February 2016 PLG Record

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Purchaser Learning Group (PLG) February 9, 2016 Record of Learning Participating Purchasers • Jon Glick, Medical Mutual • Tom Hadley, Wells Fargo Insurance Services • John Kackloudis, Health Action Council • Chip Knoop, Cbiz, Inc. • Michelle Mathieu, Aetna

Coordinated by HCGC:

• • • •

Jodi Mitchell, Health Action Council Andrew Niederst, Medical Mutual Sara Pryor, Medical Mutual Rebecca Sustersic, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation


HCGC • Jeff Biehl • Krista Stock


Topic and Shared Learning Discussion Briefing: The National Quality Strategy (NQS) – Why and What? • •

Link to view presentation slides: https://accesshealthcolumbus.egnyte.com/dl/QjCXcG0klY The National Quality Strategy (NQS) was developed through a transparent and collaborative process with input from a range of stakeholders. More than 300 groups, organizations, and individuals, representing all sectors of the health care industry and the general public, provided comments. Stakeholders can use the nine levers to align their core business or organizational functions to improve health and the quality of healthcare. HCGC shared an initial snapshot of the nine levers/strategies populated with collaborative initiatives taking place at national, state, and regional levels.

What quality improvement initiatives should we consider adding to the Snapshot? Group suggested adding more information on: • • •

Range of payment innovations taking place at national, state, and regional levels. Health literacy. Consumer engagement.

Which initiatives should we explore in more detail as a Purchaser Learning Group? Group indicated an interest in two areas of learning: • •

Payment models being tested and what we are learning from their use. Consumer incentives/benefit design, with emphasis on what is working to improve health literacy, consumer engagement, and employee wellness programs. 1

HCGC staff will apply learning to advance the NQS snapshot/dashboard. HCGC staff will apply learning to shape future PLG sessions.



Learning Session Feedback From your unique perspective, what was the value of today’s learning session? • • • • •

Very High Value: 11% High Value: 78% Medium Value: 11% Low Value: 0% No Value: 0%

What are your reflections on the value of today’s Purchaser Learning Group session? • • • • • • • • •

I found today very valuable. Continued engagement within Central Ohio organizations is important. I believe these sessions can gain traction if we can gain more participation. Healthy discussion with a variety of views. Group discussion on what else can we do to better engagement community (employer/employee) Disappointed no employers attended. Impressed that HAC had two attendees. The discussion was very valuable. I agree that consumer health literacy is a very important issue that really impacts several of these levers. Weather hurt participation but well worth the 90 minutes to have health plans, advisors, and employer coalition in the same room. Like the new structure. Today was good in evaluating what we are seeing in the marketplace. We need to have stronger consumer engagement and education for the people using insurance. Today was my first session that I attended and thought it was valuable discussion. Enjoyed discussing various topics and identifying a few items to focus more attention on in future meetings. Nice well-rounded group. Would be more valuable with more attendees. Need more employer engagement need broader participation (weather a factor). Engage outside speaker to stimulate discussion (via conference if national) 2016 Purchaser Learning Group Sessions: May 10, August 30, November 15


HCGC staff will apply feedback towards improving the value of the PLG.

Please INVITE your colleagues (from your organization or other purchaser organizations) to join us. Those interested can send their contact information to Jeff Biehl (jeff@hcgc.org).