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Eco-commandments Ecoluxury is more than just a label for us; it is a way of understanding luxury and also a way of doing things. We believe that it is possible to offer products and services that meet sustainable living without sacrificing the comforts of luxury. Therefore, and because we want to advance our commitment to sustainable luxury we have created the 9 Eco-commandments:

1. Always offer the highest quality products, such as meals with natural ingredients. 2. Wherever possible incorporate environmental innovations and use as far as possible renewable resources. 3. Use the latest technology not only for comfort but also for energy saving. 4. Not only implement, but also promote sustainable and social development in the community. 5. Apply common sense when it comes to using energy and water resources. 6. Find partners to develop environmental initiatives, both institutional and private ones. 7. Inform customers of the hotel's sustainable activities carried out and allow them to observe the results of such measures. 8. Contribute a percentage of revenues to an NGO or foundation. 9. Promote original artists or artisans that keep alive traditional forms of some trade.

Ecomandaments - Hotel Aguas de Ibiza