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our school HTL Vรถcklabruck Austri a

Where is the HTL Vöcklabruck?

HTL means

Secondary College for Mechanical Engineering

 ~ 900 pupils  ~ 120 teachers  since 1974 Upper Austria


Vöcklabruc k

Austria  11.715 inhabitants  433 meter over sea

 Administration-, shopping- and education-city

general information about the technical college  

  

Duration: 5 years, 37 hours per week Up to 8 hours per week of fieldpractical instruction in workshops and laboratories Graduation: diploma and degree exams Recognized studies according to EU guidelines of degree quality Stance description “Engineer” after 3year higher/advanced/further fieldrelevant experience

our areas of expertise 

   

Mechanical Engineering and Plant Technology Technical Structural Equipment and Energy Supply Planning Environmental Technology Industrial Management Industrial Engineering Vocational College for Mechanics

the rooms in school There are many different rooms in our school as you can imagine. Now we will present the most important of them.

CAD roo m

the rooms in school ď Ž

CAD-room: The CAD-Room is cut into two areas. In one area are 30 computer. (In the whole school we have about 300 computers!) We use this room for working out technical design and drawings.

assembl y hall

the rooms in school ď Ž

assembly hall The assembly hall is used for events with many students or for the schoolout exam. Also at the beginning of the schoolyear when we celebrate the holy mass, where always everyone is live there.

wor ksho ps

steel construction workshop

toolmaking workshop

the rooms in school ď Ž

workshops In the workshop, the pupils are educated in the most important practical skills like turning, milling or welding! Our school has got a lot of new and modern machines, which makes this education very interesting!

casting workshop

workshop s

melting pot

turning machine

aluminum bars

lab s

combustion engine

Scanning electron microscope tensile test

the rooms in school ď Ž

laboratories We have got an own laboratybuilding with lots of different facilities for verifying machines and materials. We are very proud of the big range of opportunities in our school.

the classrooms

There are about 60 classrooms including labs and computer rooms.

the SIS

Our school intranet is very useful for the school buffet- booking, the subject matter, room organisation and much more. You can find important actual information about the daily school life. Every teacher and pupil can reach it from every computer in school.

Thank you for your concern, see you! HTL Vöcklabruck Bahnhofstraße 42 4840 Vöcklabruck Telephone: +43 7672-24605 Fax: +43 7672-27805 E-mail:

„We are a learning community: for each other, with each other, from each other!“ © by 4MMA0607

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general information general information about the technical college about the technical college  Graduation: diploma and degree Graduation...

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