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It’s a truly beautiful sight to drive across a pasture, close to sunset, and see beautiful Brahman cattle. Here at V8, four generations of our family live a life of blessings that we are thankful for each and every day. We are able to work together, be part of each others daily lives, and use each of our God-given talents for our family’s singular goal of raising exceptional Brahman cattle. Each year, this sale is a highlight for us. We work hard to select females and semen from our top bloodlines, with exceptional quality, that we know can make a difference in other herds. This year, we are very excited to offer carcass ultrasound data on many of the lots. Over the last five years no other breeder has collected data on as many purebred Brahman bulls or females as V8, and we include it to showcase our passion to performance and breed improvement. The V8 brand means a lot to us. And for the last 72 years, it’s grown to mean something to people in the cattle industry, too. When Dadaw, Dad, or Brandon place that V8 on a calf ’s left hip, it represents our family pride, integrity, and love. But it also represents our thankfulness to the many friends and breeders who have made V8 what it is today. It is with great pride that we present this catalog, the cattle in it, and we offer our sincerest best wishes to those reading it. Thank you for your interest. If we can be of assistance, we are here to serve you. - Rachel Cutrer 2

V 8





S A L E 20 1 6

Cattle available for viewing by appointment at 6329 FM 1096, Boling, TX. SALE DAY PHONES Sloan Williams: 979-533-0505 Jim Williams: 979-533-1279 Brandon Cutrer: 601-466-7536 Rachel Cutrer: 979-218-4157 Kolten Thigpen: 830-426-1713 Britt Larson: 940-390-0522

This sale is governed by Texas law. These terms represent the full agreement between buyer and V8 Ranch. Updates posted at or take precedence over catalog. PAYMENT & TRANSFER: Terms of the sale are cash, check, or bank wire due upon receipt, and before animals leave V8. Unpaid accounts are billed 18% APR beginning thirty (30) days following sale. Upon receipt of payment, V8 Ranch will transfer registration paper to the buyer. If full payment is not received within thirty (30) days, then upon written notice to buyer, V8 Ranch shall retain ownership of animal with full property rights, including the ability to resell the animal to another buyer. FEEDING TERMS: Cattle will be provided free care until Oct. 6, 2016, after which feed is billed at $5/head/day in the pasture or $15/day in the show barn. V8 employs some of the best stockmen in the business and spares no expenses in the professional way we care for your cattle. These charges are not designed for us to make money, but to cover our costs. Any veterinary expense will be the owners obligation. All accounts will be billed monthly. Feed charges must be paid in full when the cattle are picked up. LIABILITY & INSURANCE: Ownership of the animal transfers at the time of sale and buyer bears the risk of injury, disease or death which may occur after purchase. Insurance is available through Harding & Harding (817-321-1872) or Jensen Livestock Agency (785-374-4372). HEALTH: Cattle are eligible for a state approved health certificate for interstate shipment. Buyers should make themselves aware of health requirements for their respective states. Animals have been provided the utmost care, nutrition, and vaccinations under the guidance of our veterinarian. Animals are assumed sound and healthy at sale time. BREEDING GUARANTEE: All cows selling as confirmed pregnant, or with a calf at side are assumed to be breeders. No further guarantee is offered. Semen has been collected by CSS standards. We offer no guarantee on ability to reverse sort, conception rates, or semen handling. We reserve ownership of all DNA cell lines of animals sold.

Advertising and photography team: Ranch House Designs, Luke & Cat. Special thanks to Sebastian, Harry and Lloyd.



