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Tom Hu Transportation Design

Tom (Teng) Hu 626.200.5278


University of British Columbia Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, June 2011 Burnaby North Secondary School June 2007


Research Free hand sketching Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign


English Mandarin


Coaching youth basketball Weight / strength training Cycling


BENTLEY CAPITOL September 2012

Volkswagen Golf August 2012

June 2012

Terra Prix March 2012


For many business leaders , time really is (alot) of money.

Nick Hanauer: investor in Yearly Income $6.5 mil. Hourly Income: $800

Sean Combs: rapper, entrepreneur. Yearly Income $35 mil. Hourly Income: $4,000

Lloyd Blankfein: CEO of Goldman Sachs. Yearly Income $54 mil. Hourly Income: $6,160

On average, people spend 18.5 hours a week in a car, most of it unproductive. Potential lost income a week:

Potential lost income a week:

Potential lost income a week:





Bentley Capitol is an ultra-luxurious, ultra-ecofriendly vehicle designed to facilitate social interaction between its occupants and enhance productivity.

oled panels displays vehicle operation information zen-garden inspired "waveform"

OHVAC system produces fresh oxygen for cabin


Why not a limo? Gas guzzlling, bad for environment

Too ostentatious for businesses to use

Hard to maneuver in busy traďŹƒc



Inspiration: Japanese Zen Gardens

early seating ideation

PHASE form and layout


futuristic looking

sanitizes hand

FLUID WOOD AESTHETICS New rapid prototyping technology has allowed the advent of a new material known as uid wood. This material allows for the unprecedented marriage between wood, metal, and leather in a vehicle’s interior, bringing a new level of aesthetics to the cabin.

interesting spiralled design

IP ideation

FLOWING CABIN Long owing lines in the cabin is intended to accentuate the roomyness of the interior as well as give the cabin a heightened level of built quality.


It is well know that some plants have the ability to cleanse the air around it through the process of photosynthesis. However, it is found that when air is circulated through the roots of the plants, their air-purifying qualities can be increased by a hundred-fold. The organic HVAC system is designed to purify air in the cabin of the vehicle by the most eco-friendly method possible.



Blind Spot


Blind Spot

solution 1) Raise driver's seat



2) Move front occupant seat toward rear axel

Package change to maintain original leg room

Storage space

PROBLEM SOLVING The problem with the dual facing seats is that the front occupant will create a blindspot for the driver. The solution is two-proned. First is to raise the driver's seating slightly, second is to move the front occupant seat toward the rear axel, thus eliminating the problem with the blind spot.

Fold-out Table

flowing, stately, domineering In 2030, cars must place important priority designed to help executives maxmize their usage of time, the Bentley Capitol is developed to provide a mobile setting for time counscious executives on the go. It must also look the part as well, characterized by long hood, flowing lines, and domineering grille, the Capitol is true flagship for the ages.




PURITY OF LINE The exterior mimicks the interior in its owing lines. In the sense, it is even more important for the exterior to have such lines, as it conveys speed and a sense of movement as well as elongates the vehicle, giving it an even more elegant appearance. The back wheel cover is an early idea which reinforces the concept of the continous line. It also harkens back to the luxury cars of yesteryear and connects the future with the past.

GULLWING + SLIDING *smaller footprint when ingress/egress *adds to the drama when doors are open








2020 Volkswagen Golf Targeted for the Chinese market

Why China? Sales figure in China:

Big car sells in China In the past few years, the best selling cars in China has been large cars. The Buick Verano was the best selling car in 2011, while the RR Phantom Year of the Dragon edition sold out in 2 months in China

In 2005

In 2030 (projected, McKinsey & Company)

v losi exp

h wt o r eg th e

in Ch ine se auto se

ctor >>>>>>

Size Matters Expanding Volkswagen’s presence in China with the new 2020 Volkswagen Golf.


Initial Direction #1 Light, Airy, Geometric

Initial Direction #2 Flowing, Abstract, Smooth



Initial Direction

needs to be more Golf-like...


