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4-H & FFA

8•Shattuck's Little Free Library

12•Newkirk FFA Hosts Predator Hunt

16•Northwest District Elects New 4-H Officers

28•Laverne FFA Hosts Western Welding Academy "Blue Collar Tour"

38•Canadian County 4-H and FFA Members Unite as Herdsman Ambassadors 46•M-O Livestock Booster Club


44•Connors Hosts Equine Field Day

44•Connors State College Archery Competes in Las Vegas

44•CSC Second at Dixie National

48•NOC Sheep Production Class Participates at Ft. Worth

54•Connors Team Members Earn All-Conference and All-American Titles

54•Connors Judging Posts High Marks at Ft. Worth


32•1st Watonga Ring of Champions New Experiences 40•Tyler's Corner


50•Kay County Qualifies for Overseas Competition

66•Sullivan's Best of the Barns



20•Hook N Chase Junior


Over 1,000 photos submitted for the front cover! Selecting just a few was hard. Makenna Branson submitted the one selected as the enlarge photo on the front. FFA members having a great time! Thank you for sharing. The true love of kids and livestock was in every photo.


















































Annual Event 50•Porum FFA Volunteers with Legislators 52•Latta FFA Holds Ice Dip Event 64•Oklahoma 4-H State Council
Opportunities in 4-H
Burlington FFA Holds Project
68•Shattuck FFA Hosts Junior
Contest 70•Wagoner FFA Hosts Showmanship Clinic
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70•West District 4-H Officers
with Variety of District Events
24•Puzzle: OYE 46•Ag Youth Coloring Page


As I put pen to paper as I’m known to do, I write with some excitement, but a little sadness, too.

35 years is a long time to do anything they say, but that morning Mary woke me to tell me of a magazine seems just like yesterday.

She had the plan wrote out in detail. Even the cover drawn on a grocery sack. We would share positive stories of ag kids, and never look back.

We would tell of good ag kids and of good stock. We knew what we were doing was a blessing so all negative we would block.

To be a cover kid became a hit. A place you had to be. It didn’t matter how good your animal. It was your eyes we had to see.

Supporters jumped on board early. It saved Mary’s dream. Friends like Judy Collins, Joe Cabaniss, Donnie Evetts and Mr. Cox bought ads and subscriptions that let us go full steam.

As we grew it, we got bigger. It was still that little red magazine for Mary to run. It took the whole family, my ag kids and a lot of exhibitors to make it so much fun.

It had to be red because that’s the only color ink that the printer had in our town. And, to this very day that color makes some folks frown (it's an OU-OSU deal).

Ag Youth

We woud like to think the magazine helped build Oklahoma into the top showing state. It laid on every ag truck dash, in every classroom in the state.

We were the first folks to take ring shots during the old Oklahoma Junior Livestock Show. Our OYE is great, and we like to think the magazine helped it grow.

With the staff at OYE, the districts and supporters across the state our ag kids will continue to be great.

The Internet came along, and it didn’t bother us a bit. Mary’s Photo Team being free online worked way better than throwing a childish fit.

We wish we could do it forever, but Mary’s computer skills are needed on the road. We hope to spend more time with grandkids. That’s what I’m told.

So, it’s simply time for the Pecks to change gears. The Ag Youth Kids will keep excelling, in that we have no fear.

So it's see you down the road or even around the bend. Thank you all for being our AG YOUTH FRIENDS!

Publisher: Larry Peck


Editor: Mary Peck

Field Rep: Blake Kennedy


Field Rep: Monte Womack


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Shattuck's Little Free Library

Shattuck fifth grade teacher, Lynsia Sprouse, received a grant earlier in the school year through to set up a “Little Free Library” for our community.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota, whose mission is to provide book access to communities around the world. Little Free Library book-sharing boxes are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day and are freely accessible to all.

The Little Free Library is a book-sharing box where anyone may

take a book or share a book. They function on the honor system. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from a little library, try to bring some to share to that same library, or another in your area, when you can.

Not only do these libraries build community, they inspire readers, and Mrs. Sprouse’s fifth grade class is pumped to get their little library up and running.

Shattuck FFA students constructed the library kit, welded the pipe post, and set the post in concrete, in order to prepare for the library’s grand opening on December 5.

Shattuck FFA member Leah Taylor, who dug the hole and set the library post in concrete said, “We are mounting our library on 4.5” drill pipe in 100 pounds of concrete, so this is probably the strongest Little Library you’ll find!”

Shattuck’s Little Free Library is located north of the Ag Building on the southwest corner of the intersection of Hickory and 5th Streets.

For more information about the Little Free Library program and also how to find Little Free Libraries near you, download their mobile app or visit

Page 8 -MARCH 2023 Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 10 -MARCH 2023

Newkirk FFA Hosts Predator Hunt

On a bright but chilly Saturday morning in February, the Newkirk FFA Chapter hosted the 2023 Newkirk FFA Predator Hunt. This was our chapter's fifth year to hold the hunt, and it is held as an opportunity for predator hunting enthusiasts to enjoy their sport and support the Newkirk FFA Shooting Sports Team.

This year, a total of 44 teams entered in the adult division and two teams entered in the division specifically for FFA members. This is by far the largest hunt our chapter has ever hosted and it was attended by hunters from both Oklahoma and Kansas.