Miss V8 326/7

Donor daughter for L2 Ranch


Miss V8 324/7

Donor daughter for Carlos Lee

+Miss V8 228/6

Full sister; Houston Grand Champion

+Miss V8 137/7

Neice of 353; Houston Grand Champion

1 | MISS V8 353/6 ABBA 837106 Born 4/3/04 Full sister to +Miss V8 228/6 BW: 2.9 WW: 14.5 YW: 23.7 Milk: 4.2 Sells 4 months safe in calf to JDH Cannon Manso 69/8

A PROVEN V8 DONOR with a lifetime progeny sales record of $128,515 from 22 calves produced. That’s an average of $5,841 per calf. Two of her notable daughters include Miss V8 326/7, a donor for V8 and L2 Ranch, and Miss V8 324/7, a Houston International Sale consignment and donor for Carlos Lee of Panama. Miss V8 353/6’s progeny can be found in 4 countries abroad and 5 U.S. states. This exquisite cow is a direct descendant of two of the most influential animals in V8 history: Superstroke and the Vanguard V8 910/4. Superstroke is known worldwide for stellar donor daughters and show champions. Her dam is V8’s exclusive Vangaurd dam, $Miss V8 910/4. She is a full sister to the 2005 International Grand Champion Female, +Miss V8 228/6, who went on to produce the 2012 International Grand Champion Female and Show Cow of the Year, +Miss V8 137/7, as well as the Herd Sire Mr. V8 830/6. This female represents one of the mega cow families that keeps V8 Ranch at the forefront of the Brahman breed for maternal power, performance, and show ring presence. Here is your chance to own a proven donor, who still conventionally flushes well and still has several years of production to go.

+Miss V8 666/3

Paternal great granddam, National Grand Champion

“Miss Priss”

Maternal great granddam; anchor cow family of V8

+Mr. V8 777/4 SIRE: +Mr. V8 287/5 +Miss V8 611/4

+Mr. V8 702/3 +Miss V8 666/3 +Mr. V8 700/3 Miss Choice of USSC 77

Mr. V8 825/3 DAM: $Miss V8 910/4 +Miss V8 287/3

+JJ Didor Crata 500 JDH Lady Marlene Manso +JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso +Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60 5

2 | MISS V8 808/6 ABBA 863052 Born 1/23/07 BW: 2.6 WW: 17.3 YW: 25.3 Milk: 6.1 THE KIND OF COW that front pastures are built for. Miss V8 808/6 (especially bred to 194) has the ability to accelerate any Brahman herd to the next level. A beautiful 9 year old cow, in the prime of her life. She is a cow that offers the distinct style for which V8 Ranch is known. Femininity, balance, killer eye appeal, fantastic udder quality, and structural integrity are key features bred into this female for generations - since 1944. She is sired by the 2005 International Grand Champion Bull, +Mr. V8 846/5 “ The Rock” - a beloved V8 sire known for his maternal excellence. 808/6 is the first natural calf out of Miss V8 387/6, who at 12 years old still boasts one of the best udders on V8 Ranch. 387/6 is sired by +JDH Charley’s Jazz 946/1, and out of a (+)JDH Copano Manso 839/9 daughter who’s mother was +Miss V8 617/2. Until recently, +Miss V8 617/2 has been the #1 cow in the register of renown for the last 20+ years, and has had the most profound impact on the V8 Ranch herd over any other cow. Through her progeny she is represented in nearly every animal on the ranch, however it is extremely rare to see her name represented so closely on a 3-generation pedigree. Great genetics here. As you study this female in person, on paper, and through her ancestors, it is clear that she exemplifies Brahman excellence.

+JDH Gotham Manso SIRE: +Mr. V8 846//5 +Miss V8 653/5

(+)JDH Remington Manso JDH Lady Santos Manso JDH Mr. Manso 288/1 +Miss V8 983/3

+JDH Charley’s Jazz 946/1 DAM: Miss V8 387/6 Miss V8 402/5

(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso +JDH Lady Manso 76/1 (+)JDH Copano Manso +Miss V8 617/2


+Mr. V8 846/5

Sire, International Grand Champion

THE FEMALE She was AI’d on 12/14/16 to Mr. V8 194/7 and pasture exposed to Mr. V8 830/6 from 12/17/15 to 2/16/16. She was confirmed pregnant by palpation to the AI Date. Her expected calving date is 9/29/16. Her mating to Mr. V8 194/7 should prove to be a good one, and help see a quick return on your investment.


