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Study Abroad Organic Fruit and Vegetables What is the Study Abroad MSc semester programme? The Study Abroad programme at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences offers semester course packages taught in English that give you 30 ECTS/15 US credits. This provides you with the possibility of earning credits in Denmark in the company of students from around the world – including Danish students – towards your degree at home. If you are enrolled in one of Aarhus University’s partner universities and apply as an exchange student, there is no tuition fee. You can choose from a range of nine different programmes at the Master’s level in either the Fall or the Spring semester. The Study Abroad programme comprises a comprehensive choice of topquality research-based courses gathered in thematic subject packages. Each semester package is organised around current and central research themes and consists of 2-4 courses and the option of an individual research project.

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production and Decision Making Main subject areas: Organic food plant production, food quality, environmental risks, bioproduction, food technology, communication, management Courses: 1) Organic Fruit, Berry and Vegetable Production in a Temperate Climate 2) Communication, Extension and Decision Making 3) Open Project in Organic Agriculture and/or elective courses Period: Spring semester 2012 Application deadline: 1 September 2011

Courses: 1) Organic Fruit, Berry and Vegetable Production in a Temperate Climate (25529) Using the latest scientific literature you will be able to analyse the organic production of plants for food (vegetables, fruit, berries), and relate this knowledge to the inner and outer quality of the product. Focus is on the effects of field and greenhouse production on quality, use of resources, environment and society. Credits: 10 ECTS/5 US credits

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2) Communication, Extension and Decision Making (25546) The aim is to enable the student to apply basic knowledge and theories of communication, decision making and science to develop their skills in communication of knowledge and insight across borders of scientific fields and across different fields of practice, and to help the student acquire the tools and skills to manage and supervise individual and group dynamic learning processes. Credits: 10 ECTS/5 US credits

Contact the Student Counsellor at: Telephone: +45 8942 9901 Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Willemoesgade 15, Building 2117 DK-8200 Aarhus N Denmark

3) Open Project in Organic Agriculture and/or elective courses (25554) The objective of the Open Project is to give the student the possibility to specialise within a subject area. This includes problem-oriented project work, if possible in connection with a project in a business or organisation, through which the student gets the opportunity to independently use part of the already acquired basic knowledge and, on the student’s own initiative, to collect and acquire new knowledge. Course content should be defined in cooperation between the student and the tutor. The content is to be set down in the “project agreement”. Credits: 5 or 10 ECTS/2.5 or 5 US credits

Study abroad Organic Fruit and Vegetables  

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