Team members met for registration on Friday night prior to the hunt. It was there that they received their entry packets and paid their entry fees. To enter in the adult division cost teams $120 while entry into the FFA division cost $90. The top three teams in each division would split 60% of the entries: 1st place received 30%, 2nd place received 20%, and 3rd place received 10% of the total entry fees.

Teams could also enter in additional side pots that were 100% payout. This year, the side-pots included Heaviest Coyote, Smallest Coyote, Heaviest Bobcat, Smallest Bobcat, Prettiest Coyote, Ugliest Coyote, Prettiest Bobcat, and Heaviest Stringer of Three Coyotes.

At the final weigh-in on February 11, the total number of coyotes checked-in was 74 and the final number of bobcats was 10. This year, the first place team received $1,585 and side-pot payouts ranged from $270 to $330.

The heaviest coyote from this year’s hunt was 44.3 pounds and the smallest coyote was 20.7 pounds.

The heaviest bobcat was 25.8 pounds and the smallest bobcat was 13.4 pounds.

The heaviest stringer of three coyotes weighed in at 103.3 pounds.

Members of the Newkirk FFA Chapter were asked to select the prettiest and ugliest coyotes as well as prettiest bobcat. As a whole, 3,400 pounds of coyotes and 201.2 pounds of bobcats were checked in from this hunt.

Our chapter initially began holding this event as a fundraiser for our shooting sports team. It has become an activity our FFA members look forward to throughout the year. Many livestock producers as well as Newkirk residents appreciate the hunt being held because it lessens the risk of small animals, baby calves, pets, and chickens being killed or injured by predators. Hunt participants are required to follow all Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation rules and regulations and our chapter works closely with local game wardens to make sure the event is successful and safe for everyone involved. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 12 -MARCH 2023
Blake Holmes brought in the hunt's heaviest bobcat that weighed in at 25.8 pounds. This year's winning team was Colton Mills and Talon Darling. They brought in eight coyotes and one bobcat. Newkirk FFA members, Hailey Morgan, Carly Ballagh, and Allison Schneeberger, and OSU student teacher, Ms. Parsons, register teams for the 2023 Newkirk FFA Predator Hunt. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 14 -MARCH 2023

Northwest District Elects New 4-H Officers

The northwest district recently elected new district 4-H officers. Candidates worked hard practicing speeches and preparing campaigns. Those elected as officers have put countless hours of effort into their 4-H careers. However, many don’t see that behind each of these extraordinary young leaders are equally great role models and mentors.

Madison Nickels was elected as President. Madison says that she owes her success in her 4-H career to her extension educator/mother, Jessica Nickels. Madison states that Jessica always pushes her to do everything offered to her, whether that be contests, speeches, or county visits.

Madison’s Nan is also a huge supporter and helps Madison in her main project areas, Fabrics and Fashions and Foods and Nutrition. Nan has helped Madison sew and bake since she was a little girl. Madison also mentioned her best friend, Summer Prince, as a big supporter. “No matter how crazy my idea may be, she is always ready to help in whatever way possible,” said Nickels.

Parker Zwink was elected as Vice President. Parker says, “People would usually say their biggest supporter is their family or people from their district, and I am one of those people.” Parker’s family is his biggest supporter. Parker says his mom always pushed him to be more talkative and helped him with his leadership skills. “My other family members, like my sister and father, have helped me get out of bed and get to work,” Parker explains.

Shelbi Prince was elected as Secretary. Shelbi explains, “In 4-H, there are many challenges that are rather difficult to accomplish on your own. We all have that one person that if we ever need help, we can run to.”

Shelbi’s person is her sister, Summer. Her sister is always there when she

needs her. Such as, when she is working on a speech or an application, she can always ask her for help, and she is always there to help her become a better version of herself. “I look up to my sister all the time. She is always confident and is always ready to take on any difficulties. My sister is always supportive of me, and I will always be grateful,” Shelbi says.

Scout Rorabaugh was elected as Reporter. Scout states, “My dad is always teaching me something; whether I’m playing sports, hunting, or working, he never misses a chance to teach me something new.” Her father, Brett Rorabaugh, has been there to guide her throughout her journey in 4-H and support her. “Whether he was driving me to a meeting, listening to a speech I’d written, trying something I’d baked, or helping me build a project, I can attribute lots of my success to my dad.”

Scout’s 4-H role model, Bailey Boyd, is also a huge inspiration in her main project area: public speaking. “Bailey is my best friend’s older

brother, and his mom is our club’s 4-H leader, so I’m always around him,” Scout explains. Whenever Scout needs guidance in 4-H, she turns to Bailey.

Conner Quintero was elected as Recreation Leader. Conner explains, “Throughout my 4-H Journey, my biggest supporter for me has been my mom.” Conner’s mother was a 4-Her as well and held many offices, including State 4-H President, in addition to being an ambassador. “She made it so that I have big shoes to fill, but to me, it's a challenge. She continues to support me along my 4-H career and help me achieve my goals and dreams just like she did!” says Conner.

Not only do these young leaders inspire and empower others, but they also exemplify what effects great role models can have on others. These role models help remind everyone to influence those around them positively. If you’re interested in joining 4-H contact your local county extension office.