Miss V8 387/6 Dam

+Miss V8 617/2

Maternal great granddam

+Miss V8 653/5 Paternal granddam

+Miss V8 983/3

Paternal great granddam


S E L L I N G F U L L S I S T E R S TO 191 A N D 194 TWO FEMALES BUILT FOR GROWTH AND PERFORMANCE. These ladies are not only easy on the eyes, but capable of producing those high power offspring with heavy bone, power, length of body, and dead level tops. Majestic is a word that comes to mind when you see their neck, shoulders and head carriage. They know they’ve got it - that V8 caliber that’s been passed down generation to generation since 1944. The Avery daughters are known for their function, and good udders.

(+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso SIRE: +JDH Sir Avery Manso JDH Miss Acacia Manso

JDH Mr Brahman Manso 175 +JDH Lady Remington Mans (+)JDH Datapack Manso JDH Lady Etta Manso

(+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso DAM: +Miss V8 464/6 +Miss V8 188/5

(+)JDH Gergory R Manso +JDH Ldy Equito Man438/2 +Mr. V8 700/3 +Ms Claydesta 203-807U5

This cow family is simply exceptional. It’s probably the most influential and dominant in V8 history: CLAYDESTA . This cow family does it all, whether you’re talking profit generated, shows won, superior maternal ability, carcass quality, or performance growth traits. Their dam is the 2007 International Grand Champion and the 2008 World Brahman Congress Champion Female, +Miss V8 464/6. These females boast a superior family tree. They are full sisters to Mr. V8 191/7 and Mr. V8 194/7, two of the most powerful current herd sires at V8, and several other donor females at V8 Ranch. 191/7 is our #1 top semen seller worldwide. This bloodline is stamped for perfection - length, bone, and tremendous power - these two females can be cornerstone donor females of progressive Brahman operations.



3 | MISS V8 581/7 ABBA 899694 Born 4/12/11 BW: 2.4 WW: 22.6 YW: 33.4 Milk: -0.5 Ultrasound Data: REA/CWT: 1.4 %IMF: 4.61 Backfat: .16 Sells confirmed pregnant by palpation to AI date of 12/4/15 to Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble.” ECD 9/19/16. PE JDH Cannon from 12/17/15 to 2/16/16.

4 | MISS V8 957/7 ABBA 923899 Born 9/12/13 BW: 3.9 WW: 27.7 YW: 40.5 Milk: 0.0 Ultrasound Data: REA/CWT: 1.3 % IMF 2.68

Backfat .1

By sale day, Miss V8 957/7, will be just over 100 days confirmed pregnant to JDH Compian Manso 370/8.


+Miss V8 464/6 Houston and World Brahman Congress Grand Champion Female Dam of Lots 3 and 4, and herd bulls 194 and 191

Mr. V8 191/7 Full brother

Mr. V8 194/7 Full brother

+Miss V8 188/5

Maternal granddam. One of two cows at V8 to produce two different International Champion daughters.


5 | MISS V8 318/7 ABBA 887786 Born 1/10/10 BW: 2.9 WW: 30.2 YW: 45.1 Milk: 6.8 Miss V8 318/7 was AI’d to Mr. V8 604/7 on 12/6/15 and pasture exposed to JDH Cannon Manso 69/8 from 12/17/15 through 2/16/16. She was confirmed pregnant by palpation to JDH Cannon Manso 69/8 for a calving date this fall. This mating produced a $7,500 female. 318/7’s second calf, a bull by 191/7 just recently sold for $6500.

