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Me, Bernhard Eichhorn On the next pages you will see: > where I‘m from > what I like to do best > and also a few pictures about me, my friends and our location Bernhard Eichhorn

HTL VĂścklabruck

Things about me 

Hi, as before mentioned my name is Bernhard Eichhorn. I live in a small location in UpperAustria called „Frankenmarkt“ with about fourthousand inhabitants. That‘s our country

There I live

Bernhard Eichhorn

HTL Vöcklabruck

How I spend my free time: 

Above all I like going out at night, to meeting my friends and making tours into various bars of our area! I‘m an affected footballplayer and so I spend a lot of time with it! I‘m a drummer and so I love music and play to this music ( „Mad Caddies“, Bernhard Eichhorn

HTL Vöcklabruck

That‘s me and my friends after long, long parties

m e

Bernhard Eichhorn

HTL VĂścklabruck

more Carneval in Frankenma rkt

Bernhard Eichhorn

HTL Vรถcklabruck

Hey! That`s me

That`s my friend Thomas That´s me

A presentation by Daniel Zirhan

Facts about me 17 years ● born on 21st february 1989 in Braunau ● 1.82 meters tall ● school: HTL Vöcklabruck in the 4th year ● live in Fornach: that`s about 25 km away from Vöcklabruck ● I have a little sister called Julia. She is 14 years old. ●

My favourit hobbys are ●

going out with friends






That`s my friend Stefan

Future I don`t know exactly what I should do when I finished the HTL. â—?

I would like to do something with engines.

Something like this

DOMINIK IMGRÜTH Mühlwang 37, A-4690 Rüstorf

-presentation about me and my school

THAT‘s ME: -17 years old -one brother (13) -sometimes shy sometimes excited -loving music -crazy

MY HOBBIES: -listening to music -playing the guitar -fire brigadecompetitions -going out in the evening (binge drinking) -going to festivals in summer -�Landjugend-

MY MUSIC: -Green Day -Mad Caddies -Mando Diao -MxPx -Franz Ferdinand -Red Hot Chili Peppers -Blink 182 -Audioslave -Millencolin

MY SCHOOL/CLASS: …and some of my friends at school Our classroo m door HARI


PHILIPP (student council president)

PHILIPP the second

About Me Ellmauer Erwin

Facts ●

Born: 17.09.1988 in Bad Ischl

Parents: Peter (37) and Angelika (36) Ellmauer

Siblings: Raimund (16), Georg (13) and Natalie (11)

Car: Ford Escort Turnier MK VI 1.6 16V

Death: not available

Residence Austria (A)

Upper Austria (OÖ) ●

Salzkammergut ●

Bad Ischl (4820) ● Rettenbachwaldstraße 3c

Member of: â—?

Fire brigade Rettenbach in Bad Ischl


Curling stone - marksman

Hobbies: ●



Car driving

Playing computer-games

That‘s me

The End

Flower corner Pirate flag

Beer Posters (…we love beer!!!) Yellow walls (selfmade!)



Alias “BORAT Sagdiyev” ,now in cinema, is one of my favourite comedians, cause he’s so crazy…


If I want fun and I don‘t know how

Franz Berger Flachberg 56 A-4810 Gmunden 0043 07612 70533

HELLO My name is Bernhard Hutterer and on the following pages you see a short presentation about ME!


That‘s Me

I Don‘t Always Look Like That

MY PLACE, MY SCHOOL I live in Kogl. small village in ain small city of a and smalli like country I visit theThats highera technical school Vöcklabruck my – Austria. school (in spite of my rather bad marks). I‘m not a very conscientious pupil but anyhow I‘ll manage to scrape through. I‘d likeIt‘s to exactly work in ahere technical job but I‘d prefer to work as an musician in any way soever. My house in winter Our school. Oh, what a wonderful place.

MY PERSONALITY • I like to have a lot of fun • I‘m hardly ever serious • I‘m 1.83m tall • Now and then, I speak a lot of nonsense • I don‘t make live harder than it is

MY HOBBIES ARE RIDING MY MOTORBIKE I‘m not allowed to drive on MAKING MUSIK the streets already. I also listen to GOING TO FESTIVALS Musik like ska, jazz, brass and I like to go to TO different PARTY rock music-festivals but styles.By the way, also towe other Mainly go out to I‘m the proud events, where it isor our favourite Bars bassman of a fun toPartys be. to any around. Jazzband. Classmate Bernhard

Kawasaki GPZ500 It was after lent and I had been sober for Classmate Peter over a month. me, on our ski-excursion Myself


THESE ARE MY INSTRUMENTS I play Bass, Guitar, Horn and I sing (in chagrin to my environment) and that‘s my equipment.

