Agtaope Carter

With the most powerful model scouting proces in the industry, . BeStyle District Agency . BeStyle D. Magazine, BeStyle District Sims offer complete international coverage in Second Life.

Four years after opening its doors in Sl,

. BeStyle District . today manager over the 80 best top models from the 5 continents. 6 sims, the best brand shop of secondlife....

Its approach to the business on a sales force capable of finding new top model and elevating them to super model.

The group’s clienta are compromised of, but not limited to : leading fashion magazines, clothing designers, advertising agencies, fashion photographers.

A driving force in the modeling profession and synomymous with modeling prestige.

. BeStyle District Agency . is the world’s leading model management compagny for the BeStyle Fashion District.

Agtaope Carter Lane & Tesan Lane

. BeStyle Owners