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Offline goals drive online activity Start small and dream big Social media is a part of your toolbox

A word about branding

How did we get here?

Touchpoint mapping

Brand Engagement Strategy Our goal: Build a movement of brand ambassadors for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who share God's boundless love with the world.

Traditional Marketing Funnel

Engagement with the ELCA Awareness of the ELCA Grasp of the ELCA Appreciation of the ELCA Preference for the ELCA Evangelist for the ELCA

How do ELCA members participate?

Focusing our energy • Enhance member engagement with the ELCA. • Create member-to-member engagement opportunities. • Build infrastructure.

2009 ELCA Ad Campaign

Goals Brand engagement Member data Social media trial Storytelling

Outcomes 224 video stories 8,500 e-mail addresses Viral campaign

Everyone’s a winner!

2009 Churchwide Assembly = 76,000 unique visitors Video clips = 13,000 views Blog = 4,000 unique visitors Tweets = 1,000-plus on Friday, Aug. 21 Facebook fans = 280 new

Facebook testimonial "Kudos to the ELCA for all the multimedia work they are doing this year at the CWA. The tweets, Facebook posts, and videos have been particularly helpful. I feel engaged and informed. Kudos also to Mark Hanson for a great press conference of Monday.".(Posted Tues., Aug. 18, 12:57 p.m.)

We’ve only just begun

What do ELCA members want and need? • • • • • •

Resources Community building Commentary Daily discipleship Messages Stories of Lutherans and how national issues affect their lives

We want YOU.

Marketing Social Gospel  
Marketing Social Gospel  

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