Page 16 -MARCH 2023 Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years!
Newly-elected Northwest District 4-H Officers. Photo by Jessica Nickels

Hi guys! This is Trenton. Our basketball season is over. Next year, I will be playing high school. We ended up having a good year. Didn’t have a winning record, but ended the year together and strong. We were 4 and 4 after break. I was blessed to average 14.9 points per game. Free throws win games and with a lot of work, I’m getting better at them. Can’t wait till next year.

We have been busy at school and in ag. The FFA hosted a coyote hunting contest. I actually killed one, but it took more than that to win it. We helped the game warden weigh each coyote and bobcat. Some were beautiful hides, but a few were ugly.

Guys, it’s showtime! We are less than 30 days away from OYE. I'm at my county now. My goats are looking okay. I’m excited. I have work to do now and every day. I’m also excited because this year for the first time at the Northwest District at Enid, we will show in the big colosseum.

Really anxious to get to OYE! I’m certain a basketball game will break out near my pens. It’s been a while since I’ve seen all my friends. It’s time to show and play some hoops when I’m not busy. I hope the weather is good. See you in the city.

Hey Papa!

When's the best time to go coyote calling? Usually in winter or early spring when they are hungry and not on a real windy day.















Laverne FFA Hosts Western Welding Academy "Blue Collar Tour"

The Laverne FFA hosted the Western Welding Academy's Third Annual Blue Collar Tour on January 23 at the Laverne Ag Farm. The academy chose Laverne as one of their stops and their only stop in Oklahoma. Attendees from 15 schools and over 100 students were in attendance.

To start the tour stop, they encouraged high school students to look into different blue collar jobs as in electricity, plumbing, and pipeline welding, and to continue to work hard laying the future foundation of the great nation in which we live.

One of the instructors, James Packard, did hands-on demonstrations throughout the day and let students ask questions that they had about welding.

The lunch was sponsored by OneOK, Tyree Ag, and Western Equipment, and prepared by Cooper’s BBQ. There were also several giveaways for the students to win numerous prizes throughout the day. As the day went on students were able to practice welding with a “TIG” torch. Overall, it was a great day, and we are glad to have been chosen by Western Welding Academy to be a stop along the Blue Collar Tour! Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 28 -MARCH 2023
Laverne students pose with James Packard (middle) Students are (left to right) Putman Tucker, Timber Baker, Korbin Evans, and Ben Scott. Laverne FFA students stand in front of the Blue Collar Tour tour bus parked at the school farm in Laverne. James Packard, one of the Western Welding Academy instructors, gives a demonstration to area students on the “TIG” torch. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 30 -MARCH 2023

1st Watonga Ring of Champions New Experiences. A Great Show.

Dayson Cash of the Watonga FFA organized the first-ever Watonga Ring of Champions plus provided the awards and goodies for each participant. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 32 -MARCH 2023 Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 34 -MARCH 2023

Canadian County 4-H and FFA Members Unite as Herdsman Ambassadors

The Canadian County Fair Board recently approved a measure to develop a 4-H and FFA youth advisory board to focus on quality herdsmanship and livestock advocacy. The board representatives selected by their respective youth advisers and educators, approved by the Canadian County Fair Board, and installed at their first meeting on December 6, 2022, at the Canadian County Expo includes Aspen Burns, Calumet FFA; Makenna Branson, Canadian County 4-H; Aubrey Rakestraw, El Reno FFA; Emery Bowers, Mustang FFA; Kellie Bradshaw, Piedmont FFA; Chyenn Stuckey, Union City FFA; and Brooklyn Beams, Yukon FFA. Rakestraw was selected as chairperson of the advisory board, Bowers selected as vice chair and Burns will be acting as secretary.

This innovative leadership group, officially designated as the Canadian County Herdsmanship Advisory Board, took effect on December 6, and will serve one term on the board through the conclusion of the 2023 Canadian County Free Fair. This team of exemplary young ambassadors will work collectively and individually to increase the awareness of the Canadian County livestock program. Advisory board members

are appointed brand ambassadors, agricultural advocates, and community spokespersons at the behest of the Canadian County Fair Board and its associates to promote the Canadian County Junior Livestock Show and the Canadian County Free Fair. As ambassadors, these members will participate through community outreach and involvement while upholding the positive image already possessed by young livestock owners. At the conclusion of this board’s term, a new advisory board will be similarly nominated to serve next year.

"The Canadian County Fair Board is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to include our young leaders into new leadership roles to represent Canadian County. Adopting a Herdsmanship Advisory Board to lead us into the next generation of advocating for the humane treatment of livestock and celebrating the positive, honest, sportsmanlike nature of our youth is paramount,” said Canadian County Fair Board President, Kelly Beck.

Todd Branson, Canadian County 4-H Extension Educator, was selected by the Fair Board as the lead facilitator and adviser for the Herdsmanship Advisory Board. Joining Branson will be a team consisting of Canadian County Fair Board member, Phil Carson; Fair Board Secretary,

Brad Tipton; Canadian County Expo Administrator, Mandy Davis; 4-H Extension Educator, Alexis Graham; and Extension Administrative Assistant, Bandi Oliphant who will work directly with Branson to ensure the success of this newly formed youth advisory board.

