August 2016 PLG Record

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Purchaser Learning Group (PLG) August 30, 2016 Record of Learning

Coordinated by HCGC:

Purchaser Participants: Kent Bermingham, Cindy Deep, Pam Doseck, Sarah Durfee, Tiffany Franklin, Julie Frazier, Elizabeth Good, Amber Hulme, John Kackloudis, Chip Knoop, Michelle Mathieu, Andrew Niederst, Susan Scheer, Bruce Wall MD Guests: Belinda Bardall, Chad Evans, Judy Minaudo, Molly Ring, Lois Stauffer HCGC Staff: Jeff Biehl John Leite, Michelle Missler, Krista Stock NOTES

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Welcome & Introductions (Kevin Hinkle, Anthem, HCGC Board) Purpose: To create a safe learning environment where leaders representing purchasers of health services (private and public self-insured employers, public retirement systems, health plans, regional employer health coalitions, and benefit consultants) discuss healthcare best practices and lessons learned. Learning Topic: Patient/Consumer Engagement Purpose: Share recent learning from studies on healthcare consumerism to guide consumer patient engagement strategies. • •

Debunking Patient Consumerism Myths (Jeff Biehl, HCGC) OPERS Health Literacy/Patient Engagement Survey (Sarah Durfee, OPERS, HCGC Board)

Please click here to view presentation slides. Care Coordination Discussion Panel: What are we learning about how to improve patient/consumer engagement? • • • • •

Belinda Bardall, RN, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Chad Evans, LPN, MBA, Mt. Carmel Health System Judy Minaudo, RN, Central Ohio Primary Care Molly Ring, MSW, Central Ohio Primary Care Lois Stauffer, MSN, RN, CNL, OhioHealth

Collaborative Learning • Culture change taking place towards advancing team-based care, including role of social workers as part of the team. • Desire by all to improve transparency of price/cost information to help consumers make better decision. • Desire to use same quality measures across different health plans to reduce the administrative/cost burden to providers. • Evolving care coordination models taking shape in provider organizations. • Evolving partnerships taking shape among providers and health plans (sharing data, aligning resources, process engineering, reducing duplication) • Shifting sense of collaboration among providers and purchasers, aligned with value-based payments and quality measurement. 1

NOTES Next Steps •

2016 Purchaser Learning Group Sessions: November 15

From your unique perspective, what was the value of today’s learning session? • • • • •

Very High Value: 14% High Value: 86% Medium Value: 0% Low Value: 0% No Value: 0%

As a purchaser, what topics would have the most learning value at future sessions? • • • • • • • •

Behavioral health perspective Broker/consultant panel – view of FFS vs value in helping plan sponsors make decisions. Are you making the shift to value-based decisions? Continuing discussion on transparency Health literacy and consumer education How important price/cost in the equation from an individual/employee perspective – what roles should the individual plan in this element? More sharing of best practices Pricing transparency evolution Transparency initiatives in Ohio/Central Ohio