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Experience Revival, a place of escape where recharging the inner spirit and enhancing physical well-being come true.

Revival is an oasis within Ibiza, a place designed to create an intimate and relaxing environment for you.

An impressive design, comfortable beds, an elegant reception area and a Spa lounge where a glass of fresh juices and fruits can be sampled before or after your treatment.



The Thermal area situated at -1 floor is extensive and boasts luxurious facilities. Female and Male changing areas leading to the Counter-current Jet Pool, Water Beds, Feng Shui Pool, Roman Bath, Finnish Sauna, Hammam, Cold Pool, Ice Fountain, Different Rain Showers and Scottish Shower.


Fit in a quick workout in the fully-equipped gym or take part in one of our classes.

Fitness Activities Mountain bike through the Ibizan countryside.

120 min. 185 €

Scenic hike enjoying coastal vistas and the other Ibiza.

120 min. 165 €

Beach workout fun fitness sessions on the beach and coastline.

60 min.

Kickbox session learn techniques to release stress and build confidence.

90 min. 120 €

Dance workshop learn some moves for the dance floor. Yo g a ,



90 €

120 min. 150 €


Enjoy one to one attention to begin or deepen your practice.

60 min.

90 €

Turbo training an intense conditioning and fat burning workout.

30 min.

40 €

PT session to tone up, slim down or stay on track we bespoke fitness

60 min.

90 €

Pe r s o n a l Tra i n i n g

training to suit you.

3 sessions 220 € 10 sessions 600 €

Classes Everyday there is a choice of Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Fat Burn, Aqua Spinning and more.

1 Class 20 € Week pass 50 €

slimming & detox Nuestro estudio de fitness cuenta con una gran variedad Slimming and toning de maquinas Technogym, combate y pesas, treatments designed to you Power Plate y entrenamiento TRX asĂ­ como get fast results. bicicletas de spinning acuĂĄtico.

Speed Slimming Get ready for the beach with our super slimming that is guaranteed to shed centimetres. A Universal Contour Wrap that eliminates toxins and sculpts the body. Guaranteed to lose 15cm in just one session!

1 session 110 € pack of 3 300 €

Body Sculptor Breaks down stubborn fat cells.

1 session 75 €

pack of 3 200 €

Pressotherapy Stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces cellulite.

1 session 45 €

pack of 3 110 €

Eurowave Pulls the waist area up and in.

1 session 45 €

pack of 3 110 €

B a s i c S l i m m i n g P a c k Combine our treatments for maximum effect. Body Sculptor, Pressotherapy & Personal Training session.

210 €

P r e m i u m S l i m m i n g P a c k Reduces fat, weight, toxins, cellulite and firms, lifts and tones the entire body. 10 Body Sculptors & 10 Pressotherapy or Eurowave.

500 €

Detox The detox is a juice programme that is designed to balance ph levels and detox the entire body. Fresh local organic fruit and vegetables daily prepared.

3 days 120 € 6 days 240 €

Detox Lite Additional choices offers 3 juices a day to supplement your diet with extra nutrition.

3 days 75 € 6 days 150 €

Consultation with our Nutritionist An in-depth review of your diet and a food and natural supplement plan created to adress your health issues and improve your skin, digestion, energy levels and weight.

2h 160 €


Exclusive programs to enjoy in our Spa Suite that will transport you to a unique atmosphere of aromas and sensations.

A w a k e n i n g

o f

t h e

S e n s e s

Mediterranean Olive Seeds exfoliation. Moisturising massage with Ibiza honey. J e t

L a g

M e d i t e r r a n e a n

70 min.

125 €

90 min.

145 €

90 min.

145 €

90 min.

145 €

90 min.

145 €

R i t u a l

Marine salt exfoliation. Watsu massage in Feng Shui Pool. Seaweed-based corporal moisturizing. of


Rosemary and Ibizan salts exfoliation. Foam Relaxing bath with fig and rosemary. Ibizan Herbs massage. Stress

125 €

R e v i v e r

Energising or Soothing aromatherapy massage. Repair & Restore Facial.


70 min.


Body & face clay mad mask. Detoxifying wrap with red-berries extracts. Relaxing massage with essential lavender oil. R e v i t a l i s e r

R i t u a l

Body peeling with cherry and walnut shell extracts. Toning wrap with orange and cinammon. Toning wake up massage.

oriental therapies Ancestral techniques that rebalance our mind and body.

T h a i

Tr a d i t i o n

This type of therapy is over 2500 years-old and results in complete body relaxation as well as generating a very positive energetic state by means of a massage that uses yoga positions, and the stretching and relaxing of muscles.

80 min. 145 €

A b y h a n g a This massage purifies and harmonizes our body physically, mentally and spiritually, it transports us to a profound state of inner peace.

60 min. 120 € 90 min. 160 €

O h a s h i a t s u Therapeutic treatment that rebalances the body’s energy through motion, benefiting both body and mind.

