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INTEGRACION DE INGLES Colegio: Instituto San Buenaventura

Docente: Amanda Busso

Alumnas: Lucero Leila Prieto Agustina

Aテ前: 2013

EMPRESA: La Fashion

La Fashion REPORT The group is called La Fashion. It was founded by Alejandra Porsche in 1999. The headquarters is in Rosario, Argentina. It designs clothes for women and man. The company employs 4 people in Rosario and 7 in Buenos Aires. It had a turnover in Rosario $20.000, and Buenos Aires $ 30.000. It is well known because it delivery twice a week. One of the most important plan of the company is to buy subsidiaries to make a better Profit

The workplace The offices of the building are all equal. It is located near downtown. There are 3 lifts. They have two large windows. The office is big and modern. The office there is a library. The books are in the library. The accessories are on the library. There is a desk and one swivel chair. The computer on the desk. There are two lamps on the desk. There are two plants on the Windows. There is a one carpe on the floor.

There is also a warehouse where there clothes in stock.

Safely in the workplace In our office there are physical hazards. The employees may trip over loose wires and fall or suffer an electric shock. When plugging in an appliance. The employees must be carefully.

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