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Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

What do you think about?

we do. Lets built a world where artists make it their way, where artist on the world dance and work building high tides. Early, after storms of matter, onstruction, where do economics, war or conflicts, tension, this meaning comes from? Where lost of nature (so important!), discondoes begins some construction? Are tent or even sadness; I beg arts little constructions? What is Novo Arte? you have a new birth, a Where is the plan of our new coming, a new begincreations? Artists, Artcrafts ning building the world People livings related to the way it would be a betArts begins on mind where you create related arts. Arts, General Culture, ter place to live. Like old forts we’ll build to your feelings, livings News & actuality -48 countries strong forts, strong bases or thoughts. -Your point of view of nature, love, arts and That’s what -Magazine & Nerwork well working. Someone NOVO Arte wants the told me “heaven comes artists to have on mind. to us if we live like being there”, so There is a new year comming and like a young man learning how to play building is the best thing I advice for rugby. Like ants building their place to you. Getting new feelings on arts comes protect them from other insects. from work, practice and love on what


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Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

-“It smels like cement.�

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Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

ASIA Haifa, Israel Haifa is the cultural hub of northern Israel. Authors, poets and theater are really supported by mayors.

Tel Aviv, Israel The Tel Aviv Museum of Art First opened to the public in 1932. The Museum quickly became the cultural center of Tel Aviv. Presenting local and foreign artists, in addition to its steadily growing collections, the museum serves as a platform for free-thinking cultural and artistic exchanges. The Museum hosts more than half a million visitors per year with a dynamic program of changing and permanent exhibitions, and exciting cultural programs of classical and jazz music, performance arts, lecture series, special events, children’s programs, dance, and cinema.

-Mont Carmel, Shrine of the Báb sacred place. There coms Babism religious movement that flourished in Persia. -The Sculptures Garden in Haifa city: The Baha’i gardens in Haifa city: israel/haifa-bahai-shrine-and-gardens.htm Thanks Tomer Lapid From Israel.

Tel Aviv, Israel php?page_id=1183

Shanghai, China

мир влюбленности



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

EUROPE Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul was chosen Europe Cultural Capital City 2010 year.

Padua (Padova Italian), Italy -Palazzo Zabarella

Cem Adrian - Bir Melek Ölürken. Cem Adrian is our contributor favourite singer in Turkey; he says he got an excellent voice. He loves his city. Istanbul is growing itself on arts. He is teaching picture and drawing cartoon on the primary school as a volunteer since two weeks. It’s so new for him but he likes it and probably we’ll see on the next edition some of his students works in exclusive for NOVO ARTE Magazine.

-Tomb of Antenore (Classic and medieval autor) Setled in front of Prefecture building. -The cathedral of Sant’Antonio Constructed on 1335, 19 years before Saint Anthony’s dead, completed in 1301 -Piazza di mosca (Moscow Square) The second biggest square in the Europe Is a monument of Padova with many statues of Paduan celebrities.

Thanks Bora From Istanbul

Hasselts, Belgium -Panamarenko pseudonym of Henri Van Herwegen have his own museum in Hasselts, or early a house with his art. asp?exponr=37626

Katowice, Poland I live in katowice a nd heres even more murals and graffitis Muzeum Sztuki Katowice Thanks Mateusz From Katowice e=&id=2059&subbase=&jaartal=&jaa rgang=&letter=&person_id=&work_ id=&project_id=&zoekstring=

Ambers is Antwerp Our contributor leaves there nine years already he is a ballet dancer from the Royal ballet of Flanders. It’s a very good ballet company in Belgium. This is art there; they have also a lot of museums and Ruben’s house Peter Paul Rubens. He is great painter from Antwerp.

-Hasselt did some art projects with food, because Hasselts is the city of the taste and foods.



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

... on the last page Toulouse, France -In front of Capitol (Town Hall) Les Arcades on ceiling. It’s a popular cafe street Parisian style in Toulouse.

Berlin, Germany On the basis it’s called Body art, with the concept “un autre corps” (French for another body) but we rather talking about body architecture, it’s a concept in which our contributor was born on the impulsion of his collaborator Bastien, on performance he has act. Always playing with transgression of the body. Limitations of body like a critic of globalize society that tries generalizing us, taking possession along our body, without letting space to body language leaving people scared and full of timidity about their own body. The work they do on their body and during their chirurgical operations, refers to the same things, but in a different way, must related to symbolism, less violent on real time and actual but present all days with all we got in our skin. Showing day by day to all people.

