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Presentation Corbera

Hi! My name’s Anna and I’m 14. I live with my parents and my younger sister in a town near Barcelona called Corbera de Llobregat. I’m tall and I’ve got brown dark hair. My eyes are brown and small. I’m a bit shy but I’m usually happy and laughing. I like reading and computers. At the weekend, I usually meet my friends for going to the cinema or having a dinner. Superman and Harry Potter are the films I’ve recently watched at the cinema with some friends. I don’t like films too much scary or bloody. I also like chatting with friends on the Internet. But what I really love is reading fantasy books like Harry Potter or Eragon (they’ve got a film too). I like other types of books, of course. I don’t like going to school very much but I have to go. I hate sports especially basketball. So, I hate Physics Education too. I know that studying is important but I would be happier if all the year was made only by holidays. The world would be less complicated. I don’t like any subject very much, I think that all of them are a bit boring, so I don’t know what I’ll be when I’m older. My favourite meal is pasta and fish. I’ve got a pet cat. She’s called Mimi. I know that sounds ridiculous, but my sister put her this name, and now, I can’t do anything to change it. My father is a builder, so he has built the house where I live now. Everybody says that it has a very ugly colour, but I think that’s only curious. Now, many house next to us, have been made red like ours. My mother works at home and helps my father. Corbera de Llobregat, the town where I live, is small. It hasn’t got cinema and there are just few shops.

Anna Berruezo 4E

Hey! How are you? I’m fine. I’m Paula and I’m 13, but in November I will be 14. My physic is enough normal. I’m not tall, but I’m not short. I’m thin, but neither too. I’ve got brown eyes, and my hair is very straight. They are dye of a mixture of purple and red... (a strange colour). I live in Corbera. This is a little village near to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. This village is a lot of littler than Barcelona, but they are very peaceful. I live in a house with my parents and my sister Aina. She has 18, and I love her. She’s very friendly, and we have a lot of trust. Have you got any brother or sister? Catalonia is very beautiful, but also to have a lot of pollution. I hate the pollution! But if your sights the pretty thing that are the places, Catalonia is one of the sites prettiest of the world. The beaches are better in Minorca or some islands. Now, I’m in 3º ESO. Every day I get up at 7.30 a.m. It’s horrible! But I can’t do anything. Every weekend I go out with my friends in Barcelona (a big city) or for Corbera (do you remember? my village..) . Sometimes is boring because every afternoon or night, we do the same things, but I’m with my friends. In here, we can go out all the afternoon because the weather is very different in here. All the day we’ve got sun until the night. Every summer I go to Minorca, a little island near of Catalonia. I’ve family in Minorca, and when I’m there, every night I go with my cousin in a different parties. It’s perfect! But I want to travel for the world.. How are the things in Sweden? Can you write me about you or your town? I hope that you answer me. PD= I send you a photo because I want you to know how I am.

Hy! How are you? I very well. I’m Anna your Catalan friend. I live in a little town Corbera de Llobregat. I’ve 14 years old? I’m smaller than my best friends. When was six had got brown hair, but now I have black hair. Do you like meeting? I friendly and I like dream with imagination place and difference situations. In my free time I like dancing and love listening to music Hip-Hop and all types of the music. At the weekends I go to out street with my friends, but during he week I don’t go out because I want to level. I haven’t sisters or brothers but I’ve two dogs and a one tortoise. I’d like to have one sister. How are you sisters or brothers? In my country, it hot summer. How is the like weather in your town? My town Corbera is near Barcelona. Montserrat is the typical mountain Catalan. I like every year go to difference place in the word. These year I travel to Croatia is a wonderful place! And I will to London in October, I will practise English. Next year I’would like go to Peru with my family and friends. By:KISSEDS

Description of myself Hello! My name’s Miguel. I’m from Barcelona, the second capital of Spain, but I live in a Little town called Corbera de Llobregat. Corbera has 12000 people approximately. I study in the local institute, located in the north of the town. I’m 15 years old, my birthday is 9 of may, I’m tauro. I’ve got short and brown hair, brown eyes. I’m 1’70 meters tall. I like sports, specially soccer and basketball, go out with my friends, computers and watching TV (specially humor programs, and “The Simpsons”). I like Bugatti and koenigsegg (Yes, Swedish) cars, and my favourite is the Veyron and CCX. I hate smoking, I never smoke. I live in a house, with my dad, mum and sister. My dad is 47 years old, he works in his factory, near Barcelona. My mum is 44 years old, and she’s housewife. My sister is 21 years old, she is studying in a university of Barcelona. At weekens I go out with my friends with my mountain bike, we go to the outside mountains. I also go to the house of a friend, and play computer games and Playstation, or we go out. Also we go to the cinema or play bowling. I’m glad with my friends, I’m always happy. I like many types of music, from Hip Hop to Heavy Metal.