The goal of the Herdsmanship Advisory Board is to promote an atmosphere where everyone is proud to exhibit livestock projects for audiences both locally and nationwide to the best judges at all events in Canadian County. The overarching objective is to establish a youth herdsmanship legacy and build on a longstanding tradition of excellent young herdsmen with a focus on quality animal care, community pride, and community leaders in agriculture that extends beyond Canadian County to events and experiences statewide and nationally.

“We genuinely want to encourage our peers, our families, and our teachers to uphold the greatest standards of animal husbandry practices, to be an exemplary sportsman in and out of the ring, and to be a substantial role model for the best care and management of our livestock’s surroundings, including measures that ensure the safety of spectators. There really is no better way to demonstrate our strengths than through the eyes of our youth,” added Beck. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 38 -MARCH 2023

The Last Tyler’s Corner: 1996-2006/2023

I want to start off with a personal Thank you to all the parents, ag teachers, ag extension agents and kids who have been there for me over the years. It has been a pleasure to share my life from 1996 to 2006 by writing Tyler’s Corner for you all to read. The biggest day came in 2001 when I had my calf roping wreck at my grandparents’ home that led to memory loss and comprehension. I do not tell the story to gain empathy or sympathy. I write this to let you all from young to old. You can live out your dreams and do not give up on GOD. He has the bigger picture and plans for all of us. I have won banners, trophies etc. It is about the people you meet that GOD puts in your corner to WIN!

I have two beautiful kids Shaelynn Peck and Chase Peck. Shae is my 8-yearold daughter who is loving GOD, loves school, stock shows, rodeoing, fishing, sales, Cloverbud 4-H and playing basketball. Chase is my 3-year-old son who loves GOD, playing games, hanging out with me, sales, and meeting everyone.

It has been an honored and privilage to represent Ag Youth Magazine for 35 years of my life. The people I have met, places I have traveled and fundraising events attended. The love I have been blessed to watch our Ag Teachers, Parents, business owners donate not only their time but their financials. Please do me a favor, Thank your Ag Teacher, your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, Ag Extention Educators.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.

SIGNING OFF: TYLER PECK, CHRISTIAN FATHER, FATHER OF TWO, AND ENTREPENUER Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 40 -MARCH 2023
THANK YOU Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 42 -MARCH 2023

Connors Hosts Equine Field Day

Connors State Equine and Rodeo hosted an Equine Field Day on the Warner campus, February 10. We had over 70 students present from various parts of Oklahoma.

During this event, the current CSC Equine and Rodeo students presented various demonstrations from: basic horseman’s knots, general health and vital signs, basic colors, saddling concepts, to name a few.

In addition, we were privileged to have some outside guests deliver additional topics such as basic conformation, equine dental considerations and teeth floating, parts of the riding spurs, as well as a professional farrier.

“This is designed to be a day that students can learn very practical skills that surround horses. Interest in horses was common thread in those in attendance,” stated Jake Walker.

CSC Equine and Rodeo plan to host the next Equine Field Day in spring of 2025.

Connors State College Archery Competes

in Las Vegas

CSC archers competed in Las Vegas with nearly 4,000 archers. Matthew Hargrove, Coweta, Oklahoma, shot his personal best score and placed seventh overall in the Collegiate Bowhunter Division. Konner Ingersoll, Bethel Acres, Oklahoma, secured fourth place.

Next stop is the indoor nationals in Madisonville, Kentucky. The team hosts an archery tournament for 4H and FFA in April. Contact for more information.

CSC Second at Dixie National

Team members, from left, are Evan Endres of Okarche, OK; Kelsie McCratic of Kansas, OK; Lilly Underberg of Springville, NY; Camille Davis of Blakely, GA; Bethany Effinger of Wister, OK; Raegan Robinson of Haworth, OK; Clay Burke of Wagoner, OK; Macey Jordan of Maud, OK; and Emma Rhoden of Dade City, FL.

The Connors State Livestock Show Team recently competed at the Dixie National in Jackson, Mississippi. CSC Marry-Anne was a class winner along with a team Star Five Heifer. CSC also had a second in class with one of the team Bulls. The teammates have put in a lot of hard work to end the season. The team is coached by Stetson May, Assistant Farm Manager.

Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 44 -MARCH 2023

M-O Livestock Booster Club Holds Annual Event

On Saturday, January 14, the Mulhall-Orlando Livestock Booster Club held their annual pork chop dinner and auction at the Mulhall Elementary Gymnasium. This event is held in order to raise money to support local livestock exhibitors at the Logan County Premium Sale in February.

The doors opened at 5 p.m. for dinner with a choice of dine-in or curbside pick-up. The meal featured pork chops served with green beans, a bread role, a side salad, and your choice of drink and dessert.

Once everyone’s bellies were full, the auction began. Numerous items, donated by local businesses and 4-H and FFA members, were sold to the highest bidder. These items included a hay feeder, a Chevrolet fire pit, tools, jewelry, toys, and even prairie grass round bales. Sponsorships for the local livestock show were up for bid as well. The night ended with the raffles of a John Deere Gator, a pellet grill, and a Yeti cooler.

Mulhall-Orlando 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors spent the night helping carry plates for all the guests during the dinner, and they assisted in the auction. The exhibitors had a great time helping out and visiting with numerous members of the community. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 46 -MARCH 2023

NOC Sheep Production Class Participates at Ft. Worth

Five NOC Ag students participated in the Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR) January 28 exhibiting 17 Dor-

set, Hampshire and Suffolk sheep in the FWSSR Open Sheep Show.

