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    Through  the  Little  Gate   A  Reggio  Inspired  Discovery  Day  

McGehee’s  Little  Gate   April  27,  2012  


Presented by  the  Bunnies     This  year  the  Bunnies  have  particularly  enjoyed  playing  with   bubbles  during  outdoor  playtime.    The  teachers  have  used  bubble   play  as  a  way  to  promote  language  development,  enhance  motor   coordination,  practice  spatial  awareness  and  illustrate  the   investigation  of  cause  and  effect.    The  Bunnies  invite  you  to  the   Green  Grass  area  to  share  with  you  their  love  of  bubbles!                

Come enjoy  some  outdoor  play  with  your  buddy:   • Paint  with  colored  bubbles.   • Use  pipe  cleaners  to  create  your  very  own  bubble  wand.   • Pop,  catch  and  blow  bubbles  with  a  friend.     • Get  inside  of  our  life-­‐sized  bubbles.  


presented by  the  Ducks    

The Ducks’  exploration  of  Robots  began  with  a  discussion  by  the   children  and  we  have  spent  the  last  few  weeks  diving  into  this   unit.    The  Ducks  have  enjoyed  tinkering  with  gears,  manipulating   loose  parts  and  creating  robots  using  open-­‐ended  materials     The  Ducks  invite  you  to  come  into  the  Robot  Factory  where  you   can  tinker,  build,  create,  collaborate,  think  “outside  the  box”  and   be  a  part  of  our  story,  “how  the  robot  factory  grew  in  our   classroom.”     Robot  stations  for  you  and  your  buddy  to   enjoy:   • Manipulate,  observe  and  play  with   loose  robot  parts.   • Tinker  at  our  trays  of  open-­‐ended   materials.   • Get  your  creative  juices  flowing  and   dress  up  like  a  robot.   • Collaborate  with  us  to  make  a  giant   robot.   • Let  loose  and  talk  like  a  robot  in  our   giant  fan.   • Stop  at  our  documentation  board  to   see  “How  we  became  the  Robot   Factory.”  


Presented by  the  Fireflies     Please  come  into  the  Firefly  room  and  “turn  on  your  listening   ears.”    We  are  excited  to  share  with  you  a  very  important  unit   that  the  Fireflies  are  focusing  on  right  now.  They  hope  to  become   more  aware  of  sounds  in  their  environment  and  become  better   listeners  to  the  world  around  them.       We  hope  you  will  encounter  a  variety  of  different  sounds,  make   your  own  sounds,  explore  what  give  sounds’  meaning,  and   encourage  your  buddy  to  ask  questions  about  the  sounds  we   hear.  Please  enjoy  our  documentation  of  how  this  unit  is  helping   the  Fireflies  become  better  listeners  to  their  friends  and  teachers.         Turn  your  listening  ears  on  and:   • “Talk  on  the  phone"  with  your  buddy.   • Tap  to  a  musical  beat  at  the  shoe-­‐tapping  center.   • Create  sound  with  your  feet  in  the  "sound  sensory  tubs."   • Paint  to  music  wearing  headphones  with  your  buddy.   • Make  your  own  music  using  a  variety  of  materials.    


Presented by  the  Frogs  &  Turtles     Welcome  to  the  Frog/Turtle  Café!  Our  favorite  unit  this  year  was   cooking,  so  we  want  to  you  to  come  and  explore  different   textures,  smells,  and  tastes.  During  this  unit  we  talked  about   where  our  food  comes  from,  what  types  of  food  we  like  to  eat,   and  ways  we  can  help  in  the  kitchen  at  home.  Dive  into  our  tasty   art  and  delicious  activities!      

  Grab  your  apron  and  get  cooking  in  the  following  stations:   • Order  up  some  pancakes  with  your  favorite  toppings.   • Collaborate  with  noodles  to  create  pasta  art.   • Use  vegetables  and  stamp  on  a  chef  hat.   • Make  your  own  Fruit  Loop  necklace.     • Be  sure  to  stop  by  the  pizza  play  dough  station.   • Put  your  senses  to  test  at  our  smell  station.  


Presented by  the  Aqua  Elephants     The  Aqua  Elephants  invite   you  to  experience  the   inspiring  world  of  Artists.     Throughout  this  school  year,   the  children  have  learned   about  the  artists  themselves   and  the  many  different   styles  of  art  they  used  to   create  their  paintings  and   drawings.    The  Aqua   Elephants  have  used  this   knowledge  as  inspiration  to  create  their  own  interpretations  of   these  styles  and  have  chosen  a  few  of  their  favorites  to  share  with   you  today.     Come  be  an  artist  for  the  morning  by  participating  in  these   activities:   • Experience  painting  upside  down  Michelangelo  style.   • Drip  style  paint  in  Little  Gate  Park  like  Jackson  Pollock.   • Collage  with  glue  and  paper  like  Henri  Matisse.   • Use  sunflowers  still  life  and  paint  like  Vincent  Van  Gogh.   • Collaborate  with  nature  and  create  your  own  art  like  Andy   Goldsworthy.   • Paint  your  own  “Blue  Dog”  in  honor  of  local  artist,  George   Rodrigue.   • Use  oil  pastels  to  create  a  “Scream”  drawing  like  Edward   Munch.  

