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Sunday, February 20, 2011 | 7pm at the Power Center for Performing Arts

Encompass At the very core of our mission, Encompass believes that all of us have a diverse variety of experiences through our knowledge of the arts in our respective cultures. When we bring together these experts from various cultures on to one stage for a multicultural performance through music, we want to establish the fact the as students, we need to create connections across cultures, look beyond our stereotypes to finally realize that what we have in common is far more compelling than our differences. And this is the change that Encompass is trying to steward and lead on the Michigan campus.

The Cerveau Foundation is a non-profit student organization that works

in collaboration with buildOn, another larger non-profit organization. Cerveau is working with buildOn to fund the development of a primary school to foster intellectual growth in developing nations. Our organization strives to fundraise locally to help build these educational institutions in various areas around the world. buildOn has previously built over 360 such schools in a number of countries, which in turn have helped to reduce the destructive cycle of illiteracy and poverty.



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is an all male multicultural dance troupe. We have members from across the country and even beyond the borders. Despite all the different cultures, we are united by one passion: Dance. While we do not necessarily perform traditional styles, through our variation of hip hop dance we are able to familiarize ourselves with each others’ backgrounds, life experiences, and customs.


Ar menians The Armenian Student’s Cultural Association (ASCA) is a group that brings together Armenian students on campus and allows them to be a part of a cultural community. The ASCA has a long history of participating in Encompass, as well as organizing an annual charity ball, Hye Hop. It also serves to connect the Armenian community on campus to other Armenian organizations nationwide, providing information to students about scholarships, internships and cultural opportunities.



The foundation of Capoeira is based on continuous rhythmic movements that increase strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and coordination while encouraging self-expression. A multi-faceted art form, Capoeira fosters the development of self-discipline, confidence, creativity, cooperation, communication, challenging each student both physically and mentally. In addition to physical training all students learn how to play instruments and sing songs for Capoeira and related Afro-Brazilian art forms such as samba and maculele.


Persians Persian Students Association is a non-religious, non-political volunteer student organization. Our objective is to sponsor Persian cultural and social events to promote understanding of our culture while building and sustaining an environment of friendship and support for students and the surrounding community. With thirty-one different provinces, Iran has an extremely beautiful culture that has someone appealing to everyone. From the famous poets of Shiraz and Mashhad to the historical landmarks from the Persian Empire, the Persian Students Association will be performing a dance that is truly inspired by Persian culture. 7


is a group of energetic musicians and artists drawn together for one reason... to have fun rocking the masses! This entertainment group performs using traditional and non-traditional instruments to blend comedy, energy, personality and choreography into performances on stage and on the street. From propane tank hang drums to tubular xylophones, the instruments are the most creative in town, constructed out of construction equipment, everyday knick knacks, and anything else you could think of. Known as the best kept secret on campus, Groove is here to change your life. Don’t miss your chance to see Groove on April 1st at the Michigan Theater in “April Groove’s Day.”



is a group of dancers who epitomize the beauty, grace, and dignity of the African woman. We enjoy dancing to various dances and music styles from West Africa as well as other music across the Atlantic into the Caribbean, and the African diaspora. The majority of the routines we create dance come from popular music young people are listening to now in Africa. Our goal is to Showcase the rich culture and beauty that African music has to offer! 9

Hellenic Student Association The Hellenic Student Association (HSA) Dance Troupe is composed of Greek American students at U-M. In an effort to preserve their Greek culture, the dance group comes together every year to practice traditional Greek folk dances and to perform at Encompass to display their culture and promote Hellenism. HSA is exited to be part of an event that encourages diversity and a combination of cultures. Encompass provides HSA with the opportunity to showcase their Greek roots in a modern world that is constantly being altered with new ideas and cultures. By preserving the Greek culture within the university setting, HSA’s dance troupe is truly strengthening the diversity on campus and hopes to have a greater influence in the nearby communities. 10

58 Greene

58 Greene, the 2nd oldest coed a capella group on campus, has a sound as diverse as its members. 58 Greene is known for its inimitable soloists and distinctive style with a repertoire ranging from R&B and Rock to Soul and Pop.



Arabesque was established by a group of students in 2003 with a mission to educate the University’s campus about Arab culture through music and dance. Dabke, a popular Arab folk line dance, is used all over the world at weddings and other joyous occasions. Marked by the stomping of feet, dabke enhances the music and takes your experience to a whole new level. We hope you enjoy our show as we whisk you away to our world of dance!



TAAL is a female, South Asian fusion dance team that was founded in 2005. The team uses its members diverse backgrounds in dance to incorporate a variety of styles such as Bollywood, bhangra, Raas, Garba, hip-hop and classical dance to their choreography. The team performs both on and off-campus, as well as participates in several fusion competitions across the country. TAAL has found success at several of these competitions, often placing in the top-3 ranks.


Encompass Core Committee

Nieri Avanessian

Aaron Gomes

Ghida Dagher

Heghine Mirzoyan

Christine Santourian

Anahid Matossian

Parinita Jain

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Special thanks to these people and groups for making Contempo possible this evening: Angela Chih for design of the Contempo promotional materials and programs Adam McCarthy for lighting design Samantha Musil and the University Unions Events Programming Office The Power Center for Performing Arts staff

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Encompass 2010  

A University of Michigan organization that holds an annual event inviting other organizations to to preform for charity.

Encompass 2010  

A University of Michigan organization that holds an annual event inviting other organizations to to preform for charity.