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Master of Science in Agrobiology Here is your chance to help ensure sustainable food production. In a world with a changing climate and a growing population, agriculture and society face huge challenges. Many issues must be taken into account. The food supply must increase and food production must be more efficient. There is also a need to improve animal health and welfare and to protect our natural environment and resources. You can make a difference in this regard. With a Master of Science in Agrobiology you can help to change, optimise and define the terms and conditions for tomorrow’s food production for the benefit of your own and future generations.

A broad education with many choices The MSc in Agrobiology will give you a broad education with a wide range of courses to choose from and the option of three lines: • Animal health and welfare (animal science) • Plant nutrition and health (plant science) • Organic agriculture With elective modules you can tailor your degree to your own particular wishes. With this degree you will gain a high level of expertise in the fundamentals relating to agricultural production. You will be extremely well equipped to advise and guide actors within the market as well as end users and to communicate the knowledge you acquire to the public. The MSc in Agrobiology is open to you if you have a Bachelor’s degree within the biological or agricultural sciences. International degree The MSc degree is international, so we guarantee that you will be challenged at both the scientific and social levels as you will have fellow students from various nations. This also means that you will be taught in English. The international perspective is an intrinsic part of the degree. Agrobiology has its roots in the high-impact research that the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences undertakes in Denmark and abroad. Teachers on the Agrobiology course are scientists who rank among the best in the world in their field. As a student you are therefore sure to receive the newest, most relevant and topical knowledge. Career prospects In Agrobiology you can create your own profile through a choice of line and elective subjects. This opens up for a wide range of job opportunities. You will be able to work in consultancy firms – nationally and internationally – and for local authorities,­regions, ministries, public administrations and the EU. You will also be qualified to work within primary agriculture and in agriculture and food-related industries. Other job opportunities are available in food administration, certification, teaching and in trade associations. The degree can also be regarded as a natural steppingstone to a research career – either through application to the university PhD programme after your first year on the MSc course or after you have completed your MSc degree.

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