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As we know in the world we are all focused on money, getting the best deals possible, and spending as little money as we can. With BMW's 4 year/50,000 mile warranty you will be getting just that and so much more. BMW has the most unique and best warranty that exists, and you are probaly wondering how much it is.? It is FREE. With any new BMW that you purchase or lease you will receive a 4 year/ or 50,000 mile warranty that will leave you never paying any money when you get your car serviced. This warranty covers everything besides gas and tires. No other car company offers such an amazing warranty anywhere close to BMW's. If you were to buy or lease a brand new Mercedes whenever you get your vehicle serviced you will be paying hundreds of dollars for oil changes, brakes, and for everything that you can imagine. Trust me it gets pricey if you do not have a warranty because getting any vehicle serviced is not cheap. When purchasing a BMW you will ultimately be saving thousands of dollars compared to someone who buys an Audi or a Mercedes per say. BMW is becoming affordable for all as they are truly becoming budget friendly and great for those who are money concious.

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