“Hedgie’s Habitat”   Presented  by  the  Ruby  Elephants  

Come in  to  learn  all  about  our  wonderful  school  pet,  “Hedgie.”     Hedgie  is  a  nine  month  old,  female  African  Pygmy  hedgehog.    The   Ruby  Elephants  have  had  a  yearlong  study  on  hedgehogs  and  are   eager  to  share  our  knowledge  and  love  of  these  amazing  animals   with  you.         The  Ruby  Elephants  have  learned  how  to  care  for  our  pet,  build   her  playgrounds  indoors  and  out,  and  learn  about  what  she  enjoys   to  do  each  day.    Since  having  a  pet  is  a  huge  responsibility,  we   have  added  a  "Hedgie  Helper"  to  our  daily  routine.    Each  day  one   child  makes  sure  that  Hedgie's  cage  is  clean  and  she  has  fresh   food  and  water.     Come  enjoy  Hedgie’s  World  by  participating  these  activities:   • Burrow  like  Hedgie  in  a  pile  of  shavings.   • Sculpt  your  own  Hedgie  out  of  clay.   • Experience  the  sights  and  sounds  of  a  nocturnal   environment.   • Experience  how  Hedgie  enjoys  her  exercise  equipment!    



Presented by  the  Sunshine  Elephants     The  Sunshine  Elephants  have  grown  so  much  during  our  three-­‐ month  unit  on  games.  They  hope  that  you  too  can  experience  the   joys  and  lessons  they  have  learned  during  this  unit.       This  is  a  room  where  you  can  practice  your  cooperative  play  skills   through  taking  turns,  learn  the  importance  of  following  the  rules   of  a  game,  and  learn  how  to  show  good  sportsmanship  by  using   words  of  encouragement  with  friends  whether  they  are  winning   or  losing.    We  hope  you  will  have  as  much  fun  playing  some  of  our   favorite  games  as  we  do!         Be  sure  to  have  your  “Game  Face”  on   for  these  activities:     • Read  our  very  own  I  Spy  Book   and  observe  our  I  Spy  Jars.   • Put  your  thinking  cap  on  for  a   game  of  Memory.   • Use  your  gross  motor  skills  in  a   log  race  and  Hopscotch.   • Enjoy  video  documentation  of   the  children  playing  a  few  of  their   favorite  games.        


Presented by  the  Violet  Elephants     Welcome  to  the  Violet  Elephant   classroom  where  we  are  sharing  with   you  our  study  on  “lines.”    The   children  have  learned  that  the  line  is   one  of  the  most  basic  elements  of  art   and  that  there  are  many  types  of  lines   used  in  art.         Our  wish  is  that  you  will  be  able  to   see  that  lines  have  expression,  that   you  can  use  different  lines  to  create  a  different  feeling  or  mood  in   a  piece  of  artwork  and  that  we  are  surrounded  by  lines  in  our   everyday  lives.    We  invite  you  to  come  in  and  see  what  you  can  do   with  lines!     Come  to  the  below  centers  to  explore  with  lines:   • Manipulate  wiki  sticks  on  a  mirrored  table  to  create  a  line   sculpture.   • Become  Harold  and  the  Purple  Crayon  at  our  large  drawing   board.   • Use  rollers  and  scrapers  at  the  light  table  create  different   lines  in  sand.   • Add  to  our  collaborative  Kandinsky  inspired  canvas  using   sharpies  and  watercolors.   • Use  your  fine  motor  skills  to  stretch  rubber  bands  on  the   geoboard  to  create  lines.    

The Art  Studio  

Presented by  Ms.  Rita  

Little  Gate’s  Art  Studio  is  a  place  for  exploration,  discovery,  and   the  expression  of  ideas.    We  use  open-­‐ended  materials,  found   objects,  and  recycled  treasures  to  express  our  creativity.    It  is  also   a  place  to  become  familiar  with  a  wide  variety  of  art  materials,   including  paint,  watercolor,  pastels,  collage  materials,  textiles,   clay,  wood,  etc.         Ms.  Rita  invites  you  today  to  come,  create,  and  share  your  ideas   using  "non-­‐messy"  materials.    

Through the Little Gate  

Brochure for Through the Little Gate 4.27.12

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