MY PRESENTATION Hello, I’m Pol; I live in a house in Corbera. Corbera is a town of Catalonia near of Barcelona, Corbera is smaller than Barcelona. I have one sister, She haves 18 years. My mother has 43 years and she is very intelligent. My father has 45 years and he is builder. I am playing basketball five hours a week. I think that I’m funny, intelligent, intelligent, strong and a bit fat. My father and my mother 16 years ago were living in Aragon, in Mazaleón. Mazaleón is a town of 699 in. They were living in a flat but then habitants but my father and my mother was going to Corbera. They were living in a flat but then build a house and this house in the present is my house. I think going to go in Switzerland or in an other countries. I that you will enjoy my presentation.

Hello! My name is Gerard Visa and I’m 15 years old. I live in Can Rafael, in a town called Corbera de Llobregat, next to Barcelona. I practise basketball a lot, I especially love basketball. I play basketball in Corbera Basketball Club, the best club for me. I play one match on a week and we have won some championships. I also love riding my motorbike. Finally, I go skiing every December or January. I’m tall, 1.75m, and have brown hair and eyes. I’m cheerful and talkative. I have an older sister. Her name is Marta. Here you can see my photograph! Goodbye.

Hello! My name is Joan Fernandez and I am 15 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes, I am 1.75m tall. My hobby is skating. I love skating. I am also interested in football. I play football every day and in my free time I go skating with my friend Omar, too. My favourite food is fried egg and chips. I don’t like fish or dancing. My favourite colour is blue. I study at Corbera High School. My favourite subject is Maths. I have three sisters: Susana, Mayte and Cristina. My father is called Juan and my mother Esperanza. I have three nieces: Paula, Leyre, Tania. I love my family very much!

Hello! My name is Joan Huertas and I am15 years old. I live in a housing development called “Cases Pairals” in Corbera de Llobregat, in Spain. I love basketball, snowboarding and computers. I play basketball in a club called C.B Sant Andreu de la Barca, in Sant Andreu de la Barca, a town next to Corbera de Llobregat. I have three trainings a week and we play one match a week. Every December I practise snowboarding, I've got a snowboarding board. I love it. My school is called I.E.S Corbera. It is located in Corbera and it’s quite big. More things about me: I have black hair and I’m not very tall. I have brown eyes. I like the Simpsons and Family Guy, the best series on TV at the moment for me!

Hello, my name is Jose Garrido and I am 15 years old. I live in Spain, in Corbera de Llobregat. It is a small town, where everybody knows each other and where there are few shops and few activities to do for young people. I have brown spiky hair, brown greenish eyes. I am of average height and thin. I have a peculiar character: I am very shameful and very shy. It is sometimes difficult for me to maintain a long conversation face to face with other people that I do not know. But, within my group of friends I am amusing, a bit clown. I like making my friends laugh although respectfully. We are for in my family: my father, mother and my brother of 12 years old. As everybody I have some hobbies: the greatest ones are riding my motorbike and watching motorcycle racing. Apart from these, I like going out with my friends and enjoying myself as any young person of my age. I do not practice any sports in particular but I go to the gym centre almost every day, I like to go to the gym and take my body to the limits. In the future, I would like to go to London to study English for a month but for this, I have to be patient to be 18 years old.

ME My name is Lidia Castellví. I’m 15 years old and I live in Corbera de Lobregat (Barcelona) with my parents and my two younger brothers.They are naughty. I am really shy with the people I don’t know. I am responsible and mature but I like having a good time with my friends. I’m a reserved and sensitive person. I like helping people to solve problems and I’m always a happy person and have many friends. In my spare time I play basketball a lot. I play in a team call UB Barça, it is in Barcelona. Last year we won the league but I never have enough free time because I play basketball four times a week and it is a big problem. I like sport very much but my best friend Anna isn’t like it. She is very clever and sometimes she helps me with school subjects. I often do my class prjects with her. My favourite school subjects are science and physical education. I think my body is wele built long. I’m a tall person. My legs are the largest part for my body but my arms too. I have big hands but my feet are medium-size. I’m not thin or fat, I’m normal. I have green and big eyes. I have ash-blond, curly and long hair. Other important thing is that I usually wear glasses because I can’t see the far objects.