50 min. 110 € 80 min. 160 €

W a t s u This massage is carried out in a warm water pool. Your body floats in the water, which totally relaxes the nervous system. L o m i

50 min. 110 €

L o m i

Based on the ancient Polynesian massage techniques, it helps renovate the body’s energy and eliminate muscular contractures. Enjoy this wonderful feeling, open up your senses, relax and let yourself go.

50 min. 110 €

K a n s o Ayurveda foot massage typical of western India which employs an alchemical bowl made of five metals. A positive effect on reflex points of the body that mitigates stress and insomnia. V o l c a n i c

50 min. 110 €

R o c k s

Heat is transmitted to our bodies through the rocks, thus relaxing tension caused by stress. This therapy has been used by indigenous peoples for decades to maintain health and balance.

50 min. 110 €

therapeutic massages

These therapies are very effective to improve body and mind which work giving us a high level of relax and wellness. D e e p t i s s u e m a s s a g e This massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. H e a d m a s s a g e A massage for relaxation and stress/tension reduction.

20 min. 45€

L e g c i r c u l a t o r y m a s s a g e Soft massage that facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the massage technique moves blood through the congested areas.

20 min. 45€

F o o t - C r a n e a l M a s s a g e This massage has the effect of freeing the body from stress and calming the nervous system down, thereby leading to pain relief.

20 min. 45€

20 min. 45€ 50 min. 95€

L y m p h a t i c d r a i n a g e Deep massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the the immune system and helping the body to eliminate toxins.

50 min. 110€

F o o t R e f l e x o l o g y This massage is carried out by the applying of pressure to the foot. The entirety of our system is reflected on our feet. The nervous system is relaxed.

50 min. 110€

O s t e o p a t h Consultation with an Osteopathic Doctor to treat pain in body and spinal system. Improve function of the body working on the structure.

50 min. 120€





Aguas de Ibiza Manicure: 70 €

File & Polish hands: 35 €

Aguas de Ibiza Pedicure: 75 €

File & Polish feet: 40 €


Polish: 10 €



Day: 40 €

Full Uper Set: 185 €

from 105 min.

Evening: 60 €

Infill 2 weeks: 80 €

from 40 min.

Bride: 95 €

Infill 3-4 weeks: 135 €

from 70 min.




Eyebrows: 10 €

Chest or abdomen: 30 €

Half-arms: 18 €

Back: 30 €

Arms: 25 €

Bikini or armpit: 20 €

Brazilian: 30 € Complete: 40 € Half legs & Legs: 20/40 €

Hairdresser Wash and Blow Dry

Cut and Blow Dry

short hair

short hair

45 €

85 €

medium hair 55 €

medium hair 95 €

long hair

long hair

60 €


100 €

35 €

Hair Mask

15 €


Speed Slim Body Treatment (lose 15cm in one session) ShellacTM

Men Cut

File & Polish hands and feet

Clarins Flash Beauty facial

90 min. 60 min. 30 min.

225 €

S p a

A c c e s s

Access to the Thermal Area may be arranged with the Spa team. Please contact the Spa front office team for more details at the Spa reception (-1 floor or ext. 561). In order to mantain our quality standards, the Spa management reserves the right to postpone the access to the Thermal area when it’s fully booked. G y m Gym is available 24 h for guest. If you want to enjoy the gym out of the spa opening time, please ask the front desk team and they will kindly assist you.

Arrival time We recommend customers to come to the Spa with the bath robe and the slippers which are in the room. We also recommend customers to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment in order to fill out the necessary documentation. An extension of the established time will not be granted for late arrivals and the treatment will be charged for in full. We hope to welcome you soon to enjoy Revival Spa. Gift Vouchers There are Gift Vouchers available for all our treatments and services. Security and Hygiene - The Spa’s management is not responsible for the loss or theft of any objects within the Spa’s facilities. - Neither the swimming pool nor the thermal baths are equipped with lifeguards. The management will not be held accountable in the event of an accident. - It is forbidden to enter the Spa, dressers or cabins with glass objects or any foodstuffs. - The use of mobile phones is forbidden on the premises. - Adequate/respectful clothing will be required for access to the swimming pool area. - Shower before entering the pools and after the saunas is mandatory. - Entry is not allowed for children under 16 years old. Health Conditions - Upon arrival, you will get a health questionnaire to complete with information that will be useful to our therapists. It is essential that you inform us of any medical conditions, allergies, medical treatments, or any other relevant information. Cancellation Policy No Show 100% / Cancellation under 4 hours 100%

TO C O N TA C T T H E S PA C A L L U S O N E X T. 5 6 1 Salvador Camacho s/n, Sta. Eulalia +34 971 338 093

Revival Spa by Clarins - Hotel Aguas de Ibiza  

New treatments list of Aguas de Ibiza Hotel. Summer 2013

Revival Spa by Clarins - Hotel Aguas de Ibiza  

New treatments list of Aguas de Ibiza Hotel. Summer 2013