The students exhibited the Champion and Reserve Champion Dorset Rams and the Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe at the show.

Those participating in the event were Brylee Williams, Aaron Mahan, Morgan Meyer, Kash Butler and Kord Butler.

The next event for the group will be later this month when they travel to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, TX. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 48 -MARCH 2023
Champion Dorset Ram Reserve Champion Dorset Ram Reserve Champion Dorset Ewe

Kay County Qualifies for Overseas Competition

Congratulations to the Kay County 4H Livestock Judging Team! By being Reserve Champions at the Western National Roundup (NWSS) in Denver this has qualified them for the International Livestock Judging Tour: The Royal Highland Show in Scotland and The Irish Republic. They’re going to Scotland, Ireland, and England this summer for two weeks to compete and tour.

Porum FFA Volunteers with


For several years, the Porum FFA has cleaned the quail at the Inhoff Legislative Quail Hunt held in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Legislators and state agencies had a great time hunting and enjoyed a quail feast. All of the quail were cleaned and prepared by the FFA members. They cleaned over 1,100 quail in two afternoons.

Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 50 -MARCH 2023
Pictured for Left: Coach Rick Buellesfeld, Justin Fast, Josie Doshier, Reid Buellesfeld and Randy Buellesfeld. From left: Anna Thornton, Ethan Smith, Zec Ayres, Cooper Franklin, Ag Teacher Jared Fast, Abigail Betcher and Waylon Dishman.

Latta FFA Holds Ice Dip Event

Latta FFA held their annual Ice Dip event on January 13. Latta FFA’s senior officers ( Clayton Hayes, Sheridan Adair, Kyndal Schlup, Autumn Sutton, and Mallory Reeves), Superintendent Scott Morgan, and Elementary Principal Shawna Lancaster huddled under a tractor bucket filled with ice and water.

With a temperature of 42° and brisk winds outside, everyone was shivering in their t-shirts and shorts. FFA Advisor, Seth Reeves then dumped the entire bucket of water onto the group.

Latta FFA’s Ice Dip is an event held to raise money for the school’s Special Olympics team. The event was started by Latta graduate and FFA member Chelsea Alexander, who then went on to begin a similar event called the Chilly Cowboy at Oklahoma State University. Since 2017, over $3,000 has been raised to send Latta’s Special Olympics team to competition.

The Ice Dip is a huge part of exemplifying the last line of the FFA Motto "Living to Serve." Providing for and serving others is something that FFA members strive to do. The Ice Dip is a highly-anticipated event at Latta and is planned by Latta FFA Officers. They enjoy getting to hold this event as it means a lot to them to support the Special Olympics team. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 52 -MARCH 2023

Connors Team Members Earn All-Conference and All-American Titles

The Connors State Collegiate Shooting Team traveled to North Platte, Nebraska, for the 7-State Prairie Circuit Conference Championship. CSC was the High Overall Junior College Team.

Braden Chambers of Chelsea, OK tied for HOA Freshmen, first in doubles trap, and made the All-Conference Freshmen Team.

CSC attended the ACUI/SCTP Lower Midwest shoot

in San Antonio, Texas. Gunnar Casey from Sand Springs shot his third perfect 100 this season. After a shoot-off with five others he received second place. The team was seond place Classic All American Team.

The team will host a 4-H and FFA Shotgun Shooting Tournament in April. Team tryouts are also during the tournament. Contact for more information.

Connors Judging Posts High Marks at Ft. Worth

The Connors State College Livestock Judging Team put together a successful performance at the Southwest Exposition in Fort Worth, Texas. Team highlights include 2nd overall team, 1st cattle, 1st sheep/goats, and 2nd in reasons.

Additionally, individual accolades were just as impressive! Owen Brinker was the 2nd High Individual overall, 2nd sheep/goats, 3rd horses, 4th cattle, 7th swine, and 9th reasons. Ethan Hyers was 3rd overall, 2nd

cattle, and 8th reasons. Bailey Lavender was 8th overall, 6th reasons, 6th sheep/goats, and 8th in swine. Kaetlyn Freideman was 10th overall, 1st sheep/goats, 3rd cattle, and 4th in reasons. Landon Schutz was 13th overall and 9th in cattle. Cole Smyth, Clay Pierce, Elisa Allen, and Kasadie Fielder were 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 14th overall in the alternate division, respectively.

The team will host a Collegiate Judging Contest on April 8. Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 54 -MARCH 2023 Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 56 -MARCH 2023 To get the last issue, subscribe by April 1st! $5

Oklahoma 4-H State Council Share Opportunities in 4-H

During this time of year, most people are busy traveling for spring break and doing all they can before going back to school or work. In the spirit of traveling, the Oklahoma 4-H Council wanted to highlight a few trips and events they’ve been to over the past year.