Hello! My name is Lidia Escudero and I am 15 years old. I have wavy, brown hair and sea-blue eyes. I am of medium height. My friends say to me that I am a bit mad and that I am very entertaining, amusing and kind. I am very big-headed too, so if I do not like something I always say it so. I like going on holidays and being with my friends at any time. As well, I am quite hard- working and devote myself to study when I have examinations. In my free time I like being on the computer and meet new people. I do not have any brothers or sisters but I have a cute dog called TOPY. I love my parents very much. Bye!

Me Hi! My name is Ariadna, but you can call me Ari. I'm Catalan. I'm fourteen years old, I'm tall (1, 72 m.) and my hair is brown and wavy, my eyes are brown too. Our teacher told us about this project called Comenius, and I like it. So I'm going to tell you something about me. In my free time I usually chat with my friends, I love it! But I like watching TV or listening to music, too. I like reading, but if I can I prefer going to the cinema. I like playing with the play station, especially I like playing with the singstar, and it’s quite funny! My favourite food; I don't know exactly, but I like so much cheese or fish with chips. I have two elder brothers; their names are Jaume and Ramon. I have a cat too, his name is "Garfield" but I call him "Gato", because he doesn't remember his name. I love skiing, it’s my favourite sport. If I can, I go skiing every year. I play basketball too, in my town-team. We wear a red uniform with black spots, I think that it’s funny, but all the people I know doesn’t like it…I don’t know why, haha. I live in "Corbera de Llobregat", near of Barcelona, in the east of the country. In winter, here, sometimes snows, but not much. I would like live in Sweden or another country like that because I love winter sports and this things, but I don’t know if I could live far of my family. Last holidays I went to "Tunisia" and next holidays I would like go to "Mexico", but I don't know if my parents agree with me, because they want to go "Prague", it's all right, but I prefer another places. Well, now you can tell me something about you, See you! Ariadna

 Last holidays in Tunisia 

Hello my name is Marc, and have 14 years old. I live in Corbera, is a little town on Catalonia near of Barcelona, a great city. I haven’t any brother and sister, are good. But tall of me, I tall and thin, my eyes are green or blue i don’t know.I like play basketball, because i play in a good team of town, i like warhammer, rol games, wii are the best and go with my friends. But i don’t like play football and readin, are boring. My favourite food are pizza and fish. My favourite music, are ska-p, obrint pas and linkin park, are really good. Last holidays i went to Paris, are most beautiful city on world, and next holidays i would like go to Australia. I have one cat, his name is Tiko, is white and brown, is beautiful and good, but is ... i don’t have name.

And this all.


*mireia... =) Hello! My name is Mireia (but my friends can call me Mire) and I am a Spanish girl. I am 15 years old and the 30 of March is my birthday. I live in Corbera de Llobregat, a town near Barcelona. My house is big and it has a big garden. Now, I haven’t got any pet. I had a guinea pig, it name was Cleopatra (Cleo), but she died last summer do to a tooth problem. She was a perfect pet and I miss her so much. My father likes playing football, but he is a computer programmer. He is the goalkeeper of a football team, and he play with his friends at the weekend. My mother is an elementary school teacher. I am studying in the Corbera institute, in the fourth year of secondary. I have a lot of friends: Anna, Emma, Maria, Carol, Gisela, Carla, Andrea, Judit... Andrea and Carla are twins. I like playing basketball, and I am in the national league of Catalonia. I am in the Cornellà team. Last year we won the U.B. Barcelona team, who is the best team in Catalonia. I like a lot Green Day. I think is an excellent group! I like a lot “Wake me up when September ends”, “Basket Case” and “Boulevard of broken dreams”. Last summer I went to Mexico by plane and with my family, and we stayed in a Resort Spa hotel. I didn’t like stay 9 hours in a plane, but Mexico is very different than Spain. Mexico is hotter than Spain. I met a lot of people, I swam with dolphins and I went to Mexican ruins. It was the best travel I did in my life! … Πιяєyιtah *

My description My name is Laura and I’m 15. I’ve got light brown, straight and long hair and my eyes are brown. I’m medium height, not very tall but not very short, either I’m thin. I live in one town called Corbera de Lobregat with my parents and my old sister. Lorena, my old sister, has 19 and she studies in the university. My father, Antonio, has got fourtytwo years old and works in Sorea, one company of water. My mother, Dolors, has got fourty years old. She’s mistress of my house. My favourite school subjects are maths, spanish and english and I don’t like history, because it’s very bored. I like go out with my friends in the weekends. Every weekend I go to supper out with my friends or we go to the cinema. I love the animals, specially the cats and I love listen music. My favourite groups are Ska-p, Skalariak and Piperrak. The groups aren’t very popular but I love it.