+JDH Karu Manso 800 SIRE: +Mr. V8 380/6 +Miss V8 170/6

(+)JDH Dakota Manso 599 JDH Lady Rem S. Manso +Mr. V8 287/5 +Miss V8 567/3

+Mr. V8 700/3 DAM: +Miss V8 188/5 +Ms Claydesta 203-807U5

(+)JDH Remington Manso Miss V8 166/3 (+)WR Mr. Suva 203 +Miss Diamond T 432

HER TYPE REMAINS TRUE to the expectations you would have for this bloodline: dark pigmented, deep bodied, big ribbed, wide, and stout made. These are the traits of V8 females. 318 is a direct daughter of +Mr. V8 380/6, deemed the most accomplished show ring sire of the Brahman breed for the past 5 years by The Brahman Journal. This year in Houston, 380 sired all four of the grey division champion females, including the 2016 International Grand Champion and 2015 National Champion Brahman female, Miss V8 21/8. By the end of 2016, 380/6 will rank in the top 10 bulls of the Register of Renown. His semen has set the record for highest selling semen per straw in Brahman history for the past 3 years. 318/7’s dam is the great +Miss V8 188/5, one of the most prolific dams in V8 Ranch history. 188/5 has numerous donor daughters that are in the current V8 Ranch donor lineup, and has produced 2 International Grand Champion females, and a World Brahman Congress Champion female. This female should mate exceptionally well with the current and upcoming sires avilable from V8, should her new owner choose to maximize her potential by putting her in a donor program.


A D I R E C T D AU G H T E R O F T H E L E G E N D A RY + M I S S V 8 188/5 A N D 3 80!


+Mr. V8 380/6 Sire

Claydesta 807U5 Maternal granddam

+Miss V8 188/5

Dam of Lot 5 and one of two cows at V8 to produce two different International Champion daughters.


6 | MISS V8 572/7 ABBA 899732 Born 4/6/11 BW: 4.8 WW: 27.9 YW: 45.0 Milk: 1.1 AI’d 12/6/15 to +Mr. V8 380/6. PE JDH Cannon from 12/17/15 to 2/16/16. Confirmed pregnant to Cannon for a fall calf. Ultrasound Data: REA/CWT 1.3 %IMF 4.47 Backfat- .13

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER. Every visitor to the ranch easily identifies Miss V8 805/7 as our best Avery daughter, and one of the best cows on the ranch. Here is her direct daughter. Miss V8 572/7 is a big ribbed female, that offers a lot of capacity and depth. She is long bodied, and stands on a big boned, durable skeleton. She offers a ton of femininity in that she is long and extended out of her neck and head, and very angular in her design. Her large, growth oriented frame, is complemented nicely with her functional, productive design. Success comes naturally for 805 and her offspring. She’s produced several donor daughters and herd sires; 2 International Calf Champion females at Houston. Our top fall born heifer of the 2015 calf crop is an 805 daughter by 259. In the last few calf crops, if you want to find the best calf of the group, you can narrow your search by just looking for 805/6 in the ear tag. 805 blends a unique +Mr. V8 700/3 x Imperator pedigree. No explanation is needed for the sire: +Mr. V8 901/4, an impact sire of the entire Brahman Breed for the last 18 years. 572 is a proven producer - her last heifer calf was a top female of the calf crop and sold for $10,000 in our fall sale to Moon Creek Ranch. Documented, productive functionality plus outstanding carcass traits.

+Mr. V8 189/4 SIRE: +Mr. V8 901/4 Miss V8 287/3

(=)JDH Mr Supercalc Mans Miss V8 906/2 +JDH Mr. Rha Ely Maso +Miss 3X Mucho Grande 60

+JDH Sir Avery Manso (+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso JDH Miss Acacia Manso DAM: Miss V8 805/6 +Mr. V8 700/3 +Miss V8 827/4 Mss V8 21/3 12


A L I T T L E M O R E A B O U T M I S S V 8 572/7 Miss V8 572/7 represents one of the most successful cow families currently in production at the ranch. Fresh, modern genetics that are also backed by generations upon generations of excellence.

Miss V8 805/6

Our best Avery daughter and dam of Lot 6.

Miss V8 293/8 - This year’s Calf Champion Female at Houston (2016) Half sib to Lot 6 (both out of 805/6)


Miss V8 317/8 - Top heifer of our fall 2015 calf crop. Half sib to Lot 6 (both out of 805/6)

Miss V8 507/7 - Former show champion and current donor Half sib to Lot 6 (both out of 805/6)

Miss V8 301/8 - Daughter of Lot 6 One of the top heifers of our fall calf crop and $10,000 seller in past online sale.