BY ORDER OF CULTURE I play the horn in a march wind orchestra. Memory Live of our on concert in Our orchestra inmusik-journey march-formation Me on the cover of a lokal Newspaper September 2003 to Calella


Fluffy and fat, like a little Teddy Bear



Loidl Roland

Loidl Roland

ME     

Size: 174 cm Weight: 76 kg Hair: brown Eyes: brown Age: 18 years

Hobbys ď Ž

computer gaming

Playing on Lan-Partys

Hobbys ď Ž

Listen to music


That‘s me I‘m 17 years old and live in Vorchdorf ● for three years I have attended the technical college in Vöcklabruck ● I have a sister and a brother, who attend a school, too ●

My home I live in a farmhouse and the life is always very exciting â—?

on our farm are pigs, ducks, rabbits, a turtle and some other animals‌

Hobbies are… ●




Repairing machines

and going out with friends at the weekend… ●

Thank‘s for looking at my presentaion and I hope we meet us anytime.. HAVE A NICE DAY!

My Home That is our family‘s house

That is the view from the livingroom


My Resume - Birthday: 8.10.1988 - Until the age of 5 years at home - Until the age of 6 in the kindergarten - From the age of 7 to 10 at primary school - From 10 to 14 at secondary school - From the age of 14 until today at HTL Vรถcklabruck

Hobbies • • • • • • •

Cycling Mountain Climbing Skiing Wind-Surfing Taking pictures Tinkering on cars Playing the accordion

Future • Maybe an engineering job at ship building

Introduction Here, I’ve prepared a little presentation about myself!  I hope you’ll enjoy it 

Hi, my name is Michael Sams and I live in Bad Goisern, AUSTRIA.

Bad Goisern

ME I was born on the 8th of May 1989. I attended primary school in Bad Goisern and at present I am in the fourth class of the Secondary College for Mechanical Engineering in Voecklabruck. This school provides you with the opportunity to learn how to be a professional engineer; you get a lot of technical information and you learn everything you need for this job; in association with our friendly teachers.

Hobbies ●


Rock Climbing


That was a short overview about myself and if you wanna know more – wait for the meeting!! �

A Presentation about


presented by Thomas Romankiewicz

Some Facts About me ●

My Birthday is the 16th April,1989

I live in Pichlwang, a small village in upper Austria

I have two younger and an elder sister

My hobbies are playing the guitar, skiing, cycling, going out with friends and sometimes I organize parties. ●

My School and Classroom

The main buliding of my school

The classroom, with some extra features

My Home ‘‘Pichlwang“ My room:


Festival tickets A very modern lamp My computer for chatting with friends

My Home ‘‘Pichlwang“

A view out of my window My house

ALL ABOUT ME Hannes Treml


Upper Austria

Our School

My Home

That´s me

About Me Hannes Treml

I was born on 3. January in 1989

I am living in Laakirchen near Gmunden

I attend the HTL Vöcklabruck

I am in the fourth form

What I like to do in my Freetime Having fun with my friends

Sports ( football, volleyball)

Going out and making parties the whole night

I like to watch football games

Listening to music

My Favourite Music ●

Die Toten Hosen

Mando Diao

The Killers

Sportfreunde Stiller


Linkin Park



My favourite things are…

Sometimes I like it to dance

Playing my “Fender Squire Stratokaster” guitar

Festivals are great fun The sun, it makes me feel happy

Party Party Party....

All about me! Stefan Reiter

That’s me

Some Facts about me: ●

Birthday: 11th January 1989

Place of residence: Laakirchen

School: HTL Vöcklabruck - 4MMA

Height: 190 cm

Weight: ~80 kg

Siblings: One Sister: 20 years old Two Brothers: 21- and 17 years old

What I do when I’m not in school Make sports (Cycling, Football, Badminton,…)

Work with the computer

Go out with my friends

Work at home

My Home and Environs my cows

my room

My school and my classroom

…and last but not least: what I want to have in the future An interesting job

A sweet little motorbike

And a nice car

The End I hope it appealed to you!

Presentation Austria  

 I‘m an affected footballplayer and so I‘m an affected footballplayer and so I spend I spend a lot of time with it! a lot of time with it!...

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