“My favorite 4-H event by far is Roundup. I love competing in and watching the contests, listening to the empowering speakers and being able to see all of my friends from across the state. Not to mention, the dances are great fun too!” -

“One of my favorite 4-H events I have attended is the Oklahoma Youth Legislative Experience. It was my favorite because I met people from 4-H and FFA; this widened my perspective and allowed me to learn more about different people. This event was the first time I went somewhere without knowing most people. I had a few acquaintances but none of my family or close friends were there. This really gave me the chance to get to know a lot of people and I made a lot of friends.” -

“A favorite 4-H trip of mine is C.W.F. in Washington, D.C. We had the opportunity to travel in the Oklahoma State University athletic bus along with other 4-H members from Kansas. The Citizenship Washington Focus was my favorite 4-H trip because we were able to tour Arlington National Cemetery, see the Washington Monument lit up at night and meet lifelong friends.” -

“My favorite 4-H trip was going to the National 4-H Shooting Sports championship in Grand Island, Nebraska. The best part was eating lunch at a Somalian restaurant in Grand Island that I found on google. It turned out it was in an old Mexican bar and everyone in there spoke limited English. However, the food was the best food I had ever had in a restaurant, and it only cost 10 dollars a plate!” - Bridger Arrington

“One of my favorite 4-H events I’ve participated in was the Southeast District Teen Leadership Conference in 2022. I was the outgoing recreation leader, so I did a lot of planning for this event with my fellow officers throughout the year. I learned so much, worked hard, cried, laughed until I couldn’t breathe and had a blast. I am very grateful I got to experience that event.” - Violet Spencer

“By far, my favorite 4-H trip has to be Citizenship Washington Focus. During this conference I was able to see our nation’s capital, visit with Jennifer Sirangelo, National 4-H Council CEO and develop lifelong friendships. I am forever thankful for the experiences and friendships like these that 4-H has given me!” - Abby Logan

“One of my favorite 4-H events has to be the Outdoor Adventure trip. Through this trip, I’ve been able to see places I never would have seen otherwise and pushed myself in ways I never thought possible. It’s always so much fun to get outside and hike for a week and when you put the friends I’ve made through it into the equation, it is an unparalleled experience.” - Isaac

“My favorite 4-H trip throughout my time in 4-H was attending National 4-H Congress. This trip allowed me to meet new 4-H members from across the country and further develop my passion for service. I made amazing memories and friendships that will last a lifetime” - Clarissa

“Out of all the 4-H trips and events I have attended, my favorite has to be Science Night at the Museum. At this event, you get to spend the night at the Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Through this opportunity, I have been able to meet 4-H members from across the state, learn more about science and interact with hands-on activities around the museum. I’ve loved science night every time I’ve gone because of the information I attain, as well as the great memories I make!” - Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 64 -MARCH 2023
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Oklahoma 4-H members getting ready for a great week at the 2023 New Mexico Senior Leadership Retreat held in Albuquerque.

Burlington FFA Holds Project Auction

On Monday, Feb. 13, Burlington FFA had their annual project auction. Students spent several weeks working on their projects. These projects consisted of baked goods, wood and metal projects. and floral arrangements.

They also had a silent auction where many local businesses donated items. It was successful evening and the students are looking forward to future activities. Our members are thankful of our supportive community.

4-H Opportunities continued from Page 64

‘I would have to say my favorite 4-H trip was the New Mexico Senior Leadership Retreat. Oklahoma made up a delegation of 27 4-H members. On this trip we got to experience meeting club members from New Mexico, trying new things and much more. One of my favorite things about this trip is that it allowed me to see 4-H from a different perspective. Seeing how another state’s 4-H operates was so fascinating. I hope to go on more trips like this in my next few years of 4-H.” -

“By far my favorite 4-H trip I had the opportunity to go on was Citizenship Washington Focus. It was so cool to travel across the country with amazing Oklahoma 4-H delegates and see lots of really cool landmarks along the way. If I could do this trip over, I would in a heartbeat!” - Dylan Simon

Being able to attend these events and trips has given me many life-changing experiences. As expressed by many, you will get to visit amazing attractions, learn life skills and make memories with friends that will last a lifetime. The Oklahoma 4-H state council is so thankful for the opportunities 4-H offers to us and many others. To learn more about upcoming events and trips go to the Oklahoma 4-H Facebook page or visit Remember and continue to make the best better! Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! MARCH 2023 - Page 65

Shattuck FFA Hosts Junior CDE Contest

On Thursday, Jan. 26, Shattuck FFA hosted the 5th annual Great Western Shootout Junior CDE Contest at the Woodward Fairgrounds. More than 500 students from 25 schools were in attendance. The competition is open to all 8th-10th grade students in FFA, and is run by the Shattuck FFA 10th and 11th graders.

Shattuck FFA officer Abbey Elam said, “I like this contest

because it allows the younger FFA members to get an idea of what all the CDE contests are about without having to compete in a big senior level contest.”

The events open to competitors included food science, vet science, farm business management, ag communications, ag

and Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 68 -MARCH 2023
Shattuck FFA Students in attendance at the Great Western Shootout Jr. CDE Contest. Jacob Tignor, 2nd; Alex Lopez, 1st; and Logan Morrow. 1st Place Electricity Team. 1st Place Vet Science Team Leah Taylor, Ariel Jaggli, Cindy Lara and Amanda Harbour. 1st Place Meats Team Gunner Froage, Evie Diss, Saige Moore (1st) and Kevlee Kelln. 1st Place Agronomy Team Dylan Curtis, Traven Frazier and Kole Trenfield Ag Mechanics Teams Cade Crowder, Luke Kelln, Logan Morrow, Cruz Hernandez, Hipolito Sarabia, Coleman Neubauer, Brett Reasor, Jaxson Anderson, Sam Contreras, Miles Cowser, and Caleb Rogers) Saige Moore 1st Place Meats and Milk Quality Individual. 1st place Natural Resources Team Ben Elam, Kalen Berends and Curtis Schilling. mechanics, agronomy, floriculture, milk quality products, entomology, electricity, rangeland judging, environmental and natural resources, and meats.

