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Aaron Guttenplan Architectural Portfolio Syracuse University Class of 2019

Architectural Design Spring 2019 (Thesis) Advisor: Professor Amber Bartosh

My thesis project, entitled “Situation Comedy, Domestic Situation: A Home for Living, a Home for Filming,” was the product of two semesters of research and design. The final design was a proposal for a new typology, a communal television studio where each unit houses a group of filmmakers producing a sitcom within a small television soundstage. The intention was to enhance the portrayal of domesticity on television by producing shows within an environment that the shows’ casts and crews also lived in. I also designed four potential shows and wrote a research paper on how sitcoms present domesticity, which involved interviewing multiple professionals from the field of television production design. Shown here are a perspectival section, floor plans, an exploded isometric, a design for one of the shows, and photographs of a physical model from an earlier phase of design, which featured a similar idea within a single detached unit.

Perspectival section

Floor plans

Camera View Plan 3/16”=1’-0”


Camera View Plan 3/16”=1’-0” First Floor Catwalk Level Plan 1/16”=1’-0”

First Floor Main Level Plan 1/16”=1’-0”

2 South-North Perspective Section 1/4”=1’-0”

Exploded isometric


Show design: Unlikely Mates Camera view plan

4 2

3 1

Camera view renderings

Camera View Plan 3/16”=1’-0”


Early design model


Architectural Design Spring 2018 Professor Fei Wang

Partner: Spencer Gafa This final project from our comprehensive studio was a design for a materials research lab in China, built around the structural skeleton of an existing building. Included are an interior and exterior rendering, isometric diagrams, an isometric drawing, floor plans, and photgraphs of programmatic and structural models.

Interior rendering


Exterior rendering


Isometric diagrams

Isometric drawing


Floor plans

Programmatic model

Structural model


Spaces of Exception Spring 2018 Professor Lindsay Harkema

Partner: Harshita Kataria (for final only) This elective course dealt with public spaces and the concept of “exception” in relation to them. The final project was a proposal to replace the Washington Square Arch with a permanent structure of steel with changeable wood and cloth elements, while an earlier project involved analysing and reinterpreting Louis Kahn’s Trenton Bath House in ways that amplified its camp-like and monumental qualities.

Final model


Final rendering


Trenton Bath House as Camp

1’ 4’ 2’

16’ 8’

64’ 32’


Trenton Bath House as Monument


Architectural Design Fall 2017 Professor Kyle Miller Workshop Leader Jimenez Lai

Partners: Sarah Beaudoin & Danya Li (Miller), Kokeith Perry II & Sherry Wang (Lai) This semester in the Florence program was structured into smaller projects, three led by Professor Kyle Miller and one in a short workshop led by Jimenez Lai. Miller’s projects used Renaissance Italian architecture to inform abstract designs based on ideas of surface, plan, and volume. Lai’s workshop was based around ideas of narrative and storytelling through architecture, expressing character through both the design itself and the use of the design.

Surface design from Miller’s course


Plan-based designs from Miller’s course



Model and section of volume-based design from Miller’s course


Model from Lai’s workshop


Architectural Design Spring 2017

Professor Davide Sacconi Partners: Rose Maalouf & Mikayla Beckwith During this semester, we redesigned an existing supermarket in London by Grimshaw Architects into a proposed inhabitantmaintained homeless facility. Included are an exterior axonmetric detail of the existing project and a cutaway axonometric showing the new interior and exterior of the new design.

Exterior axonometric detail SURVEY

Axonometric 1:20


Cutaway axonometric


Axonometric 1:250


Miscellaneous Included here are two small non-architectural projects, a logo design for a Syracuse University humor group and a photographic inventory of the belongings of a fictional character, in this case an English professor-turned-folk singer in his early 70s. This latter project was actually part of Professor Britt Eversole’s Architectural Design course in Fall 2016.

Logo design for Humor Where


Photographic inventory

Aaron Guttenplan

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Aaron Guttenplan Architectural Portfolio  

Aaron Guttenplan Architectural Portfolio