The target buyer for the 2030 Volkswagen Golf is the young Chinese professional. He or she is 35 years old, is married, has one child, and lives in a large metropolis in China such as Shanghai. He or she works in the IT field and makes $40K USD a year. Traveling, badminton, and basketball are this person’s hobbies. Psychodemographically, this person is adventurous and technologically oriented.


Longer wheelbase: longer wheelbase means more interior room, which is essential for the Chinese market.


Stronger lines: adds more drama to the design of the vehicle while keeping it distinctly Golf.


Maintaining Golf DNA: long horizontal lines, large C-pillar, all part of making it recognizable as a Golf.


Direction #1 Angular, Structured

Direction #2 Sharp, Crisp

knife-like c-pillar

Direction #3 Flowing, Elongated



Final Direction

Collaborative Consumption The LinX concept is a vehicle that is speciďŹ cally designed to be shared.

Autonomous Cars The LinX concept is a vehicle that utilizes the driverless technology.


New Concept of

SOCIAL Most of the top car manufacturers today are testing the feasibility of driver-less cars, with the idea become more and more of a reality with each passing day. The introduction of autonomous cars will have a huge impact on transportation, and will provide beneďŹ ts such as fewer crashes, eliminate the need to have safety gaps between cars, and allow occupants to do other things instead of driving.





SHARED Transportation

With natural resources dwindling, an innovative idea may be the solution to the problem. Collaborative consumption - the sharing of products, is one such idea and is gaining foothold among the average consumer. The average powerdrill is only used 10 minutes in its entire lifetime, and the average car is idle for 23 out of 24 hours of the day. How much smaller would our landďŹ lls be if we were able to get more usage out of these products? Today, the most popular car sharing company is ZipCars. However, one of the problem is that all cars currently are designed for ownership, and not designed to be shared. Such vehicles poses several problems that impedes the success of the sharing movement, namely, the lack of universality, durability, and modularity.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Physically connecting vehicles

“Refridgerator door” style shape ideations


Advantages (vs adjacent linkage method)

More intuitive Requires less precision during docking Can dock while both vehicles are in motion



Paper Model


1 2

Alternative Linking Methods Explored

Evolution of the Design




Terra Prix 2050

The Race Around the World

Early Ideation

The Year is 2050. Oil is scarce. The world is almost 4 degrees celsius warmer than it is now. Most of the coral reef has died off and several oceans have been declared disaster zones due to high acidity and over-polution. Ecosystems are rapidly changing and weather systems around the world are almost completely unpredictable. In an effort to raise awareness for the environment and test several new technologies that could be incorporated into long distance transport vehicles as well as environmental research vehicles, the Terra-Pax Organization has joined forces with the International Prototype Racing Federation to organize Terra Prix 2050: A race around the world traversing all 7 continents and involving nearly every terrain imaginable.

Discovery Sketches


Early Ideation

Tri-seating design - navigator has better visibility.




Brutish Designs


Key Tech: Disposible Energy-packs In 2050, global warming has thinned the ozone layer so much that dangers due to UV overexposure is prevalent in all corners of the globe. 90% of the worlds population now live in biodome covered megacities, and rapid transportation between cities are only possible in UV-protected trains. The entry from Team Chaos is the Trekker, a vehicle capable of traversing such diverse landscapes and outlasting all other racers to the finish line. However, in order to even attempt such as race, the vehicle must be well protected from the dangers of UV ray exposure. The entire exterior of the Trekker is coated with a UV deflection thin-film. The front shell of the Trekker is actually transparent, but only from the inside like a one way mirror. Advances in biotechnology have made rapid biodegradable battery packs a possibility. The Trekker employs four of them, and much like a rocket shedding its fuel tank, the Trekker will shed each battery pack once they are depleted into the environment with zero environmental damage, allowing it to be driven faster the longer the race goes on.

Alternative Energy-Pack Solutions

phase03 snake skin

solar energy absoption film flexible

energy reservior

100% biodegradable

removable top-loading energy packs

Stage01 refinement: Angular

Stage02 refinement: Smooth

Stage03 refinement: Complete



Terra Prix

The Race Around the World

Terra Prix

The Race Around the World


Art Center Entrance Portfolio Spring 2013  

Art Center Entrance Portfolio Spring 2013

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