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A complete line of silage bagging machines, silage bags and any technology to preserve food in a plastic bags, or store any product in bags including organic material and waste to get composted.

Roto Press

tractor powered silage bagging machine

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Humid cereal storage machine, with or without roller mills to add Roto

Grain 2

Roto Dis selfpowered small machine for any material, feedable by any wheel loader, loader front and side

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Big selfpowered, selfpropelled heavy duty silage bagging machine : Maranello

Roto Bag

wide type of silage bags, in different colour, diameter, lenght tickness

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Roto Tube

selfpowered round bale continuous wrapping machine

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Roto Combi

tractor powered waste and organic bagging machine

Heavy duty selfpowered for organic & waste rotary bagging machine : Roto

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Greenbagger Heavy duty selfpowered for organic & waste linear bagging machine

Static big-bag bag filling bagging machine for any type of product Big-Bag Bag

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Heavy duty tractor powered hammer mill + bagging machine Roto

Grain 2 MM

Roto Grain 2 MR M Heavy duty tractor powered crimper + bagging machine

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Storage of humid mais crimped and in grain, in silage bags with our machines

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Perfect storage of any type of feed, byproducts and flexibility of the system ... GENERAL - pag. 9

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Distillery machines special conveyors and grapes treatment.

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Biogas feeders special feeders modular for biogas power plants.

Attention : Technical data and equipment could be different respect the pictures shown on this brochure. The values reported are indicatives and may vary depending by APIESSE needs without commitments with the final customer.

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