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Earth has a limited amount of water?

Earth’s water supply continuously goes through a recycling process called the water cycle.

Here are a few words we need to know. Water vapor is a gas Water is a liquid

Frozen water is a solid

• The process that

changes water into a water vapor. • It is caused by the sun heating up the water in rivers, lakes, and oceans.

• The process by

which plants give off water vapor into the atmosphere.

• It helps evaporation by putting more water vapor in our atmosphere.

• Condensation is

the process that changes a water vapor back to water.

• This process

forms clouds.

• When water falls


back to Earth from our atmosphere in the form of rain, hail, sleet, or snow. It is when the clouds have too much water vapor and some of it needs to be released.

• Where water is •

collected after falling back to Earth. Rivers, lakes, and oceans is usually where water is accumulated.

lakes, rivers, and oceans releasing water vapor plants releasing water vapor water vapor is turned back into water.

liquid is released from our atmosphere where water is collected in lakes, rivers, and oceans






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The water cycle 49978 22937