+Miss V8 797/6



+Miss V8 98/6 Maternal granddam

Miss V8 274/7

Half sister (both out of 797)

Miss V8 103/8

Half sister (both out of 797)

7 | MISS V8 638/7 (S) ABBA 905309 Born 9/19/11 BW: 1.0 WW: 14.2 YW: 18.8 Milk: -4.4 Ultrasound Data: REA/CWT- 1.26 %IMF 3.66 Backfat- .2 AI’d to Mr. V8 596/7 (S) on 12/13/15 PE Mr. V8 830/6 from 12/17/15 through 2/16/16 Confirmed pregnant by palpation to the AI date with an ECD of 9/28/16. 596/7 is a young scurred herd sire sired by Mr. V8 139/7 (S) and out of the great +Miss V8 464/6. He is extremely long bodied and heavy boned and was the highest weaning calf of the entire 2014 spring calf crop. This mating of complementary scurred animals should result in an outstanding calf, that will be double bred +Miss V8 797/6 (S).

OUR POLLED GENETICS OFFERING This scurred female is moderate framed, deep ribbed, and loaded with capacity in relation to her frame size. She is easy fleshing, and the gentlest cow in the sale. When you talk polled Brahman genetics, +Miss V8 797/6 easily comes to the conversation as a producer of some of the best polled cattle worldwide. She is one of the top 5 donors on V8 Ranch for quality and dollars generated. Her first natural calf, Miss V8 274/7 went on to be National Reserve Grand Champion, and is now a leading donor. 797/7’s first flush resulted in 7 calves that have generated over $100,000 in sales and counting. Notable offspring include Mr. V8 135/7 “The Butler”, Mr. V8 139/7, Miss V8 508/7 donor, and the $25,000 high seller in the Houston International Sale, Miss V8 505/7. Later flushes have produced Miss V8 103/8, a division winner at both 2016 Houston and the 2015 National Show, and JDH Lord Vader Manso 892/8, one of Kyle Hudgins’ top herd sire prospects. Miss V8 638/7’s pedigree represents the great 797 cow family but brings in the excellent reputation of Hudgins bloodlines. Her sire, JDH Sir Winston Manso 985/6, is wildly popular over Central America. This bull offers depth of body, muscle and a ton of pigmentation.

Miss V8 508/7

Half sister (both out of 797)

JDH Sir Parker Manso SIRE: JDH Sir Winston Manso JDH Miss Alta Manso

(+)JDH Datapack Manso JDH Lady Ramba Manso (+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso JDH Lady Carrie Manso

+JDH Sir Avery Manso DAM: +Miss V8 797/6 +Miss V8 98/6

(+)JDH Sir Liberty Manso JDH Miss Acacia Manso +Mr. V8 287/5 Miss V8 7/4 17

8 | MISS V8 691/7 ABBA 907921 Born 1/10/12 BW: 3.0 WW: 33.3 YW: 49.0 Milk: 7.6 Ultrasound Data: REA/CWT 1.38 % IMF 5.19 Backfat .4 By sale date, Miss V8 691/7 will be between 90-100 days pregnant to JDH Cannon Manso 69/8. Her length, style, and femininity paired with his impressive depth of body and muscle, has the potential to be a great one.

