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ABOUT TATICRUNCH TATICRUNCH is an argentine company. It’s the main distributor of chocolates of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. The main office is located in Cordoba, and has branches in Buenos Aires, Rio Negro and Salta. HISTORY It was founded by Tatiana Crunches, a middle-class woman who loved to cook for their kid tasty chocolate bars. One day she decided take all her recipes and founded “Taticrunch”. Taticrunch´s chocolates are the most delicious off Argentina today. PRODUCTS Taticrunch has many types of chocolate, including with walnuts, almonds, cherries, caramel and mint. The chocolate elected by all is of cherries and almonds. TATICRUNCH ACTUALITY It had a turnover of $1.000.000 the last year. This year added 500 employees for increase its production. The next year it will open a new branch in Misiones.

STRUCTURE AND EMPLOYES The Cordoba headquarters has four floors. There worked 2.500 employees, today there are 3.000 employees working at TATICRUNCH. There is a large car park and five bus stops nearby. There are five lifts and facilities for disabled people. All the installations have air conditioning. There are 10 offices. The desks are usually untidy; there are many papers, books and chocolates. There is a food and drinks dispenser for the employees. Offices are between the plant and the car park. Next to them there is a canteen for employees to eat lunch.

SECURITY Employers are responsible for their worker´s safety and they must take action to prevent accidents      

They must use gloves and aprons They must use beard nets They can´t use cellphone They must check the recipes They must work with cleans hands They mustn’t work without goggles

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