Wagoner FFA Hosts Showmanship Clinic

Wagoner FFA organized and hosted a goat, sheep and pig showmanship clinic at the Wagoner Show Barn in December

Wagoner 4-H and FFA goat and sheep showmen were given daily care and showmanship tips by Destyn Emerson, member of the Tuttle FFA Chapter. She demonstrated different techniques on how to properly keep the members' goats and sheep healthy, while also giving a demonstration on how to handle your animal in the ring.

Chyann Emerson and Connor Pell, members of Redlands Community College Livestock Judging Team, worked with Wagoner’s pig showmen on showmanship techniques to demonstrate the best qualities of their show animals.

All participants were able to gain a better understanding of how to work the show ring and how to properly take care of their projects. We hope to see what they have learned be put to work in the spring show season.

West District 4-H Officers Busy with Variety of District Events

The West District 4-H Officers have been busy with a variety of district events. The State Winter Formal was held in Chickasha. Fairview was the location of 4-H Has Talent.

The latest event, West District Speech Contest and Parent/Volunteer Conference was Saturday, Feb. 11. It was held in Hydro, Oklahoma. Almost every county in the district was represented for both events of the day and it was a huge success.

There were a variety of speeches, illustrated speeches, and power points on a wide variety of subjects. Speeches were presented and the judges handed out all of the awards.

The parent-volunteer conference started during lunch with a wonderful presenter, Sarah Soell, who is the executive director of the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma or DSACO. She taught us how to properly address and teach people who have down syndrome.

Next we broke into groups and went various workshops on a variety of subjects. The district officers handed out door prizes at the finale.

The upcoming west district events are as follows:

West District Duds to Dazzle Contest is April 1 West District 4-H S.T.E.M. Challenge is May 13 West District Discovery Days is June 28-29 Ag Youth Magazine - Braggin’ on Kids for 35 Years! Page 70 -MARCH 2023

March 1, 11 a.m., Muskogee Regional Doe Kids and Market Goat Shows, Muskogee, OK

March 3, 9:30 a.m., Northwest District Breeding Doe and Wether

Goat Shows, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 10, 8 a.m., OYE Sullivan's Supply Doe Fitting Contest Preliminary Rounds, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 10, 10:30 a.m., Farm Credit OYE Doe Showmanship and Wether Dam Breeding Show, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 10, OYE Winners' Circle Wether Dam Breeding Doe Sale (online following the show),

March 10, 6:30 p.m., Champions' Tribute Breeding Doe Show, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 10, 7 p.m., Sullivan's Supply Doe Fitting Contest Finals, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 13, Wether Dam Winner's Circle Wether Dam Sale,

March 14, 1 p.m., Champions' Tribute Market Goat, Ewe and Market Lamb Show Back followed by Farm Credit OYE Market Goat Showmanship followed by AFR Goat Showmanship, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 15, 1 p.m., Farm Credit Market Goat Show (Div. 1 & 2), Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 16, 8:30 a.m., Farm Credit Market Goat Show (Div. 3, & 5), Super Barn Arena, OKC

June 3, 6 p.m., River Valley Goat Sale, FFA Animal Science Arena, Vian, OK

June 17, 6 p.m., Green Country Goat Sale, Wagoner Show Barn, Wagoner, OK

June 23, Tolson Livestock & Friends Summer Vacation Sale, Alex Showbarn, Alex, OK


March 4, 8 a.m., Northwest District Barrow Show, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 5, 8 a.m., Northwest District Gilt Show, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 8, 4 p.m., OYE The STOMP, Barn 6 Performance Arena, Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, OKC

March 9, 8 a.m., OYE MoorMan's ShowTec Commercial Breeding Gilt Show (Dark Cross), Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

March 10, 8 a.m., OYE MoorMan's ShowTec Commercial Breeding Gilt Show (Light Cross) and Supreme Commercial Gilt Drive, Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

March 10, 1 p.m., Moorman's ShowTec Purebred Breeding Gilt Show (Duroc, Landrace & Poland), Barn 6 Arena, OKC

March 11, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Purebred Breeding Gilt Show (Berk, Chester, Hamp, Hereford, Spot, York), Barn 6 Arena, OKC

March 11, K-State Junior Swine Producer Day, Weber Arena, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS (Register by Feb. 15)

March 13, 11 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec OYE Swine Showmanship followed by AFR Swine Showmanship, Barn 6 Arena, OKC

March 13, 4 p.m., OYE Barrow Futurity Showback (NSR, CPS, Crossbred) followed by Purebred Hampshire Barrow Show followed by Purebred Yorkshire Barrow Show, Barn 6 Arena, OKC

March 14, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Market Barrow Show (Berk, Duroc, Hereford, Poland, Spot, York), Barn 6 Arena, OKC

March 15, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Market Barrow Show (Chester, Hamp, Light Cross), Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