My name is Cristina BaquĂŠs. I live in Corbera de Llobregat, a small town in the mountains that is becoming bigger and bigger. I am high and have blond and wavy hair. My eyes are blue. I am timid and if you know me well you can see that I am very shameful. I like going out with my friends and going for a walk along the streets of my town. I also like riding motorbikes. In my free time I usually do sport.

I’m Judit and I’m 15. I live in Catalonia (Spain). I have brown hair and brown eyes, I’ve got big lips and big eyes but I’ve got little nose. My hair is long and wavy and my face is oval. I’m medium height and medium thin. In my spare time I play basketball. I’m a coach of basketball for children, I love children! I like going out with my friends to the cinema, to the shops, bars, discos, and so on. My best friend’s Elia. We like many different things and we always go out together. Also I like reading, watching television, playing with my computer and listening to music. Above all, I love talking to my friends.

Hello, my name is Maria and I live in Corbera, Spain. I’m fourthteen years old. I’m friendly and studious. I like swimming, reading and the music, but I like the theatre too. I don’t like sport, but I like watching sports TV. I study in secondary School and I study thirst level of secondary. I live with my mother, my father, my brother and my grandmother. My mother’s name is Maria Carme and she’s fourty four years old. She works as receptionist in a hospital. My father’s name is Miquel and he’s fourty seven years old. My father works as train’s organizer of Catalonia. Before, he was a train driver, but his eyes aren’t good. My brother’s name is Joan and he’s eight years old. He studies fourth level of primary. My grandmother’s name is Maria and he’s seventy seven years old. These holidays I went to Navarra, the north of Spain. I went to a summer music camp, because I play the piano and the violin, I’m in fourth elementary course of music and this course I will make the professionally exam.

My own description

I'm Marc and I'm a 15-year-old boy who lives in Corbera, a teenager of standard profile. I'm about 1,75 meters high and I'm so thin. I've got long, wavy, brown hair, and when it bothers me, I wear a ponytail .I've got brown eyes and some time ago I needed brackets but now I've got good teeth. 1 like Metal Music a lot, so I dress its style. I usually wear t-shirts and sweat shirts of metal musical bands. Of course all them are black... I also wear a leather jacket and leather boots. I like to wear heavy metal bracelets too.

Well, let's talk about my affinities and interests; like I've said before I love Heavy Metal. Thrash Metal and Black Metal music, Some people from my school call me: "The Heavy one" (ha,ha,ha..!). I like to play the electric guitar, in fact I play in a band as soloist guitar and also vocalist, we're "Black Label" but we're thinking to change the name because there is also a professional band that is called like this. I also used to play the piano, but I found it boring and I gave it up. I don't like sports very much and I'm not good at it, apart I found id it boring. I also like the world of videogames and computers. Finally, I don't like to go to school, but who does? Okay, here I finish, I think that's enough, isn't it?

PRESENTATION Hi! I’m Aitor and it supposes that I’m going to be your E-mail friend in Spain. Here is my presentation: I’m from Catalonia (Spain) and I live in Corbera, next to Barcelona ¿You know where it is? Corbera is a little middle village situated on a valley that has a lot urbanized areas scattered by the mountain. The most important incentive to live here is that there are a lot of wonderful landscapes, we’re living inside the nature!. By the other way, there aren’t any services here, so sometimes I prefer to live in the city with my father. I live in a big old house with my mother (my parents are divorced), but I feel good here. In a normal day, I get up at 7:30 am ( this is so much early for me!), and I have to be in the institute at 8:15, just in time to start the classes. We have a little break and after, we have a few minutes to have our lunch, We have to hurry up! Now, lets talk about me. I think I’m kind but a little bit shy too. I’m tall and I have got brown-green eyes and curly hair too. Finally, I play basketball three times a week, but this time, we have a very ugly uniform. Finally, my ambitions are to become an air controller and to earn a lot of money. Then, I’ll visit countries like Japan, Praga, London… But that’s enough talking about me! Tell me about your country too!! Yours faithfully, Aitor Serres Armero.

