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WWW.AGTELCO.COM QUICK TIPS  Record-Record what you are watching now.  Record Series-Choose this option to record recurrent programming.  Auto Tune-Choose this option if you want the DVR to automatically change channels to your favorite program when it is on.  Auto Tune Series-Same as above, except with series programming.  Add to favorites-Adds channel to your favorite channel list.  View Channel-Switches to channel you scrolled to.  Stop-Takes you out of recording.  Pause-Stops you in recording.  To turn set top box on, press STB, then power on gray remote.  To turn TV on, press TV then power on gray remote.  To turn on close captioning-Go to menu, settings, preferences, set top box settings, press ok on set top box settings. Choose closed captioning, press ok to turn on or off. Highlight apply, press ok. Exit out.

To Record a Show:  Go to guide.  Scroll to show, (If show is currently playing you press red record button in bottom left corner of remote).  Press ok.  Options will appear. As you scroll through the options they will highlight. Choose option then press ok.

To Record a Series Show:  See above, (To record a show).  Press record series.  Once you choose record series, the following list appears: o Start-Amount of time before show starts. o End-Amount of time after show ends. o Keep at least-How many recordings to keep if your DVR gets full and has to delete to make room for new recordings. o Record Episodes: • New Only. • New & Reruns.

To Record without using the Guide function:             

Go to menu. Search. Advanced. Category-Any. Type-Any. Channel-Any. Highlight the letters ABC, press ok. Title-You can put in entire name or partial name. The U shape on the keyboard is the “spacebar.” Day-Any. From-12AM. To-12PM. After all fields are completed scroll to green checkmark, press ok. Choose record or record a series then proceed to previous steps.

To View Previously Recorded shows:     

Menu. My DVR, Recorded. Choose, Recorded by Dated or Recorded by title. Scroll to previous recorded show you would like to view, press ok. Options available: o Delete-Will remove this recording only. o Start-Will play show o Cancel-Will exit from screen. o Delete All-Will remove recorded shows. o Resume-Start where you left from previous viewing. o Settings-Will show you the settings you set up when you originally set up the recording. o Interrupt Series-Stops a series recording. o WH Resume-Start back where you left off at in your recorded show.


DVR Guide for SkitterTV users with a DVR