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Integración de Inglés:

Integrantes: Terráneo Franco Finola Juan Curso: 4º “B” Profesora: Amanda Busso. Año: 2013

Fecha de Entrega: 28/11/13

HALCONES F.C The company is called Halcones F.C. The owners are Franco Terráneo and Juan Finola and it was founded in 2011. The headquarter is in Córdoba, Argentina. Halcones F.C rental offers soccer field for grabs. Its main competitors are Trewa and Roja Directa. The company is trying to expand in Santa Fe, in the city of Rosario. It has 15 employees. It’s had a turnover of $200.000 in December of 2012. It’s opening a new complex next month in the east of the city to expand the business.

The Office Building: Is located in Cba, Argentina. There are 2 offices and they all are full equipped. There is a large car park and there are two bus stops nearby. It is frunished with 3 desks, 3 offices chairs, 3 computers and a big sofa to relax in the free time.

Working Hazards: The employees are exposed to physical hazards like sprains and other type of injuries. The employees must use gloves to cut the grass of the fields and put de nets on the field.

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