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I would like to dedicate this magazine to my friends Mel,Emma,Yousef,Andrew,Andrew Acero,Jonny,and JJ  

W.A.M. Trimester 2 Cover Dedication Page Just Because Poem I am Poem Short story

Just because i’m small Just because i’m small It doesn’t mean i’m slow Doesn’t mean I am weak Doesn’t mean I am wimpy Know me and you’ll see me Just because i’m small It doesn’t mean I can’t play sports Doesn’t mean I can’t jump high Doesn’t mean I can’t fight Know my true self and see inside me.

I am Agustin I am a fierce guy who likes skateboarding I wonder what I will be when i’m older. I hear cheers all day. I see a crowd of people. I want a tree that grows money. I am a fierce guy who likes skateboarding.

I pretend that i am a character in GTA V. I feel my heartbeat when I pass on. I touch the sky with my hands. I worry about death. I cry about people who are bullied I am a fierce guy who likes skateboarding. I understand why people are hungry . I say take risks. I dream about using a jet. I try my best at basketball. I hope for the best. I am a fierce guy who likes skateboarding.

Before School Starts Cold wind is chilling school, Pavement is cold as it could be. Fast pace dribbling on the pavement. Hoops old and new. Games begin at the early break. Passing,dribbling,shooting,and crossover’s. Determination is all in the look of their chilling faces. “Swish” goes the net. After a while they don’t notice. BEEP!!! The bell has rung for class.

Taylor Middle School Basketball I see people at Taylor courts Shots in the hoop, I see them making lay­ups and Crossover’s. Playing basketball on these courts, King of the court,knock­out,and 2 on 2 I hear the nets clinging when a shot is made. “Swish” goes when it’s made I hear when people try to make half court shots and we cheer. I hear YAAA! when they win a game. People are playing basketball. Shooting and dribbling. they do crossovers through the legs  behind the back. Me,and my friends play together. I feel the excitement and energy. But when I lose pressure is on me.  

Los Santos

I got a call from my friend Franklin saying that his friend, Lamar needs more people to do more of his dirty work.I have been on this plane for 3 hours and, i’m excited to go to Los Santos.I hear that Los Santos is a beautifu place to live so, I agreed to move there.Finally the plane has arrived i’m excited to live in Los Santos.Lamar was waiting to go and get me started with my new life in Los Santos.He gave me a gun and some cash to get started even though i’m very wealthy.Lamar wanted me to race tonight so i agreed to do it.I chose to race in the EX-FORZA. I won,but I got to keep the car. Lamar got a call from a guy name Gerald,he called about a drug bust so Lamar asked me to do it because he wanted to see how I do in this life.I had to meet up with Lamar’s other recruits and we stole the drugs and drove a fast as we could without getting a speeding ticket.Gerald was pleased with our work.Lamar let me stay at his place for the night so in the morning i can buy a penthouse or apartment.The next morning I left Lamar’s place to go and find a new house.I finally settled on this place called Eclipse Towers. It cost $400,000.00 cause 10 car garage and the last guy who lived there left everything cause he was god damned rich.Once I got in I went staright to the computer to go find a new car. The website I went on was Legendary MotorSports, there were a lot of cars to choose from.The Cheetah was pretty fast,but $350,000.00.That was a lot of money to spend on a car. It was the only choice I had to look like I belong here ,and so I had to change my look to.I went to Ponsonby's to buy clothes.I bought a black sports coat,black slate pants,watch,all black oxfords,and a black tie.

When I got home I went to my garage to go and pay my mechanic and for apartment utility use.I was looking for jobs,but I think that doing Lamar’s dirty work pay’s a lot. Lamar did say he pays me.I think I got $5,000.00.I hope Lamar let’s me go freely to just do my own work.If I do will he try to kill me or maybe kidnap me.Well wouldn’t hurt to try to ask him.Lamar called me and said he has another race for me.This time i’m using the Cheetah.I had to win so I drifted through tight turns , and made some good Stunt Jumps.I had beat other people through the city.I had a good time her but I think i’m done for this story about my new diggs.

The Time I Lost my Wallet and Found it

    I had watched a movie on a saturday morning at the Century  Theatre.After I had finished with the movie I had gone to Zumiez to buy  some things for my new skateboard.When i reached into my pocket to get  my wallet it wasn’t there.I retraced my steps but i had never found it until I  had spotted some kid who had picked something up that look just like my  wallet.I asked the kid have you seen a wallet that is red and black  checkers.He had said yes and I asked did you see a school I.D. He replied  no i haven’t looked in it yet.So I asked can we see if my picture is there.He  said sure and when we looked inside my school picture was there.I gave  him $15.00 for finding it but i still had $40.00 to buy my things from the  skate shop.I had got every thing I needed after I got my wallet back.I went  everywhere to get stuff even the Vans store but I need to complete my deck  with bearings.  

A Day to Skate Act 1 I thought that this competition was going to be easy this time but I had been wrong because I had my old childhood friend competing but,he is also as good as m so I think we might have a tie but I was wrong.I told my fans that I wanted to win but my friend Mike was there and so was Ryan. Act 2 At the mall skatepark. Sean-Mike? Mike Capaldi is that you? Mike-Who said that? Sean-Me Mike remember me Sean Sean Malto? Mike-Sean its been forever since you moved.Hows it been? Sean-Very good and how about you Mike? Mike-Great and why do you have your skateboard? Sean-Oh i’m entering the skate competition because I think I have a good chance at winning. Mike-Well for a fact I am competing in that competition to. Sean-Great that means old buddies coming together again Mike-Yeah -i’m going to tamper with his board-. Sean-what did you say? Mike-Oh I said thats a nice board. Sean-Oh yeah its new just got it and using for a the competition. Mike-which kind? Sean-Girl. Mike-what trucks? Sean-Sonora thunder trucks. Mike-Wow thats a good board.


Act 3 At the competition his bolts to hold his wheels fall off and when he landed he fe off the board because there were no wheels so that it could land properly.So Sean had to fix his board but when his friend came by his friend had said what a tragedy it had been “in a sarcasatic voice”.Sean had said it was you and his friend had said yes.Sean had thought of reasons of why he did it.But what Sean didn’t realise was that he was way behind on his runs so he had to do a move that even his friend couldn’t do.So Sean had pulled off the 360 Varial Kickflip.He had gotten a perfect score and had made 1 more point than his now newly nemisis.

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