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Collaborative Transformational Activities

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(updated: 11/3/2014)

The Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus is a non-profit, public-private partnership. We serve as a catalyst, convener, and coordinator of healthcare transformation & learning in Greater Columbus. Strategic Areas of Focus Shared Responsibility …exploring and catalyzing best practices to improve engagement between consumers, providers, and purchasers

Patient-Centered Primary Care …exploring and catalyzing best practices to improve the value of primary care

Collaborative Activity

Activity Purpose

Choosing Wisely

CONSUMERS, PROVIDERS, PURCHASERS engaging in meaningful discussion about healthcare procedures that may be unnecessary, and in some instances can cause harm

Patient Engagement Education & Training

CONSUMERS engaging in their healthcare by using the right questions

Open Notes

CONSUMERS, PROVIDERS engaging in the use of online access to visit notes

Patient-Centered Medical Home

PROVIDERS achieving national recognition as a patient-centered medical home (PCMH)

Medical Neighborhood Pilot

PROVIDERS implementing a shared client referral infrastructure PROVIDERS measuring the value and sustainability of integrating physical and behavioral healthcare

Physical-Behavioral Integration Pilot Healthcare Transparency …exploring and catalyzing best practices to improve access to information as a foundation for transformation

Primary Care Quality Reporting Pilot

PROVIDERS sharing comparative quality data and demonstrating the meaningful use of health information technology

Apply Collaborative Learning …exploring and catalyzing best practices to improve the application of learning in Greater Columbus

CONSUMERS, PROVIDERS, PURCHASERS exploring best practices and sharing lessons learned from national, state, and regional activities

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Public-Private Board of Directors National, State, and Regional Healthcare Improvement Collaboratives Healthcare Transformation Learning Sessions Speaking Engagements Behavioral Health Learning Group FQHC Senior Leadership Group Navigator & Certified Application Counselor Learning Group Purchaser Learning Group

Collaborative Transformational Activities  
Collaborative Transformational Activities