guest was in the hall carrying a candle of our ICCC Teaching and Training Other awards went to : Michaelle to light his way. John learned that he Domain to learn how you can be Kubwimana (best analysis); Carine runs a social venture investment fund involved. Sebera (encourager); Janvier that invests in Africa. He liked what Ndahimana (service); and Dona we are doing. He asked to see the rapid *Report by Dr. John Mulford – *Edited by Dale W. Neill Kalinda (servant leadership.) diagnostic test kit business plan. Mulford and Neill awarded certificates of completion to each graduate;

We purposely kept a low profile during our first course. We wanted to produce


Our Appreciation...

We wish to express our sincerest appreciation to Gerhard Rauch who served on the international board for many years and now serves as president of the ICCC Global Trade Center. Likewise we thank and appreciate Claus Phillipin as he has stepped down from his responsibility for many faithful years as International Treasurer. They are Gerhard Rauch exceptional men of God who continue to be effective leaders with different responsibilities in God's Kingdom. (Message from the President Continued on page 1)

To be part of a ―People‖ under God is something that we cannot appreciate enough! We will need each other more and more as the future unfolds! The true currency of the future will be love. The exchange rate will be the level of our relationships with God and others. In ICCC we consider our relationship with each of you as one of our most important assets! Likewise, the concept of democracy is also being redefined. Today democracy is more often described simply as a set of values, and not an actual legal, political governance model. The values in a true democracy must have definite operating principles, covering the spiritual, secular, socialistic or capitalistic areas. Democracy requires certain defining absolutes regarding important issues related to life and death, male and female, true and false, right and wrong, etc. Without a common understanding within the language, values and foundations of the culture, enduring stability and success is most difficult if not impossible. Individual freedom is becoming more fragmented than ever. This problem will become more intense as the pressure to globalize increases. Respect for differing cultures and true values are subtly being replaced by the requirement for uniformity through

mild coercion, and increasing censorship. The classic statement often associated with Voltaire, ―I disapprove of your views, but I am prepared to die for your right to express them," is now gradually being replaced with, "We disapprove of your views, and we must ensure that you adopt the same viewpoints and opinions and conform to a global worldview.‖ We are heading towards a new time when private space becomes smaller a n d s ma l l e r , d e s pi t e gr e at technological development. We are being directed toward a secular "world religion" for non-belivers, with political overtones in the aim to create a common global value base. This is logical only when "man and not God is the measure of all things". We are being fed unclear ambiguous explanations that determine what is to be regarded as ethically right and true, based on an humanistic interpretation of a constantly shifting and confused public opinion. We are being pushed more and more in a direction to maximize the personal good of the politicians and their agendas as priorty, while marganalizing what is best for the public and society. As we face tomorrow, more than ever before, we are going to need each other and a strong God directed navigation system that can only come from God‘s Thrown Room.

Claus Phillipin

Therefore, it is imperative that all of us prepare to expand our mental tent and create space in thought, speech, and action. We need to remember that we are here for a reason to glorify God, to serve mankind and society. We need to guard freedom of speech and religion in order to be able to fulfill our common purpose as Kingdom Ambassadors. Ernest Hemingway said, "The strangest thing with the future is that it will soon be called the good old days.‖ So the question we must ask ourselves; will we consider today to be ―the good old days‖? We must think about how to transition from yesterday, the past tense, through our daily and constant activities now in the present tense, into a visionary future tense! So let us say, ―Seize the day!‖ Let me close these thoughts with a recent quotation from the current President of Israel, the most strategic Nation in the world today, "Never before in our history has humanity held such immense power to influence and shape the future – for better or worse. Our generation will be tested by the decisions we make.” -President Shimon Peres. Fortunately today, most of us still have the power to choose. The question that begs to be answered is whether you will actually exercise your privilege to choose and if so, what will be the basis for the choices you make?


New ICCC International Board Members Saku Pitkanen First Vice-President Saku currently works as a Senior Consultant in the Finnish Export Institute, Finpro. In his work he is promoting growth and competitiveness of Finnish companies through internationalization. Saku joined ICCC in 2002 and he has been a member of the Finnish National Board since 2004 as well as leading the ICCC‘s Sub Chamber in Helsinki area. Saku is married to Susanna and they have three children. They live in Tuusula near the nation‘s capital, Helsinki.

Sandro W. Pereira dos Santos Secretary/Vice- President Governance Sandro is a Brazilian corporate lawyer and has many years of experience in investments and legal affairs. He is a senior partner at PSQA Advogados and also Managing director at Pathmos investments. Sandro joined ICCC in 2008 and since then he has been a member of the Brazilian National Board. Sandro is married to Fabiana and they have two daughters. They live in Curitiba-PR, south of Brazil.

In the end it‘s not the years in your life the count. It‘s the life in your years.—Abraham Lincoln 

We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbor. — G.K Chesterton The


Editors: Dale W. Neill and Amy Y. Yao

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The vision calls for a world-wide network of committed businesspeople in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; h...

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The vision calls for a world-wide network of committed businesspeople in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; h...