Presentation Hi! I'm Ariadna. I'm fourteen years old and I'm studing in IES Corbera. I play football in Corbera (is a town of the side) and I play the saxophone. I have one sister, Mariona, and I'm older than her. My family and I lived in a flat but now we live ina ahouse in Catalonia. Catalonia is a community of Spanish. I like Futbol club Barcelona (F.C.B), is a team of Barcelona and Barcelona is a province of Catalonia. Alway that I can go to stady of Barรงa (F.C.B) I go with my friends or my sister and we speaking with the players football and we look since they train. My favortite football player is Saviola but Iniesta and eto'o I like they too. Almost always when they play out I go to airport and we speaking very much and when they see me since already know me they come to me and we speaking. I love they very much. I'm normal, I've green eyes, brown hair, freckles and when you look me I smile because I always stay happy ! I play football in Corbera and I'm the smallest. I like listen music! I listen everything but I hade reggeton and fleming. I like very much ska, oi!, reggae, punk, pank, pop, rock... And you? What type of music do you listen? Sometimes I wear black clothes because I like it, my friends say that I'm RUDE ( is a type of to dress) and they say that I'm posh too. And you? What type of clothes do you wear? In my free time I and my friends go to disco, we stay in the street, we go to Barcelona because we live in a town but is in hte side and with 30 minutes as much we stay in Barna (Barcelona), we go to Camp Nou ( Sadium of Barรงa), we go to excursions, we go to another town because we have anothers friends, we go to cinema, we play to skittles, we look a film, we play football, we go to shoping.... And I like very much stay whit my boyfriend.I love he very much! But we only look three or fours day per week because we don't live in the same town( he lives in Sant Viรงens, is another town of the side) nor we go to the same school, but we call everyday, one day he an one day I. And you? What do you do in your free time? My dream is to be journalist because I'll can interview the football players. I like it. And what is your dream? I'll like go to argentina. I like the customs, they way of speaking, the continent, the football... In general everything.

Bye, a plausure!


Sergi Sala

Hello, my name is Sergi. I’m 14 years old. I have got brown eyes, brown hair. I’m shorter than my friend Alberto. He’s very friendly and kind. I love football and my favourite team is F.C. Barcelona. It is the best team of the World. Larson is a very good football player and Ronaldinho is the best football player in the World. I like computer games, too. My favourite computer game is “Need for speed Most wanted”. The game consists on “tunning” cars, which make competitions with other cars. I have a sister. I’m older than her. Last month, we went to a cruiser at the Mediterranean sea with my sister and my uncles. I went to Monaco, Rome, Messina, Napoli, Firenze and Pisa. I was very interesting and exciting, and I met a lot of friends there.

My mame is AgustĂ­. I was born in Barcelona, I live in corbera. I am 14 years old, I live in a hause and I live by next to the school. I am friendly, very kind and I am a very sportiest, I play basketball My mother Maricarmen, is 44 years old, she is friendly too, for me is the best mother. My father AgustĂ­, is 48 years old. He is kind and has bad temper. My sister Paula, is 16 years old. She is like my father, she has bad temper. I had two dogs, Killer and Spike. Killer was Doberman, he was bigger than a table and had bad temper. Spike was nice, he was the most intelligent and kind, but I have dog , the dog is bigger than me, is beautiful.

Sant Jordi A very beautiful woman, Is captured by a dragon; but a brave man think that he can, save the woman and kill the monster. He get on in his horse, and rides towards the dragon with his large sword in his hand, and protected behind his shield, of course. He went through the sword in the stomach, And the dragon throw the woman But the brave man catch, The woman in the air. From the dragon’s stomach Turns off a lot of blood And as it touches the floor It urns out in a beautiful red Rose.

Hi!! I’m Marina and I’m fourteen years old. I’m living in “La Palma” it’s a small village. You can find it in Catalunya, near Barcelona. For me, Catalunya is the most beautiful town of the world. In my house I haves so many things. But my favourites are my guitar, my piano and my computer. I’m living with my father amd my sister. But before, I was living with my mother too, because they’re divorced. Everyday I have to go to my school and I finish the classes at 5:15 p.m, so must do my homework and study, every ending. Do you have to go to your job or class every day too? Here, I’ve got some friends. And at weekends we go out to the cinema, the greatest festibals in the world, a lot of things.. But always together! Next summer holidays we’ll go to Cuba, because I love travelling. We’ve got some beautibul beaches here, if you come here someday, you’ll have funny holidays! Catalunya is the best place in the world. And it’ll be free someday. What about you? Have you got any brothers or sisters? Are you older than me? Do you know talk very good in english? Why are you interested to do this “comenius project”? Do you like go out with your friends to anyplace at weekends or you prefer stay in your house? What are the tipical things in Sweden or Austria? Next summer holidays, I’ll go to London or Irland for learn more english, and so I’ll talk better with you! ^.^ I don’t know what I have to say now... So; Byeeee; Marina


Superman and Harry Potter are the films I’ve recently watched at the cinema Hi! My name’s Anna and I’m 14. I live with my parents and my yo...