-Bagatelle: on this neighborhood there is a great big mural with the phrases: ‘Built together’ ‘Transmit’ ‘Stand up’ Those are written in many languages such as Chinese, English, French and Arab. Photos from Editor

Thanks Jon From Berlin Madrid, Spain Our contributor lives in Toulouse, but he went to Madrid on vacations and he took this photo of a single Mural. It called his attention but he didn’t understand the meaning, then when he got the meaning of the little phrase in Spanish, he got more interested on it and he liked it better. In English: ‘I went over built water; my walls are made of fire’. Thanks Jonathan From Toulouse



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

Toulouse, France Ref. 3 Edition



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

AMERICA Coro, Venezuela Capital city of Falcon State in Venezuela Médanos de Coro is a desert. It’s a Colonial city, recovered with materials of the period. Paving stone streets and architecture. Is really beautiful the place. It’s a cute and really different style if what we are costumed, for example the Casa de las 100 ventanas (The house with 100 windows). It’s a region that develops just with turism and artcrafts, and thats on what NOVO ARTE is intrested. By the way our contribuíos found some artist that paints reflected according to histiry his poetry.

Managua Nicaragua Nicaragua in the long way of it’s arts history has suferd big upsettings, on the 80’s arts in general in Nicaragua had a great succes height incredible, there were made so much films and paintings, then goberment changad on 90’s and arts where forgot at all, just continued existing by those curious artists who had on their house writings, paintings and their ideas. Actualy there are borning several interesting currents, young people worried about the way and future of this country, by the gobernment of Daniel Ortega. They are being expressing with “esténciles” (spanish Word for Stencil graffiti) really well done in so much places of the capital city. Other young group of artists doing audio-visual and performances mixing music, poetry and actino with few interesting proposals. Our contributor is a theater actor o fan intependient group, he got 5 years on the company that exists Hill 28 years. Now incursioning on audio-visual, he got a video cam and is going to experiment if the ideas the goes digressing on mind could be expressed behind the lens.

Thanks Fabrizzio From Venezuela

Tepotzotlán, Mexico There is so much to talk about Mexico. Referent to graffiti in Mexico there are excelent artists, but there are also people that damage edifications. Our Contributor lives in Tepotzotlán that is magnific on his point of view. He has the Museo Nacional del Virreinato (Viceroy’s national museum) close to his business office. There is a weekly exposition of artists that occupies the explanade to sell their artworks, always something new and really well made.

Saludos desde Nicaragua Thanks Roberto From Nicaragua



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008




Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

New York, USA In NYC people who made some graffiti or the murals just wanted to show, that people who are not rich are talented too, and show how the law and glamorous downtown is unfair to poor people. Thanks Mateusz From Katowice

San Jose, Costa Rica The popular french Opera of Faust was played at Teatro Nacional (National Theater). Interesting performance. Costa Rican & internationalsingers.



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

San Jose Costa Rica Contemporary engraving artist at the I Ibero-American Encounter of Engraving Artists Possibilities that engraving give us as an artistic technique are enormous, and what we get could be amazing. Recently La Galeria Nacional (National Gallery ‘Costa Rica’) got the soul of 11 artists, joining the great work of 11 artists from Spain and Costa Rica, in the first Ibero-American Encounter of Engraving Artists (6 Spanish and 5 Costa Ricans) all of them motivated by experimentation and also traditional techniques of engraving arts, but showing their own sign, according to their country and tendencies. The exhibition have been opened all December, at Galeria Nacional, at the Museo de los Niños (Children’s Museum), and next year Costa Rican engravings will travel to Spain. There is no doubt about the great visual experience, public can get, the great reference that those works are, to meet how the engraving is doing these days. Each artist demonstrates his own motivation, their soul by the interaction of different techniques in a same work, being just on interaction between the support and it’s technique, or better the interaction between the artists his own technique, and his support. Thanks Randy Rojas From Heredia, Costa Rica



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

OCEANIA Melbourne, Australia Lots of galleries, theatres, live music, sculptures and heaps of fantastic graffiti and street art. It’s the second great aglomeration in Australia on Victoria state. 3 806 092 population. Thanks Steven Michaels



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

AFRICA Rwanda Parce que le Tchad (French for Because Chad)

Kumasi, Ghana A student in the capital city have problems because his parents was dead on a car accident. He is living with a friend but he is having a bad economic problem being student on a country where he says goverment doesn’t care about people students. This country original language is english. The Ashantis are the major population being 80% of people. Kumasi is the second largest and populated city in this coutry after Accra, the capital city.

This documentary presents Rwanda on images along it’s national parks. –Richness and discoveries-, the soundtrack concentrates on the history of this little country of central Africa and in particular on genocide of Tutsi on 1994. Our contributor appreciates so much art in general. On this documentary there are some sights of Nyanza arts museum in Rwanda of where artists works principally from Rwanda and Congo deserve turning to see.

Thanks Mohamed From Kumasi lefilm htm

Djelfa, Algeria x223xj_algeriaforever

Thanks Baobab Indigo From Paris



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

Curiosities Jenever/Genever (Dutch) National Genever Museum The national Jenever museum liquor, how the make it after and before wars the war in Hasselt, it’s one of the typical products of Hasselt. But the museum is nice, you can see how they make the liquor 100 year before, and until now the make it there, after the tour you can try it. But our contributor prefers the drink from the store because it’s sweeter. Hasselt has been several times called as the city with the highest standard of living. Since long time it had been offering free public transport to inhabitants and visitors.