(+)JDH Dakota Manso 599 +JDH Karu Manso 800 JDH Lady Rem S. Manso SIRE: Mr. V8 442/6 (+)JDH Mr. Charley Manso Miss V8 208/6 +Miss V8 188/5 +Mr. V8 777/4 DAM: +Miss V8 14/6 +Miss V8 4/5

+Mr. V8 702/3 +Miss V8 666/3 (+)WR Mr. Suva 203 Miss V8 407/4

WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO GAZE ACROSS THE PASTURE AND SEE THAT... Miss V8 691/7 is a super stylish female that offers great hump placement and size, an arrow straight top line, and a beautiful head, neck and shoulder. She has a beautiful udder, with small teats, and could be a leading cow in your operation for years to come. 691/7 is sired by the #1 ABBA Trait Leader for Weaning and #2 trait leader for Yearling weight EPDS, Mr. V8 442/6, who you will also note, is the sire to the top V8 semen seller world wide for the past two years, Mr. V8 259/7. Her dam is the beautiful +Miss V8 14/6, a Powerstroke daughter out of the +Miss V8 4/5 cow, who has more Register of Renown daughters than any other cow in the Brahman Breed. The 4/5 cow family has earned the reputation for extreme style and beauty. This pedigree combines 442/6 (Karu x Charley x 700/3) on the top with a fantastic Powerstroke x Suva cross on the bottom, lending to great carcass genetics. If you study 691/7’s ultrasound data, you’ll see she is a female to improve your herd for style, growth and performance, pedigree recognition, and carcass quality. She is a former show cow and is halter-broke. 18


Mr. V8 442/6

Sire; Extremely rare genetics

Mr. V8 259/7

Half sib; High selling AI sire

+Miss V8 14/6 Dam

+Miss V8 188/5

Paternal Great grand dam

+Miss V8 666/3

+Miss V8 4/5

Maternal Great grand dam and one of the major cow families of V8.

Maternal Great grand dam

L OT 8



RARE SEMEN OFFERING -EXCLUSIVE SEMEN SALESThis will be the only offering of semen on these bulls for the remainder of 2016. -BIDDING INCREMENTSIn the sale, the bid price is per unit and the final purchase price will be your bid times the number of units selling. -OPTION TO DOUBLE / ADD On some lots, depending on the semen availability, the buyer has the option purchase up to a total of 10 units. This intent should be stated within 24 hours of purchase. - A I C E RT I F I C AT E S Each lot includes 1 AI certificate per unit sold. If the lot includes 5 units of semen, the buyer receives 5 AI certificates. Additional certificates may be purchased for $250 each. Certificates will be released to the name of the official buyer listed on the sale information. Certificates may not be transferred.

9 | MR. V8 15/3 “BIG SHOT”

1985 International & National Grand Champion 1984 World Brahman Congress Reserve Champion ABBA 378475 Born 3/10/83 BW: 3.5 WW: 21.1 YW: 41.8 Milk: 8.4 SIRE: +MN Red Mayro 257 DAM: +Miss V8 640/2 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

-SEMEN STORAGE / SHIPPINGSemen is stored at Elgin Breeding Service or Brushy Creek Custom Sires. It may remain in our account free of charge as long as the buyer wishes. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.


“BIG SHOT” DAUGHTER raised by Watkins Cattle Company in 2016.

V I N TA G E V 8 S I R E S O F T H E 1980 S

10 | MR. V8 702/3 Sire of Powerstroke ABBA 630190 Born 4/5/88 BW: -0.4 WW: 3.8 YW: 8.7 Milk: 5.5 SIRE: +JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso DAM: Queen of Sugarland 175 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

11 | MR. V8 801/3 “JUICE” 1991 National Grand Champion Bull ABBA 646813 Born 3/1/89 BW: 2.7 WW: 15.3 YW: 34.0 Milk: 4.9 SIRE: (+)Mr. V8 202/3 DAM: +Lady Bevo Repucho 609 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

AS STUART WATKINS PROVED THIS YEAR...strategic cattle breeders know that sometimes you find great success by taking the old, and making it new again. The Watkins’ family has made a Facebook sensation with their tremendous “Big Shot” daughter, pictured here. For those new in the breed, these bulls may only be names you have only seen way back in pedigrees. Each year, we share semen on a few of the top bulls from each era of V8’s bull battery. Brahman historians know the power of these bulls, and their accolades and accomplishments. Ask James Daniel about these bulls - they were the pride of V8’s during the 1980s. While old, each of these bulls still have the power to be blended with the new to blaze a new trail in Brahman history.





