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Only a few countries can compete with the advanced and extensive network of underground cables and pipelines in the Netherlands. This extensive underground infrastructure is designed for the distribution of liquids, gases, electricity and the transmission of data. However, if such a network needs to be extended or adapted, it is not always possible to dig trenches. In case of a crossing with existing infrastructure or obstacles, trenchless technologies are often the best solution. A.Hak Drillcon executes directional drilling projects in the Netherlands, Europe, and in the rest of the world; always with the utmost care. Based on the large number of technologies we have at our disposal, we can justly call ourselves the specialist in trenchless technologies.

Specialist in trenchless technologies ALLROUND SOLUTIONS - GENERAL


A.Hak Drillcon drills and places pipelines for the distribution of gas, oil, kerosene, heat, drinking water and wastewater, medium and high voltage cables, telecom connections, pipeline tunnels, land accretions, culverts, siphons and drainage systems. Our dedicated employees offer a complete solution: we monitor each project carefully: from the initial planning and design to the implementation and completion of each stage of the project.

In continuous pursuit of innovation, we always offer our customers the best technologies available. It is not surprising that A.Hak Drillcon is the world record holder of the longest Direct Pipe drilling (1,400 metres) and the winner of the No-Dig Award for a Direct Pipe drilling underneath the Hartel Canal in Rotterdam Europort. Innovation also plays a role in our pursuit of “careful and diligent practice�; which is our idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our equipment features the latest technical developments and meets the standards for a cleaner environment. Together with our employees, suppliers, and clients, we regularly make conscious choices in order to achieve a better balance between people, planet and profit.


A.Hak Drillcon is part of A.Hakpark; a family enterprise which consists of several subsidiary companies. A.Hakpark is a full-service provider of cables and pipelines. Because of our many years of experience working within a large group of businesses, we realize how important close and efficient cooperation with other parties is. This includes our clients. All the companies within A.Hakpark operate independently, while the group offers them a solid basis. This enables A.Hak Drillcon to invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment in order to support its approach to finding innovative solutions.


In addition to protecting our environment, quality and safety are also of crucial importance. Quality is a prerequisite for reliability, the main pillar of our relationship with clients. Our aim to achieve the highest quality is reflected in the involvement and commit-


No matter how innovative the equipment, drilling remains a people business. A.Hak Drillcon is proud of its motivated and committed employees: a good mix of experience

and enthusiasm, years of expertise and a solid basis for the future. We implement a vigorous HR policy with an extensive training programme for everyone, which earned us second place in the Best Employer of Brabant contest in 2011. TECHNOLOGIES AND EQUIPMENT

For Horizontal Directional Drillings (HDD), A. Hak Drillcon has a number of drilling rigs with a tractive power ranging from 3 to 400 tonnes. We also have several Pipe Thrusters with capacities up to 750 tonnes, which can be deployed when implementing the HDD technique. We execute Direct Pipe drillings using several Direct Pipe drilling installations for diameters of up to 56” (Ø 1,422 mm), as well as the aforementioned Pipe Thrusters. We also offer advanced development solutions in the field of Direct Pipe drilling for highly extreme situations. For Microtunnelling, also referred to as shield drilling, we have installations that are suitable for all types of soil, with a diameter up to 3,000 mm diameter and even larger. We have the required expertise, experience and the equipment for (pilot directed) auger drillings and impact ramming. We manage the supporting equipment internally and in our premises in Helmond, we have our own workshop, warehouse, yard and spare parts management. Furthermore, we have several operating bases in the Netherlands and abroad. A.Hak Drillcon has the expertise to cater to all our customers’ needs in drilling engineering.

projects from design to completion

ment of our employees, our open and clear communication attitude, and our proactive involvement in the interest of our clients. A.Hak Drillcon is known to honour its commitments and to meet the budgets agreed upon. The quality of our work also transpires in our certifications and accreditations. For a complete overview, please visit our website.


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Only a few countries can compete with the advanced and extensive network of underground cables and pipelines in the Netherlands. This extens...