Feng Shui Chinesse Ancient system of aesthetics. Ballance between Earth (geography) and Heaven (astronomy), balance between water and wind.

On architecture and design Chinese use still this traditional art consulting always a Feng Shui Master before building their works. “Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.” php?id=6&rO=1

Slovenia Language: Slovene Capital: Ljubljana Currency: Euro Territory: 20273 km2

Slovakia Language: Slovak Capital: Bratislava Currency: Slovak koruna Territory: 49035 km2



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

Visits Nowadays This magazine had been seeing in the few 48 countries: - France - Costa Rica - United States - Brazil - Germany - United Kingdom - Russia - Colombia - Japan - Canada - Spain - Mexico - Turkey - Italy - Belgium - Algeria

- Poland - Panama - Australia - Macedonia - India - Israel - Argentina - Georgia - China - Morocco - Saudi Arabia - Egypt - South Africa - New Zealand - Switzerland - Chile

- Singapore - Guatemala - Slovakia - Portugal - Kazakhstan - South Korea - French Polynesia - Sweden - Slovenia - Finland - Reunion - Nicaragua - Grecia - Reunion - Venezuela - Greenland

Comments third edition -I don’t like to bring ego to people but I have to say to you that the image like cover is excellent, expressive, cute and mysterious, and with an extraordinary quality. -Nice, I like it; there are short articles with content and interesting. That joins because you can see what is happening on the other side of the World, even this days when there is no time you get it close. With a magazine like that you can take a glance to the World. -Covers are well structured on content and colors.

-I like so much the design of the magazine, there is good use of color, has dynamism, concise texts and nice photos. -It’s a shame that it’s not in French because I don’t understand. -It’s a shame that it’s not in Spanish to read it in detail, because I can see is focused on arts and I love it. -I like that each edition has a different layout, including index. -The magazine is 100% digital? I’d love to get the first print. -There are empty spaces.

The most interestings, new links:



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

ARTIST Laurent Contamin Born in Paris on1968 Parallel to his engineer formation he develops in theater. He is an author, director and comedian. He wrote for the theater: Dédicace, Sténopé, Hédodiade. He loves to confront his writing on other languages: La marionnette “Chambre à Air, La Petite Odyssée” wrote with Grégoire Callies, the theater of objects “Lisolo or Les Echos du sable”, the sound performance “Douce”, the theater out of walls “Fêtards ! et Précaires !”, the circ (he wrote and directed Les Veilleurs de Jour on the Alsace National Dramatic center where he was artist related from 2003 to 2006, À la Poursuite du vent). He directed a dozen of plays and pieces. Six radiophone plays were written for France Culture a well-known radio transmitted in France and outdoors like a pod cast. One of those, Et qu’on les asseye au rang des princes. He is winner of the price Beaumarchais (France Culture for the circ year) he wrote on residence in the Chalons National (French) Center or Circ Arts. The SACD (Society of dramatic authors and composers which manage authors rights in France on lively spectacle) gave him in 2005 the price new talent on radio. Five new (Brèches) were edited on Eclats d’Encre. We can find his poetry on reviews like: Triages, Voix d’Encre, Brèves littéraires. Directed by him, Roméo et Juliette of Shakespeare, Juby (according to texts of Saint-Exupéry), Fragments of Murray Schisgal, L’Avion et ses Poètes (for the Journées claudéliennes de Brangues), L’Enfant et la Rivière according to Henri Bosco and André del Sarto of Musset. Some news: -22 January, 6pm. He would read in exclusive his new piece Villa Lumen which he is writing on La Chartreuse ( a popular place for writers in Avignon. -27 January 12:30md. Read of Dédicace at Rond-Point Theater (Paris), it’s an association called À mots decouverts. 8 comedians representing 8 characters in a piece edited at L’Harmattan.



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

Sténopé, Pubication December


European photographer rat the end of roller fails at Iamé, a Mali town, on full dogon country. This man is sick, something pushes in his chest, and two interpretations clash on this subject. These of traditional African town, being a carrier of fruitfulness, and these of occidental science, for which is crusted of cells proliferated in his seine. However both interpretations are exact.

The village where the story takes place is called Iamé. Actually this is a small village in the “dogon” area which is a part of Mali where lives that particular tribe, the Dogons. Mauritania is a country west from Mali, this picture in Mali desert has been taken by Laurent Contamin close to Mauritania. On the reading we can find Mali and especially the dogon architecture or landscape (Bandiagara’s cliffs for instance).

Through a language that offers a part of an irreducible enigma, Laurent Contamin made us hear a simple tale where are mixed African town and the world town, the original myth and cloning. His piece joins with happiness poetry and politics, carnal and spiritual on a very singular writing, which dares largely embrace the world.

There has been a radio play produced on France Culture a few years ago, and some public readings. Now that the play is published, our writer warmly hopes that would become be a production and be played on stage.



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008


Dig (Incubus): Dedicated to my bestfriend Valeria. I miss you so much.



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

Revolution on mind!!



Week #6&7 Monday 15&22, December 2008

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