12 | +MR. V8 189/4 ABBA 676861 Born 1/31/91 BW: 3.7 WW: 20.9 YW: 32.8 Milk: 6.8


The sire of +Mr. V8 901/4


13 | +MR. V8 777/4 “POWERSTROKE” ABBA 722181 Born 5/16/94 BW: 1.5 WW: 15.0 YW: 27.5 Milk: 7.1 SELLING 5 UNITS


14 | +MR. V8 287/5 “SUPERSTROKE” ABBA 780619 Born 1/5/98 BW: 4.1 WW: 20.6 YW: 25.2 Milk: 6.7 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

MN Mayro Manso 433/2 SIRE: (=)JDH Mr Supercalc Mans JDH Lady Oyo Manso 890 Mr. V8 622/2 DAM: Miss V8 906/2 Ester of Sugarland 78

+JDH Mr. Rha Ely Manso SIRE: +Mr. V8 702/3 Queen of Sugarland 175 (+)Mr. V8 202/3 DAM: +Miss V8 666/3 +Miss V8 617/2

+Mr. V8 702/3 SIRE: +Mr. V8 777/4 +Miss V8 666/3 +Mr. V8 700/3 DAM: +Miss V8 611/4 Miss Choice of USSC 77



The 380/6 Semen Offering New Format for 2016 Over the past three years, the 380 semen has sold from $2075 increasing to $8025 per straw. When semen is that valuable, we realize that the buyers of this semen are using it in a strategic IVF program. For this reason, this year we are offering three lots of 2 units each on both 380 and 191. This allows more breeders to gain access to our top genetics. The final price of the lot will be the bid price multiplied by TWO (two units).

What is semen worth, when...

it can help you achieve ABBA Red AND Grey Show Cow of the Year in the same year...Houston Reserve Red Grand Champion, and an All American Grand Champion Grey Female? Thanks V8! Wait ‘til you see this year’s calf crop in the ring. I think the best one of our 380 babies has just been born and she is a doll!

-Facebook message received July 29, 2016 from Troy Thibodeaux, Circle T, who purchased the first offering of 380 semen ever offered in our online sales. 25

Ranked by The Brahman Journal as the #1 Sire of Champions for the Last 5 Years.

15A | +MR. V8 380/6 - 2 UNITS 15B | +MR. V8 380/6 - 2 UNITS 15C | +MR. V8 380/6 - 2 UNITS ABBA 854004 Born 3/10/06 BW: 2.9 WW: 36.4 YW: 50.0 Milk: 10.0


• • • • • • • • • • •

2016 ABBA Red Show Cow of the Year 2016 ABBA Grey Show Cow of the Year 2016 All American Grand Champion Grey Female 2016 International Grand Champion Grey Female 2016 International Grand Champion Get-of-Sire 2016 Reserve International Champion Red Female 2015 National Grand Champion Grey Female 2015 International Grand Champion Grey Female 2015 Reserve International Champion Grey Female 2016 Reserve International Champion Red Female 2014 National Grand Champion Grey Female

Impact Sire for Both Red and Grey Programs. 26

Sire of All Four Grey Division Winners in the Female Show at Houston This Year

Miss V8 21/8

Miss V8 21/8

CT Lady Rileay Manseaux

2015 National Grand Champion

2016 ABBA Show Cow of the Year and All American Champion

CT Lady Lacey Rhineaux

Miss V8 103/8

Miss V8 626/7

Miss V8 709/7

Miss V8 293/8

2016 Houston Grand Champion

2016 ABBA Red Show Cow of the Year

Miss V8 844/6

2015 Houston Grand Champion Female

Division Champion at 2016 Houston and 2015 National Show

2014 Houston Reserve Grand Champion Female

2014 National Grand Champion

Calf Champion at Houston - 2016


Great V8 Sires To Fit Any Program’s Goals... PERFORMANCE


16 | MR. V8 442/6

17 | MR. V8 463/6

ABBA 857167 Born 9/22/06 BW: 3.9 WW: 43.7 YW: 61.1 Milk: 6.7 Sire of Mr. V8 259/7 and 2013 Reserve National Champion Female SIRE: +JDH Karu Manso 800 DAM: Miss V8 208/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