March 15, 6 p.m., Night of Stars Gilt Sale, Barn 8, OKC

March 16, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Market Barrow Show (Dark Cross), Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

April 8, Master Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest, CSC, Warner, OK

April 11, 13-15, 18, 20, South Ranch Shootout Shooting & Archery, CSC, Warner, OK

April 18-May 6, CSC Spring Plant Sale, Warner, OK

May 31-June 2, EOSC Livestock Judging Camp, Wilburton, OK

June 5-7, EOSC Meats Judging Camp, Wilburton, OK

9 a.m., OYE Commercial Heifer Show, Barn 3 Arena, OKC

March 10, 11 a.m., OCA Futurity Heifer Show, AFR Cattle Showmanship, LNC Showmanship Showdown, Barn 3 Arena, OKC

March 11, 8 a.m., OYE LNC Other Registered Breeds Breeding Heifer Show followed by LNC Breeding Heifer Show (Charolais, Percentage Charolais, Limousin), Barn 3 Arena, OKC

March 11, 2 p.m., Honor Roll Sale, Express Ranch, Yukon, OK

March 11, 6:30 p.m., OCA Futurity Heifer Sale, Barn 8, OKC

March 12, 8 a.m., OYE LNC Breeding Heifer Show (Maine, MaineTainer), Barn 3 Arena OKC

March 12, 2 p.m., OYE LNC Breeding Heifer Show (Ring 1: Chi, Shorthorn, Shorthorn Plus; Ring 2: Angus, Red Angus, Red Angus Percentage), State Fair Arena, OKC

March 13, 8 a.m., OYE LNC Breeding Heifer Show (Ring 1: Simmental, Simmental Influence; Ring 2: Angus, Horned Hereford, Polled Hereford) followed by Supreme Influence Heifer, Supreme Purebred Heifer, Supreme Bred and Owned Heifer), State Fair Arena, OKC

March 14, 1 p.m., OCA Futurity Steer Show followed by Miniature Hereford Steer and Heifer Shows, State Fair Arena, OKC

March 14, 8 a.m., OYE Sullivan's Supply Cattle Fitting Contest Preliminary Rounds, Barn 3, OKC

March 14, 5 p.m., OYE Sullivan's Supply Cattle Fitting Contest Finals, Barn 3, OKC

March 14, 6:30 p.m., OCA Futurity Steer Sale, OKC

March 15, 8 a.m., Sunglo Market Steer Show, (Angus, Charolais, Chianina, Hereford, Limousin, Maine, Shorthorn, Simmental, AOB), State Fair Arena, OKC

March 16, 8 a.m., Sunglo Market Steer Show, (Cross), State Fair Arena, OKC

April 2, Collins Cattle Sale,

April 21-23, Outlaws and Legends End of the Road Show (Minii-Herefords), Stillwater, OK

May 24-25, Cattlemen's Conference, Stillwater, OK

June 1-3, OJCA Preview Show (Steers, Heifers, Reg. Bulls), Stillwater, OK

June 1-4, McPeak's Be A Champ Cattle Camp, Connors State College, Warner, OK

June 10-13, McPeak's Be A Champ Cattle Camp, Connors State College, Warner, OK

June 24-27, McPeak's Be A Champ Cattle Camp, Connors State College, Warner, OK


March 1, 2p.m., Muskogee Regional Sheep Show, Muskogee, OK

March 2, 7:30 a.m., Northwest District Lamb Lead Interviews, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 2, 9 a.m., Northwest District Lamb Lead, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 2, 10 a.m., Northwest District Ewe and Wether Lamb Shows, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK

March 11, 9 a.m., OYE Farm Credit Breeding Doe Show, Super Barn Arena, OKC

March 12, 11 a.m., OYE Moorman's ShowTec Purebred Breeding Ewe Show followed by Dorset Advantage followed by Commercial Breeding Ewe Show, Super Barn Arena , OKC

March 15, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Market Lamb Show, Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

March 16, 8 a.m., Moorman's ShowTec Market Lamb Show (Suffolk, Black Faced Cross), Barn 6 Performance Arena, OKC

March 19, Pirtle Farms Online Sale,

April 1, Larry DeSpain's Board Bid Sale, at the farm, Hinton, OK

April 2, Pirtle Farms Online Sale,

June 4, Pirtle Farms Annual Barn Bid Off Sale, at the farm, Copan, OK

June 12-17 Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, MO

June 25-27, McPeak's Be A Champ Lamb Camp, Connors State College, Warner, OK

June 28-July 2, All-American Junior Show

Sept. 10, Pirtle Farms Late Lamb Online Sale,

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Other March 14, 3 p.m., This One's for the Girls, Barn 3 Sales Pavilion, OKC March 14, 6 p.m., Legislative & Celebrity Showmanship March 15, 5 p.m., OYE Scholarship Presentations March 15, 6 p.m., OYE Grand Drive March 17, 4 p.m., OYE Sale of Champions April 6, Aggie Day Interscholastic, CSC, Warner OK March 1, 8 a.m., Northwest District Heifer Show, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Enid, OK March 3, 8:30 a.m., Muskogee Regional Heifer Show, Muskogee, OK March 3, 7 p.m., Muskogee Regional Steer Show, Muskogee, OK March 5, Collins Cattle Sale, March 9,
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