ABBA 857112 Born 11/15/06 BW: 3.1 WW: 26.5 YW: 39.3 Milk: 5.1 2009 National Grand Champion Bull and Carcass King SIRE: +JDH Karu Manso 800 DAM: +Miss V8 209/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE



18 | MR. V8 620/6

19 | MR. V8 977/6

ABBA 872194 Born 1/26/08 BW: 2.5 WW: 24.4 YW: 35.1 Milk: 1.9 SIRE: +JDH Sir Avery Manso DAM: +JDH Marri Holly Manso SELLING 5 UNITS

ABBA 893169 Born 3/17/10 BW: 3.6 WW: 27.2 YW: 40.3 Milk: 3.6 SIRE: Mr. V8 463/6 DAM: Miss V8 697/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE


The Go-To Bull For 380 Daughters #2 Sire of Champions at V8 - Behind 380

New Format for 2016

We will be offering three lots of 2 units each, to allow more breeders to gain access to our top genetics. On the 191 and 380 lots, the final price of the lot will be the bid price multiplied by TWO (two units).

Mr. V8 604/7

191 son and Division Champion at Houston in 2016

20A | MR. V8 191/7 - 2 UNITS 20B | MR. V8 191/7 - 2 UNITS 20C | MR. V8 191/7 - 2 UNITS ABBA 902941 Born 4/8/11 BW: 4.2 WW: 33.5 YW: 50.5 Milk: -0.3 SIRE: +JDH Sir Avery Manso DAM: +Miss V8 464/6

Miss V8 33/8 191 daughter


21 | MR. V8 243/7 ABBA 906674 Born 9/16/11 BW: 1.8 WW: 23.9 YW: 35.8 Milk: 7.4 Sire of the 2015 National Champion Bull SIRE: +Mr. V8 380/6 DAM: +JDH Ms Water Manso SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

22 | MR. V8 274/7 “GEORGE” SEXED SEMEN ABBA 907982 Born 1/7/12 BW: 4.1 WW: 30.6 YW: 48.0 Milk: 5.8 SIRE: Mr. V8 354/6 DAM: +Miss V8 58/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

Your First Opportunity to Get “IN” On Two of Our Upcoming Sires

23 | MR. V8 596/7 (S)

24 | MR. V8 660/7

ABBA 927481 Born 3/6/14 BW: 6.0 WW: 41.0 YW: 59.2 Milk: 4.4 SIRE: Mr. V8 139/7 DAM: +Miss V8 464/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

ABBA 927972 Born 5/1/14 BW: 3.9 WW: 28.9 YW: 45.3 Milk: 5.2 SIRE: JDH Sir Garlan Manso DAM: Miss V8 829/6 SELLING 5 UNITS WITH OPTION TO DOUBLE

Our first offering of semen on this young scurred powerhouse. He was the highest performing calf of the entire spring 2014 calf crop, and brings in the powerful 464 cow family with polled genetics. He is seeing heavy use here at the ranch.

A class winner at Houston in 2016 and one of the top bulls of our showstring. Tremendous muscle, breed character, and a candidate to breed red or grey.


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When the sale opens, you can bid anytime throughout the day. The sale closes at 6:00 p.m. CST on September 6. If anyone bids within 5 minutes of 6:00 p.m., 5 more minutes will be added to allow the contending bidder fairness to bid again. This is why the countdown clock may say there is :30 seconds remaining, then jump back up to 5:00 minutes. If you are interested in buying, we suggest being around a computer or phone to bid until at least 7:00 p.m. OR use the proxy bid feature. Don’t forget to REFRESH your screen during this time so that you are seeing the most up-to-date-bid. When the sale closes, DV will send an email to the winning bidder saying they bought the lot.


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